I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 435

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 435


This is a dragon that polluted the entire Jeju Island in the past, and was defeated by Augustus at Ascalon.

-Hmm… … .

From its body covered in glossy black scales to its reptile-specific yellow eyes looking in this direction.

The first thing I saw in a long time was that of a dragon, the highest species above all other species.

Will this too be resolved with words?

Typhon was able to get along easily through words, but Fafnir was a little different.

First of all, his characteristic is ‘evil dragon’. In other words, it means that he is a very dirty guy not only in personality but also in inclination itself.

In other words, it means that there is a high possibility that they will act as they want.

The problem is that this time, unlike in Jeju Island, I have to deal with him alone, so it will be quite difficult.

At that time, Fafnir was quite weak, and Augustus, who could use holy relics, as well as all the Aurors, helped me.

If it weren’t for them then, the hunt wouldn’t have been successful.

‘… … When I think about it this way, I’ve never really raided on my own.’

No, Raid isn’t something you do alone… … .

Anyway, feeling the need to strengthen my equipment once again, I looked into the guy’s vertically torn eyes.

“… … Fafnir. A long time?”

-Looking at it, it’s not reality. The fact that I, who should already be dead, am talking to you is a contradiction in itself.

“Do you know exactly?”

-Grrrrrrr. The mania that had plagued me my whole life has disappeared. Normally, I would have tried to crush you as soon as I saw you.

… … You tell scary stories so casually.

“so? Well, do I need to be recognized by you too?”

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like he has any intention of fighting, so I ask because I think he might end up feeling the same way as Typhon.

Then, the guy slowly lowered his face and fell to the floor.

-admit? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

hmm? Are the conditions different this time?

“You know the current situation, right?”

-Well, that’s right. If I were to guess, you’re going to make an item out of the heart ripped from my corpse?

Surprisingly, this guy understands his situation accurately.

-Hmm… … Right. In order to use my heart, I need permission to draw out its full power. Therefore, I created this space and brought in my thought form. Isn’t it like this?

The guy who muttered that immediately looked this way.


He snorted, pushed my hair back, and smiled.

-This means you can’t use your heart properly without my help. yes?

The tone of speech is literally like that of a child who has discovered a toy.

Seeing that, I let out a laugh and put my hands in my pockets.

“So, you won’t cooperate?”

-Wouldn’t that depend on how your guy turns out? Mortal.

The guy stands up again as if he is the absolute best and speaks in a different, overbearing voice than before.

-Mortal, do you want my approval?

… … Look at this?


-Why are you doing that?

“You forgot your personality.”

-What is that──

To prepare for situations like this, I take out my brilliant chopsticks, Ascalon, which I had already kept in my pocket, and point them at him.

“Is it okay to get hit with a long needle after a long time? “You bastard?”

-Now, wait a minute? Isn’t that Ascalon!

Okay, I forgot for a moment.

I’ve been living a very peaceful life lately, haven’t I?

“My brother. “After defeating you, I gained several new abilities, some of which were quite interesting.”

A trait that has greatly contributed to creating this current situation.

【Dragon Slayer】

[One. Dragon Slayer – Deals 3x damage to dragons only.]

[2. Fear of Death – You have succeeded in killing an immortal species. Those who do not know the concept of death feel fear from you.]

[3. The hero of myth – the one who slayed the dragon. You are writing a new myth. Your rank increases significantly and you gain strong resistance to status ailments.]

If you get hit with Ascalon, the guy who was begging in pain gets hit with triple damage?

“Is it real or should I come out of here, bastard?”

Men have momentum.

How could the heir of Caglione beg a lizard to use this kind of material?

It would be better to fight a proper game and see the outcome.

Could it be that he didn’t know I would react like this?

Fafnir looked quite embarrassed and took a step back.

-Well, I didn’t mean that, mortal… … If I were to die here once more, I would return to nothingness, let alone the afterlife, so why would I want to compete with you? … !

Characteristic: [Dragon Slayer] A guy who gives in after checking to see if he is doing his job properly.

“Then, without further ado, please acknowledge or do something quickly. Oh, I don’t have time!”

-Well, that doesn’t mean it’s that easy! First of all, calm down!

Anyway, why did you raise your arrogance like that when you were going to make a fuss in the end?



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huh? Wait a minute, haven’t I just become slightly possessed by old man Kwak Chun-sik? … For now, let’s calm down, calm down.

“So, why doesn’t it come easy? “I think you already deserve recognition.”

-This body is what you want to use. The problem is that it is the heart of a dragon!


What does that mean?

-The heart of a dragon can only be used by someone who has given permission to use its heart before the dragon dies, unless it is the same dragon. That’s why heroes of the past were able to make weapons by receiving hearts from the dragons they defeated.

“… … “I knocked you down too.”

-But didn’t I die cursing you instead of blessing you?

“This bastard… … .”

In the end, it meant that it couldn’t be used as equipment because it died while cursing.

“… … So what does it end up being? “Can’t you just bless me here?”

He slowly lifted Ascalon and pointed it at him.

Then the guy started drooling and spoke with difficulty.

-I think that would be difficult since it is not the main body.

“Then what should I do? Or, wouldn’t it be okay if I pricked my heart with Ascalon a few times and it would be purified?”

-S-don’t say such scary things! It definitely won’t have any effect!


Has this made things complicated? Umm… … Is there any other way?

When I was trying to figure out a way to remember all the knowledge in the game.

-Honestly, it would be better to give up on this one. You can’t become a dragon… … huh? Well, what is it? What the hell is this… … ?!

“why. also.”

I was dying of frustration because I was already digging through my memories, but when I heard the guy muttering strange things to himself, I got so annoyed that I glared at him.

Then I see… … For some reason, the guy’s expression seemed even more shocked than when he took out Ascalon.

The guy who raised his front paw slowly raised his hand and pointed at me.

-Mortal. No, you… … Was it a polymorphed dragon?

“huh? “What kind of bullshit is this again?”

-Oh, no, that’s it! At first, I didn’t feel it properly due to the energy of Ascalon… … Something. Even if it’s faint, I can feel the energy of my own people in you!


You can feel the energy of a dragon in me?

There’s a reason… … Is there one?

I quickly opened the status window and looked at the properties window.

Then, one characteristic caught my eye right away.

【Dragon King】

[1. Dragon King – This is a title that means he is one of the seven true Dragon King candidates that exist in the world. It will be easy to gain favor from the dragons, and beings of a different rank will feel fear of you. (There are abilities that have not yet been unlocked.)]

… … Is it because of this?

Dragon King, an attribute obtained by defeating the Dragon King in the East Sea in the past.

At first, I thought it was a trait that only gave you the qualifications to become a Dragon King… … From what he says, it seems like he doesn’t just have that kind of ability.

Anyway, that’s not what’s important right now.

“So, can I use your heart now?”

-Yeah, that’s right. If you are recognized as a member of the same race, you can use it… … .

“Then that’s enough. You should go too. No. It would be a bit disappointing to send it off like this… … .”

An image space that has come before. And wasn’t it really a long time since I met Fafnir?

A raid mob that I caught in the beginning!

He raised the Ascalon he was still holding in his hand and smiled kindly.

“me. “Please give me some of that.”

You have to pick out everything you can and eat it.


As I came out of the mental space, once again the image of the Maestro was the first thing I saw.

However, the difference from just now was that he seemed quite surprised.

“I’m home.”

“yes… … “You came out pretty quickly this time, right?”

“I can communicate with Fafnir rather well. “Thanks to you, I also received a gift.”

As I said that, I waved a glass bottle filled with black smoke.

“… … “You brought something out of mental space?”

“yes. “It’s a bit ambiguous to call it an object, but since we’ve already met each other, I have to get what I get.”

The object in my hand right now is a bottle containing Fafnir’s ‘curse’.

[Name: Fafnir’s Curse]

[Grade: Unique]

[Type: Consumables]

[Description: A glass bottle containing Fafnir’s curse. Targets exposed to the curse gradually lose their senses, begin to feel pain, and take an additional 30% of external damage.]

Since it was an image space, it was impossible to receive things like its scales or claws, but wouldn’t it be possible to receive something like a ‘curse’? I tried it with that in mind, but luckily I was able to succeed.

Boy, were you originally planning on putting this curse on me?

After checking the contents, I felt like I was in a hurry and gave him a joint on his toenail as a bonus.

Of course, there was no damage.

“I’ve finished two, do I need to finish the rest?”

As he said that, he looked at the remaining material items placed on the table.

What remains are Yeouiju and Dungeon Core.

However, the Maestro shook his head and said.

“it’s okay. The dungeon hack can be used right away, and Yeouiju… … “I think it will be okay because we plan to maintain the original shape as much as possible.”

I wondered if I should continue doing this, but fortunately it seems I don’t have to be so harsh.

“From now on, if you leave it to me, I will contact you after I finish the work. Oh, and of course the Disparter.”

I smile at his words and lower my head.

“thank you. Maestro.”

“you’re welcome. Isn’t that what I should do in the first place? LOL!”

He puts his hand in front of his chest and lowers his head.

“Then, please do me a favor.”

After depositing all the remaining ingredients and the disparter, I went outside. Judging by the quietness of the store, it seems that the Vivalt father and son also left first.

After walking out of the store, I immediately got into a waiting vehicle. I took out my phone and posted a notice in a group chat room.

There will be no disparter. As I was thinking about it, I decided that it would be a good idea to educate Sasha and Jinwoo for the first time in a long time.

[Me: Walking training scheduled tonight. So that the two trainees can come to the front of section F in time.]

[Sasha: Confirmed.]

[Jinwoo: I can’t stand the goods haha. Right tomorrow.]

[me : ?]

[Sasha: ?]

[Jinwoo: Oh, not here. sorry.]

[Jinwoo: Confirmed.]

… … What is this?

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