I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 217

◈ Episode 217 Mana Path (1)

As I came out of the conference hall, the brighter scenery greeted me.

Unlike before, which was like a calm lake at dawn, I could see pure white clouds over the blue sky.

The sun was rising over the horizon.

The stars were no longer visible under the water that touched the soles of my feet.

The stars of this world are people’s dreams.

Now that the night is over and dawn is coming, it is time for people to wake up from their dreams.

‘Looking at it this way, it looks more like a salt desert.’

The calm surface of the water on the floor became a mirror reflecting the sky, and divided the world into two halves.

‘In the past, if I could travel abroad, I would go to a place like this.’

It was all in the past.

Now there is only longing left.

* * *

“… … Aidan. What’s wrong with your face?”

Leo, who was sitting in the classroom, was surprised to see Aidan’s expression and asked.

“uh? why?”

“no. your eyes… … .”

Aidan’s face was covered with dark circles.

That Aidan, armed with steel stamina and a burning passion for magic.

“Aidan. Aren’t you sick somewhere? My complexion is so bad. Aren’t you supposed to go to the infirmary?”

Even the disingenuous Taycey gave advice with a genuinely worried look on her face.

That much, Aidan’s complexion was not good.

At the consideration of his friends, Aidan smiled shyly and scratched his head.

“haha. are you okay. It’s not like I’m sick or anything.”

“But why… … .”

“It’s just that I had a little sleep last night.”

“that… … Is it because of Mr. Rudger’s research?”

Leo, who was quick-witted in this area, immediately recognized the reason.

“If there is something wrong… … .”

“No, no. It wasn’t that there was a problem. Just because I was a bit overbearing. don’t worry too much Rather, I thought I was lucky. It worked.”

“Has it worked?”

“huh. therefore… … .”

Aidan stopped talking.

“Uh, um. First of all, Mr. Rudger’s research is correct, but I can’t say it’s a secret. sorry.”

The study of how to increase the amount of magic emission was forbidden because of a secret treaty.

Aidan barely noticed it and immediately shut up.

‘I almost said it.’


Aidan spent the whole day dealing with mana in order to release his magic somehow.

Did the efforts made by skipping dinner and reducing sleep at night pay off?

With the magic suppressant acting on his body, Aidan was able to move his mana a little bit.

Of course, when I was able to do that, it was already deep in the morning, so I didn’t get enough sleep.

Still, the body was tired because of the satisfaction of achieving something, but the mind was clearer than ever.

To be honest, I was very excited.

To the point where I almost told my friends even though I had sworn to a confidentiality agreement.

‘I want to finish class quickly and show everyone this result.’

What about the other applicants? Is there anyone more successful than me? Rather, what kind of research are you doing today?

Aidan’s eyes shone brightly.

His complexion was pale, but his eyes were viciously alive. The teacher who had just entered class trembled when he saw Aidan.

‘what? Did I enter the necromancy classroom by mistake?’

No matter how you look at it, your classroom was right.


The teacher proceeded with the class in a cold sweat at Aidan’s strange smile.

* * *

“Today’s class is over! I’m off to see you!”

“uh? Aidan!”

Aidan, who wanted to show results as quickly as possible, ran straight to Ludger’s laboratory.

My friends called me behind the scenes, but I didn’t have time to pay attention to that.

“teacher! I’m here!”

Rudger, who had been reviewing the data from inside, glanced at me as I opened the door to the lab with a bang.

“Noisy, Aidan. If you are going to come in, please come in quietly.”

“yes. sorry.”

“Sit down for now. You came sooner than expected.”

“Ah yes. I want to come soon.”

“Looking at that reaction, did something happen yesterday?”

“yes that’s right! So yesterday I… … .”

“stop. We’ll talk about that later when everyone else gets together. Be quiet now.”

At Ludger’s cold and insipid reaction, Aidan felt the emotions that were about to overflow become surprisingly calm.

As the tension and excitement were relieved, it felt like the fatigue that I had barely forgotten about came rushing in.

‘ah. I can’t sleep.’

It was the moment when Aidan, who was sitting in the seat, unconsciously shook his head and was about to fall asleep.


Aidan raised his head at the sudden sound.

Aidan was taken aback.

Rudger, who had approached before he knew it, was looking down at him from close by.

“Uh, huh?”

“I have serious dark circles in my eyes. Could it be that you stayed up all night?”

Aidan hesitated, not being able to answer that question.

That alone was a sufficient answer, so Rudger shook his head.

“Aidan. It’s quite commendable that you’re passionate about this research, but it’s not good to try to achieve results by overexerting yourself like that.”

“Oh, no. It’s something I love to do.”

“Because I love what I do, I have to take care of my body even more. Sleep is especially essential. Sleeping less and coming back will eventually deteriorate your health.”

Saying so, Rudger held out a bottle.

The knocking sound a while ago must have been the sound I made when I put this bottle down.


“What is this?”

“It is a fatigue reliever. At least it will help blow your sleep now. And Aidan, go to bed early today. Got it?”

“Uh, that… … .”

“You understand?”

“yes yes! All right!”

“good night.”

Rudger nodded, as if satisfied with the answer, and began to review his data again.

Aidan blankly looked at the water bottle in front of him, grabbed it, and gulped down the contents.


As Rudger said, after drinking it, it felt like the fog in my head was clearing up.

However, it wasn’t that the fatigue itself was removed, it was pushed back for a while, so it was nothing more than a reprieve of time.

‘I really need to rest early today.’

Once again, I felt grateful for Rudger’s consideration.

I stayed up all night trying my best, but I didn’t know that they would swear that I was overdoing it.

‘I must have worried you.’

Come to think of it, Leo, Teishi, and Iona were all worried about themselves.

The expectations and pressures of participating in a monumental study forced me to overdo it.

‘Let’s reflect. When I meet the kids later, I’ll have to apologize for worrying them needlessly.’

Meanwhile, other students arrived one by one.

“You’re all here.”

All the students took their seats.

Their expressions were varied, some looking tired like Aidan and others relaxed as usual.

“I think everyone should have gotten used to the state of their bodies with their magical powers suppressed.”

Rudger glanced around at the students.

“Of course I said this, but everyone must have tried to use magic somehow.”

Everyone was stung by those words and avoided Ludger’s gaze.

“I won’t blame it. It was something he chose to do, and I didn’t bother telling him not to do it. So, has anyone succeeded in discharging magic after drinking a magic suppressant?”

Aidan raised his hand as if waiting for the question.

Then I looked around and was amazed.

Because everyone else raised their hands.

‘As expected, I wasn’t the only one.’

Even the placenta showed composure in his expression.

It was said that this was an achievement that could only be achieved by working hard all night, and that they did it without much difficulty.

Aidan felt again that he was in Ceorn.

Even taking that into account, the people gathered were particularly unusual.

“This is astonishing as it is. Normally, the first day would have been busy adjusting to the heavy and drowsy body condition.”

Students thought that Rudger was talking nonsense.

That’s right, even though he was surprised, his expression was natural as if he knew this would happen.

But Ludger’s intention was not at all like that.

‘No matter how it is, I didn’t expect that everything would be successful.’

Moreover, to think that all of them succeeded in discharging mana in one day.

After all, these are talented children.

“It is straight to the point, without the need for additional explanation. Drink this first.”

Sedina, who was waiting by the side, handed each applicant a magic suppressant.

The students each drank magic suppressant.

“Ugh. My stomach is bloated.”

“I think I’ll get used to something, but I can’t.”

The feeling that my body, which was trying to lighten up a little, was wrapped in a chain again and submerged under the water.

But it was a little better than when I first drank the magic suppressant.

“Now, let each of you show the achievements of the past day. First of all, it starts with the release of basic mana.”

At those words, each of the applicants began to use magic.

Most of the students floated magic above their hands.

It was literally a basic mana release without any attributes or models.

However, because it was done with a lot of effort, most of the students had beads of sweat on their foreheads.

Only three had room, Flora Lumos, Freuden Ulburg, and Julia Plumhart.

‘Julia Plumheart. After all, seniors are different. and Flora and Freuden. As a senior, he kept his pride.’

Rudgar’s gaze naturally turned to Erendir.

‘Actually, the 3rd princess… … .’

Erendir barely maintained his magical power.

The amount of magical power and the quality of the magical power she possesses are certainly amazing, but in terms of handling them, she was only at the level of a master.

‘I grabbed a famous sword, but I don’t know how to wield it.’

Even though she was different from her sister, she was so different.

On the contrary, Line, who is calmly closing her eyes next to her, looks more relaxed.


As Ludger ran out of words, the students reaped their magic.

Some gasped and wiped their sweat.

In reality, it was only a minute, but it felt like an hour had passed.

“Basic mana release has been confirmed. At least, it seems that you have learned how to open a path somehow while your magic power is suppressed. However, there are people who have experienced it through their bodies and cannot understand it through their heads, so I will explain.”

Rudger said that and distributed the materials he had prepared in advance to the students.

“After drinking the magic suppressant, it is difficult to release the magic. It’s hard to say, but in fact it’s close to impossible. Nevertheless, the reason I said you should do this is because there is a way.”

Rudger said that and looked at Aidan.


“Yes, yes.”

“How did you become able to release your mana?”

“Uh, um. that is… … I just felt like I was pushing something hard.”

“Tell me more.”

“That’s why, at first, it felt like the magic power itself was trapped inside the body and couldn’t escape.”

Aidan recalled what he felt while attempting to unleash his mana last night.

“Should I say it feels like I’m locked in a prison that fits my body, and I can’t move no matter how much I move.”

“But how did you succeed?”

“Once I didn’t know, I continued. As I kept trying, I saw it. Should I say that I feel that there is something like a gap?”


Aidan couldn’t think of anything other than that word.

“Lene. How were you?”

“Me, me? I felt the same way. Do I have to squeeze in the gap as much as possible and push it out? As a result, it seemed that something that was originally narrow gradually widened and the road opened.”

“Other people. Are they similar?”

When Rudger asked, the rest of the students all nodded.

Seeing that, Aidan let out a sigh of relief, saying, “I’m not the only one like that.”

“Everyone must have felt the same way. Actually, that’s true. The magic inhibitor literally trapped your magic and made it impossible to move. Nevertheless, you made a way through the oppression.”

Rudger said that and floated a picture on the magic board.

It was a picture of a person, with bluish lines drawn over the person’s body.

“person. In addition, each magician’s body has its own optimal route.”


“okay. In other words, it is called the length.”

“That… … is that the length? But that’s forbidden… … .”

“okay. It is similar to the magic circuit that black magicians forcibly engrave and widen through human body procedures. However, if I have to point out a different point from that, it is not made through artificial procedures, but it exists from birth.”

Did it exist from the beginning?

At those words, the students sent a puzzled look.

That’s right, it was because no one had felt the magic circuit in their body until now.

“It seems that everyone was surprised. I understand that sentiment. It’s something I wasn’t aware of because I usually deal with mana naturally.”

It is like being aware of how you breathe.

Breathing is natural.

It is also natural to use the body.

I don’t feel unreasonable about it, and of course I don’t realize that it’s uncomfortable.

But what if the whole process is inhibited for some reason?

What if it’s hard to breathe?

What if even walking normally is difficult?

From then on, thoughts change.

It is not about taking it for granted, but about finding the best way.

“When people have a problem, they try to solve it somehow. And he finds the most efficient way through several attempts.”

Knights learn the basics of using the body when training.

Anyone can wield a sword.

However, it was only possible to learn how to wield the sword in an optimal way without exerting as much force as possible.

And the process takes a lot of effort and time.

The optimal path and method are completed through the process of trimming and shaving.

“The gap you found. It is the optimal mana path that you have always had and have not been aware of until now.”

And the role of this magic suppressor was to make the hidden mana pass perceptible through the body.

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