I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 198

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◈ Episode 198: The One Who Doesn’t Dream (1)

Classroom for Ludger’s lessons.

Aidan smiled shyly and scratched his head.

“Something, this time I just lost my soul.”

the last day of the festival.

In the middle of the fireworks display, he fought the remnants of the Black Dawn and won.

No one was hurt, and the once-a-year festival prevented the worst outcome.

But what came back to Aidan and his friends was a penalty.

“but. I was too reckless this time.”

Aidan was sure that things would go well, but the point of view of what he knew and how others looked at him was different.

I had no choice but to understand that I had been penalized.

The only thing I’m sorry for is that I let my friends get caught up in it.

“Sorry. It happened because I was compelled to go along with it.”

“it’s okay.”

Leo, who was listening by the side, said as if tossing it.

“Anyway, I was the one who agreed to it, and I was the one who asked to do it together.”

Rather, it might have been fortunate to have stopped at the penalty point.

Just the fact that no one was hurt and that he was fine like this is something to be thankful for.

Tacey nodded as if agreeing with him. Iona was a penalty in the first place, so she wasn’t interested in the store.

“I was unlucky, though. All of a sudden, it got caught by Mr. Chris Benimore.”

“that’s right.”

Teacher Chris, who favors aristocratic students, obviously didn’t like it very much that commoners did such a thing.

Aidan shook his head and said.

“Yes. If it had been Ms. Rudger, she would have just moved on as a warning.”

“Okay. Rather, I would have heard a lot of rants.”

“Isn’t that better than a penalty point?”

“Don’t you feel that way when you hear that teacher’s verbal abuse?”

“Am I okay?”

“… … Hey, Aidan. I sometimes envy your innocence, as thick as that leather.”

“thank you!”

“Isn’t that a compliment?”

As Leo was grumbling, someone approached the two of them.

Leo looked at the person approaching and opened his eyes slightly wide in surprise.

“you… … .”


White hair that shines dazzlingly in the morning sunlight.

It was her beauty that drew attention more than her beautiful color.

This is how it feels to see the pure white ice caps on the mountain that never melted.

An ordinary male student would have been seduced by his looks and immediately fell in love with him.

Leo called the name with a lot of caution.

“Julia Plumheart.”

“You know me?”

“Nothing. He’s the top admissions officer, so maybe he doesn’t know that.”

A freshman who entered Seorn at the top of his class, and a rookie who lives up to the expectations of the Mage Tower.

It was one of the targets that the Liberation Army instructed to pay special attention to.

Of course, I had no intention of hearing such an order.

‘What happened to this guy who usually moves alone without talking to anyone?’

At the beginning of the semester, several students approached me to make friends.

Among them, of course, were students from aristocratic families.

But Julia kicked out all their offers.

Whether the opponent is a commoner or an aristocrat, everything is fair as if it doesn’t matter.

Some people were dissatisfied with that, but when Julia stared at her for a few seconds, she immediately averted her eyes and lowered her tail.

Perhaps because of that, no one approached Julia after that.

Classes were also in the back seat of the classroom, and even without a partner, she sat alone and listened, so she was naturally forgotten.

To be precise, it should be said that it has become an inviolable territory.

A pure white glass lily blooming loftily at the edge of a cliff.

It was just the right situation for Julia.

It was quite surprising that she talked to us first.

Right now, the students inside the classroom are looking at this side as if they are curious.

Besides, from the look in his eyes, he seems to be interested in Aidan.

‘No matter how you look at it, it’s suspicious.’

From the point of view of collecting and analyzing information, an eye for people is essential.

Although he was such a Leo, he couldn’t understand what kind of person Julia Plumheart was.

It’s hard to know what’s inside and you’re good at hiding your feelings.

The only known information is that he is a promising member of the Mage Tower and is very good at studying to the point of being admitted as the top student.

But that can’t be all.

“So what are we going to do?”

Leo asked first, as he would get mentally exhausted if he stayed silent.



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Julia said with a mysterious smile.

“you guys? no. I am only interested in that child.”

Of course, Aidan was the one who said that and pointed.

“Uh, me?”

Aidan reacted naturally as if he hadn’t really thought about it.

“huh. yes you Did you say Aidan?”

“that’s right. that one… … hmm.”

“You don’t know me?”

As Aidan slurred his words, Julia opened her eyes unexpectedly.

I don’t mean to brag, but at least I thought there wouldn’t be anyone among the freshmen who didn’t know me.

He said as if he had remembered Aidan belatedly.

“Oh right. I remembered! Did you say Julia? I wondered where I saw it, and it must have been the name that always ranked first in her test scores!”

“… … Are you a very funny kid?”

Aidan’s behavior was not an act to attract attention.

A reaction full of purity of 100% purity.

Julia thought it was fun, even though it hurt her pride a little.

all right

‘He’s a kid with an interesting dream, and this is only natural.’

Dream magic that only a select few can use.

Julia, who is a newcomer to the <Dream School> where dream wizards exist, and has the best talent, can see the other person’s dreams.

Dreams are the embodiment of a person’s unconscious and desires.

If you want to know a person’s inner life, nothing is more effective than seeing his or her dreams.

That’s why Julia Plumheart.

He saw people as dreams and evaluated them as dreams.

value too.

fun too.

interesting too.

It all boils down to a dream.

‘All the other guys aren’t funny, but this kid is different.’

What exists in Aidan’s head.

And all the dreams he has are related only to ‘magic’.

How can such a firm and upright belief be said?

Normally, a dream would be broad and comprehensive like a cloud or fog.

Aidan’s dream is like seeing a straight stick.

But, like himself, he even used a [special] type of magic that others hadn’t used before.

At this level, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to know each other.

“Anyway, I’m interested in you.”

“wait for a sec.”

It was Tacey Freead, with her red hair tied back in two pigtails, who stepped out then.

“What are you? I interrupt and say whatever I want.”

Her gaze toward Julia was full of wariness and hostility.

“hmm. Who were you?”

“It’s Tay. Tacey Freeard. I don’t know?”

“Tacey? Oh, it was. The seat car under me.”


For Taish, who was ranked second in the entrance exam, it was a harsh word.

That’s because he heard that from the first place he wanted to overcome the most.

Julia stared at Tacy with a smile on her face.

‘Hmm. This child’s dream is not good.’

Tay’s dreams were very passionate, just like her personality.

It burns bright red like a hot flame, but what’s inside is a weakness that can easily be extinguished at any time.

Obviously, the concentration of innocence and passion is high, but that is all.

Being slightly better than others was not enough to attract Julia’s interest.

‘I have a high level of tenacity to catch up with others with desperate efforts, but that’s not my taste.’

At least it was much better than the guys who approached me wearing a mask and carrying a black lump in their heart.

It’s just that I don’t like it.

But more than that, there was a fundamentally different part of Tacy’s wary of Julia.

“Anyway, I don’t know what you’re thinking about approaching Aidan, but I want you to know that it’s a bit of a nuisance.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more friends?”

“You be quiet!”


Julia noticed right away.

I got a sense from Tacey glancing at Aidan as she spoke.

“We are busy with a story to share right now. So won’t you just step back?”

“Huh. Shouldn’t I hear that?”

“okay. It’s ‘us’.”

Tacey who draws a line this way by deliberately emphasizing us.

Of course, Julia looked just as cute as the provocation.

“Hmm. Well, today I was only going to reveal my face in moderation anyway, so I’ll stop here. Besides, it’s time for class to start soon.”

“If you know, go away! shhh! shhh!”

Julia responded with a smile as Tacey waved her hand and made a noise with her mouth.

mature response.

Tacey felt somehow defeated.

“Then see you later.”

Julia waved to Aidan and went back to her seat.

Aidan looked at her like that and smiled innocently.

“She is a very pretty boy. right?”

“… … .”

“evil! for a moment! Tacey! Why are you hitting me?”

“I don’t know!”

It must have been a pure, unselfish compliment, but that’s why it was even worse.

Tacey punched Aidan in the shoulder.

Iona was watching the scene with an expressionless face, and Leo sighed, saying that something troublesome would happen again.

Returning to her seat, Julia’s eyes lit up as she saw Aidan and the others chatting about something.

‘It’s fun.’

The dreams of those friends with Aidan were also quite unusual compared to those of the other students.

‘That short boy is hiding something, and that beast-woman girl seems to have a purpose.’

It wasn’t like that at the beginning of the semester, but it changed at some point.

It was all a change after being with Aidan.

That was the reason why I was curious about Aidan.

It’s not a rational feeling.

Rather, it was closer to the fever of inquiry as a wizard.

Although he handles unusual magic different from others and has a unique personality.

Julia Plumheart is also a wizard.

Of course, as a wizard, if something related to your field arises, you will inevitably be interested in it.

‘Other than that, if it’s an interesting dream.’

There must be Linen sitting with the 3rd princess and having a conversation in the order of five.

Everyone dreams of an ideal, but a child who dreams of reality.

Even some memories are sealed, so it was quite an interesting material.

Tboob. Tboob.

At that moment, silence fell in the classroom.

Everyone heard the slow sound of footsteps from the entrance of the classroom.


The closed door opened and the owner of the classroom appeared.

Rudger Chelsea.

He was still wearing a frock coat that looked hot even though it was summer now.

Of course, the coat is treated magically, so it will be cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Even taking that into consideration, it would not be so from the viewer’s point of view.

In a way, he was a very consistent person.

It’s been quite a while since I came here, but I haven’t been able to treat the students kindly.

There is no such thing as self-release.

However, Julia’s attention was focused on the person who followed Ludger like a chick.


Sedina Rosshen.

The first assistant professor selected by Ludgar Celish.

And the sorceress Julia Plumheart… … .

‘childhood friend.’

Julia felt uncomfortable whenever she saw Sedina.

To be honest, it would be fair to say that I was angry.

‘Liar Sedina.’

When Sedina was young, she met Julia.

And then the two became friends.

It was on that day when Julia first opened her heart to someone else.

However, Sedina later rejected her offer to be together and even broke her promise.

And how was it when you came here to Seorn and met each other?

Sedina’s dream was completely black, as if it were dotted with darkness.

The bright image and dreams of the innocent childhood friend she once knew were no longer there.

Abandoning that beauty

Julia couldn’t stand it.

Nevertheless, seeing Sedina bowing her head as if she was frightened without pretending to know herself, beyond disappointment, she even felt contempt.

‘I’m sure it was.’

Something is different today.

His steps were light and strangely lively, unlike his usual low self-esteem.

The biggest change would be her dream, the standard by which she judges people.

At the beginning of the semester, Sedina’s dream was obviously low enough to receive the worst evaluation from Julia’s point of view.

dark and dirty

Just looking at it made me feel bad, to the point where hunting came to my physical condition that day.

Even if it has gotten better lately, the essence hasn’t changed.

Today was completely different again.

‘To think the color of a dream can change in just a few days.’

It feels like the contaminated water that cannot be purified has become at least level 2 water.

This change was something Julia could never have imagined.

‘What the hell happened?’

The fact that the dream has changed means that something has changed inside Sedina.

something very fundamental.

And speaking of that influence, there was only one person that immediately came to mind.

Naturally, Sedina’s gaze shifted to the person she was staring at.

‘Mr. Rudger Celish.’

Seorn’s new teacher, and a far more competent person than the others.

The [Source Code] magic he showed me was beyond my interest, and even Julia, who had no interest in anything other than her dreams, was stunned for a moment.

‘I thought that the special ability and having a good influence on others were completely different areas.’

Wasn’t that all there was to it?

But Julia had a hard time believing that Rudger had an influence on Sedina.

Yes, that’s what Rudger is.

‘The only people who can influence a dream are those who have other dreams.’

A representative example is Aidan, whom I have been eyeing since before.

The uprightness and goodness of that heart could be known through his dreams, and Aidan’s friends who were affected by it also changed.

beautiful cycle.

What it needed was a dream that was more upright and clear than anyone else.

‘That’s why Mr. Rudger is a person who can never influence others.’

The reason is simple.

because for him

For Ludgar Celish, dreams did not exist at all.

For a man named Rudger Celish, there was no such thing as the hope others wished for.

There was no such thing as a faint desire.

‘Come to think of it, I’ve heard that before.’

There are very few examples, but it is said that such people existed in the past.

And the wizards of <The School of Dreams> call such people like this.

He who does not dream, he said.

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