I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 51

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Episode 51

Hector looked up at me with a dumbfounded look on his face, and coincidentally at that moment, his nose started bleeding.

I couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing.

No matter how good-looking a guy is, if he gets a double nosebleed, he becomes ridiculous like that.


Hector suddenly got up and attacked again.

The momentum itself became stronger, but it was easy to read because it was an emotional attack.

I easily evaded and asked.

“What is the name of this sword technique?”

“shut up!”

“aha. “Shut up swordsmanship.”

Hector’s face turned red.

No matter how much of an iron-blooded child he is and how talented he is, he ends up like this if he lacks actual combat experience.

Losing one’s reason even with a simple provocation.

In fact, if the opponent wasn’t me, Hector might not have ended up like this.

“Are you just going to avoid it like a rat?”

“If I had just avoided it, your nose would have been fine, right?”

“shut up!”

“I know your name now.”

The moment when the veins on Hector’s forehead stood out.


A voice that seemed to be yelling came from somewhere.

I glanced at where the onlookers were.

An older man who unconsciously resembled Hector was standing there.

‘Is he from Hector’s maternal side?’

Anyway, Hector seems to have regained his composure because of that shout.

He still looked angry, but he seemed to stop attacking for a moment and calm down his breathing.

In fact, in order to end the game quickly, it would be better to continue the offensive during this gap, but I suddenly became curious and asked.

“Anyway, why do you hate me so much?”


“Isn’t there a reason you’re clenching your teeth and being annoying?”

Hector said, glaring at me.

“… “Don’t you see that your rude attitude is fueling my anger?”

“Stop the damn thing. “You hated me even when I behaved servilely.”

“… … .”

“Brother Hector, you are not the kind of person who would go to great lengths to spoil someone just because they are being unlucky. “I’m not that leisurely a person.”

Hector was still glaring at me, but his grip on the sword loosened slightly.

After a moment of silence, a lowered voice came out.

“How much do you know about [The Great Family]?”

It was a random topic, but I answered without embarrassment.

“The heroes who drove out the Dark Church 2,000 years ago, their descendants.”

“To put it briefly, that’s true. Not only the royal family, but also Goodspring, Badnicker, and all other families that participated in the protection ceremony… Whether it is dark or light. We are carrying on the blood of our great ancestors. And protection is clearer evidence than any other lineage book.”


Hector suddenly plunged his sword into the floor.

Kugu soup… … .

At that moment, the ground shook.

“This is conclusive proof that we are descended from the blood of great heroes.”

It was as if there had been an aftershock.

Fortunately, everyone here knew that this was not a natural phenomenon, so there was no confusion.

Damn that enemy!

Even if there was a drought, the training ground was cracked like the whole earth.

I was able to balance without difficulty even on the shaky ground.

“And in the past 2,000 years, there has not been a single one among those many. Luan Badnicker. “Until you showed up.”


A flame flickered in Hector’s eyes.

“Do you know how much shame your father suffered among the [great family] because of that?”


“Vulgar things disparaged and insulted my father’s lineage. That the ancestor’s blood is light, that he is not a hero, that he is actually a hybrid… … . “He was talking such bullshit.”

Only then did I understand the situation.

As I said, to Hector, Iron Blood Prince is a god, and this guy is a fanatic.

From my personal point of view, there is not much difference from the worshipers who worship vengeful gods, but in any case, I am the one who brought shame to this god’s only god.

Now I finally know why he was so angry at me.

“When I heard the news about you, I wanted to kill you right away. I held back. Because my father didn’t say anything. “But you returned to your home with those dirty feet.”

“So you succeeded in receiving divine protection.”

“If there’s a reason you don’t die today, that would be it.”

Hector pulled out his sword from the ground again, aimed it at me, and charged at me again.

The trajectory of the blade.

Something is different this time.



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Fu shoot!

It was clear that he had avoided it.

However, blood suddenly spurted out from a shoulder that had not even been touched.

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Hector’s sword.

Unlike the swordsmanship I saw earlier, I clearly know what this is.

‘Is this the remnant sword’s remnants?’

This is a sword technique that this guy invented when he was probably about fourteen years old.

By changing the mana injected into the blade at unique intervals, the sword is given irregular variations.

In other words, when dealing with this sword technique, you must be wary of not only the actual blade but also the sword made of mana.


Hector’s movements became faster than before, as if he had received divine protection.

The deadly force contained in the blade was becoming stronger, so it didn’t feel like a sparring match at all.

‘It’s a tricky sword technique, though.’

If you’re asking if it’s a threat, it’s not.

At first, small scars appeared on my body one by one, but after a certain point, the scars stopped growing.

It was like that from the moment the attack became apparent.

To give a brief review, the idea is good, but the level of skill is lacking.

At best, it was good to invent an irregular sword technique, but the psychology of the person using it was simple, so everything was predictable.

In many ways, it can be seen as an early form of swordsmanship for the current Hector.

It might have been better to stick to the strong swordsmanship from the beginning.

Of course, I had no intention of giving kind advice, so I didn’t say anything.

From the moment I finished watching the remnants of the sword, I moved forward one step at a time.

Then Hector’s expression became so hard that it was no longer possible.

It seems that this is the first time that an opponent has narrowed the distance while using his remnant sword with all his might.

Soon Hector’s sword began to show signs of impatience and irritation.


And the moment I heard the sound of teeth grinding, I knew it was the right time.

I deliberately created a gap in the side.

The timing was also fantastic, so Hector stretched out his sword without any doubt.

It’s as if he threw himself into the trap I had dug with all his might.

I immediately twisted my upper body to avoid the sword, but this time I didn’t just dodge.


He immediately closed his forearms and placed Hector’s sword between his armpits.


Hector seems genuinely surprised.

No matter how much you get caught, it still remains a dangerous act.

It feels like everyone is trying to stop you if you decide to shave with an axe.

Moreover, because Hector was still manifesting his remnant sword, my armpits were also a bit sore.

I couldn’t stay like this for long, so I hit Hector on the chin while he was embarrassed.


Is your jaw bone broken? In terms of feel, yes.

Hector, who was hesitant, let out a loud scream and rushed at me, but I covered his mouth with my hand to prevent the loud noise from escaping.

The fight between those who use weapons is often called close combat, but for me, who uses bare hands, a sword is also a mid-range weapon.

In other words, I put Hector in my gap for the first time since the sparring started.

“… … !”

He covered Hector’s mouth and pushed him to the ground.

Even in this situation, the tenacity of not letting go of the sword is worth commending, but that alone cannot overturn the collapsed structure.

Did you read my thoughts?

Hector roughly let go of his sword and stretched out his hand toward me, but I swatted it away with my other hand and strengthened the grip holding his mouth.



I felt Hector let out a silent scream.

“If I apply just a little more pressure, my jawbone will fall off. Have you ever eaten only porridge for a month?”


It’s an experience worth trying at least once.

At this time, Hector’s eyes glowed bright yellow, and he pushed me away with tremendous force.

‘Is it divine protection?’

It seems to be a type that temporarily amplifies physical abilities, but why is it being used now?

‘I’m not used to it yet, and I don’t want to use it on someone like me.’

Probably both.

Seeing Hector running furiously reminded me of Hariba.

Do you feel like you have a lot of power, but don’t know how to control it?

The overall physical performance has improved by one or two levels, but for me, this side is easier to deal with.

‘I think I’ve also mastered some bare-body martial arts.’

Looking at their movements, it doesn’t seem like they are fighting at all.

Still, compared to swordsmanship, the training time and depth are poor.

Puff puff, I dodged Hector’s clumsy attacks and landed a punch one at a time.

The blows were especially focused on the face, and Hector seems to have lost his vision after receiving several blows.

The sharpness of the movement, which had at least a minimum frame, was lost, and at some point it turned into an unsightly struggle.

“Solar plexus, waist, thighs, forehead, waist again. What are you doing? “My whole body is full of holes, but who taught me how to punch so that I’m so clumsy?”

I felt like my attitude was very childish and emotional, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to control myself.

Now that you’re younger, it’s not a bad idea to try age-appropriate behavior once or twice.

Before I knew it, Hector’s situation had become so miserable that he couldn’t even open his eyes.

Blood was dripping from his swollen face, and the iron armor that probably belonged to the Iron Blood Knights was dented like a piece of junk.

In that state, it was breathing strangely from its snout, but its mouth opened to see if it could still speak in that state.

“who are you… … .”

I sighed.

As for the assassins, why are the reactions of those who hit me so similar?


I slapped Hector hard on the cheek to make him come to his senses.

Then he grabbed her by the collar and shook her.

“Don’t you know who I am? He’s Badknicker’s cute youngest member. “The youngest child you despised.”

“You can’t be Luan… … .”

Even though his face is swollen and puffy, his pronunciation is quite good.

I felt somewhat uncomfortable about that, so I slapped him on the cheek again.


Still, the eyes are still alive, so give me one more hit.

One more shot because it looks like a sticky thing.

I didn’t like the black hair, so I gave it another hit.

I worked hard to take care of Hector with the feeling that I was giving the ugly guy another loaf of bread.

Then I heard Hector mumbling something with a swollen face.


I stopped hitting and listened to the muttering.

“Mi, Mihinnum… Mihinnam… … .”

The pronunciation is a bit off, but I know what it says.

If you’ve been scolded, it’s natural to respond.

I slapped Hector once more, and he fainted.

“Good job, Hector.”

“… … .”

“… older brother.”

I took my eyes off the fallen Hector and looked around, and before I knew it, all I could hear was breathing.

I saw Jane the notary.

Jane paused for a moment and said.

“-Winner, Luan Badnicker.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Should I say it was as expected?

There was no cheering.


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