I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 37

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Episode 37

Delac C. Badnicker.

An unrivaled genius born from the Badniker family, a name that is never left out when discussing the strongest empire.

The achievements this man has achieved over a short period of time are, to put it simply, incredible.

He started walking at just a few dozen days old, held an iron sword before he was one year old, and hit an ogre with his bare hands at the age of four… … .

At the age of 7, he read all the books in the family library, learned arcane swordsmanship, and developed his own swordsmanship at the age of 10.

At the age of 12, he entered the Imperial Academy as a special exception and graduated after completing the entire curriculum for one year.

Afterwards, Delac continued his shocking and unconventional actions and received as many as 12 blessings at the first blessing ceremony.

Again, there are 12.

Usually, if you receive 3 blessings, you are called a promising player, and if you receive more than 5, you are called a genius. From 7 to 8, you can count them by hand even if you go back in history.

Even those who were slow-witted or tried to deny Delak’s talent… … .

At this very moment, you realize that the class is different.

What’s even more surprising is that he received 9 more blessings during the second blessing ceremony.

No one knows exactly what blessings Delac received or all of them.

However, after the second protection ceremony, Delac did not age anymore.

At least the appearance was that of a boy of that age.

However, the pursuit of strength did not stop.

Delac officially inherited the position of head of the family the following year, and raised the family’s status, which had been inferior to that of Goodspring at the time, to the same or higher level in 20 years.

What Delak was particularly active in was the subjugation of religious sects.

Even if it was a small clue, if it was related to the cult, I would pursue it until the end and root it out.

I didn’t care how long it took or what sacrifices were required.

Despite his position as the head of the family, Sanghyeolgong was always at the forefront of exterminating heretics.

The emperor personally praised the achievement and gave it a middle name, further increasing the family’s prestige.

Finally, Delak stood in the position of Grand Duke, and was said to be the most thorough and heartless among the Grand Dukes of the Empire… … .

He came to be called Cheolhyeolgong.

* * *

[Is this man Kusset’s successor…? … .]

Musin, who did not particularly reveal his presence unless it was for the most part, opened his mouth as soon as he saw Sanghyeolgong.

[What a great warrior… … . It’s a shame. If I only had a body, I would have competed in martial arts directly.]

You want to compete in person?

Isn’t this the greatest compliment that the god of nothingness can give to a person of martial arts?

Nevertheless, I was not overly surprised and just quietly looked at Sanghyeolgong.

There may be an underlying thought that this man must have at least that level of qualification.

In my past life, someone who literally made me harbor love and hate.

A person who wanted to be recognized, even if just once. The person who ultimately couldn’t do that.

As I looked at that face, I had a complex feeling that I couldn’t express in words… In many ways, I don’t think this is the feeling I would have towards my biological father.

This sense of discomfort is not simply due to the author’s youthful appearance.

He doesn’t look like there’s a big age difference between me and him.

Because of that appearance, some people call him the Boy Duke… … .

Perhaps, even if Iron Blood Prince had been an old man, a monster, or just the image of an ideal father.

I don’t think I could have felt fatherly in that person.


“If you show yourself now… … .”

I could see the elders letting out puzzled voices.

This means that even if Sanghyeolgong’s appearance were to occur, it was a situation they could not have imagined.

“It’s okay.”

Iron Blood Prince dismissed their fuss with one word and then looked at me.



“Luan Badnicker.”

Why? She almost responded out of habit.

No matter how much I do, in front of this man, I ask, “Did you think before you spoke?” It becomes a state.

“Please tell me.”

“Why did you think I was in the mansion? “Just from the way he spoke, it seems like he was very confident.”

“… Isn’t it a blessing? “It is a national event that cannot be easily ignored no matter how busy the head of the family is.”

“… … .”

“Even if I don’t stay for two weeks, I expected to stay at the mansion on the day of the actual protection ceremony or the day before.”

Then Sanghyeolgong asked, his eyes as if he was looking into me.

“Is everything true?”

“Actually not.”

I spoke without avoiding Sangvis-Gong’s gaze.

“But I don’t have anything more to say right now.”

“… … .”

Should I say it’s fortunate or natural?

Sanghyeolgong was very perceptive.

“Let’s all go out.”

“yes? but-.”

“… … .”



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Sanghyeolgong did not urge and remained silent.

The council of elders was shocked, bowed their heads slightly, and then left.

Somehow, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction.

To begin with, even in his previous life, the relationship between Sanghyeolgong and the Council of Elders was not very good.

However, it seems that there are no elders who can openly refute Sanghyeolgong.

In any case, the presence of the elders’ council disappeared in an instant from the room.

By this time, the darkness surrounding the inside of the room had faded significantly, and the surroundings had become brighter as if a soft light had been turned on.

“Sit down.”


After thinking for a moment, I sat down on the table where I had placed the dagger and note earlier.

Now that I think about it, the table with its low chin somehow felt like a round chair.

“So, what is the truth?”

“… … .”

Before answering, I looked at Sanghyeolgong.

Once again, it has a great presence.

I now understand why I, in my past life, couldn’t even say a word in front of Iron Blood Ball.

However, I also saw something different from then, and in the past, I thought that Sanghyeolgong was intentionally creating this atmosphere.

In other words, I thought he was intentionally showing off his intimidation, but now I see that it wasn’t.

This is an atmosphere that is given off naturally and without intention.

In other words, there is no intention to put pressure on the opponent.

I only realized that fact, but I felt lighter than in my previous life.

“Did you hear the entire conversation between me and the council of elders?”


“Then you must have heard about the assassin.”

“But – what does that matter now?”

“… … .”

I will correct it.

Even if he had no intention of putting pressure on anyone, he was able to create an atmosphere according to his feelings.

In terms of state, it was reaching the pinnacle of intention, a level that even I, who had practiced at Yeongsan for 10 years, could not reach.

I massaged the back of my neck and relaxed.

“As for the fact that there is a rat in Badnicker, didn’t the head of the house know about it a long time ago?”

“… … .”

“But you probably didn’t announce that fact. There are probably very few people in the family who know, and in that situation, the matriarch would have hidden her whereabouts. “He often did that, so he wouldn’t have raised any suspicion.”

In fact, half of it was just speculation… … .

I felt like if I showed such signs, my score would only be lowered, so I spoke in a confident tone on purpose.

“And in reality, you must have stayed at your home the whole time and searched for the whereabouts of the rat. The guardian ceremony is one of the few opportunities to open the main house to the outside world. “It means it’s worth the risk to the rat to invade.”

“… … .”

Sanghyeolgong had no reaction.

While talking, he changed his posture to resting his chin.

However, there were no emotions that could be called joy, sadness, or sadness on his face until the end.

‘Anything is fine, so react accordingly.’

In fact, all of these guesses are wrong, and it may have been hidden among the elders just because it seemed fun.

I don’t know the truth either.

To be honest, I was embarrassed because it was my first time dealing with someone like this.

At that time, Sanghyeolgong suddenly spoke.

“It’s mostly speculation.”

“… “Yes, but.”


Sanghyeolgong looked at me and said something else.

“If you stop by the Jewel Mountains.”


“Have you also met Calzac?”

I was slightly surprised.

Iron Blood Prince knew about Calzac’s whereabouts.

“How did you know?”

“It’s a feeling.”

“… … .”

“To be exact, it’s the sixth sense.”

ah. Is it a blessing?

“How is Calzac doing?”

I was silent for a moment and then spoke.

“The situation is a bit complicated.”

“What do you mean?”

“… “I wonder what happened.”

I told him most of my experiences in the Jewel Mountains.

Being chased by assassins, and in the midst of this, a huge cave entered, Calzac appearing at the moment of crisis, and the subsequent subjugation of the Jewel Beast… And even the priest who appeared at the last moment.

There is one thing I hid.

It’s just about martial arts.

“… … .”

Sanghyeolgong, who heard the whole story, was silent.

“I subdued the jeweled beast.”


Sanghyeolgong was silent for a moment, then suddenly nodded.

“Right. Got it. “Let’s just go.”


Sanghyeolgong closed his mouth as if he had finished speaking.

I wonder how my words were received, what will happen from now on, will I really be disciplined, and what will happen to my attendance at the protection ceremony? … .

They don’t say anything about it.

He just looked away from me like someone who had lost interest.

‘… … .’

Can we consider this as having passed the crisis?

I do not know.

The funny thing is, the moment Sanghyeolgong’s gaze was taken away, I felt relieved.

At the same time, I was happy that I could leave this place.

But beyond that relief or joy… … .

‘… … .’

My self-esteem plummeted to the bottom of the mud.

Somehow, I felt that if I left this place like this, it would be no different from my previous life.

Of course, I was not taken over by Keian, I learned the First Flame Attack, and I even defeated the Jewel Beast.

He met the God of War, obtained the Sword of the Seven Deadly Sins, and even struck Hector, who had been unlucky in the past, on the back of the head.

This is an achievement that cannot be compared to my previous life.

but… … .

What’s the use of it all if you’re not recognized by the Iron Blood Lord?


I didn’t stand up, but rather glared at the other person and spoke.

Sanghyeolgong’s eyes turn to me again.

It doesn’t contain a single trace of life, but it feels depressing.

As far as I know, only three of his many children call Sanghyeolgong ‘father’.

In fact, in the past, I had never once called this man father.

But at this moment,

I never stopped calling Sanghyeolgong my father.

“Would you like to make a deal with me?”

In order to make Iron Blood Prince accept what I am about to say,

Because I literally have no choice but to appeal to my remaining affection.

* * *

Sanghyeolgong was silent for a long time.

What was different was that while he maintained that silence, his gaze was fixed on me.

I didn’t avoid it.

The pressure was unusual, but I could bear it as I remembered my teacher.

And Sanghyeolgong opened his mouth.

“Let’s make a deal.”



It was a remark that could be pointed out as rude depending on the person, but… … .

Sanghyeolgong is not the type to be obsessed with etiquette.

He simply tilted his head and said.

“What’s the deal?”

I sigh inwardly.

Why is it so hard to hear that one word?

“First of all, there’s something I didn’t tell you. “Among the traitorous Fang Knights, Osel was a big name.”

“leading figure?”

“yes. The map I got from that guy. If we interpret this, we will be able to find the cult’s base in the mountains.”

“… … .”

Sanghyeolgong’s expression changed for the first time.

Of course.

The most important thing for this man is the destruction of the religious order. It’s not for nothing that he got the bloody nickname “Executioner.”

“The number of assassins seen in the mountains, and the presence of priests. The base these guys have built in the mountains is definitely not small. “You can think of it as a major base.”


I put the map back into my chest.

“Father, please spread a small rumor this way.”


“It is said that ‘Ruan Badniker’ killed a cult assassin in the mountains and subjugated a gem beast.”

I said, waving my hands.

“I will be the bait.”

“… … .”

“There are still members of the cult left in the family. They probably know the identity of Osel and his group. Maybe even the existence of this map. “They will approach me to retrieve the map or find out what is going on.”

“well. “No matter how strong the mastermind is, would he dare to do something stupid in Badniker’s home?”

“If it were someone else, I wouldn’t have done that. But I’m Luan Badniker, right? “The youngest son, a bastard, who is known to have been released from the family.”

For a moment, our gazes became intertwined in the air.

Surprisingly, it was Sanghyeolgong who caught his attention first.

“indeed. It would be a useful trap. “Then what do you want in return?”

I said, thinking of the Seven Deadly Sins Sword in the room.

“I have something to ask you. “Not now, but later.”

“It’s a question.”

Sanghyeolgong thought for a moment and said.

“good. “Whatever the question is, if I know it, I will definitely answer it.”

“… … .”

“If you want to participate in the protection ceremony separately, that’s fine. Of course, the opposite doesn’t matter either. “No matter what choice you make, there won’t be any bothersome noise coming from the family.”

He is a man who always keeps his word.

Perhaps, in the future, family officials such as the collector will not bother me.

The same goes for the council of elders.

“I plan to participate in the protection ceremony.”

This is sincere.

To be honest, I’m curious.

Indeed, now that I have returned… … .

Will I still not receive a single blessing?


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