I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 436

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 436

10:50 PM.

Standing in front of Area F, I quietly looked at the Aegis watch and waited for the two trainees to arrive.

The time we were supposed to meet was 11 o’clock. There are still about 10 minutes left… … .

“Forgive me for being late. young master.

10:52 p.m.

Even though there were still 8 minutes left until the appointment time, Sasha found me waiting in advance and ran to me from afar to apologize.

She was breathing heavily, probably because she was sprinting.

“… … It doesn’t matter because it’s not particularly late. “More than that, didn’t you see Jinwoo Vivalt on the way?”

I asked, out of curiosity, but Sasha shook her head.

“I didn’t see him on the way, but… … .”

“Contact me?”

“Yes, there was none.”

… … Boy. Are you sure you’re late?

No matter how bad they are, this is an order given to the trainees by Caglione’s successor.

If you are late, you have no choice but to be punished according to the organization’s laws.

Just like that, I closed my eyes for a moment and quietly waited for him.

“oh! You came first! Hello!”

10:59 p.m. With exactly one minute left, Jinwoo, who had been walking hurriedly, came towards us, waving his hand.

“… … Jinwoo Vivalt. “It’s not too late.”

“no way. Who gave this order? “It’s never too late.”

Does this guy know? If it was really late, it wouldn’t have ended normally.

“First of all, since everyone is here, let’s start our night walk right away. Jinwoo Vivalt. “How many times have you already gone for a night walk?”

The area managed by the Bivalt family near Songdo is also considerable.

That means that the heir to the Bivalt family must have gone for a walk at night.

“Policy maintenance activities? Isn’t that what it is? “If there is an accident or there are suspicious people, we solve it.”

I asked this question out of curiosity, but fortunately, he knew what it meant. When he turned his head, relieved by the sight.

“… … “Are you saying it wasn’t really a walk, but rather an important mission like that?”

As if he really didn’t know, Sasha was looking at Jinwoo and me with a shocked expression on his face.

Then foot! Jinwoo bursts out laughing and looks at Sasha.

“what. Did you really think it was a walk? Tsk tsk tsk!”

“I thought I would do something like that in moderation. “I just didn’t know this was an official mission.”

She came now and answered in a calm voice, but it was already too late. Because her once white face had already turned red.

“Your face is bright red, right? “It’s a shame, isn’t it?”

“stop… … !”

“It’s even more embarrassing because it’s in front of you, right? “Eleleggaeeeek──!!”

In the end, Jinwoo gets hit in the solar plexus by Sasha.

I sighed at the sight of him collapsing and clutching his stomach, then turned around and headed towards Area F.

And Sasha moves straight after me.

“Geez—! Go, together! Let’s go together… … !”

The only thing that could be heard from behind was Jinwoo’s desperate cries as he collapsed on the floor.

They’ll catch up quickly… … The sound of trudging footsteps coming from behind.


“yes. young master.”

“Tell Jinwoo Bivalt to follow me a little further away as it will be embarrassing.”

“All right.”

“I can hear everything! It’s too much. really!”

“Jinwoo Vivalt. Master tells you to follow him from a distance.”

“I heard that too!”

I don’t know why these days, but I find it fun just to listen to Jinwoo’s unfair voice.

It’s to the point where I wonder if I’m going to get a taste of it like this.

As I walked for a few more minutes, cracking jokes with the kids, the downtown area of ​​District F began to come into view little by little.

Unlike other residential areas, this is a street with colorful signs and lots of people walking around.

However, what differentiates this district from other districts is that it is a district where many races live together, not a specific race.

“What can I say about this place? “There aren’t many people who look Korean.”

Sasha muttered as she looked around, probably feeling that too.

At that moment, Jinwoo suddenly intervenes.

“and! “I couldn’t believe it, but are you a racecist?”

“W-what on earth do you mean!”

“No, that’s right! Judging nationality based on race? Wow, really~ I didn’t see it that way.”

“Oh, no, I’m not like that. “Oh, no!”

Jinwoo turns Sasha into trash in no time. I quietly intervened between the two to avoid making more noise.

“Because Area F is mostly made up of immigrants from foreign countries. Aren’t we all foreigners or mixed race?”

Even Jinwoo’s father is a foreigner. Because my father was also a foreigner.

In Sasha’s case… … I’m just a foreigner.

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

“So Jinwoo, you should stop too.”




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After my intervention, the two became quiet. And Sasha, who had been in confusion during that time, seemed to have come to her senses, cleared her throat a few times, and opened her mouth again.

“Wow, certainly, in this respect, the area of ​​Caglione is truly amazing. People of different nationalities living in one big city like this… … “It’s a sight you don’t easily see in Russia.”

The neighborhood where Sasha lived would have been mostly Slavic.

It was no wonder she was so amazed.

“It’s possible because it’s Korea.”

At the time of the global dungeon break, the frequency of dungeon occurrence was lower than in other countries and the number of awakened people was large, resulting in a great migration.

The government, having learned that the number of awakened people is the power of the nation and who may awaken at any time in the future, began to accept numerous immigrants, and as a result, the current Korean society was completed.

In this way, Korea changed from a single-ethnic country to a new country, and became the background for the game City of Seoul.

“There are fewer places to visit in Area F than in other areas, so you should be able to finish it quickly. “It’s called a mission, but it’s a fairly light mission, so feel free to look around and follow along.”

Walking at night was, of course, fun because it allowed me to wander around a bit more freely and enjoy the surroundings.

“young master. I have a question. Most people probably know that this is an area managed by Caglione. Is it still common for problems to arise on the streets?”

“It’s more common than you think.”

“… … yes?”

“The meaning of Callione’s district actually means that the power of public power is weaker than that of other regions. “Callione also doesn’t touch any external organization that follows the rules.”

If those tough guys start to gather in an area, wouldn’t they clash with each other?

“The moment we collide with each other on the field, something happens. “Because we need to resolve the situation at hand rather than impose sanctions from Caglione up there.”

“We must resolve the immediate situation… … “I think I know what it is.”

“If that’s the case, I’m glad.”

“For example, a situation like that.”

The end Sasha points to.

There, Jinwoo could be seen with his hands in his pockets, approaching a group of people with a brisk gait.

… … What is he doing over there?

I decided to follow him first.

As the distance gradually gets closer, the voices of Jinwoo and the group begin to be heard.

“If you stand like that in the middle of the street, other people will feel anxious. Should I go to the bar or go home?”

At first, I wondered what they were doing, but it turned out that I approached them for a more normal reason than I thought.

In fact, some of the people in the group were carrying weapons, with a knife sheath on their waist or something that looked like a gun in their pocket.

For now, I decided to watch from behind.

“yes? What are you, meddling? “Get out of here, you bastard!”

At Jinwoo’s words, the man with the tattoo on his face shouts that.

At this, the other group starts giggling behind them.

“young master. Shouldn’t we join too?”

“No, just leave it for now.”

I started to wonder how Jinwoo would overcome this situation.

And Jinwoo’s expression slowly turns cold at the attitude of the men who are ignoring him in real time.

“This is Jinwoo Vivalt of the Vivalt family under Caglione. “It’s a hound dog, right?”


The guys are momentarily embarrassed when Jinwoo reveals his identity.

“We just stood there and didn’t do anything. Is Caglione interfering with this?”

However, the guys straightened up as if they were proud and spoke in a slightly less aggressive manner than before.

Nevertheless, Jinwoo still answers in a cold voice.

“Looking at the tattoos on their faces, they look like Hound Dogs, an organization in Area F. If you’re going to say things like that, you should have left the weapons you have at home. “I don’t know what they’re planning today, but since Calyone is out on security maintenance, it would be a good idea to go home, wash her feet, and sleep.”

At first, I thought they approached the guys simply because people were anxious, but now it seemed like they had figured out that they were carrying weapons and approached them.

The man with the tattoo eventually bows his head when he hears the proper reason.

“… … I understand. Sheesh. On y retourne (let’s go back).”

At Jinwoo’s words, the guys eventually started to leave the place, and after seeing what they were doing, we approached Jinwoo, who was still standing there.

“Jinwoo Vivalt.”

“huh? Ah, master. “It’s a night walk, this is okay, right?”

The guy quickly answered with his usual lively voice, wondering where the cold voice from just now had gone.

“Good job.”

“No~ Songdo is also full of guys like that. When I saw the look in his eyes and his actions, I thought he was going to cause an accident, so I hit him first. lol.”

Seeing that, Sasha also nods her head and praises Jinwoo.

“This is certain. Jinwoo Vivalt, I saw it again.”

“what. “Didn’t you know that I was actually cool?”

“… … “I never said it was cool.”

“In times like this, why don’t you call me cool! That’s too much! really!”

“You can’t lie, right?”

Sasha shrugs her shoulders and answers with a serious expression. At this, Jinwoo sighed and slumped his shoulders.

“Okay, what would I expect from you…” … I should continue my night walk. “Master, where are we going now?”

Jinwoo immediately asks me, the leader of the team.

“Since we are in District F, it would be best to go to a place that represents this district.”

“You mean the one that represents District F?”

Sasha asks, unlike Jinwoo, who does not know much about the characteristics of the districts.

At that time, Jinwoo answered on my behalf.



“Area F is famous for its casinos.”

It was just as Jinwoo said.

What represents Zone F is the casino.

It was the place where the most accidents occurred in Zone F and where the most money was exchanged.

“So, master. “Where should we go from here?”

“Let’s go to the Gold Beach Hotel first.”

“It’s the Gold Beach Hotel, right? hmm… … Was it this way?”

First, Jinwoo walks ahead in the direction of the Gold Beach Hotel.

As you go deeper into the street, the buildings get bigger, and the neon signs and signs that light up the street get bigger and bigger.

And not long after.

“… … “This is Area F.”

‘This is the Airline Hotel! ‘Come play!’

‘This is Hotel Diamond. ‘Slot event happening now!’

‘There’s an event going on at Sunrise!’

Throughout the streets, employees were seen promoting their hotels and casinos to tourists visiting the hotels.

This is the true face of Area F, also known as Small Las Vegas.

“Wow, it’s crazy no matter when I come here.”

Jinwoo was looking around, scratching his head, wondering how many times he had been here.

“Have you been here in the past?”

“I came here a few times with my father for successor classes. “If you take a good look at what this street looks like, it will help you later.”

Antonio is also sincere about his children’s education.

“Obviously the Gold Beach Hotel… … Was it this way? “I will take the lead.”

We arrived at the place after passing palm trees decorated with LEDs and glitter, and passing huge waterfalls.

‘Why doesn’t the jackpot hit like this!!’

‘It’s dealer blackjack.’

‘This is a scam! It’s a scam!!’

‘Player 4 Banker 4 tie.’

‘ate! I ate it!!’

Gold Beach Hotel Casino.

A hell filled with all kinds of human greed.


“Tonight! We’ll take you two more minutes to the event match at Gold Beach Hotel! The Vine amount is 200 million credits! The total prize money for the winner is 3 billion credits and a collection from the hotel manager!”

It was a place called the land of opportunity for some.

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