I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 434

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 434

I slowly stepped back and raised my head to see Typhon’s huge face.

A huge nose reminiscent of a mountain peak and a mouth with slit in both sides. And even a giant rock-like fist.

Just looking at it, not the sealed and weakened form seen in the fire temple, but its intact form, made me feel a tingling shiver through my whole body.

“… … Typhon.”

-Wow, you remember my name. Mortal.

The sound alone makes the ground shake.

What are the chances of winning in a fight with this guy in this condition?

The situation then and now were very different.

At that time, there were mercenaries who came with the main troops of the Vatican and raids as well as holy relics.

Is that all? Not only did they receive support from the Vatican, but the situation itself was very favorable.

But now I fell here alone. The opponent is not even sealed and appears to be in very good health.

In this situation, what are the odds of winning in a 1:1 duel with him?


However, it was not possible to just give up here.

I immediately spread the flow of aura I felt inside my body to the ends of my limbs. In the meantime, they are preparing for battle by emitting aura.

-hmm? What. Are you really going to fight?

A guy who squats with his legs crossed and lowers his body while talking.

“… … what? “You just said you would take revenge.”

-hmm? Crrrrrrralarat! That’s just a joke! Did you really think I was going to fight with you?

“What on earth is that?”


As he crashes down to the ground, the earth shakes and my body floats up.

-Umm… … It will be difficult to tell a proper story at this rate. Anyway, how small a human being is!

Then, the guy who shrunk as if compressed with great force soon shrunk to the same size as me, smiled in satisfaction, and said, “Krraralarat!” He started laughing and making noises.

“At this level, I don’t mind laughing out loud! Krrrralarat! “Krrrralarat!”


“okay! My name is Typhon. “He is the primordial giant feared by all gods and looked up to by monsters of mythology.”

“… … How did this happen? “Where are you, and why do you have memories of me?”

It was difficult for me to properly understand this situation in my head right now.

So I asked him, thinking he might have some clue.

“Umm… … Well, that’s fine. I don’t know! “Krrrralalala!!”

The guy just laughed and laughed like he didn’t have any thoughts.

“You don’t know anything either?”

“okay! I do not know!”

“… … “It was my fault for asking you.”

Still, seeing as they had reduced their size in order to have a proper conversation with me and had no intention of fighting, it seemed like the worst I had feared would not happen.

then… … In the end, I was able to think that the reason why this situation arose was due to the influence of my characteristic that had just appeared before my eyes, the ‘mythical protagonist’ of 【Dragon Slayer】.

What on earth should I do here──


At that moment, a new notification window appears in front of my eyes.

【Hidden Quest】

[Prove yourself]

[You encounter your past enemies with the Maestro’s abilities. In order to use a fragment of a myth, you must prove yourself to the enemies it contains. Will you be able to be recognized by your past enemies?]

[Goal: Typhon’s recognition]

[Reward: Hephaestus’ Chain can be used as equipment material.]

“admit? Admittedly, what kind of quest is this? … .”

“admit? Come to think of it… … “I think I know something.”

“You think you understand?”

“It’s the same instinct. “It feels like you have to be accepted by me.”

I don’t know what that feeling is… … What was certain was that, in any case, I had to be acknowledged by the guy in front of me.

Either by force or ability.

“So, are we going to fight again?”

I look at him calmly and ask that question.

I decided that if this was really the only way, it would be better to prepare in advance when he is friendly.

But Typhon shook his head and said:

“Haven’t we already fought a great battle that will be recorded in history? But is there any need for another confrontation?”

“That’s it? But then we were practically fighting you as one army, weren’t we?”

“I am also a giant, so I have to endure it. Since humans are small, isn’t it natural for them to form groups? “I know mortals well, so it’s best not to worry about that.”

… … Do all giants think that way?

Well, since he said he didn’t want to fight, he decided not to bother asking for a fight.

“So, what do you want?”

“It’s what I want… … Hmm… … .”

The guy suddenly lifts his chin and starts thinking.

The guy, who had been thinking about something with his eyes closed, soon opened his eyes and answered in a clear voice.



“I hate the gods who sealed and imprisoned me. If you want to be recognized by me, swear here. “I will take revenge on the gods who imprisoned me here, and I will punish those ugly bastards who treat other creatures like insects.”



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“… … “Is that okay?”

“It would be nice to have a visible token, but there’s no way you would have something like that.”

“there is?”

“… … what?”

I don’t know if it will work here… … First, put your hand into the air as if you were activating a cube.

Ah, I’m going in.

When I slowly pull it out, an object emitting a brilliant light is revealed.

“that… … .”

“To begin with, I’m not the type of person who likes God that much.”

“Is it really a sacred object?”

“It’s closer to what the holy relic ‘was’. now… … “It’s just a simple chopstick—it’s just a skewer.”

Ascalon, a holy relic that has been so transformed that if a Catholic were to see it, they would roll their eyes and scream that it was blasphemy.

This must have been quite a shock to Typhon, as he stared blankly at the Ascalon in my hand.

“That’s really… … Crook! Krrrrrrrrrrt! “It’s a masterpiece!”

“yes? i think so too. “Did you also ask me to swear verbally?”

This wasn’t difficult either.

If you think about the dungeons and enemies that will appear in the future… … It’s natural for them to become my enemies.

“Typhon. I swear that if I ever face the Olympian gods who imprisoned you, I will be hostile to them. I also swear that if I have the chance, I will take their lives with my power. What do you think? Are you satisfied with this?”

I shrug my shoulders at him with a mischievous smile.

Did he really like my refreshing vow?

“Wow! Crrrrrrralarat! Ah! I like it, I don’t know why, but I think you can do it! “It is you, no one else, who broke the seal on me, Typhon, and who won the battle against me!”

At the same time, its size begins to grow again.

First trees, then buildings. The body, which has finally reached the size of a mountain, slowly begins to fade.



The ‘Chains of Hephaestus’ were left in place.

I picked it up.


【Hidden Quest Completed!】

[Prove yourself]

[You encounter your past enemies with the Maestro’s abilities. In order to use a fragment of a myth, you must prove yourself to the enemies it contains. Will you be able to be recognized by your past enemies?]

[Rewards are provided!]

The sight before my eyes begins to shine brightly, and the surrounding scenery begins to collapse.

A flash of light spreads in all directions.

At the same time, I couldn’t stand the glare and blinked.

“You succeeded.”

The maestro’s voice coming from in front of me.

In his hand, he suddenly held the ‘Chain of Hephaestus’ that I had been holding until just now.

“Sure, we can use this material now. Considering the materials, properties, and abilities… … It looks good to melt it once, squeeze it out again, and add it as a lining.”

Maestro has already started thinking about how to use the item.


“yes. young master.”

“I just encountered Typhon in mental space.”

“Usually, most people have that experience. “Experiencing a past related to an object──.”

“It wasn’t a past experience, Typhon, who actually fought with me, put a condition on me and told me to get his approval.”


When he hears what I say, his eyes shine as if he is interested.

“Oh, definitely… … If the quality of the material is this high, there may be a piece of the soul inside… … It might be possible. However, just because there is a sideline, it would be very difficult to meet that being… … .”

“I guess that’s what I can do.”

“Hehe, that’s why the material shined so brightly. You have received true ‘recognition’. “If so, other materials could do the same.”

“Um, do you want to?”


My eyes were already looking elsewhere, away from the Maestro.

“It’s a feeling, it’s just a feeling.”

New notification windows appeared before my eyes.

[A new quest occurs!]

The place where the next quest occurred was right above Fafnir’s heart.

“this. “Can I try this next time?”

Slowly approaching the Dragon Heart, I ask the Maestro.

“There’s no problem with me… … Are you okay, Master? “I think you’re more tired than you think.”

Of course, it would be a lie to say I wasn’t tired.

Perhaps it was because the work was mentally taxing, but I felt like fatigue was weighing down my head.


“it’s okay.”

It would be foolish to put off the opportunity to become stronger just for that reason.

“… … If you say so, I will proceed straight to the next step. Are you ready?”

“No problem.”

“Then, let’s begin.”

As just before, the space begins to fluctuate once again and the surrounding scenery begins to change.

【Hidden Quest】

[Prove yourself 2]

[You encounter your past enemies with the Maestro’s abilities. In order to use a fragment of a myth, you must prove yourself to the enemies it contains. Will you be able to be recognized by your past enemies?]

[Goal: Fafnir’s recognition]

[Reward: Dragon hearts can be used as equipment materials.]

A new quest window appears before your eyes, just like it did a little while ago.

Confirming that the goal was also the same, I nodded and slowly glanced at the surrounding scenery that had suddenly changed.

The purple sky seems to prove that this place is not reality.

And the dead earth where everything is dry.

Are there any living creatures around in this environment? When I slowly look away with this thought in mind.


I could hear a huge roar echoing from far away, across the sky.

“… … Dragon Fear.”

A creature from far away is flying straight towards here.

As of now, it only looks like a small bird, but its size is gradually increasing.


It grew to the size of a house and landed in front of me.

-… … It’s a familiar smell.

His name is Fafnir.

In the past, it was a dragon that I personally laid to rest with my own hands.

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