I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 50

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Episode 50

[Trial Room] The interior was the same as when I saw it before, but today the lighting is a bit brighter from the beginning.

By the way, it’s still an annoying arrangement.

In a way, it feels like malice.

Regardless of the nature of the crime, the person standing below is made to feel like an unconditional sinner.

however… … .

“… … ?”

The atmosphere is somehow different from last time.

I looked up at the wall and immediately realized why.

There was only one person on the wall today.

‘That person… … .’

He is a young man with turquoise hair that hangs like seaweed.

Archmage Asad.

He is a man so rare that he is given the nickname of a recluse, so why is the author here?

“You’re here.”

From the way he spoke, it seemed like he was waiting for me.

I looked up at his face blankly, and then greeted him according to etiquette.

“nice to see you. “Badniker’s-.”

“No more formal greetings.”


“sit down.”

At Assad’s words, I placed my butt back on the table where I had placed my items last time.

At this point, I wonder if this is my exclusive seat.

I looked at Assad and asked him what I was most curious about.

“Where is the council of elders?”

“It’s right in front of you.”

“Was Mr. Assad also a member of the council of elders?”

“It’s not official, but we are affiliated. “It’s like an honorary membership.”

This is a fact I didn’t know.

Assad was looking at me with a sad look on his face.

He looked as if he had been forced to take on something he didn’t want to do, and even then, he seemed to have no interest in me at all.

It’s not a particularly strange reaction.

Wizards usually have one or two screws missing from their heads, and treat anything they don’t care about as worse than dog poop on the street.

I don’t think it’s a dog poop, but I think I just think of it as a weed on the road.

“Then Luan Badniker, let’s check a few facts first before moving on.”


“A series of events that occurred in the Jewel Mountains. “The betrayal and identity of the Fang Knights, the meeting with the sword teacher Calzac, and according to Delak, I heard that he made a decisive contribution to the subjugation of the Jewel Beast. Is this all true?”

“That’s right.”

“Afterwards, we requested a sparring match as proof from the council of elders who did not accept the statement. “Is this also true?”

“you’re right.”

Assad’s words contained only dry truth. This is not a distorted, exaggerated rumor, but the truth.

Looking at his attitude, it doesn’t seem like he will make a particularly harsh decision.

Was Keian worried for nothing?


Assad clenched his chin with a bored expression.

“It seems like the council of elders was being unreasonable, but you brought up the story about sparring directly from your own mouth. And if you are a Badniker, you have to take responsibility for what you say.”

“… … .”

“Your opponent will be an apprentice knight of the Iron Blood Knights. “You’ll be okay, right?”

An apprentice knight.

I expected that they would definitely send a strong member among the members.

Since I didn’t answer, Assad pressed me with a look of annoyance.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“okay? “If you’re okay with sparring, I’d like to proceed now, but if you’re not feeling well, I can postpone it for a day or two.”

“no. “Let’s do it now.”

“Then come to the training hall in the garden. Right Now.”


With those last words, Assad disappeared.

Did you use magic?

‘If possible, I’ll take you with me.’

I grumbled and left the trial room.

* * *

Of course, as it is the home of the extremely large Badniker, there are more than one training ground here.

As far as I know, there were at least 7 of them, and finding where the sparring was held was easier than I thought.

This is because only one training ground was crowded with people.


Why are there so many people?

As I was standing there, a familiar face walked up from the crowd.

This is Arjan.



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“Ah, master.”

“What is going on?”

“Didn’t you hear? The council of elders announced this to all areas of the main house. Master Ruan’s [Proof Sparring] will be held this afternoon.”

What is the sparring of proof?

As I absent-mindedly listened to Arjan’s explanation, he said that when I was face to face with Assad, a voice was heard throughout the main house.

Let me break it down and explain.

– The sparring will be held at the 4th training hall of the main house, and the sparring person will be Luan Badniker. This will be an opportunity for Luan, who has obtained new protection, to prove herself.

– If you have time, it is recommended to observe.

Although the packaging was done well, the intention to escalate something that could have been done privately was clearly visible.

“They’re trying to bury me.”

“It’s a good opportunity for you, Master.”

Arjan spoke in a slightly excited voice.

“If there were this many people watching, it wouldn’t be possible to question or manipulate the results of the game. Take a look. “Not just knights and servants, but even great criminals are observing.”

Where Arjan pointed, a group of people holding weights could be seen.

‘Is this a major crime?’

This is my first time seeing everyone gathered like that.

“What about your mother?”

“Lord Kayan is with you.”

“okay. “Please take care of me.”


After roughly patting Arjan on the shoulder, I head to the training ground.

“Master Luan.”

A voice I heard once called to me.

This is the guy who was standing in front of the door when I visited the [Trial Room] earlier.

Of the two guys, he was the more blunt-looking one.

“Time is up. Please come to the training ground.”


“You don’t wear armor?”

“Armor? “Isn’t this sparring?”

“yes. But Badniker’s sparring is harsh. “If you’re unlucky, you could lose his life.”

I thought for a moment, but then shook my head.

“I’m done.”

“You will regret it.”

The way he speaks is somewhat harsh.

As I stare at him, he adds.

“I told you.”


I went up to the training ground.

As I was twisting my joints to relax, I could hear the other side shaking for some reason.

As I was paying attention, a familiar face walked out among the people.

“You didn’t run away.”

Although we have the same blood, a face that doesn’t particularly resemble mine.

A face that wasn’t particularly welcoming smiled at me.

“I told you. “I will educate you soon.”



“… older brother.”

I tilted my head and asked.

“They say the other person is a member of the Iron Blood Knights.”

“right. I am also a member of the Order. “I joined last year.”


I think I know roughly how things work.

Of course, all of this is not a coincidence.

Could it be that the interests of the Council of Elders and Hector coincided? Because both of them are hoping that I will be destroyed.

As for the senior council, we have secured a talented person who won’t say anything even if he beats me up… … .

Hector was an opportunity to truly educate me, who was so annoying to me.

“Would you like to wear armor right now?”

The guy next to me, probably the referee, asked again.

Now that I see it, it seems that this collector is not mean and that he was considerate of me in his own way.

“it’s okay.”

Still, it doesn’t really change my mind.

You can’t lower mobility just to increase defense.

Each person has their own fighting style.

“All right. “What kind of weapon should I prepare?”

“hmm… knife.”

I was going to fight with my bare body, but then I changed my mind.

Soon, a knight brought a sword of appropriate length.

I pulled out the sword I was holding and swung it roughly.

‘I didn’t manipulate the sword.’

Anyway, I don’t think Hector or the council of elders would be that mean.

“This is Jane, the notary public in Dalian today.”

The gruff collector’s name was Jane.

I nodded, thinking that it was a girly name.

Afterwards, the obvious words were exchanged: what is the purpose of this sparring, blah blah, blah blah, it is a sparring format so you can intervene at any time, blah blah, it doesn’t matter if you get hurt, but you should never take someone’s life.

And finally I say:

“Both sides, forward.”

I sheathed my sword and stood side by side with Hector.

Even then, Hector had a rotten smile on his face, so he couldn’t help but say a word.

“Stop laughing and let’s be serious.”


“I know you’re excited at the thought of real education, but this is still sparring, right? “You have to do your best for your opponent.”

This is a matter of basic courtesy.

Even my teacher took a somewhat serious attitude when teaching me in the framework of sparring rather than education.


Hector let out a low laugh at my words. That ridicule quickly spread everywhere, as if it were contagious.

Now that I see it, most of the people surrounding me are Iron Blood Knights.

‘You are very thorough in preparing the bridesmaids.’

Hector said with a smile.

“okay. You have to do your best in everything you do to your opponent. But you can’t be my opponent. Know your topic.”

“Oh, yes.”

There was no use saying anything to a guy like this, so I just nodded.

Hector seemed to be displeased with that attitude, and his expression hardened.

“-Sparring, start.”


At the same time as Jane’s signal, Hector quickly closed the distance.

What was faster than that was the speed of the feet, and it seemed as if they were moving in response to sound.

The blue blade arrived in front of my nose in the blink of an eye, and I struck it down.


Hector looked slightly surprised, but quickly continued his offensive like a storm.

First, I focused on defense and observed Hector’s swordsmanship.

‘Is this the secret swordsmanship of the original family?’

That said, the characteristics seem to be slightly different.

Perhaps this is Hector’s own swordsmanship, inspired by and created by his family’s swordsmanship?

‘Strong and explosive, generally focused on attack.’

It is a type of swordsmanship that is difficult to regain once the initiative is taken away.

As expected from a guy who was called a genius, the overall perfection of his swordsmanship was very high.

During the brief skirmish, I realized that it would be difficult to defeat Hector with sword skills.


Should I say it was as expected?

Soon I lost my grip on the sword.

Hector smiled again as he saw the sword rolling across the ground with a clanging sound.

Even the offensive was sluggish.

The smiling face looked as if it was contemplating where to attack.

It’s like treating a fish that has been caught.


It was so absurd on my part that a bit of ridicule leaked out, but then Hector’s expression hardened slightly.

The more people like to laugh at others, the less able they are to tolerate being laughed at themselves.

I kicked the ground just before Hector’s mouth opened.

In an instant, Hector’s eyes widened, and I saw the hand holding the sword flinch, but my fist was faster.

Hector, who had been hit in the face, flew away like a whirlwind and fell on the training ground.

“… … .”

“… … .”

I spoke without paying attention to the suddenly quiet atmosphere around me.

“I told you not to split it.”


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