I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 49

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Episode 49

Speaking of the council of elders, something might come to mind.

“They said, Master… … .”

“What am I?”

“… “After foiling the church’s plan in the mountains and defeating the Jewel Beast alone, I asked for an explanation for what happened and this is what he said.”


Why am I anxious?

“[I can defeat the entire council of elders by myself]”

I muttered with a blank face.

“I think it’s exaggerated about 10 times?”

“As expected, it was like that.”

Keian sighed.

“But most of the Badnikers believe that nonsense.”

“Trust me. “It’s a rock bottom reputation anyway, and there’s nowhere for it to fall any further.”

“Do you mean to say that your opinion now is worse than it was right after you sold the treasured sword?”

“… “That’s a bit much.”

They say there is a bottom at the bottom too.

It is serious if your reputation has plummeted further than before.

“So what, the elders said they would at least educate me directly?”

“Not really. Perhaps a member of the Iron Blood Knights or the Fang Knights will deal with you.”

Keian took a look at me and cleared his throat.

“Master, the skills of the knights vary greatly.”


“A knight who has just joined a knight and a knight with more than 10 years of experience, even if they are both members of the same knighthood, their skills will be world apart.”

“I know.”

“… The important thing is that the council of elders decides which of them will be the opponent.

I slowly began to understand what Keian really wanted to say.

“There is absolutely no need to rush. “If it’s Master’s talent, it only takes two years, or even just one year, to catch up with him.”

“So, don’t fight now?”

I’m going to spin this around, but the main point is this.

Keian closed his mouth and nodded.


I looked at Keian with new eyes.

I heard that my mother owed a lot to this man, but other than that, I didn’t completely trust Keian.

This is because there was an underlying thought that people who suddenly behaved warmly could not be trusted.

Isn’t he the kind of person who cut my tendons before retrograde?

But now, Keian was giving some pretty painful advice.

The saying, ‘If you fight, you will only be embarrassed, so be patient’ is a difficult thing to say from the perspective of a subordinate.

“are you okay.”

Even though I was aware of these circumstances, my answer did not change.

It’s not that I look down on the knights.

I know it well too.

Among the members of the Knights Templar, there are some monsters who are on par with the children of Iron Blood Princes.

So, rather, we should fight now.

“… All right.”

Fortunately, Keian did not get further involved and just retreated.

At this time, Arjan spoke as if something suddenly occurred to him.

“ah. “I have something to tell you about the three daughters of the Goodspring family.”



“First, let me explain the situation from three days ago. “Right after Lady Seren returned to the banquet, she sent word that the master was in danger.”

I nodded.

I hoped to say nothing as much as possible, but it was a wish that would be difficult to achieve when I remembered Seren’s temperament that I had witnessed.

“When Sir Kayan and I heard that, we immediately went to search, but we were intercepted by Assad in the middle.”


The archmage stopped it?

Did you receive a request from Sanghyeolgong?

Neither Kayan nor Arjan are formidable talents, but compared to Assad, there are bound to be some weak points.

“Just as I was trying to find another way, the master came back. The problem arose the next day. “Lady Seren said she had been tracking the master’s whereabouts all night.”

Although I was surprised by Seren’s behavior, I also had doubts.

“why? “Couldn’t you just have told me I came back safely?”

“The council of elders did not give a definite answer about the master’s whereabouts. And even when I told you that you were safe, you didn’t seem to believe me.”

“Showing it directly… hmm.”

I stopped talking.

Anyway, Seren is a good spring.

Now that I know his true nature, I trust him to a certain degree, but Kayan and Arjan’s position is different.

It would be undesirable to show my fainting self to the humans of Goodspring.

This got a little messy.



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Gurgling… … .

At this time, my stomach, which had been starving for three days, was clamoring for food.

“I will prepare a meal in a moment. Please wait a moment.”

I nodded at Arjan’s words.

* * *

After eating, washing, and changing clothes, my mother came to visit.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“yes. “I’m fine now.”

“okay. “You must be very tired.”

My mother didn’t seem particularly worried even though I had slept for three days and nights.

From what I heard from Keian, it is said that people who have received some kind of protection often suffer from these side effects.

‘Surely me too?’

Was the reason it stretched out for three days not because of accumulated fatigue in the body, but because it was a process of accepting divine protection?

I do not know.

Not much has changed since before I went to sleep, and I still don’t know what divine protection is.

Does not matter.

My main focus is the Cheonhwa First Air and the Hundred and One Days.

Even if I receive tremendous protection, I plan to use it as a means, and I have no intention of training it as my main force.

“… “Do not say anything while the hearing is in progress.”

My mother said something similar to Keian.

The facial expressions were somehow similar.

“They said one guardian can participate. “I will do the talking, so you can leave it to this mother.”

“Are you okay?”

“Of course it’s okay. “Who do you think I am?”

My mother pursed her lips.

I nodded.


It is said that her power has weakened a lot now, but her mother was a noblewoman from an estate called Coland.

Your political management skills are probably better than mine.

“Of course, I know that the council of elders is not easy. “It’s not like I don’t have any thoughts.”

“hmm. I understand for now.”

“first… … ?”

He burst out laughing as if my words were absurd, but did not argue further.

Could it be because they thought they didn’t have time for that?

Keian checked his pocket watch and said.

“It’s time. “Please leave now.”

I got up from my seat and followed Kayan.

As I walked down the unusually quiet hallway of the mansion, I muttered to myself.

“Now that I think about it, there was a reason why it was quiet. “Now that the protection ceremony is over, all the annoying guests must have gone.”

“Not everything has returned. There are still those who want to follow Badniker’s curriculum. “There are quite a few people.”

“okay? “Aren’t they at home now?”

“It is not the main residence, but the residence was moved to a separate building a little away.”


Badniker’s curriculum is well-known for being notoriously difficult.

It’s just an education, but you have to go through a difficult completion process that actually involves risking your life.

As a joke, the completion period is called [6 weeks of despair].

‘But they say that if you complete the course, your skills will definitely improve.’

It’s not common to get lessons from so many heroes, and if you’re a guy with great ambitions, you’ll probably choose to take lessons.

‘It would be good to resolve misunderstandings if Seren was there too.’

Of course, the possibility is slim.

It’s not because of Seren’s personality, but simply because her family is Goodspring.

You can get the same level of education as Badniker from your own family, so there is no reason to be rude to someone else’s family.

“You are probably the first person to have visited [the trial room] twice in less than a week.”

Perhaps because he thought the atmosphere was too heavy, Keian spoke in a mocking tone.

I laughed and recalled the scene in the [Trial Room] I saw last time.

Will there be Sanghyeolgong today as well?

Rather, did Iron Blood Prince not intervene in any way when the council of elders summoned me and questioned me?

That is highly likely.

Aside from the fact that he was curious about me, he wasn’t the type of person to provide warm help in a child’s crisis.

“Im here.”

[Trial Room] I saw a unique large door.

The difference from that time was that there was someone standing in front of the room.

There were two people.

I recognized their identity at a glance when I saw their outfits.


And both of them are quite capable.

Keian, who was ahead, stopped, but did not say anything to them.

The man on the left saw us.

He was a handsome man with a soft expression, and a natural smile on his face.

“What brought you to [the trial room]?”

“I heard that this child’s hearing will be in the afternoon.”

Then the man’s eyes turned to me.

“Are you Master Luan?”

“That’s right.”

“Has confirmed. Please come in.”

This is the moment when my mother nods and approaches me.

The two men moved one step at a time, closing the gap between them.

As a result, it seemed to be blocking the mother’s position.

“what… … .”

“Excuse me, ma’am. “Master Luan is the only one permitted to enter today.”

“However, one guardian is allowed to participate in the hearing at the council of elders… … .”

“In general, yes. “This is a special case.”

“… “I can’t understand it if you say it so vaguely.”

“… … .”

The man on the left laughed as if he was embarrassed, and the man on the right spoke.

“Of course, Badnicker’s additive rule is strict and must be applied at all times.”

This one has a much more blunt look.

“Except for just one person.”

“… … !”

Then my mother was shocked.

Of course, this is because there is only one such person in Badknicker.

‘Is this an order from Iron Blood Ball?’

It’s not strange, but it’s somehow puzzling.

As I thought before, Iron Blood Ball does not help me.

But it won’t interfere in any way.

There would be no reason to stop his mother from participating.

“Master Luan, please go in.”

“… … .”

It seems like there is not much time.

I said looking at my mother.

“I’ll just go alone.”

“Are you going to be okay?”


In the first place, this might be more comfortable for me.

As I approached, the two collectors also cleared the way. Not only that, he even opened the door himself.


And I stepped into the [trial room] again.


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