I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 42

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Episode 42

All of a sudden, a thousand thoughts came into my head.

“What are you talking about, you crazy bastard?”

Seren’s irritated voice dismissed one of those possibilities.

“Is it you? The guy who has been sending me shady letters ever since I came here. And he even made threats at the end.”

First of all, these two are not accomplices.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

If Seren really was acting stupid while hiding her true colors, and I was completely fooled by her appearance… … .

‘I almost wouldn’t have the courage to see the fourth execution.’

Seren continued.

“I don’t know who it is, but if you’re tired, stop talking nonsense and go back to sleep.”

“… “Don’t you know who I am?”


“why? From that day on, I only thought about you and moved only for you.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“I was the one who made Luan Badniker sell the treasured sword.”


Hariba’s words made me stop as well.

Of course, I had no recollection of receiving the treasured sword from that guy.

“I bribed the servant next to him and tricked him into getting information about the treasured sword. “I thought he would just steal it and run away, but I didn’t expect him to sell it.”

‘Huh… … .’

I never thought I would find out the truth about what happened in my past life like this.


As I look around, I start to understand the situation to some degree.

So, that guy pushed me around without anyone asking him to, and he thought he was helping Seren by doing that… What should I say?

“Are you a pervert?”

Appropriate words.

“My Seren. do not say that. “Thanks to me, your engagement to that inferior child was broken, right?”

“What are you talking about, crazy bird?”


It’s a surprise.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“… … .”

At this point, I narrowed my eyes.

There are several types of people in this world with whom one should not interact, and the most representative of them are mentally ill people.

Just like that guy.

“Do you understand? “I always make this face when I see a kid like you.”

“do not say that.”


For some reason, the atmosphere was becoming increasingly serious, and even in this situation, I did not show myself.

I thought it would be better to wait and see the situation a little longer.

That was definitely my thought.

‘… … .’

Anyway, this is badniker territory.

I don’t have any sense of belonging to this family, but watching the humans of Goodspring get caught up in Badniker’s affairs… … .

What can I say?

I didn’t feel well.

So I just showed up.

“… … !”


Two guys who were having a serious conversation looked at me at the same time.

It felt burdensome to be the center of attention, but I said hello first.

“Yes, it’s me.”

“Why are you here!”

“Isn’t that what I’m going to say? “This is not an area open to outsiders.”

Of course, not only outsiders are prohibited from entering, but perhaps even myself… … .

There’s no way this guy even knew that fact.

As expected, Seren closed her mouth as if she had nothing to say in response to my response.

I saw Hariba.

“얘기 잘 들었다, 이 개새끼야. “Your eyes rolled back so much because you wanted to kill me?”

“… “Luan.”


“Luan Badnicker.”


It seems like a similar conversation was repeated very recently.


Why is it like that all of a sudden?

Hariba suddenly let out a sound and twisted his whole body grotesquely.



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Crack, clap.

A creepy sound rang out from Hariba’s body.

It was literally the sound of my muscles being twisted.


Why the f*ck are you like that?

Do you have any feelings for me?

‘There it is.’

Immediately after, Hariba’s body swelled up like an expanding rubber, and I was shocked.

‘It’s not a curse?’

Although such a bizarre phenomenon is occurring, no unclean energy is felt from Hariba’s body.

but. If that guy had been a demon in the first place, it would have been impossible to even enter Badniker’s home.

So what are the changes taking place in Hariba’s body now?


At that moment, Seren rushed forward.

A gust of wind whipped around the rushing body.

It is a power I am familiar with.

Seren has now exercised her divine protection.


The fallen leaves on the ground were flying violently.

Hariba’s eyes were still focused on me, but he didn’t seem to have completely forgotten the presence of Seren right in front of him.

Meanwhile, the guy swung his fist, which was several times more swollen than usual, at Seren.

If you hit it right, it’ll just hurt a little.

Seren must have been thinking the same thing, so he dodged the attack instead of fighting it head-on.

The hood came off with a violent movement, and silver hair fluttered around.

Seren dodged Hariba’s fist by spinning around in an instant, then dived into his arms and then threw a cool back kick.


“… … .”

The attack itself was clean.

Just by hearing the sound, you can tell how much power it contains.

However, Seren’s expression was not good.

This guy backed away in an instant and suddenly grabbed my wrist.


“Come on!”

And we ran through the forest, leaving Hariba alone.


A voice I didn’t want to hear persisted from behind me.

* * *

Exactly how big is Badniker’s home?

No one knows except the head of the family and the elders, but they do know that it is so big that sometimes you can ride a carriage when heading to a distant building.

Because of this, I couldn’t tell exactly where my hometown was.

‘I think I heard that the northern area probably doesn’t have an exterior wall.’

As you walk, you will leave the main area and end up in the [Butterfly Forest].

In fact, the plants around it grew haphazardly, so it didn’t feel like a garden at all.

“What about that bastard?”

“I don’t know. “For now, I can’t see it.”

“okay? Phew… … .”

Only then did Seren sigh and let go of my wrist.

I held it so hard that it left a handprint.

I asked, twirling my sore wrist.

“But why did you run away?”

“What a stupid question. “So you’re going to fight that monster?”

“We have to estimate it first. “It’s not too late to run away.”

“no. late.”

And Seren looked at me.

As I kept eye contact, I could see what this guy was thinking.

‘Are you looking at me like a burden?’

Although it was absurd, it felt natural from Seren’s perspective.

So, in front of this guy, he only showed his pathetic side by being humiliated by Hector.

I guess they decided that it was too risky to fight Hariba while protecting me on the spot.

“Hey, I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not that weak. “In fact, it’s strong.”

“I’m so damn tired.”

“… … .”

“Do you think something happened just because you received one blessing? Didn’t you see that guy’s body twisting? The ogre almost looked cute. So, if you want to live, keep quiet and listen to me.”

It was sad that there was nothing to refute.

No matter what, I can’t fight Seren to show my strength in a situation like this.

However, it is also ambiguous to say that forcefully.

I vaguely felt it before, this guy named Seren.

‘You’re kind.’

A bit of a mouth, no. Although it is very rough.

Anyway, I think he’s not fundamentally a bad guy.

It was the same just now.

All I had to do was run away alone, so I ran away with my luggage.

Even against Badniker, whom a person from Goodspring cannot help but hate.

‘He’s an unusual guy in many ways.’

It is said that all children of the Goodspring family put their lives on the line to maintain dignity and culture, but this guy’s attitude shows very little of that.

From the beginning, it has almost no characteristic Goodspring feel, and the way it speaks is enough to make you believe it’s a mercenary.

Is there something going on?

‘Is there anyone who is merciless?’

Anyway, I decided to listen to Seren for now.

It’s not just about gratitude… … .

Seren Good Spring.

A hero who would later be called [Silver Moon].

Before the hero has yet bloomed. I was curious about how to deal with this crisis.

“Where are we anyway? “I feel like I’ve completely left my hometown.”

“That’s not it. “Probably the northern section.”

“What is the northern zone?”

“A place you shouldn’t enter without permission. “I heard the servants talking, and they said a witch lives here.”


Seren twisted the corner of her mouth.

“A witch on the grounds of the main house? There are all kinds of rumors going around about him being a gloomy bad guy. “I’m sure Lord Iron Blood just watched that happen.”

Of course, I don’t think this rumor is true… … .

There is no specific reason as to why this northern section was neglected like this.

I can understand if it’s a forest beyond the fence, but it’s part of the main house grounds.

Seren seemed lost in thought for a moment. I even mumbled something to myself.

“Going back… It’s ambiguous. I might run into that pervert again. But it’s also okay to keep waiting here… … .”

I looked at it for a moment and then asked.

“But you.”

“… What?”

“Don’t you remember who that guy really is?”

Seren paused at those words and sighed.

“… “It’s not that I don’t remember.”

“Then why did you pretend not to know?”

“Because I didn’t want to pretend I didn’t know. Upset.”

What happened?

As I narrowed my eyes and pressed, Seren opened her mouth as if she had no choice.

“Was it two years ago? There was a banquet for the first prince’s birthday at the imperial palace, and we met then. “That’s it.”


“… I think I nagged him because he was annoyed by the boy’s hesitation, but I don’t really remember. “I have no idea why he does that.”


Was it love at first sight?

This is not an absurd statement.

First of all, Seren looks pretty.

“Anyway, in this situation… … .”

I said, putting my index finger to my lips.

“Wait a minute, be quiet.”


“What is that noise?”

“What nonsense?”

“listen carefully.”

Then Seren closed her mouth with a dissatisfied look on her face and listened.

Crash… Crash… … .

The sound of metal meeting metal resonated unpleasantly.

Seren, who only then noticed, was surprised.

Without saying anything, we quickly hid behind a large tree… … .

After a while, the owner of the unpleasant sound appeared.

Crash… Crash… … .

It was an article.

A knight wearing black armor was walking through the forest with a bizarre gait.

‘what. ‘That’s it.’

As I narrowed my eyes and looked at the article, Seren whispered.

“Hey, that… … .”


The armor the knight was wearing looked unstable, as if it might fall off at any moment.

A person with strong bones cannot have a shape like that.

In fact, something like ominous black smoke was flowing from the joints of the armor.

Are you undead?

Anyway, it’s Badniker’s territory, right?

Moreover, he is not of low quality.

‘If you get caught… ‘It must be dangerous.’

Fortunately, his senses were not that keen, and the creaking figure of the knight slowly moved away.

“… How did you hear it? “I didn’t hear it.”

Seren said with complicated eyes.

“I have a good ear. It seems like the situation is worse than I thought. “This seems like a really dangerous place.”


Seren thought for a moment and said.

“… Still, if we hang on here, won’t people from your family come to rescue us?”


“Why? “Still, Goodspring and Badniker’s sons are missing.”

“That’s right. But you didn’t attend the banquet today.”

Then Seren answered with a puzzled face.

“Yes, but… … .”

“Or did you tell the employee before leaving? “I’m going out for a little while.”

“… no.”

“Is there anyone who stops by your room before you go to bed?”

“… “Because I don’t like that kind of thing.”

“Then I guess I’ll only find out tomorrow morning that you’re gone?”

“I am, but you-.”

“Have you not seen me? I am the incompetent child of Badknicker, the crazy person who sold Cold Rice and the Bogum. “You won’t even know it’s gone.”

“… … .”

Strictly speaking, this is a lie.

Even if no one else knows, my mother, Arjan, and Kayan will realize that I’m gone.

“I think it would be better if we just get out of here on our own.”

“… “Isn’t that too dangerous?”

“It’s the opposite. “I guess it would be much more dangerous for us to be discovered in here.”


“… … .”

I closed my mouth.

A place where entry is absolutely prohibited, not only to outsiders but also to people belonging to the family.

A land with a strangely dull atmosphere and no traces of maintenance.

Crucially, the undead that were walking inside the family.

Did Badniker not realize this situation?

It is more likely that they are ignoring it even though they know about it.

And the next absurd thought… … .

What if you are found to have entered this place without permission?

There was a possibility that not only Seren, but perhaps even me, could be silenced.


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