I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 117

◈ Episode 117 Magic, Science, and Trick (2)

“what. Why is no one there?”

The suppression team, who entered Vault 2, couldn’t hide their embarrassment as they saw the empty interior.

In the instructions coming down through the crystal ball, it was clear that there was a thief inside and was eagerly robbing valuables.

But what about the sight reflected in their eyes?

No one is here.

Even the stored items are intact without disappearing.

I thought they might be hiding somewhere, so I searched further, but the result was the same.

The Old Guard, feeling something strange, raised the crystal ball.

“This is the Old Guard. Can you hear the security room?”

[What’s going on?]

“I have now entered safe number 2. But a problem arose. Thieves are invisible.”

[what? can’t you see? What do you mean by that?]

“It is literally. There are no thieves. Are there really intruders?”

[therefore… … .]

[hey! Look away!]

With a harsh shout, his employer, Ivan Luke, took the crystal ball instead.

[What are you talking about now! I can’t see the thieves!]

“Hey, sir? That’s it, literally. Safe number 2 is clean with no signs of anyone breaking into it.”

[what? What are you talking about! Even now, those thieves are openly robbing the safe!]

“yes? Are you shaving? But we can’t see anything.”

[Then, what am I looking at!]

Ivan gnashed his teeth at the sight unfolding before his eyes.

The scene reflected through the artifact screen was still thieves carrying goods through the hole in the wall.

Besides, the black guards who had rushed in were nowhere to be seen.

“You guys, are you in the right place? Aren’t you mistaken for another place?”

[yes? no. I’m pretty sure we’re in safe #2 right now.]

“Then why… … .”

What you see here is different from what people see on site.

At this point, Ivan Luke also had a hunch that the situation was going strangely.

“Uh huh? Hey, sir! Look at that!”

At that moment, the subordinate pointed to the screen in surprise.

The screen where the thieves were busy robbing safe #2 became blurry with a crackling sound, and then suddenly disappeared.

And what I saw again was the appearance of the black guards who were embarrassed after entering the vault number 2.

Ivan’s head didn’t roll properly for a moment at the sight.

“What, what is this? why? So what we just saw… … .”

You said the screen you were looking at a while ago was fake?

No, but how? It definitely looked exactly like the inside safe, how did you copy it? No, more than that, how is this an artifact… … ?

“Go, guards. How is the situation inside?”

[Everything is fine with no stolen items. Maybe there was some kind of mistake… … .]

“Now that doesn’t matter!”

[What else would you do? The items in safe number 3 are being moved to a safe place by the escort team, do you put them back?]

“that… … .”

Ivan pondered and came to a conclusion.

“no. Just in case you don’t know, I’m going to take care of the items in safe number 3 according to the original manual.”

[yes. All right. The escort guards boarded the elevator with the goods.]

“okay. i get it.”

Communication was lost.

Ivan and the security guards were still dreaming.

It was difficult for them to easily determine what had happened.

“no way. Are we fooled by the fake video?”

Someone commented so cautiously.


“That, isn’t it? Isn’t this artifact itself displaying the scene it took there on this screen?”

“… … Keep talking.”

“So in the middle, someone might have intervened and interrupted.”


“yes. So, in the process of transferring the image taken by Artifact to this screen, someone used their hands to make it look completely different on the screen. Or have them show the picture they took beforehand instead.”

“no way.”

“Anyway, I think someone made a set in the same shape as safe number 2 in advance and deliberately wrote a scene in which things were robbed.”

“… … Then why? Even if you do that, you won’t be able to steal anything, and you’ll get caught right away, right?”

It didn’t matter how the guys who started the incident had replicated the inside of Vault 2 the same way.

Yo is this

For what purpose did they do this?

Is the purpose of teasing you by pretending to steal something?

“Yeah, that’s me too… … .”

Watching the guard answer in a cold sweat, Ivan tutted and clicked his tongue.

At that time, his aide, who was watching the incident together by his side and was rolling his head, suddenly shouted as if something had come to mind.

“no way!”

“what. Why are you again?”

“Safe number 3! Director! Safe number three!”

“what? What are you talking about?”

“They were targeting Vault 3 from the start! Opening the safe #2 is just a trick, and we’re aiming for that gap when we transport things to another place according to the manual… … !”

“what? that, then… … .”

Ivan’s complexion turned pale.

And their uneasy imagination became a reality.

[Bo, security room! security room! Can you hear it!]

A call came from the black guards who were down in the basement.

“What’s going on!”

[It’s a big deal! An elevator going up to the ground!]

Through the crystal ball, news like a thunderclap came through.

* * *

About 10 minutes ago.

After going down the underground elevator, Alex and Pantos carefully checked the hallway in the basement storage room.

“hmm. Looks like no one is there yet. Are you somewhere else?”

“Check it out.”


Instead of answering, Pantos closed his eyes and gained momentum.

Even though there was no wind, his gray hair rustled and swayed.

Alex watched Pantos’ actions with a calm gaze.

‘indeed. Is this the power of spirit that the Beast Tribes wield?’

It was a little subtle, but different from the auror that knights deal with and the mana that wizards deal with.

It is the same to use the power itself that drifts in the world, but if mana and aura are closer to being refined to suit the user, this spirit was to be used as it is without such a process.

Alex realized that the subtle waves spreading from Pantos had passed through his body.

And he knew what it was.

‘Is it a search using spirit? A technology that detects the location of others with minute wavelengths in the air. It’s not that the Beasts were called born hunters for nothing.’

Eventually, after completing the search, Pantos opened his eyes.

“There are people. A total of 8 people. They are scattered separately.”

“Which one has only two of them?”

“Follow me.”

Pantos Logistics took the lead. His steps were unstoppable, but he could not hear the sound of his footsteps on the ground.

It was an instinctive hide as a hunter that came out when he started hunting.

Eventually, the two arrived at the entrance of a small warehouse.

Hearing the sounds of chatter from inside, it seemed that he was hiding and killing time.

Pantos opened the door and went inside.

The two guards, who were chatting while taking off their helmets in the storage room, were taken aback when Alex and Pantos suddenly appeared.

“What, what? Who are you?”

“It’s still until shift time… … .”

But at the same time, holding the weapon next to them and taking a stance, that much proves that they are professionals.

However, even if the opponent was bad, it was too bad.


The guard, who was similar in size to Pantos, fell backwards as Pantos’ fist pierced his face before he could respond properly.

“Hey, damn it!”

The other one, chatting with him, stepped back and tried to stance, but Alex, who had followed him, tripped on his foot and threw him off balance.

“Uh huh?”

He narrowly escaped falling, but the gap created in that moment was fatal.


Hit by Pantos, he floated in the air and crashed to the ground.

Because he was hit on the face with his helmet off, there was nothing he could do to absorb the shock and sleep.

“Good. Let’s get ready now.”


The two immediately took off the guards’ armor and put it on their own.

In the case of Pantos, he was big, but one of the guards here was quite big, so he could wear it.

Still, Pantos, wearing black armor, seemed to be a little tight, twisting his body around.

“hey. Be patient. It will be soon anyway.”

It was as Alex said.

Shortly thereafter, an alarm sounded calling for internal personnel.

“what! what’s the matter!”

“Gather together!”

Alex and Pantos put on their helmets and naturally joined the other blackguards.

Before long, reinforcements descended from the ground by elevator.

Among them were Hans and Arfa, who pretended to guard the entrance.

“The suppression team goes into Vault 2, and you escort team move the items from Vault 3.”

The Old Guard assembled a dedicated team led by himself and headed to Vault 2 at will.

“Mr. Ha. Also, look at him taking only his entourage as if he was making credit.”

“What can I do? The opportunity to play an active role came after a long time, so there is nothing I can do about it.”

The remaining guards grumbled, but according to the old guard’s instructions, they took the items from safe number 3 and carefully loaded them onto the carts they had brought.

After taking the important things and boarding the elevator.

Pantos and Alex, who had been hiding in disguise, moved.

“What, what! Ugh!”


sudden surprise. A short scream resounded, and the guards who were careless collapsed without even being able to resist.

Hans, who watched the scene, shuddered at the terrifying force shown by Alex and Pantos.

‘What kind of knight-level collapsing like this?’

I already knew that Pantos was strong, but it was completely unexpected that even Alex, who was like a parasitic brother, showed formidable skills.

Contrary to Pantos, who honestly presses down with force, he overpowered the other guards with ridiculous skills.

‘That movement, isn’t it normal? Isn’t that person at least knight level?’

I don’t know what he’s been up to in the past, but it was clear that Alex was a pretty strong person compared to his seemingly light words and actions.

‘what. Then am I the weakest here?’

Even Arpa, who seemed easy enough, had unexpected skills enough to knock down a giant, and I felt a sense of qualifications for no reason.

Of course, since he is in charge of gathering information and doesn’t know how to fight, it’s not right to compare with force.

‘If this is the case, won’t my position be threatened?’

The problem was that they weren’t just good at fighting.

Combat ability is equipped as a standard, and other parts also show outstanding talent.

I didn’t feel much when I was with Rudger, but moving with other people like this made me feel my lack more acutely.

The door of the elevator that arrived on the ground opened, and the four of them took out all their belongings and the fallen guard into the hallway.

“ruler. That is the last step.”

Alex lifted the spear and thrust it into the key mechanism inside the elevator.


As it is an object that moves with sophisticated machinery, there is nothing more fatal than getting a blow to a key part.


The elevator crashed down into the basement.


* * *

“The elevator is broken? So I can’t go up… … ?”

Upon hearing the news, Ivan Luke looked like his soul was about to come out of his mouth.

“This, director, maybe it’s good now?”

“Are there any more people outside? other people! Other guards!”

“There are, but most of the blackguards are sent to the basement… … .”

I never thought that I would destroy the elevator and isolate the personnel inside the basement.

It was a defeat that occurred because there was only one entrance to the basement.

“Are you going to let the guests know about this? Contact Lederbelk Police Department?”

“Oh, no! If I did, I’d ruin this barely opened auction!”

“What then?”

“Mo, I don’t know! I don’t know!”

Ivan couldn’t help but shout.

He couldn’t make up his mind on how to deal with the situation.

‘Where the hell did I go wrong?’

When I was sure that the security here would not be breached?

Trying to handle internal problems carefully so that guests don’t notice?

More than that, how did you find out what was going on inside the safe? How did you cleverly interrupt the artifact in the middle like that?

“I-I’m screwed. If my father finds out about this… … .”

Judging that Ivan’s condition was not good, the aide issued an order instead.

“You guys move! Gather all the members of the security team! Let’s go ahead and stop them!”


It was the moment when the guards in the security room got up from their seats and were about to go outside.

“Uh huh? The door won’t open!”

“What dude? What are you talking about all of a sudden!”


The guard pushed the door with force, but the door to the security room did not open.

No matter how much I pulled the doorknob and turned it, the door wouldn’t open as if something was blocking the entrance.

“damn! What is this again!”

Hearing the screams coming from inside the security room, Sheridan chuckled.

She gazed proudly at a number of hard metal hinges near the door.

“It’s all inside me like an idiot, so it’s like saying, ‘Please lock me up.’”

Sheridan snorted and walked down the hallway.

‘Seeing the urgency from the inside, the operation was a success. The invention I made seems to have worked as well.’

Communication hacking equipment.

To be precise, it was an invention that Rudger had instructed to make.

Rudgar told her only one thing, focusing on the transmission of underground surveillance cameras to the display.

‘I can’t imagine changing the video in the middle so that the display shows a completely different scene.’

To that end, Alex personally hid his identity and went down to the basement to see the entire internal structure with his own eyes.

It was something that could never be done with normal thinking.

Hans, who obtained a design and noticed the internal state, and Alex, who memorized everything he saw and realized it as it was.

And even Rudger, who devised all these operations.

‘As expected, Nari is amazing.’

Meeting him at the underground mining site of Delica Kingdom may have been a big turning point in her life.

No, I’m pretty sure it is.

“iced coffee. lily. I can hear? This is <Wells>.”

Coming out into the spacious hall, she sent a message while watching the interior of the auction house become more cluttered than before.

In her eyes, she saw a group of four wearing black armor carrying valuables.

“Operations. It worked.”

[is it. i get it. Everyone worked hard.]

* * *

After finishing the communication, Ludger glanced at the back of the auction house.

The big duo, who had been waiting to keep an eye on them, left in a hurry as if they had been contacted.

I heard the news that things were robbed, so the fire must have fallen on my feet.

“Hans. Can you hear me?”

[Oh, bro. What’s going on?]

“What about things?”

[I got everything. Not even one left.]

“What did I say?”

[I knew that and left it out in advance. wait I’ll change my clothes and go get them.]

“It is. This communicator is also out of time, so let’s meet and talk about the rest.”


The portable communicator’s sound cut off as if the time limit had run out. It was truly a measure of timing.

Rudger, who no longer felt the need to be in the auction house, stood up.

Because there was nothing good about staying longer.

That was the moment.


A huge explosion occurred on one side of the auction house, sweeping the surroundings.

A cloud of dust rose, and the moderator, who was conducting the auction in the middle of the auction, was swept away and collapsed.

Rudger, watching the scene, furrowed his eyebrows.

‘What is it all of a sudden?’

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