I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 116

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◈ Episode 116 Magic, Science, and Trick (1)

Rudger remembered the old days.

It was five years ago, when he was active in the Kingdom of Delica under the name of James Moriarty, not Ludgar Celish.

At that time, he was unintentionally involved in various incidents, and as the incident grew, he was involved with all kinds of people.

Among them, the most memorable was Casey Selmore.

She was called a genius detective. To Rudger, that was not an exaggeration at all.

She had actually pushed him over the edge with her ridiculous reasoning and instincts.

It wasn’t a figurative expression, but I actually fell with him from a cliff where a waterfall fell, saying that you would die and I would die.

‘That crazy woman is here.’

Was it because I was staring at it too closely?

Casey Selmore suddenly turned her head as if sensing the gaze from her side.

Rudger hurriedly fixed his gaze on the podium where the auction was held before their eyes met.

At last, we almost met our eyes.

‘Anyway, since I was still in disguise, there’s no guarantee that she will recognize me now, but just in case.’

Rudger wandered the world and gained many realizations, but among them, there was one fact that he felt keenly.

—There are people who destroy common sense in this world.

And one of those people who shattered that common sense was Casey Selmore over there.

Rudger knows about her because he has often heard rumors about her.

After the bad relationship he broke during the days of James Moriarty, Casey Selmore achieved a tremendous magical achievement no matter what the wind was blowing and even received the title of a color that symbolizes a single attribute element.

‘At that time, I was barely able to fight on an equal footing, but now that she has obtained the title of shame, I must never deal with her.’

Suddenly, I felt such anxiety.

If Casey Selmore was there, he wondered if his plan to rob the auction house was exposed.

Rudger immediately shook his head.

‘I haven’t heard yet. If that were the case, there would be no way for that light-assed woman to sit like that and chat with the person next to her.’

Erendir, who was now sitting next to him, had reached the point where Ludger couldn’t even recognize his existence.

As much as Casey Selmore was a threat to him.

‘By the way, seeing that woman so still, she doesn’t seem to realize what’s going on here yet.’

That too will be a matter of time.

If I felt even the slightest suspiciousness, I would immediately leave my seat and get up.

What if a wizard who had obtained the title of one of the few colors set out to solve the case?

A plan that had been painstakingly laid out weeks ago would be in vain.

‘It’s embarrassing.’

Rudger had no choice but to expect his subordinates to handle this operation as secretly as possible.

* * *

“Here you are.”

Alex and Pantos, who were hanging out at the entrance of the elevator, recognized Hans and Arfa, who were disguised as handymen.

“The key?”


At Hans’ question, Alex lightly shook the key.

This allowed the four of them to safely gather at the entrance of the elevator.

“Okay then, let’s get ready.”

Hans and Arfa immediately took off the armor worn by the two guards who had collapsed at the entrance.

“what. this. Why are you so dented?”

Hans frowned at the warped chest of his armor.

If you look closely, it’s not just bent, isn’t it the shape of a fist?

Hans glanced at Pantos’ fist with a sidelong glance.

Hans could only swallow his saliva as he roughly compared the size of the imprint on his armor with Pantos’ hand.

I didn’t have the courage to ask.

“Ay Mr. Better than not wearing it.”

Hans immediately donned the blackguard’s armor. Arfa was the same.

The two finished their disguises as black guards guarding the entrance to the elevator while holding a spear.

The two stunned guards put the food ingredients in the cart they brought and put them out of sight. Judging by his condition, he must have passed out most of the day.

Alex immediately inserted the key into the hole. Then, with the sound of a large cog wheel turning inside, the elevator door opened.

“good. Let’s go down then.”

Alex kindly punched Pantos’ forearm with his fist.

Pantos twitched his eyebrows and stared at Alex.

Alex smiled awkwardly and took a step back.

“Uh, um. Did you?”

“… … done go down.”

Ignoring Alex, Pantos entered the elevator.

Alex also went inside, whistling.

“then. Good job.”


After saying hello to each other, Alex closed the elevator door and went down.

* * *

The security room of Kunst Auction House.

The guard, who was monitoring the safe in the underground storage room in real time through the newly developed artifact, yawned as if bored.




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“Hey. Look straight ahead.”

“Well, what to do with boredom? If you look at the same unchanging sight, you will go crazy.”

“Are you sure you’re the only one like that? Be patient. It’ll be a little while later.”

“Ugh. I know they make it harder because there is a real auction going on, but what kind of guy with a big liver goes in there?”

“That’s right. Is there any way to get there in the first place?”

Little by little, flowers of conversation began to bloom in the silent security room.

After hours of sitting and staring at the same screen reflected through the artifacts, it’s tempting to say something.

“Still, it’s amazing. Thanks to these mysterious artifacts, we can see who’s inside and what they’re doing. Otherwise, you would have been squatting at the entrance to the basement.”

“I mean.”

That was the moment.


The screen that had been projected through the display was slightly blurred but crackling.


“what’s the matter?”

“no. Didn’t the screen shake a moment ago?”

“The screen? Are you okay?”

It happened so quickly that even the guard who first raised the question thought he had seen something wrong.

“Write. Looking at the same screen so much, I can see what has happened to my eyes.”

It was the moment when he was about to come to a conclusion based on his own misunderstanding.

A colleague sitting next to him touched his arm urgently.

“what. why?”

“Hey, hey that. Can you see that?”


The place where I followed my colleague’s finger and moved my gaze was safe number 2 in the basement storage room.


The guard, who asked what the hell was going on, couldn’t help but open his mouth at the sight unfolding inside.

The wall on one side of Vault 2 had collapsed, and an intruder was entering through it.

Their faces were covered with hoods, but that’s why there was no way they wouldn’t know who they were.

“Me, that one!”

“crazy! It’s a few meters underground here, and you dug a tunnel to get in?!”

The guards used communication crystals to announce this very fact.

* * *


Ivan Luke, who was boasting while chatting lightly with the guests, suddenly heard a whisper from one of the servants who approached him and involuntarily shouted.

Immediately after being conscious of the gazes around him, he cleared his throat and lightly said, ‘It’s nothing special’, then asked the servant quietly.

“What did you just say?”

“That, that’s why… … .”

“Aren’t you talking straight? Do you want to be cut off?”

“that… … An intruder has appeared in the basement vault.”

“… … !”

Ivan Luke, with desperate patience, resisted trying to shout.

He managed to cool his anger and asked how this had happened.

“What exactly happened? How did the intruder get in there? What about the guys guarding the entrance?”

“that… … The other party dug into the ground from underground… … .”

“what? By digging a hole in the ground?”

It’s several tens of meters underground, so did you mean digging a tunnel to get there?

I wanted to ask where such a nonsensical thing was, but it was not a mistake because it was conveyed after checking through the artifact.

Ivan Luke became desperate.

‘At this rate, the long-awaited auction will be ruined!’

How much did you prepare for this auction? how much effort did he put in

In order to look good to his father, and to make up for the rudeness he showed at the banquet hall last time, he poured everything into this.

I couldn’t let a dirty shoplifter ruin the auction he was holding.

“Call the guards together.”

“Uh, how much?”

Ivan Luke answered with burning eyes.


* * *

The black guards who had been standing there like stone statues moved.

People were unaware they were moving.

They didn’t move all at once, because they quietly escaped one by one.

Almost 20 black guards stood at the entrance of the elevator.

The old guard, who was in charge of the guards, stepped forward.

He was a man who served here for 20 years.

“Have all the guys who are supposed to be gathering gathered? rest of it?”

“The rest are holding their seats to prepare for any unforeseen incidents.”

“good. 10 of them look outside. They burrowed through the underground sewers. It won’t be too far away, so look out for the nearby sewer entrance and capture those fleeing. If you don’t like it, you can kill me.”


“The other 10 people go down the elevator with me and enter. Everyone knows the manual, right?”

The Blackguards nodded.

In a way, it was fortunate for Kunst that they went into Vault 2.

The really important stuff was in safe #3.

“The number of enemies is about four. Seeing how they secretly dug this far, their skills must be quite formidable. However, there are people waiting inside, so there is no need to worry. The number is higher this way.”

Even though they knew they were strong, they weren’t conceited.

Like a professional who works for money, he intends to subdue the enemy with all his might, not making fun of the enemy even if the number is small.

There were already other guards waiting down below, so it wouldn’t matter if they joined and moved together.

With that thought in mind, the blackguards rode the elevator and went down.

The guard who was listening to the situation in the security room said.

“Blackguards go down.”

Ivan Luke listened, biting his nails in anxiety.

It was because the screen of the surveillance artifact he saw contained important items in the bag that the thieves had brought in advance in real time.

‘damn! How much do the items in that box cost?’

Fearing that he might miss them at this rate, Ivan’s legs trembled nervously.

In the meantime, the guards who exchanged communications in the security room slowly recited the situation.

“Guards. We got to the basement storage room. We join the waiting staff inside.”

“damn. damn. What were the people inside doing?”

Ivan said it because he was annoyed.

Of course, it would be unfair to the personnel waiting inside.

Who would have known that an intruder would dig a tunnel underground and come in?

Luckily, safe number 3, which contains the most important item, is in good shape.

Ivan gave instructions to the guards via the communication orb.

“Capturing them is important, but the first priority is to move the items from Vault 3 to a safe place. okay? Also, make sure to secure the items in safe number 2. Those left there are valuables that will be presented later at midnight.”

[All right.]

Now, the outer wall of Vault 2 has been breached, but the thought that it might be targeting Vault 3 made me nervous and scared to go crazy.

The guards who received Ivan’s orders moved in perfect order.

The guards who joined the personnel in the basement split into two.

One is a suppression team that subdues criminals who are stealing items from safe number 2 without knowing the subject.

It is said that they are robbing auctions enthusiastically without knowing that they have been caught breaking in.

The other one is the escort team in charge of taking out the items from safe number 3 and moving them to a safe place.

It was a choice made because the safety of safe number 3 could not be guaranteed the moment safe number 2 was breached.


The blackguards moved. Vault 3, fortunately, has not been breached by anyone yet.

[This is the security room. The guards are seen entering Vault 3.]

“i get it. Come on, move everyone to a safe place.”


“The rest follow me. Let’s break those cheeky thieves’ limbs.”

The guards of the suppression team stood in front of vault number 2.


After they hit the signal, they immediately opened the door to safe number two and rushed inside.

“Stay still!”

After shouting that, the team leader realized that something was strange while trying to live.

It was the same with other guards.


“Isn’t anyone there?”

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