I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 118

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◈ Episode 118 The final ending is always an explosion

“Are you successful?”

Violetta realized that the operation had been successful after confirming that the black guards in black armor had rushed in just a moment ago.

‘Then I’ll have to go out soon.’

She used to be on standby for emergencies, but there was no need for that anymore.

I thought so and was about to move, but I noticed a familiar face coming out of the hall, huffing.

‘That man. Aren’t you the key master?’

The key master she had approached and knocked out while pretending to be drunk was looking for someone with bloodshot eyes.

‘This is bothering me. I tried to stun him for as long as possible, but I wonder if it wasn’t enough.’

The key master was openly guarding the front door, so it was difficult for her to get out easily.

I was about to sneak out through the back door, but even there, a servant who had already been instructed was blocking the way.

If you go on like this, you will be stuck and unable to move.

‘Just because the door is blocked doesn’t mean there’s no way out, right?’

Violetta headed out the window with light steps.

Currently, she is on the 5th floor overlooking the hall.

Opening the window, she glanced down.

Down there, I could see vehicles and citizens passing by, along with scarlet streetlights.

This Kunst auction house and hotel has a higher floor height than other buildings, even on the same 5th floor, so if you fall, you won’t be able to break your bones.

But Violetta didn’t care and carefully lifted the hem of her skirt and passed her foot over the window sill.

“then. Shall we go?”

Soon after, she sat down on the window sill and jumped down.

At the same time, he opened the black parasol he was holding in one hand.

Dangerous situation that may fall down.

Surprisingly, Violetta did not fall to the ground, but rather floated in the air on a parasol.

wow oh

A gust of wind pushes the parasol and lifts her body higher.

It was a dark night when the sun had already set, so no one found her in black.

Normal flight magic uses <Magic Discharge>, but Violetta, who was still immature in discharging, sought another method instead.

It was the combination of her main skill, wind’s <attribute element>, and the <kinesis> she learned from Ludgar.

Violetta, who had been blown away by the wind through the black parasol, landed lightly out of sight of people.

And soon before the time limit ran out, I sent one last communication through my walkie-talkie.

“This is <Mary Poppins>. You escaped the Kunst Auction House safely.”

The moment she informed her of the news and was about to move to join the hideout, she felt the gaze looking her way and hesitated.

A little boy was looking at him with his eyes wide open.

It seemed that I had accidentally seen something that had come down from the sky.


Violetta put her index finger to her mouth with a mischievous smile.

The little boy nodded blankly, unable to close his gaping mouth.

* * *

“hey. Are you ready?”

Sheridan, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck prepared in advance, looked back and asked,

Four people wearing black armor, the symbol of the Black Guard, were busily loading a truck.

“It’s valuable, so load it carefully!”

“I am Whoever hears it will know that it belongs to them.”

“Hey Hans! What did you say!”

“You said nothing.”

After loading all their luggage, the members took their seats in the luggage compartment of the truck.

“Have you loaded everything? So, are we leaving now?”

“Oh, wait. I will get off here.”

“why? Did you leave anything behind?”

“It’s not like that, but I have something else to give to my older brother.”

Hans took out the items he had prepared ahead of time among the auction items stored in safe number 3 and showed them.

It was a piece that looked like part of something.

Relic Fragment.

This was the most fundamental reason for Rudger’s execution of this operation.

Hans intended to deliver it directly to Ludger.

Actually, Rudgar told me to bring this in the last communication.

“Go first. My brother and I will follow soon.”

“okay? okay. Well, it won’t matter as long as I’m with Nari.”

Taking off his black armor, Hans immediately changed into a suit and headed into the auction house.

Even the strict guards who would have guarded the entrance in the past were now dealing with what happened inside, and the guard at the entrance was very lax.

Hans entered the auction house naturally without arousing anyone’s suspicion.

Unlike when he sneaked in through the back door a moment ago, his steps toward the front door were confident.

Hans, who was moving with the thought of wanting to deliver the fragment of the Relic he had brought to Ludger, stopped for a moment.


As I passed by the dining room, I noticed a group sitting in a corner.

It was a group of five wearing black suits.

It didn’t show anything particularly strange on the outside, but Hans’ natural sense sensed the strange stench wafting from them.



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‘I feel something strong… … .’

Glancing at them with a suspicious eye is also a while.

At some point, people’s screams resonated throughout the auction house, and a commotion began.

As if that was a signal, a group of black suits started to rise from their seats.

Hans felt the hairs all over his body stand up.

What they took out of their arms was a wand that only wizards could use.

“this… … !”

At the same time, shady, slimy black magic swept around.

* * *

‘What is this all of a sudden?’

Rudger was quite taken aback by the sudden explosion.

At first, I thought that Seridan might have caused the accident by not suppressing the instinct of the bomb horse, but I immediately erased the guess from my head.

‘This auction house is a place where wizards maintain the [Silence of Fire] magic at all times in preparation for any unexpected danger. There’s no way the explosion could have happened in a place like that.’

That is to say, this was not an explosion using gunpowder, but a different method.

Magic? or something else?

It doesn’t matter what it is.

The question is, who did this?

If they are usually the ones who will cause an explosion in a place like this and cause chaos.

“Everyone, stay still!”

“Everyone who moves knows how to die!”

No matter how you see it, they must be obvious guys.

“You, what the hell are you guys! know where this is! Whoops!”

“I told you to shut up!”


When a middle-aged man collapses with blood flowing from his head, the guests realize the seriousness of the situation and scream.

Seeing the crowd turn the auction house into chaos in an instant, Rudger realized that things were going badly.

‘In the world, how did you get into the Kunst Auction House?’

And how dare he do such a thing openly in such a heavily guarded place.


Rudger, who thought so, sighed inwardly when he realized where the black guards who were supposed to be guarding the inside of the auction house were now.

‘Is it because of us?’

The black guards protecting Kunst are now trapped in the underground storage room with the elevator broken, and they are in a state where they don’t know when they will come up.

As a result, even if someone runs rampant inside, there is no one to quickly subdue them.

Of course, there are internal guards, but the ones who have just appeared are far from ordinary no matter how you look at them.

From the clothes you wear to the weapons you hold in your hands.

Since they came here with a determination to rob this place, they must have the skills to match it.

The difference in power is overwhelming.

Normally, they would have judged that they couldn’t move at all and withdrew, but it was different now.

Under Ludger’s plan, more than 80% of the Black Guard’s power was imprisoned underground, and now the best opportunity for them to move has arrived.

Of course, there were many personal escorts at the Kunst Auction House to escort the distinguished guests who came here.

However, they do not protect the Kunst Auction House, but rather protect the employers who hired them.

And the enemy was cunningly aware of that part very well.

“Eat this!”

A green mist that spreads in an instant.

The escorts gritted their teeth when they saw it, which looked dangerous to anyone who looked at it.


“Back off! Don’t touch it!”

A fight to protect someone is much more difficult than a fight to simply take down an opponent.

They were escorts anyway, as long as they kept their employer safe, there was no need to show a sense of justice and fight them.

‘But there’s a lot of commotion elsewhere… … .’

Rudgar’s keen hearing picked up the soft roar of the explosion elsewhere.

Aside from those who are on the podium collecting valuables that have just been sold, there is another group of people who have invaded this Kunst auction house.

It was the price of the disappearance of the inhibitors that prevented criminals from flourishing.

It was a scheduled procedure for those who had been secretly pursuing an opportunity until now to raise their sulking bodies and reveal the greed they had endured.

The problem is that it was now.

“Oh, it’s a black magician! There are crazy warlocks!”

Someone screamed and ran into the auction house.

His skin was covered with black veins, a kind of curse used by warlocks.

Blindfolded and screaming, he was one of the big guys watching Ludger.

Soon after, the man bit into crab foam and fell to the floor, dying.

The cry of a black magician and the figure of a man who died in agony.

Fear is contagious.


“Run away!”

“Don’t push me!”

“Get out of the way! Our employer’s escape comes first!”

“Do not disturb!”

Escort troops trying to protect their employers, and people who haven’t figured out the situation yet.

People die, explosions happen everywhere and people scream in panic.

Those who ran away, bumped into each other, got tangled up, and spat out curse words.

In no time, the auction house became the center of chaos.

It was like the sight of someone malicious putting a large basin and pouring mud of despair into it.

‘I guess I have to get out too.’

As long as the purpose of coming to the Kunst auction house was fulfilled anyway, there was no need to stay here any longer.

Besides, the invaders were not alone.

Apart from robbers who move to rob auction items, I would have thought there would be warlocks as well.

Besides, it seemed clear that another group was more involved, as the sounds of fighting could be heard elsewhere.

Rudger, who was naturally trying to escape by mixing with the crowd, suddenly remembered that he had given Hans a separate order.

He told Hans to bring the Relic fragment separately.

It was a little while ago that I contacted them saying they would bring them soon.

‘Hans? Did he get out safely?’

If he was usually a quick-witted guy, he would have taken a look at the situation and pulled himself out.

It was natural to think so, but Rudger felt a strange uneasiness.

* * *

‘ah. what.’

Hans suddenly realized that he had passed out.

He felt the marble of the floor on his cheek.

When did you fall down? I tried to get up from my seat with that thought in mind.

‘The power doesn’t work.’

My whole body was drained of strength.

When I desperately applied strength to my hand, my right hand moved properly.

He rolled his eyes and examined his right hand.

‘The piece… … Where did you go?’

His hand, which had been holding a piece of Relic until the savings, was empty.

Hans lifted his head with difficulty.

There were people lying around, and I could see people in black suits moving like ghosts between them.

The vicious smell of death they exuded was clearer than before.


damn it Hans lamented inwardly.

I wasn’t too lucky.

Of course, he would have thought that even the black magicians came to visit him on the day he and his older brother robbed the Kunst auction house.

no. Did this happen because all the blackguards were away?

Hans, who was about to close his eyes and pretend to be dead, suddenly found that one of the warlocks was holding a piece of Relic.

Perhaps it was taken from the fainting self.

It may look like a useless item at first glance, but those of the level of a warlock might have recognized the value of this fragment.


This was something I had to tell my brother.

That’s not something the damn warlocks would take.

But how?

Hans’s mouth moved before he even thought about how to recover what had been stolen in the current situation where his body was not moving.

“Give me, give me.”

“huh? what. Isn’t this kid dead yet?”

The warlock who took the piece of Relic from Hans heard Hans mutter and approached him.

I thought I’d used curse magic to get rid of all the annoying humans in the surrounding area, but I thought there would be survivors.

It seemed that he was quite strong compared to the average person.

“Give me that… … . That’s something I should give to my older brother.”

“ah. this?”

The warlock smiled at Hans, who was glaring at him.


Just like that, he kicked his side vigorously.


“What can a bug that can’t even move give me, Mara?”

“Turn it off.”

Overturned, Hans lay down staring at the ceiling.

The warlock, who was about to kill Hans, saw the black veins running through his skin and smiled.

“Looking at that, I don’t think I’ll live long anyway. I will be merciful and leave you without killing yourself.”

He said that, but he meant that he would let Hans struggle and die in pain.

Hans couldn’t refute the words of the warlock who laughed at this side.

“Huh. Huh.”


Hans gasped desperately and gritted his teeth.

It’s hard to breathe without the strength of the body.

It was felt that the body was gradually dying.

‘If it were someone else who was here instead of me.’

What if it was Alex, Pantos, or Arfa?

If it had been them, at least they wouldn’t have been sprawled across the floor like he did.

I wouldn’t have taken away the things I had to deliver to my older brother.

‘It’s all because I’m weak.’

It was hard to endure the misery of the rising powerlessness.

No matter how hard I tried to endure it, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

It was a life where I was afraid to fight and only ran away.

Then he met Rudger, and he was able to do what he was good at without fighting.

But in the end, that’s the story of being with Rudger.

himself when he is not there.

This idiot named Hans was nothing more than a weak coward who couldn’t do anything.

‘I am… … .’

ha. ha.

Breathing gradually slows down. I could feel my lungs being destroyed.

The curse left by the black magicians was eating away at his body.

Hans squeezed all his remaining strength and moved.

With his trembling right hand, he pulled out an object from his bosom.

it’s a dagger.

However, it was different from an ordinary dagger.

The dagger, which should have been sharp and sharp, had rugged ivory teeth instead.

Hans looked at it with trembling eyes.


He stabbed himself in the stomach with all his might.

* * *

“Everyone escape this way! Stay calm!”

“Don’t push! be careful!”

“What are the guards doing!”

Evacuation route where screams resound.

Rudger, who was mingling with the crowd of people rushing to escape, stopped in his tracks before going out.

“what! Don’t stop!”

“Don’t block the road, get out of the way!”

Ignoring the shouters, Rudger looked back.

His senses, which had been complaining of anxiety earlier, sounded the final alarm.

From the back of the auction house, the smell of a nightmare I had encountered long ago drifted in the wind.

Oh oh oh ——–!!!

The howl of the beast resounded.

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