I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 44

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Episode 44

But that was all I knew.

I now know that the current Hariba is being controlled by someone.

Even crying out my name.

Rather than it being hatred toward me, I think it’s probably closer to a side effect of being forcibly injected with commands.

Probably, for that guy now, there is almost no reason for him to exist.

The problem is that I have no idea where the hiding guy is.

‘Is it further away than I thought?’

It was a very likely possibility, but I decided not.

That form of control would be black magic, and the method would be intervention in consciousness.

Then there is no reason to stop when blocked by an obstacle.

‘Sharing, not assimilation, manipulation, not domination.’

I clearly reflected on the difference and then continued my thoughts.

The person controlling Hariba is nearby, and it is correct to assume that he possesses a high level of stealth skills to avoid my senses.

‘It’s tricky… … .’

Perhaps the manipulator is the mastermind.

The guy who infiltrated the Badnicker with an assassin and tried to kill me.

It’s not difficult to take down Hariba now, but what will the mastermind do when he sees that?

Should he show up to take care of it himself?

‘No way.’

Judging by his actions so far, he is so cautious and thorough that it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Rather, they will hunker down even more and wait for a clear opportunity.

For me, this is the most annoying development.

‘then… … .’

It was a moment when I quickly turned my head.

“… … !”

Seren suddenly appeared behind Hariba.

It was literally ‘suddenly’.

As if emerging from beneath the surface, or removing a veil.

‘God bless you!’

At that moment, Seren’s heel struck Hariba’s head.

Since the neck is a weak point, are they planning on crushing the cervical spine altogether?

It wasn’t.

The moment Hariba’s head was bent at a right angle, Seren held up two fingers.

At that moment, my fingernails grew abnormally, and in the moonlight, they flashed eerily like the claws of an animal.

I know that blessing too.

The blessing that gave Seren the nickname [Silvermoon].

It is [the blessing of the silver moon].


It sounded like a piece of meat had been cut.

Seren’s fingernails, toenails… Anyway, I could see the blood forming at the end.

I think it went in correctly?

For a moment, even I thought so – but then I saw Hariba’s eyes spinning round and round.


I shouted right away, but it was no use.

Hariba kicked his back foot in a slightly crouching position.

The crude movement looked like a horse kicking its hind feet.

Seren momentarily crossed both arms to block.

It was an excellent defense, but it only reduced the damage and did not do it at all.

I’m worried, but I can’t miss this opportunity.

I balled up my fists and burrowed into Hariba’s arms, which were full of gaps.

Hariba’s physique was already easily twice my size, so when I looked up, I saw Hariba’s face along with his muscles.

There is a technique that is perfect for times like this.

A technique that references Iron Heart’s 7th type of sky thrust, which is Badniker’s home sword technique.

This is the herbivore that I once showed to Keian.

100 days eclipse, white eclipse type, 3rd eclipse type.

Sublimation: fire.


Unlike the first attack, the taste this time was very good. It was beyond my expectations.

A cracking sound was heard along with the sound of Hariba’s neck muscles being torn.

It would be difficult to achieve this level of success with just my fists, and Seren’s claws must have cut off half of the back of this guy’s neck.

Hariba’s neck was shaking as if it would break at any moment.

It was a sight that made me feel uncomfortable, but what was even more absurd was that even after being like this, this guy was still able to move.

“Uh, uh… … ?”

Hariba made a stupid voice and grabbed his head as if to fix it.

He’s tougher than you think.

Considering that he is being controlled, we cannot conclude that he will die if his head is cut off.

I first ran to Seren.



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Could it be that Master has completely recovered his body?

I suddenly felt dizzy, and almost fell awkwardly while running.

When Seren finally got to the front, he was stuck in a half-broken tree.

Even if you just look at it, it doesn’t look fine.

“Are you okay?”

I hope I don’t break any bones.

“I have a broken bone.”


Still, unless both sides are broken…



If the weaponless guy had both his arms broken, it would be virtually the end.

It may be possible to interfere, but it is not a particularly meaningful opponent.

Seren seemed to know this as well and was chewing her lips. Her face was very red, and she seemed to feel ashamed of the situation.

I haven’t been with this guy for long.

It seems like he has a personality that would hate being a burden to others more than dying.

“Uuuh… … .”

I heard Hariba’s voice and looked, and something amazing was happening.

“Hey, that… … .”

“I can see it too.”

Torn neck muscles are sticking together.

Did you mix it with troll blood?

For some reason, starting from the Gem Mountains, nothing good seems to come from being associated with these trolls.

‘It took a lot of time.’

It’s a time when it won’t be strange to be caught at home.

If the fight goes on for a long time and someone at home finds out…

To be honest, I am confident that I can somehow survive.

There are still Sanghyeolgong members in the family.

But what about Seren?

The blood of Goodspring, a thorn in the side, arbitrarily took steps against the ban on Badknickers.

It would be a golden opportunity for Badknicker.

There is no chance of killing him.

Even if that wasn’t the case, there was a good chance that this would be brewed until the sweet water drained.

What would this prideful guy think when he sees his family losing money because of his own fault?

However, he is not the kind of guy who will simply back down even if you tell him to run away from here alone.

‘… … .’

For a moment, I thought of Seren’s many characteristics.

He has very high self-esteem and is quick to think.

Although he doesn’t speak rudely, he has a kind personality.

And surprisingly, there are a lot of misunderstandings… … .



“Do you remember which way you came?”

“In this situation… “Who do you think is a fool?”

“I’m glad.”

I stood up and said.

“Go first.”

Seren paused at my words.


“Did I say it too briefly? “I’ll take care of that guy, so go first.”

“Are you sane?”

Of course he’s sane.

Seren opened his mouth, then frowned and spoke.

“My legs are fine? And if you’re going to go, you can go together. I shouldn’t go alone. “That slug is too slow to catch up anyway.”


The reason Hariba hasn’t pursued us with all his might so far is probably because we’re heading in the opposite direction from Badniker’s main residence.

There is no need to rush after a rat that is voluntarily cornered.

‘Besides, I haven’t found the hiding guy yet.’

I can’t even predict at what moment that guy will come out.

There is no guarantee that Hariba will be the only tool available.

The only thing I know is that his target is me.

So even if Seren runs away from here, we won’t pursue him.

Of course, there is no reason or space to explain all of these circumstances.

As I closed my mouth and remained silent, Seren spoke.

“… “Are you sure you hurt your leg?”

What kind of misunderstanding is this?

ah. Come to think of it, I lost my footing because of dizziness on the way here.

I guess I misunderstood when I saw that.

I was once again taken aback by this illusory girl’s words, but I closed my mouth and put on a serious expression.

“… Was it like that? Damn it.”

Seren cursed and spoke again.

“Then we should run away together.”

“Say what makes sense. “I can’t even support you with your arms right now.”

“Then does it make sense for you to deal with that guy alone?”

“Unlike you, my arm is fine. My leg wasn’t broken at all. And I told you. “I saw the future.”

“… future.”

Seren was silent and then opened his mouth heavily.

“… “What if this isn’t your future?”


“I got involved for no reason, and if you didn’t die here, doesn’t that mean I killed you?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Wake.”

I waved my palm back and forth in front of Seren’s nose, but this guy’s lost focus did not return easily.

I had no choice but to slap him in the face.


“… “What the f*ck are you doing?”

Is he really a nobleman?

I said with Seren’s eyes looking like they would kill me before Hariba.

“It’s okay, just go. “I’ll catch up with you real quick.”

Seren closed her mouth and lowered her head.

Then he looked at me and said.

“Hang in there. “I will bring someone with me.”

“Did you hear me correctly? They say we have to hide our coming here. “I’m saying this for you too.”

It’s annoying for me to spread it everywhere for no reason.

Because I wanted to hide the fact that I entered the forbidden area as much as possible.

Of course, Seren did not follow.

“You call that a horse? In that case, I will just fight together.”

“… Then I’ll tell you who you can talk to.”


“Kian and Arjan.”

“So who is it?”

“My subordinate. “They are trustworthy guys.”

“To your mother?”

“Do not say. “He is a very worried person.”

“… … .”

Seren bit her lip tightly and let out a cracked voice.

“… “Why are you doing this to me?”

“well… I do not know.”

Then, Seren looked at me with a look on her face that seemed like she had been hit.

The ecstatic expression is very impressive.

“… “It seems stupid.”

You idiot, you idiot.

He kept saying harsh things, but for some reason, the last swear words were weak.

“Luan Badniker.”


“If we meet again… … .”

Seren said with a stern expression.

“I’ll tell you a secret.”


There’s no need to do that… … .

The moment I was about to reply, Seren’s new form disappeared.

Just like when they attacked Hariba, they appeared from a little distance away.

It seems like he uses short-distance teleportation continuously.

Perhaps that too is the power of divine protection.

‘I guess I can’t use it if I have a companion.’

thank god.

If that were possible, I would have had to run away with Seren.

Of course, I have no intention of running away.

This is because Hariba still has some business left to do.

‘I think I’m misunderstanding something again.’

I decided to resolve the misunderstanding later, and first focus on Hariba in front of me.

“Uh, uh… … .”

After Hariba finished repairing his wounds, he walked towards me.

“ruler. then… … .”

Let’s start the second round without any interference.


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