I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 199

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◈ Episode 199: The One Who Doesn’t Dream (2)

Mere beasts and small creatures have desires and hopes.

Dreams are the essence of life.

Therefore, all human beings, who can be called desire itself, dream.

There is only a difference between clear and cloudy, light and heavy in the shape of the dream.

‘Having no dreams’ is not allowed according to the laws of the world.

But sometimes.

There are those who deviate from the laws of the world.

those who don’t dream.

they have been called that

– Julia. I know that?

Julia remembered what her senior had told her in the past.

Although he is said to be a direct senior, the age gap with Julia is almost twice. She was close to her uncle, well over 30.

– What is it all of a sudden? mister?

-I told you to call me senior!

Considering that most of the wizards belonging to the Dream School were over 50, those in their mid-30s were very young.

But to Julia, even that was just an old man.

Because she was a genius who joined the dream school in her early teens.

-all right. Anyway, could you please stop talking to me? line. ship.

-… … Yes, you. It means to get rid of the habit of judging people arbitrarily.

-But the dream of a senior is not very cool. like in reality.

-too bad!

The untrustworthy senior coughed while shouting that.

– Julia. Still, this is well written. You can’t judge people only by their dreams forever.

– Why? A dream is the essence of a person.

-Because there are people without dreams.

Julia had laughed at that at the time.

– Seniors joke too much. Where in the world is there such a person?

-there is. surprisingly. I actually saw it once too.

-Who are you?

-That’s a secret. I’m not the kind of person who can speak lightly. Anyway, such a person definitely exists.

-If your senior says so, at least it’s not a lie.

-… … what did you think of me

– Mmm. Unreliable uncle? It smells like something.

-… … Have I done anything wrong to you?

The senior who drooped his shoulders immediately recovered.

Julia’s senior was the owner of a great mentality who quickly recovered from any vicious remarks.

Maybe it was because he was trying to survive in the gap of dream school wizards full of geeks.

-Anyway, if you stay at our daydream school, you’ll meet an unusual person someday. For example, the dreamless one I talked about earlier.

-What is the one who does not dream? Can a person not have a dream?

– It’s called that because there is. I don’t know why. However, there are several hypotheses.

The word hypothetical also intrigued Julia.

The questions that arise in their field always made the wizard feel hungry.

-What is that hypothesis?

-Something like not sleeping or being blocked by something else. There are many hypotheses, but most of them are nonsense. However, if there is one theory that is most likely, that would be it.


– Self-confidence.

-Does self-confidence refer to an upright belief in oneself?

-okay. Those who do not dream have confidence. A dream that others can only hope for, the conviction that they can definitely achieve it.

people dream

I want to be like that, I want to be like that.

Dreams are desires and ideals.

And most of those ideals are impossible to achieve in reality.

-To them, the desires and desires of others. There is a firm belief that you can definitely achieve it if you are yourself.

The ideal that can be achieved can no longer be a dream.

Because it is an extension of reality.

That’s why I don’t want it in my dreams.

-In other words, the person who does not dream is what the seniors say… … .

-okay. That person is the ultimate superman who can achieve his ideal.

Returning from a flashback of the past, Julia stared at Ludger.

Is it the ultimate superman?

It’s a really interesting expression.

And I even thought that what the senior said was not just absurd.

‘I’ve been curious since I saw it at the beginning of the semester.’

In the past, my senior earnestly asked me to let him know if I ever met someone like that.

Julia didn’t want to do that favor.

First of all, it was because we wanted to watch.

‘The one who does not dream changed Sedina’s dream. And that too in a very positive way.’



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The only thing that can affect a dream is a stronger dream.

Or stain good dreams with evil.

Or dye a bad dream good.

But the man without a dream changed Sedina’s dream.

This was a great discovery and change in the dream magic academia.

‘Should I ask how on earth can that happen?’

However, due to Mr. Rudger’s personality, he didn’t seem to be able to say it easily.

Trying to figure it out on my own was bound to be limited.

In the end, Julia had no choice but to reach out to other possibilities.

‘The inspirations of the dream school. They have strange personalities, but their skills are real, and they thirst for mysterious things more than anyone else.’

Maybe if you ask them indirectly.

Maybe the answer will come out.

‘Still, it hurts my pride a little to ask for help from those serpents.’

It was related to Sedina, who was his childhood friend.

A little bit of damage won’t matter.

* * *

class has started

“The amount of mana released by each individual wizard varies greatly. This is because the innate elements of the body work greatly.”

square square.

The students worked hard with their pens and focused on their notes.

“Some papers claim that a healthy body or a trained body can release more magic power, but the effect has been found to be insignificant. Even if you make your body strong as a magician, the efficiency that can be shown is not up to par.”

How to increase the amount of mana discharge is a challenge for all wizards.

Until now, many wizards have been immersed in finding a better way, but have not been able to figure out a way to do it.

There was talk of increasing the total amount of mana and increasing the amount of mana discharge in proportion to it.

The method of increasing the total amount of mana was much more difficult than that.

“The most effective method currently known is to repeatedly master the process of maximally depleting mana and restoring it.”

It was a slang word among wizards to express it as mana muscle.

Of course, it’s not a real muscle, it’s more like a kind of indirect expression.

In order to grow the muscle, it is overworked to the limit, torn and then regenerated.

Surprisingly, these words were effective enough to come out of my mouth.

“However, this method also has limitations, so some people reach out to the forbidden path in order to aim for a more excellent method.”

“Is that the Warlock?”

“Yes. They continued unsanctioned experiments and touched taboos. It is a human experiment.”

This was the reason the black magicians went mad.

They use people as test subjects, and eventually even use themselves as test subjects.

In fact, even with the bug brothers he fought the other day, one had his body bonded to a bug.

“There are research materials of some warlocks obtained through the Empire’s large-scale subjugation. The Mage Tower only revealed a part of it in the past, but if you look at the outline that was revealed, the black magicians tried to make a ‘path’ in the human body.”

“What is length?”

“The road of mana. In other words, it refers to the passage of magical power.”

This was similar to magic engineering, which has recently emerged.

The most common example is the mechanical golem.

In the past, golems were made of clay and stone.

But now that science has developed.

The golem’s skeleton is made of steel and brass, and its detailed organs are composed of high-compression steam and mechanical springs.

The primordial energy emitted by the giant was much stronger than that of the golems of the old days.

Of course, the magic stone that drives the golem is always and now, but that doesn’t mean everything rolls with the magic stone.

Sophisticated mechanical parts must engage, and pipes and cylinders must move.

More than anything else, the ‘circuit’ that turns the magic stone’s energy into the golem’s body plays the most important role.


It was the ‘circuit’ that the black magicians were interested in.

“Circuits that only exist in machines. It is forcibly carved into the human body.”

The students were agitated once.

The human body is made of cloth.

It is a body that has been determined since birth.

There was no one who did not know how dangerous it was to add a new ‘organ’ to such a body that did not exist originally.

The body causes a rejection reaction, and even if it was made at best, there was a lot of possibility that it would not be able to adapt.

The probability of success is extremely low, and even if it succeeds, it will be accompanied by enormous pain every time it uses magic power.

Warlocks did not hesitate to do such a thing.

“Of course, that is strictly prohibited under national law. And what warlocks are trying to do is forcefully destroy reason and harmony. Progress like that is not worth it.”

“Then, isn’t there a way to increase the amount of magic discharge, after all, other than endless training?”

“Right now it is.”


At that, the students were in an atmosphere of regret.

It was because I thought that Rudger might know how to do that.

Rudger laughed inwardly at the blank students.

Increasing the amount of mana released will be the discovery of the century.

It is incomparable to simply making [source code] in Seorn,

Literally, it will bring great disturbances.

‘Actually, it’s not that there isn’t a way.’

Rudger decided to give a tip of his own.

“You don’t have to feel too sorry. Maybe one day there will be a better way.”

“Do you really think there will be a better way, sir?”


Rudger answered without the slightest doubt.

“You guys don’t know, but the wizards of the past era of the gods were less sophisticated and less sophisticated than they are now, but they exerted more power than that.”

It drops lightning from the sky, creates a blizzard, and shakes the ground.

It is said that such great magic, which is often treated as a legend, was used by wizards in a very distant era.

“Isn’t that just an exaggerated lie?”

someone asked that

In fact, most students think so.

It is said that magic has evolved over time.

It never occurred to me that the magic of the present age would fall prey to the magic of the past.

“Maybe it is. Perhaps, even if such a thing is actually possible, it could have been caused by an out-of-standard being with an amount of magical power equivalent to that of an archmage.”

“Ah, what is it?”

If there is simply a large amount of mana, even a small amount of that discharge will produce a tremendous effect.

Rather, it may have been possible because it was a rough era.

“But there is definitely something to be learned from the magic of the past.”

In fact, he recently changed his direction on how to increase the amount of mana emitted in the Shinma Tower.

It was to get clues from the ways of the ancestors of the past.

And Rudger knows that’s the answer.

“Sometimes looking at the past rather than looking at the possibilities of the future and paying attention to the wisdom of our ancestors can help us develop.”

Of course, even if I say this, students will not understand.

It didn’t matter though.

There must have been a small minority who took that word seriously.

Soon the bell rang to end class.

“Today’s class ends here. I’m going to review today’s content and give you an assignment. Summarize your examination and exploration of the old literature related to the release of magical power and submit it as a report. The period is until next week. more than that.”

“Thank you for your effort!”

Class was over and Rudger organized the materials.

At that time, some students showed hesitation and were contemplating whether to approach Rudger or not.

“Tell me if you have anything to do. Don’t just look there.”

When permission was given, students approached in full bloom.

When I did something, it was to ask about the content of the class.

‘Recently, students seem to be asking a lot of questions.’

Until now, I was overwhelmed by Ludger’s atmosphere and no one tried to approach me after class.

The starting point of change was after the <Magic Festival>, the festival of Seorn.

The anecdote of Ludger jumping into the flames to save Selina spread well among the students.

A teacher who is usually cold and aloof, but does the right thing when it’s important.

His appearance was also handsome, so it was a moment when his strengths, which were not usually seen, suddenly came to the fore.

Rudger, who did not know that, was not easily adapting to the recently changed attitudes of the students.

“teacher. Do you have a boyfriend or someone you like?”

“Do not ask unless it is a class question.”

When I replied that you guys didn’t know anything, the female students laughed at what was so good.

Deep down, I hoped that the students would approach me warmly, but it felt like the distance had suddenly decreased.

“I am, teacher. I have questions.”

“Is it Linen?”

“I don’t understand this part of the formula here, can you tell me what’s wrong?”

Questions like this were always welcome, so Ludger glanced over the notes Linen had brought.

“The lines that become the skeleton in the fixation ceremony are tangled together. It may not seem like a big deal from the outside, but if you do this, the flow of magic power will inevitably decrease.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

“What is related to this can be understood by reading [Introduction to the Structure of Spells III]. It’s an old book, but it’s probably what you need the most.”

He pointed out what went wrong and even recommended books I needed to supplement my knowledge.

Contrary to the blunt and resolute tone, the meaning of the language was not.

Line took a sneak peek at Rudger.

Ludger calmly looking at his notes.

It’s cold and rational, but somehow it felt friendly.


Especially when I saw Ludger, I often felt as if I had met somewhere.

I forgot something.

something very far away.

I don’t know why, but Rene unknowingly put a name in her mouth.


Having said that, I was surprised at myself.

what. Why did I just say that name… … .

Line’s eyes widened as if she didn’t understand her actions.

But what surprised me even more was Ludger’s reaction.

“… … What did you just say?”

Because Ludger was staring at us with a somewhat stiff face.

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