I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 215

◈ Episode 215 Order Synod (2)

Rather than branding me suspicious, Nikolai steered the situation.

As if to prove that he was not acting as an agitator for nothing, his words were natural and cunning.

‘The person says he had reasonable doubts, but at the base of that lies a sense of entitlement toward this side.’

The subtle provocation felt in his tone.

It was an outburst of jealousy towards the First Order, John Doe, rather than me as a human being.

That must be the reason why I was subtly conscious of this side from the first time I came here.

‘But his point is not particularly far-fetched.’

I was ostensibly an official of the Black Dawn, but I wasn’t really.

The steps I have taken as a teacher so far are things I should never do.

To build a reputation and make a name for yourself in the subject of spying.

It was inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.

In a way, it was natural for Nikolai to point out that part.

He must have been quite dissatisfied with John Doe, but he must have found an excuse this time.

All that Nikolai wants is to prove his superiority by carving a blemish on a human named John Doe.

extremely personal,

That’s why it’s low.

That’s why I also took a big hit back.

As if it wasn’t worth listening to, don’t uselessly roll your tongue.

‘Anyway, Zero Order does not intervene and observes.’

The same goes for other First Orders.

Some said they enjoyed the fight between me and Nikolai, while others said they had nothing to do with it.

I didn’t even feel the need to stop it.

As a result, the situation naturally led to a match between just the two of us, Nikolai and I.

From the moment Nikolai attacked me, the arena was complete.

Nikolai let out a laugh.

“John Doe. His words and actions are very violent. Or is there something that stings you?”

“I just didn’t want to hang out with a horse that wasn’t even worth dealing with.”

“under. Are you proud of yourself? Then what is the reason for such an incredible move? What do you mean by being good?”


When this one answered shamelessly, Nikolai let out a sigh.

“It seems like you’ve become more brazen while you haven’t seen it. John Doe.”

“Shameless? If you felt that way, it must mean that your information power has become more humble while you can’t see it.”

Nikolai took great pride in knowing a lot.

Ever since I came here, the attitude of being impatient for not being able to tell other executives what I know is like that.

I got confidence from his words and actions that strangely pretended to be proud of himself.

It’s the same when you open your mouth to attack me.

He said, based on the information he had come across, that I had acted too suspiciously.

It is the information he has obtained from the basis of his judgment.

‘I know so much. And everything I know is true. It’s probably because he’s convinced that the premise can’t be wrong.’

Only the self-confidence that no one will fall for you in the field you put your body into.

It was his source, but on the contrary, it was also a weakness that was too exposed.

That’s why I stabbed Nikolai’s pride openly.

“If you know a lot, what do you do? I have short hair to think about based on that.”

“… … Are you going to fight now?”

“Did you hear that? No, it’s done. I didn’t mean to say it directly, but judging from your reaction, it seems that you, Nikolai, also had a sense of qualifications deep down inside.”

Nikolai’s point to me was valid.

However, on the contrary, I snorted and showed an attitude of snobbishness, asking if he was pointing out such trivial things.

It was an illogical response contrary to a reasonable opinion.

Of course, if I do this, I will face a backlash, but that is also true if I insist on being ignorant.

Rather proudly, shamelessly.

The more you pretend to have something, the more puzzling people become.


Other executives, who should have been more suspicious of me because of my pushy attitude, were rather looking at Nikolai.

said Nikolai angrily.

“Don’t speak needlessly. You haven’t answered my question yet.”

When things went badly, Nikolai refuted by bringing out the thesis.

It was the most correct decision Nikolai could have made.

But the guy doesn’t know. The right action is sometimes broken.

I replied with a snort.

“Didn’t you tell me? I didn’t feel worth answering.”

“Aren’t you deliberately avoiding the answer? It’s strange to see that. What you’re saying is deliberately disrupting the conversation.”

quick-witted guy.

It seems that he realized that I was doing this on purpose.

‘Well, there’s no way a guy who’s the equivalent of an executive of the Black Dawn would go over without knowing this.’

It wasn’t something I did without thinking.

Because the real goal was after that.

“Nikolai. The reason I don’t feel worthy to refute your words is because the premise you are talking about is wrong.”

“what? what is that now… … .”

“You think you know everything and you’re above other people’s heads. In reality, it’s not like that at all.”

“… … Are you ignoring my intelligence right now?”

it’s not ignoring

No, maybe it’s right to ignore it.

It is commendable that he certainly knew many things, but he did not know everything.

“Then ask. Do you know who blew up Ledervelk’s experimental branch authorized by Victor Dreadful?”

“How am I supposed to know a person who has hidden his identity?”

“Did you pretend to know everything up until now when you didn’t know that?”

“under. So, John Doe, do you know who the culprit is?”


At my confident answer, Nikolai held his breath.

Other executives had similar reactions.

“… … Be bluffing in moderation. There’s nothing more filthy than pretending to know when you don’t know.”

“Why do you think I don’t know?”

“Yeah, of course… … .”

“Since you don’t know, it’s only natural that I don’t know either. Do you really think so?”

“… … .”

“Nikolai. That’s why you can’t.”

“… … what?”

The atmosphere naturally returned to my initiative.

Anyway, this is a fight between just the two of us, Nikolai and I.

Knowing that the watching Zero Order would never intervene, I was able to get out.

“You’d better get rid of the habit of acting like you know a lot with only surface truths.”

“under. If you’re that good, tell me. The truth that you know.”

“What? There is nothing I cannot say.”

I slowly let go of the rhyme and spoke the truth.

“I was the one who got rid of Ledervelk Labs.”

… … !

Silent astonishment spread across the round table at those words.

Only Zero Order shook his shoulders as if he was interested.

In particular, Nikolai, who was talking to me, was truly a spectacle.

I couldn’t see his face, but he couldn’t hide his muffled voice.

“Now, what… … .”

“A laboratory in Ledervelk. I said I removed it.”

“Mr. John Doe! What are you talking about now?!”

Victor, who had been watching quietly, exclaimed in astonishment.

You must be surprised.

Could it be that it was the same executive who blew up one of his precious laboratories?

That’s to the extent that John Doe even lent his name to the Ledervelk experiment.

“Mr. John Doe! I trusted you wholeheartedly!”

“Shut up. Victor. Why are you blaming me?”

“Yes, yes?”

“It was clearly your management mistake that allowed the werewolf to escape from the lab in the first place. Even so, he even asked me for help in catching the werewolf who had run away.”

As I growled, Victor closed his mouth.

“I tried to help you to your tune, but what did you come back to? Due to poor management, the test subject escaped, putting me in danger of being exposed for lending its name to the experiment. How do you think I must have felt when werewolves broke into Ceorn and traces of them were right in front of the president?”

“Oh, that, that… … .”

“So it was removed. with my own hands. Do you have anything to object to?”

“Yeah, but the management there is completely out of my control… … .”

“okay. After all, it must be the fault of the warlocks and the Shamsus School who worked there. But wasn’t it purely your will to join hands with those guys? Victor.”

I glared at Victor with an intense gaze.

I put a lot of personal feelings that I don’t like.

“I want to chew on you for ruining my plan, but as an executive, I decided to pass it on with great generosity. But not the lower ones. That’s why.”

“That, is that so? You can’t believe the Ledervelk Experiment Branch… … .”

“okay. finished with my own hands No matter how many useless guys there are, they’ll hold on to their ankles. In that case, it would have been easier to completely destroy even the evidence.”

At that, the other officers were silent.

Why did you do that?

It’s called betrayal.

There were no guys like that.

okay. In the first place, the John Doe they saw was this kind of guy.

A guy who kills his subordinates and everything if he doesn’t like him.

A guy who only follows the orders of Zero Order and doesn’t get along well with other executives.

Did such John Doe feel that his life was threatened by his identity being exposed because he was not satisfied with the special mission given by the Zero Order?

Killing all the guys involved in it seemed like an overkill, but it was an action suitable for John Doe.

His nasty personality comes in handy now.

“I don’t need useless bastards. No matter how many of them there are, they don’t help at all. In that case, it would have been better to kill him. Am I wrong?”

“… … John Doe. are you kidding me? Anyway, your actions went too far.”

Nikolai protested and stepped out.

I responded to that with a snort.

“Why? Shouldn’t you rather be grateful? Thanks to me, the werewolf lab has gone undetected to the other side of the secret.”

“Are you saying that now! Even if their rank is low, they are the strength of our Dawning!”

“If I hadn’t destroyed that place at that time, it would have all been dug up by the Nightcrawler Knights. you wouldn’t know that Nikolai.”

“… … .”

When the name of the Nightcrawler Knights came up, Nikolai, who was about to argue, fell silent.

Judging from that reaction, it seems that he knows how dangerous the Nightcrawler Knights of the Intelligence Agency are.

Shall I poke a little more?

“Or, did you not know?”

“… … No way. I knew that Nightcrawler, and even its leader, Terryna Lionhowl, went to Ledervelk.”

“Then ask. If I had left the laboratory without disposing of it, would the lion you mentioned really not know of the laboratory’s existence?”

“… … .”

Nikolai could have replied that he might not know.

But since Nikolai knew a lot, he couldn’t say that.

Existence of experimental subjects that escaped openly and the laboratory.

Because there was no way a person with a level of guardianship would not know that.

What if you disparage the national border here and say that it’s useless?

Then I would rather seize the opportunity to attack as an idiot who couldn’t even grasp the enemy’s power.

In fact, he is the one who has extended his demonic powers of pursuit even to me, who has almost erased the traces.

Anyone who knows about her will never look down on her.

Nikolai knows that, so he can’t bear to refute it.

“I removed the Ledervelk branch in order to complete my mission, and furthermore, for the cause of the Black Dawn. It is a sacrifice of a cow for the sake of the generations.”

I spoke with obvious sarcasm at Nikolai, who was glaring at me.

“Without knowing that, someone unknown has attacked the branch.

“… … .”

“You don’t even know what I did, but you talk too much about the subject of undercover employment as a teacher. Are you making too much noise? Suspicious.”

word by word.

Every time I spoke, Nikolai’s black flame trembled with shame and anger.

“Nikolai. There is only one reason why I did not refute your words. With such light and hard-to-believe information, I believe it to be true, and I install it because you look funny.”

“… … !”

“Oh, come to think of it, I said that a while ago. There’s nothing worse than pretending to know when you don’t know. I also deeply agree. Nikolai. That’s a very good word.”

Nikolai’s opinion was at first glance fair and reasonable.

In fact, his suspicions were even sharp.

Although it was an action stemming from hostility toward the character John Doe, rather than actual suspicion.

As if he could only go to Seoul even if he went to Moo, his claim had reached the ‘truth’.

However, he lost in the end because he was not sure of the truth.

The hidden side of the incident.

Because Nikolai’s power of intelligence did not reach that far at all.

Of course, in the process, it was revealed that I had done something close to trolling from the perspective of the Black Dawn, that I had eliminated the Ledervelk branch.

I was just going out anyway, so I decided to put an iron plate on my face and go out more brazenly.

“no. Not yet.”

Nikolai, who had been silent, gritted his teeth and said.

“John Doe. If what you’re saying is true, you can at least avoid taking responsibility for getting rid of the Ledervelk branch… … .”

“Stop it.”

It was Leslie who then intervened in the conversation.

“… … Leslie. What are you doing?”

“Nikolai. Isn’t that enough now?”

“Who are you to judge that on your own?”

“It’s your fault that you didn’t even get your money’s worth by arguing first. The story is already over. Or are you thinking of doing more?”

Leslie pretended to intervene and berated Nikolai.

They hadn’t been on good terms before, so he must have seized the opportunity now that Nikolai had made a mistake.

It would be crazy for Nikolai, but what can I do? It’s all self-inflicted.

I shouldn’t have supported it if it was unfair.

“Well, I agree with that. I don’t like wasting time by arguing more than this.”

When even Bentmin stepped forward and said that, Nikolai had no choice but to back down.

He glared at me with an intense gaze, but if his eyes had strength, I would have already lost sight of him.

I smiled and said to Nikolai.

“Nikolai. Try harder next time.”

“… … !”

Nikolai let out a silent clamor.

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