I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 38

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Episode 38

“Do as you wish.”

Sanghyeolgong nodded and spoke in a grave tone.

“Let me warn you one thing separately. If the cult’s assassin is completely determined, even your family cannot protect you completely. Of course, those who harmed you will never survive, but they probably have no intention of preserving their lives in the first place.”

“Isn’t it a result that can be achieved only if you endure that much?”

“… … .”

Of course, even though I said this, I have no intention of dying.

I plan to get one or two insurance policies to protect my life even if assassins attack.

At that time, Sanghyeolgong said.



“You’re a little out of your mind.”

“… … .”

What does this mean?

As I blinked my eyes, the voice continued.

“Do you have any plans after the protection ceremony?”

“… “There is nothing in particular.”

“Then let’s have a meal later.”

I couldn’t follow the flow of the story, but my mouth responded faithfully.

“Well, is that right?”

“hmm. “I will send someone separately to tell you the time and place.”

I saw Sanghyeolgong get up from his seat.

I too was embarrassed and held onto it.

“Is that all you have to say?”

“ah. If you want to sell a map, let me know. “The price will be lower than other places.”

“Oh, yes.”

And before he could say anything more, he disappeared.

Suddenly, I was left alone in the room.

“… “It worked out well, right?”

I don’t know.

I don’t know, but I feel a little lighter than before.

For now, I decided to be satisfied with that fact.

* * *

Gahosik’s morning finally dawned.

It was also a refreshing morning for me after a long time.

“Of course the bed is the best.”

I got up from the soft bed and opened the window.

The weather is killing me.

Although the winter wind was a little cold, the sun was warm and, above all, the air was clear.

Since it is a mansion built in the middle of a forest, it is, of course, full of nature.

If you operate in a place like this, you will get good results.

So being able to stay here in itself is a huge reward for Muin.

After taking a quick shower, I left the room and headed straight to the restaurant.

I didn’t eat enough last night, but now my stomach is sticking to my back.

‘It’s family food, there’s no doubt about it.’

My mouth started watering at the thought of eating a nice breakfast for the first time in a long time.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, a delicious smell wafted from early in the morning.

During the period when the protection ceremony is in progress, you can receive food rations at any time at the restaurant.

If possible, you have to stop by at meal time to get warm food.

Anyway, there was a variety of food, including meat, vegetables, fish and shellfish, and fruit. I piled the meat on my plate and then looked for a suitable place.

‘There are quite a lot of people?’

I took a quick look around, and it seemed like most of them were around my age, and most of them would be participating in today’s blessing ceremony.

I chose to sit at a table with as few people as possible.

“If you only eat meat like that, you’ll soon turn into a pig.”

A grumpy voice came.

It was the guy sitting at the end of the rectangular table.

“I guess Badniker’s master doesn’t know what nutrients are.”

What I saw in the auditorium yesterday… A guy with hair that was unclear whether it was silver or white.

After alleviating the fatigue, it looks closer to silver hair.


“Does anyone you know eat like that?”

“I only ate grass for a week. “It’s like supplementing.”


He turns his head in an annoyed voice.

It looks like you don’t want to talk to me, so why did you talk to me first?

I concluded by biting into the sausage that I had stabbed with a fork.

You weren’t talking, you were arguing.




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“Why do you wear gloves even when eating?”

“What does it matter whether you eat with gloves or a hat?”

That’s right, but it’s not something you should say if you suddenly start a fight.

“You are there.”

“What else?”

“Sadly, you already have a lot of gray hair at that age.”

“This is silver hair, you idiot.”

“You look white to me, so from now on I’ll call you albino.”

“Crazy guy.”


Then he glared at me with a shocked expression and suddenly got up from his seat.

I thought he was going to stop, but he suddenly sat down in front of me and touched the top of my head.

“Look at me! “Is this really gray hair?”

I suddenly frowned.

“Get away from me. “Hair gets in the food.”

“what? “Are you saying I’m losing hair now?”

“Even without hair loss, people lose about a hundred strands of hair a day.”


Actually, I don’t know.

Anyway, I shaved the top of my head where the hair was growing very thickly.

“So why has the white dog been fighting with me since yesterday?”

“I have a disease where I start a fight when I see an unlucky face.”

“okay? “I thought it was because I was the daughter of the Goodspring family.”

“… … !”

The white dog was startled by my insignificant response.

Then he changed his eyes and said.

“Did you know who I was?”


“Why did you pretend not to know from the beginning… … .”

“Is that possible? “I picked it up on the way.”

At first, it would be difficult to understand based on impressions alone.

Generally, Goodspring’s children have hair color as warm as the sunlight on a spring day, but this one has a cold look, like the cold snow blowing in the north wind.

“Anyway, I’m going to eat now, so don’t talk to me.”

As I waved my hand with an annoyed expression, the albino pouted his lips with a dissatisfied expression.

To be honest, I didn’t think I could hear it… I don’t know what this guy was thinking, but after that he actually shut up and didn’t say a word.

But he didn’t even leave.

It seemed like he had finished eating, but he continued to sit in front of me with a dissatisfied look on his face.

Is there anything I can say?

Anyway, I continued eating.

The guy who thought he would do it for two bowls looked at me with confusion after three bowls, surprise when he got four bowls, and a look of boredom after the fifth bowl.

I ate another bowl there and then finished my meal.

“Did you hear any beggars on the boat?”

“If you’re a beggar, you can’t even see food like this.”

The food at Badniker’s home was very good.

Even I, a picky eater, tend to overeat.

Only after drinking cool water did I see the albino.

“So what does the albino have to say?”

“… “I am Seren Goodspring.”

Whitey suddenly introduced himself.

I didn’t bother to introduce myself and was lost in thought.

That’s because it’s a name in my memory.


“Now do you know who I am? “My fiancé.”

You can say the word fiance with a face like that.

Of course, eyes filled with love and affection are also a requirement here.

Seren stared blankly for a while and then sighed.

“anyway. “There is one thing I want to ask.”


“Are you really participating in the protection ceremony today?”

Why are there so many people interested in my blessings?

Although I felt doubtful, I nodded.

“ha… … .”

“What a sigh. “It has nothing to do with you.”

“I’m doing this because it’s relevant. “If you receive protection this time, the worst could happen.”

“worst case? ah.”

I easily understood what Seren was saying.

“Could our marriage talks be revived?”

“It doesn’t seem like your head has hardened at all.”


From what I remember, this conversation about getting married in the past definitely fell apart after my incompetence was revealed.

In other words, if I receive God’s protection today, there is a possibility that the talk of marriage will be revived.

“Damn… … .”

Seren sighed with a gloomy face, like someone who overheard the end of the world, and even swore.

For some reason, it looks awkward, but it fits well.

It is said that Goodspring is the most prestigious family in the empire, and values ​​dignity and culture more than life… … .

Seren didn’t really feel that way.

“Do you not want to be married to me?”

“That’s it… no.”

Seren, who was about to shoot, looked at me and said.

“It’s not that I don’t like you specifically. “I just don’t like the marriage itself.”


“Should I even tell you that?”

This guy is like this, he’s like that, you never know.

I got up and said, “I’m just going to do that.”

“don’t worry. “Even if I receive divine protection, I will never be betrothed to you again.”


“Yeah… … .”

At that time, someone came striding into the restaurant.

It was a familiar face, and it was none other than our Badniker’s second son, Hector.

Hector looked around like someone looking for someone.

‘Are you looking for me?’

The moment I had that thought, our eyes met, and Hector, with his mouth twisted, walked towards me.

“There you are, Luan Badnicker.”

“What is going on?”

“Day? Yes. “Do you think I would come looking for a scum like you without any business?”

The surroundings were in commotion.

Hector already attracts attention as Badniker’s second son, and his remarks are strong.

Still, I think I waited until there were no people yesterday, and now Hector was insulting me even in a crowded restaurant.

‘I guess what happened yesterday must have been quite shocking.’

But I had a feeling that it wasn’t just because of that… … .

– Father, please spread a small rumor this way.

– Ruan Badniker killed a cult assassin in the mountains and subdued a jewel beast.

It hasn’t even been a day yet.

It seems that Sanghyeolgong listened too closely to my request.

“… … .”

Suddenly, Seren, who was caught in the middle, had an awkward look on her face, unable to do either this or that.

Rather good.

I kept my gaze fixed on Hector and checked my surroundings.

A crowded restaurant,

If there is a member of the church, they must be watching this situation from somewhere.

“You’ve been talking harshly since the morning.”

“You’re the one who’s serious. Still, I considered you my younger brother. “Even though he lives a pathetic life, I think there are some parts that we can sympathize with.”

I made an absurd expression.

Do you consider me your younger brother?

I don’t know what else to say, but this is bullshit.

If you really think that way, then this guy’s head is spinning.

“But you went way, way too far.”

Hector reached out and grabbed my collar.

“Ah,” said Seren in a surprised voice.

“You subdued the jewel beast? What are you doing? It’s okay to tarnish your father’s reputation… … !”

Hector seemed several times more angry than when he got slapped yesterday.

This is the part where you can see what this guy thinks of his father.

“They really subdued it.”

“under. Is there any evidence? “It was salvaged from the corpse of the bailiff.”

“I couldn’t afford that, so I just came.”

“… “Are you trying to make a joke with me?”

At that moment, Hector let go of the collar as if to push him away, and kicked up his foot hard.

A fairly large table overturns, and the dishes and cups on it scatter.

I think it would hurt a bit if I got hit.


However, the table that was flying in the sky fell vertically the next moment, and instantly returned to its original position.

Of course I didn’t do it.

A delicate hand wrapped in a glove was placed on the table.

“I don’t want to get involved in a family fight, but you’re taking it a bit too far.”

Seren looked at Hector with an annoyed face.

Hector looked at Seren blankly, then ignored him and glared at me again.

“Yesterday you were a butler, and today you are a fiancé? How pathetic. Who’s next? Are you going to ask your mother to protect you?”

This is the moment when Hector laughed with a cold face.

“The blessing ceremony is about to start! “All young heroes, please gather in the rose garden!”

“… … .”

Hector took a deep breath as if trying to calm down, and whispered in a low voice.

“After the protection ceremony, I will formally challenge you to a duel. You’d better not refuse. “It would be better to have all my limbs shattered than to die.”

“… … .”

Hector said that with an unlucky expression and quickly left the restaurant.

“I heard that Badniker’s sibling fights are at an insane level.”

Seren looked at me and Hector with an annoyed expression, then shook her head.

“When I actually saw it, it was beyond my imagination. “The bond between brothers is very strong.”

“Did you sprain your eye?”

“I’m being sarcastic, you idiot!”

Seren shouted with a bright red face and closed her mouth.

“… Anyway, you are really pathetic too. “No matter how much of a brother he is, he can’t even say anything when he gets insulted like that right in front of his nose.”

“… … .”

“It’s understandable if you say it’s a weak person’s way of handling things, but it doesn’t look like he’s the son of that iron-blooded master.”

Seren glanced at me with disappointed eyes and then left.

I looked at the backs of the two and shook the moisture off my clothes.

It looks like it got stuck when the table just flipped over.


Seren is right.

What Hector gave me was an insult.

But if you ask me if I’m angry, I’m not really.

Of course, I was annoyed when that guy mentioned my mother carelessly… … .

‘… … .’

I looked around.

An open place called a restaurant.

In front of the children of numerous prestigious families… After being openly insulted by her brother, she found protection by hiding behind her ex-fiancé’s back.

He is truly the epitome of a fool, idiot, and idiot.

So what I’m curious about now is… … .

What would the family rat think if he saw this?


I woke up from my thoughts.

As the crowd at the restaurant was slowly disappearing, I moved along with them.

First of all, it is a protection ceremony.


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