I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 197

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◈ Episode 197 Return to the starting point (2)

The members, including Hans, felt it again.

Rudger’s sincerity.

The true face of a leader who always thought he acted coolly and rationally.

He had feelings too, he had a spark.

It was the current organization that exploded and arose.

“Brother, are you really going to be okay? No matter how much we grow in size, if the Empire moves… … .”

“The empire does not move. What we need to worry about is Ceorn and the Black Dawn.”

“Wouldn’t you hang yourself if your true identity was revealed?”

“If it gets caught when there is nothing, that would be it.”

But the law is not always right and noble.

Law is a patent for those who have it.

If this side has status and money, the law will always be on their side.

“If this side gets bigger, I won’t try to remove it forcibly. I’ll try to compromise and make a deal. Just like the Silver Sun survived in this city.”

Why was an organization like the Silver Sun still alive in Leatherbelk?

Because it was tolerated by the city.

What constitutes a nation is not an idea.

Countless elements big and small.

It is said that it is the country that mechanical springs of various sizes resonate and engage and drive and roll.

However, this mechanical spring does not work only according to human will.

Sometimes it resists, sometimes it doesn’t move.

There are also springs that do not match each other even if they die.

“Let’s say the empire wants to get rid of me because it’s against us. The crime must be impersonating an identity. Then who will enforce it?”

Sedina replied.

“The most basic would be the police.”

“But the police can’t touch me anymore. Then what next?”

“It must be the Night Crawler Knights of the Intelligence Agency.”

Rudger nodded at Hans’ words.

“But the Night Crawler Knights stopped in the slums and returned without income. that’s what they felt That you shouldn’t touch us carelessly. Now, then who will be next?”

“Are you going to the imperial palace?”

“Even if you try to move in the imperial family, the nobles won’t agree. When a large person moves, there is constant noise around them.”

If everyone in the world were just, they would all agree to kill Ludger.

He must have thoroughly enforced the law and carried out justice.

Unfortunately, there are far more unjust people in the world.

“Someone to keep the imperial family in check. Some just hate them. And someone to get something from us.”

all kinds of different reasons.

Huge cogwheels will not mesh with each other, and naturally a ‘void’ is created in the gap.

The void will become a nest of rest for them.

“It’s the same with Ceorn.”

The most powerful person in Ceorn is Chancellor Elisha Willow.

But that doesn’t mean that she wields unbridled power within Seorn.

Because here, too, the realm of politics intervenes.

“Politics is to join hands with a smile on a face if it is profitable even for the guy I hate. Even the president is well aware of that. In the first place, it was not possible to rise to that position only with magic skills.”

At that moment, Arfa, who had been listening quietly, raised her hand.

“Tell me. Arpa.”

“Hey, when you say that, it sounds like President Ceorn is suspicious of the captain, right? Am I mistaken?”

“what? Come to think of it.”

Everyone recalled what they were missing in Arfa’s question.

“Yeah, that’s right. The president is suspicious of me.”

Hans asked in bewilderment at Ludger’s shocking words.

“Oh no, wait a minute. Why is the president?”

Having said that, Hans realized that he had asked a stupid question.

Looking at the actions Rudger has shown so far, it’s strange that he doesn’t know.

In fact, I wouldn’t have doubted it much before.

The doubts I had would have been put to rest.

The most likely reason is the last day of Seorn’s festival <Magic Festival>.

It happened while fighting Esmeralda, the First Order.

“Then that person, knowing… … ?”

“Hans. didn’t you say That’s what politics is.”

* * *

A new report came up to Elisha, who was working in the president’s office.

It was about Ludger going out often to Leather Velcro recently.

“Hmm. You’ve been around a lot lately.”

I tried to use it as a sword for myself, but I was wandering around like this.

So, I have no choice but to doubt it even more, and I have no choice but to keep it by my side.

‘Of course, I’m not sure if this will be okay.’

The fight that took place in the distribution warehouse on the last day of the festival was strange no matter how you look at it.

no. To be precise, it would be correct to say that the flow is strangely natural.



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From there, doubts that had once been folded were rekindled, and rekindled through a conversation with Casey Selmore.

‘Chrollo Febius. Roten Great Fire. fire giant. The sudden rise of the Black Dawn.’

And Ludger Celish, who stands at the center of the case.

I would be lying if I said now that the man had nothing to do with the case.

And there was one more key piece of evidence.

Casey Selmore did not seem to have gained anything from interrogating the remnants of the Black Dawn, but Elisa was different.

She is the owner of the magic eye.

No matter how strong the remnants of the Black Dawn are armed, everything becomes meaningless the moment they meet her eyes.

‘Yes, but the opponent is a throwaway loser and a rogue. There was nothing much to be gained.’

But one thing is for sure, there are still remnants of them in Seorn.

And maybe Rudger might have something to do with it.

So, is Rudger her enemy who allied with them?

‘no. That’s not right.’

What motivated you to stop doubting Rudger in the first place?

‘Mr. Rudgar is so competent.’

If he didn’t reveal his skills and acted like a teacher like that, he wouldn’t have been easily suspicious.

The moment her suspicions were cleared, she would immediately change and somehow capture and kill him or interrogate him.

However, what Ludger showed was the opposite.

He revealed his new magic and taught his students with all his heart.

He still had more hidden cards, but he didn’t completely hide his skills either.

A spy hidden here would never make a choice.

Conversely, the possibility that he was aiming for and digging into that part cannot be ruled out.

The odds of that happening were remarkably low.

No, it was fine even if it actually converged to 0.

‘Even if I don’t know anything else, I would never have personally stepped forward to protect a student.’

The most memorable situation would of course be the encounter with Duke Lumos.

The figure of him who stood in front of the frightened Flora like a strong barrier.

The moment Elisha saw the scene, she realized it.

Ludgar Celish is the one who hid his identity.

Under Imperial law, he is guilty.

But what about it?

He was a good man, at least in her judgment.

Even their skills and judgment are exceptional.

There are such wonderful and useful people.

‘If I don’t handle it properly, it’s rather a loss, right?’

She is not one to be taken away.

It is not the one who gets scared and strikes the opponent first before being taken away.


The one who takes it first before it is taken away.

* * *

Rudger looked out the window in the direction where Ceorn was and said.

“In the end, they both use each other.”

“I don’t think my older brother was aiming for this on purpose… … .”

If Rudger tried to conceal his true identity by hiding his skills, he would have been shackled without any mercy if he was later found out.

However, on the contrary, if you show your skills and are seen as an attractive person to the other person.

It can make those who concealed their identity be dismissed as ‘someone else’.

moral flaw?

A person with the ability is not bound by such things.

Because he had accomplished too much to arrest him merely by impersonating his identity.

“Actually, I have no intention of being hostile to Seorn, so if you look at his intentions, I’m on par with the president.”

It is true that the president holds the sword.

Because this side obviously has the weakness of being a fake in terms of identity.

But even the president cannot wield it at will.

There are restrictions on her too.

Hugo Brutegg and his factions.

They are Ludgar’s enemies and at the same time become a breakwater that suppresses the president’s power.

“Then what about the Black Dawn? Is that okay?”

“Can it be?”

In such a comfortable situation, this side didn’t roll their heads either.

“No matter how much I squeezed out a lie on the spot, even Zero Order would have felt a sense of alienation unless it was an idiot.”

“But why… … ?”

“Why did you back off without saying a word then?”

Rudgar took out the ring Zero Order had given him and rolled it with his finger.

“I don’t know why.”

In the first place, he is a man whose identity is not certain.

I don’t even know what I’m trying to do because I don’t feel the purpose or the will.

That person gave some understanding to what I said and withdrew.

it gave away


“Maybe he also sensed something from me. He or he may have decided that he could get something out of me.”

“I feel completely dizzy. This is why anything political becomes tiring. Everyone is insane.”

Hans shook his head in disgust.

It’s not that I don’t like it if I don’t like it, and I like it if I like it.

Because sometimes you realize that there are times when you have to force yourself to laugh even if you don’t want to laugh.

But this case is different.

Deceiving yourself and trying to use someone whose identity is unknown to your advantage just because you are competent.

Will it be a ticking time bomb, in a situation where it might benefit you?

Not all of them are sane.

“okay. im not insane You can’t do this if you’re not sane.”

Of course, I said this, but the fact that Zero Order’s behavior was unpredictable was a big anxiety factor on this side as well.

I could read the president’s will, but the Zero Order was a person whose everything was shrouded in a veil.

For what purpose did you let it go that day?

And whether he handed over the invitation to the executive meeting.

I don’t know yet.

So I just have to figure it out step by step.

“This is the end of today’s story.”

After saying that, Rudger left, saying he would be away for a while.

* * *

When Rudger left and everyone was quiet, Sedina opened her mouth.

“Um, but the teacher… … Who are you exactly?”

“what? Didn’t Nari tell you?”

“yes. I thought you would find out.”

“Why are you talking high? take it easy! comfortable! You and I look the same age!”

“What about a subject over thirty… … .”

Hans said it casually, as if it were revenge for what he had suffered earlier.

At those words, Seridan exclaimed in a fit of rage.

“hey! I’m a Dwarf, and I’m in the middle of a human age!”

“Ah, I guess so~.”

“Do you want to fight? yes?!”

While the two were arguing, Bellaluna said.

“Du, the boss is from a great family. But when he grew up, he was threatened with his life, so he said he was hiding like this.”

“ah. I see.”

A person born into a good family but not recognized.

Isn’t it just like you?

Sedina even felt a strange sense of gratitude for having similar parts.

Maybe the teacher helped me because of that situation?

“What are you talking about? and you there Don’t be too curious about your brother. It’s not about digging into other people’s secrets.”

I said that, but there was a thick nuance of ‘someone like you wouldn’t dare to be curious’.

At those words, Sedina’s shoulders shrank.

Sheridan stepped out.

“wait for a sec. Hans. Aren’t you talking too much a while ago? I can’t wait for a warm welcome!”

“What am I?”

“Tell me honestly. Are you insecure because you think your position is threatened? You’re jealous! That’s right. You are jealous.”


Hans, stabbed to the point, shouted out loud.

“Who’s jealous of a kid like that!”

“You’re kidding! You’re jealous!”

“no it’s not!”

“That’s right!”

“… … It’s not some kid fight.”

Violetta, unable to watch the two of them fight, put on a tired expression.

Then Sedina opened her mouth.

“excuse me. You said you were Hans, right?”

“The code name is <Kafka>. My older brother built it himself.”

Seeing Hans introduce his code name out of the blue, Sedina’s words, ‘Do you really want to win against that girl?’

But Hans didn’t care at all about the stares around him.

“What on earth did a guy who was born into a good family and has the talent to be admitted to the third rank come all the way here because he regretted it?”

“… … .”

At that, Sedina couldn’t resist.

From an outside perspective, it is true that Sedina was born in a blessed environment.

-What is that guy?

– They say he’s a child of the Roshen family.

-her. Why is the child of a well-to-do family?

A gaze of contempt received from the Black Dawn.

hostility toward those different from oneself.

It shouldn’t be like that, but Sedina was even used to this situation.


Sedina apologized honestly.

At the Black Dawn, even if I said this, they would rather curse her or ignore her.

It was the only thing I knew how to do though.

“I don’t even know the subject… … It’s messy.”

Hans was rather taken aback when he was even bitten by his voice.

“Uh huh? I-I didn’t mean to say that.”

“hey! Hans! What are you going to do! He’s about to cry!”

“Ah, no, I was just asking because I was really curious.”

It was just that a little boy came next to my brother and threatened me once, but I never thought it would turn out like this.

Hans hastily comforted Sedina.

“that… … what, what so so how don’t be uncomfortable You should be able to get a code name someday.”

“Now you call that comfort! you idiot!”

Sheridan landed a double side kick to Hans’ face.

Seeing that, Sedina seemed to have loosened her tight heart.


Quite different from the Black Dawn.

There, even the slightest mistake would result in a huge amount of verbal abuse and swear words, but there was none of that here.

The executives even get along comfortably like friends they have known for a long time.

While he was envious of that figure, he was strangely relieved that he was also able to be with the people of this place.

“Sedina. are you okay? Shall I hit Hans some more?”

“Thank you for your concern. But I’m really fine. Even Hans-senpai, it may seem that I am not trustworthy, but I will try my best not to cause any harm.”

“uh? uh.”

Hans scratched the back of his head embarrassedly, as if he was ashamed of his temper.

Hans asked to change the topic.

“You said you were dealing with paper, right?”

“yes. Covers paper with magic. And it is possible to blow up this paper and look around.”

“Then, does it feel like collecting data at the same time by scattering paper all at once?”

“Oh, no. That’s not it. To be precise, it is reconnaissance by assimilating consciousness into the paper I sent, but right now, one is the maximum.”


At those words, Hans was relieved inside.

He thought that Sedina’s ability was superior to his own, but it clearly had its limits.

If this is enough, can I just skip it?

“Heh. Well, try your best.”

“Ah yes.”

“ah. By the way, I can even talk to mice.”

“… … .”

At that, Sedina didn’t know how to react, so she said, ‘Oh, yes.’ I couldn’t help but nod her head.

The comrades who watched the scene sighed and shook their heads.

“I was so excited that my juniors came in. I was so excited.”

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