I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 43

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Episode 43

Sanghyeolgong’s children are twelve in total.

Seven sons and five daughters.

Perhaps the Iron Blood Prince’s emphasis on bloodline was not in the wrong direction, as most of them had outstanding talents.

Not everyone reaches adulthood without incident.

From what I remember, three people die before that.

Two died in an accident while carrying out their mission, and the other died mysteriously.

After being declared missing, he was not found for more than three years and was treated as a mysterious death… … .

The last known location was none other than Badnicker’s home.

His name is Ludwig.

It was Badniker’s Onam, and from what I remember, he was a very curious guy.

Why does Ludwig come to mind at this moment?

‘No matter what, I won’t kill my child for stepping into the ban… … .’

This belief of mine is limited only to Sanghyeolgong.

For example, let’s assume that all of my guesses are true, and that the council of elders realizes this intrusion first.

They can either kill me and then act like a fool, or they can file a second report.

It’s not strange to dismiss it all as a delusion, but it’s ridiculous that such a monster is walking around unharmed in the first place… … .

When I first saw the Badnicker family, I thought they were gloomy and conniving… I am not in a position to deny such types of rumors.

“hey. Say something.”

I raised my head at the sound of Seren’s voice.

This guy looks somewhat anxious.

‘He’s a trustworthy guy, though.’

There is no need to tell you all this separately.

Anyway, in my opinion, the best course of action is to escape from here without revealing our exit to anyone.

“I guess I’ll have to fight Hariba.”


“That’s best.”

I know that it’s the wrong way to have a conversation, just to get to the point.

There is no other way now.

As expected, Seren looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Are you crazy?”

“no way.”

“Then you are out of your mind.”

Isn’t that the same thing?

“Didn’t you see him just now? I gave him three kicks with divine protection, but he only hesitated for a moment and that was the end. It felt like I had kicked some kind of iron wall. “It would be worth it if you had a weapon, but you can’t win with just your bare body.”

When he said this, I had no choice but to give a similar answer as before.

“My whole body is a weapon.”

“… … ”

“Anyway, you can’t let your family find out you came in here. Especially you. “If I do something wrong, it could lead to a family dispute between Badniker and Goodspring. Are you okay with that?”

Seren’s expression hardened when she even mentioned her family.

This is also strange.

Judging from his actions, it seemed like he didn’t care about the family’s will, but at other times, he seemed strangely conscious of it.


“If I were alone, I wouldn’t have said this. Still, I’m saying this because I think the two of us will be enough to win.”

“How can I believe that?”

That’s right.

After thinking for a moment, I thought of the best excuse I could use in times like this.

“Because that is my blessing.”


“I can’t tell you what kind of protection it is. But just know that you can win if you have my blessings.”

“… … .”

Then Seren looked shocked, looked at me and said.

“no way… “Did you obtain [Star’s Protection]?”

“… … .”

“Is that so? “I received a revelation that we would win through that.”

What is that again?

Is it something like receiving a revelation from the starry sky?

“… … .”

I was surprised by Seren’s sudden words, but regardless, her expression still held weight.

For some reason, I decided that it would be best to stay like this.

How long was the silence?

Seren looked at me and said.

“… good. I will follow your advice. “Then it would be better for you to plan the strategy.”

“Is that so?”

I already wanted to say it first, but they said it first.

In any case, my strategy will be more plausible than Silvermoon’s in its infancy.

For a moment, I thought about the topography of this place and Hariba.

Although it was not a direct confrontation with Hariba, Seren’s kick contained considerable power.



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Since there was no damage after receiving it, his physical defense must be quite high.

Still, I didn’t think it would be harder than the scales of the Gem Beast – Sapphire Snake.

If his defense stops at that level, I can easily take out Hariba on my own.

‘… … .’

However, I considered this thought to be carelessness.

In any case, there is no need to fight alone even when you can use the full power of Seren.

‘Plus, I like the change in that guy’s body.’

In less than 10 seconds, the body, swollen like rubber, was transformed into something that could no longer be considered human.

Maybe that change is ongoing.

‘I guess I’ll have to stick with it first to find out.’

The worries are roughly over.

I slowly opened my mouth to explain the operation… … .

* * *

Finding Hariba wasn’t difficult.

When we went back in the direction we fled, we found the guy screaming.


My ear will be cut.

By this time, Hariba had changed into something that could no longer be considered human, and I don’t know what to call it.

A bloated piece of meat?

‘It’s not a curse, it’s human experimentation, something like that?’

The only ones capable of such insidious acts are corrupt alchemists.

Anyway, I waited for Hariba to get closer.

I was separated from Seren for a while, but for now, I am the bait.

The reason is simple.

Now Hariba’s attention is on me.

‘Slowly the signal… oh.’

At that time, Seren, who had moved to the rear of Hariba, sent a hand signal in this direction.

It means ready.

then… … .


I showed myself by habitually loosening my neck joints.

“roo… … !”

Hariba immediately realized my presence and immediately came running towards me, roaring.

I narrowed my eyes and watched the scene.

I can’t feel the energy of the curse, nor can I feel any mana.

Once we figured it out, this guy’s ability was all about overwhelming physical performance.

In other words, it is difficult to accurately understand this guy’s capabilities until you encounter him in person.


I clenched my fists.

I know it’s stupid, but I wanted to hit it head on first.

I looked at Hariba, who was right in front of me, took a stance, and struck out a single blow.

100 sun eclipse, 白日 format, first eclipse eclipse format.

Burning heat.


I realized it as soon as our fists met.

‘Than you think… … .’

Is it too strong?

I was shocked and flew away like a cannonball.


I wondered if Hariba would call my name again, but no.

It was Seren who ran towards me shouting my name.

Meanwhile, he seemed to have found a weak point and threw a kick at Hariba’s neck.

But does shouting like that mean a surprise attack?

As expected, Hariba turned back and waved the back of his hand.


Seren, hit by the back of my hand, flew away like me.

Even in my direction.

I thought he would get hurt if I left him alone, so I tried to catch him, but he managed to land well on his own.

“Hey, blood.”

“… know.”

His forehead must have been slightly broken, and a trickle of blood flowed down his head.

Because the overall impression was so white, the red blood stood out even more.

Seren roughly rubbed the blood away, but she was actually worried about me.

“Are you okay? “He flew more flashily than me.”

“I’m fine.”

“… Your body seems to be strong. But what are we going to do? “What if I fight head-on with that monster?”

“Stop nagging later and stand up when you’re okay. “Because he’s coming again.”

I said as I saw Hariba walking towards me with his whole body grotesquely bent.

“Did you find any weaknesses?”

Seren did not simply move to the rear.

I deliberately took a wide tour and observed Hariba in all directions.

“The neck is quite thin compared to the size. “Unlike other places, it’s not covered with muscles.”

“okay? “I couldn’t tell from the front.”

“Because it was hidden by the chest muscles.”

“hmm. “It’s a difficult opponent to attack from the front.”

I nodded and said.

“I’ll act as bait once again.”

“… “Are you okay?”

“You have no choice. “That guy is always looking at me.”

“… … .”

Seren also closed her mouth as if there was no way to point out anything, but she gave a separate, untrustworthy look.

“I won’t overdo it this time, so just go.”

“Is it true?”


“… “Don’t die.”

He didn’t respond to the last word and burst into laughter.

“Luan… … .”

Hariba’s eyes are still focused on me.

It was like that even though Seren, whom I loved so much, left right before my eyes.

Then love and hate,

Can we say that the more intense of the two emotions is hate?

‘… … .’

A faint sense of discomfort.

I felt something was strange.

I looked around again as Hariba approached.

The dead land, which still doesn’t feel like it’s alive, takes on an ominous purple color.

‘Let me try it.’

Hariba approached and went on the offensive once again.

This guy’s attack consisted of swinging both fists indiscriminately, and even this simple method, supported by a transcendent body, displayed tremendous power.


Hariba chased me, almost plowing the ground.

He’s not a slow guy after all.

When concentrating an attack like this, or when reacting to Seren’s surprise attack just now.

I thought it was an instantaneous explosion of speed, but… … .


Even though the offensive continues for over a minute, this guy shows no signs of fatigue.

I escaped Hariba’s attacks and entered a place with unusually dense trees.

It was a place with what looked like weathered skeletons of buildings here and there, which meant that there were a lot of obstacles.

‘I feel sorry for Seren, though.’

There is something I need to check.


Running through the grass, I continued my battle with Hariba.

He was a violent guy by nature, so the sound of something exploding and breaking rang in my ears non-stop.

And I noticed one thing during the fierce battle.

Although it is very brief, there is a moment when Hariba’s movements stop.

It is a time when there are unusually many obstacles everywhere.

It’s not because there are more things in the way that things get in the way, so your movements become slower.

In this fierce melee, movement suddenly stops, as if paralyzed.

Of course, that hesitation disappeared quicker than it appeared… It wasn’t so detailed that it escaped my notice.

I continued my fierce battle with Hariba and looked around.

Before I knew it, the premonition had turned into certainty.

There is someone controlling Hariba somewhere in the forest.


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