I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 39

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Episode 39

It is said that the blessing ceremony will be held at the auditorium that I stopped by yesterday.

It is a building built a little away from the main house, and is a perfect place to use for events.

It’s a place with a huge stage and countless seats.

It looked like a large theater because the stage could be viewed not only from the first floor, but also from the second, third, and fourth floors.

‘I heard there are a lot of buildings like this in Jedo City.’

Anyway, the overall lighting was dimmer than yesterday, so it felt quite different.

“All leaders, please come this way.”

A person who appeared to be a knight personally guided us.

For reference, Yeongdo (英徒) refers to a young hero.

You can’t take off this title simply because you receive a lot of blessings or reach adulthood.

Being recognized as a hero from a great family is a completely different matter.

Following the driver’s instructions, I moved to the back of the podium.

There was too much space for a place to simply wait.

Tables and chairs, as well as simple snacks, are provided.

‘There are already a bunch of them.’

The Youngdo guys were sitting among close friends, which isn’t strange if you think about it.

He must have stayed at Badniker’s home for at least two weeks.

In any case, the largest groups were the prince’s group and Hector’s group.

There were a lot of bastards around these guys, but of course I’m not talking about real animals.

Opportunists who flatter in order to somehow gain recognition with the great nobles.

If it had ears or a tail, it would definitely have been swaying gently.

Surprisingly, Seren was sitting alone.

“First, everyone from Yeongdo will come up to the podium and then we will conduct the opening ceremony. Afterwards, after the opening ceremony declaration by Head of Household Badnicker, the congratulatory address by His Royal Highness the Prince, and the words of the Heads of Households… … .”

Because it is a national event, there are many annoying rituals.

The most terrible thing is that I have to attend all the schedules without any hesitation.

I want to kill time with luck, but… … .

It’s a bit like that in a situation full of assassins.

Once all the leaders had gathered, they went up to the stage under the guidance of the knight.

A restrained applause rang out from the already filled seats.

‘Are you saying that the guys sitting over there are the people in power who control the empire?’

At that time, a young man appeared from the opposite direction from where we had walked up.

“This is Assad, the head of the household. First of all, to the distinguished guests who filled this space today… … .”

It is the sudden appearance of a big name.


Hermit, Guardian of Badniker, Sleeping Dragon.

However, in the world, he is the most famous man under the name Grand Wizard.

Although he is a young man with a neat appearance, he is a legendary and historical figure who has protected the Badknicker for hundreds of years, and even the council of elders shows respect and respect in front of Assad.

Assad was widely known abroad as the right-hand man of the Iron Man.

Even if that is not the case, the head of the household is someone who no one can complain about when exercising his/her status.

[Ho… That guy is pretty… … .]

Musin showed interest again.

Whether it’s a warrior or a wizard, as long as they’re strong, their desire to win seems to boil over.

Anyway, after Assad’s general opening declaration was over, a guy called the prince started talking again with his red hair flying.

After listening to the boring words the family leaders had prepared, Assad declared.

“Then let’s start the protection ceremony now.”

The surroundings became quiet.

The young leaders returned to the back stage and waited, but unlike just before, the sound of conversation had almost disappeared.

Nervous, excited, excited, anxious, a little afraid… … .

I felt indescribable emotions mixing together.

It’s a refreshing reaction.

‘Today is the turning point in my life!’

I guess most of the guys here feel that way.

“Randolph of House Tryon. “On the podium.”

“Yes, yep!”

A man full of spirit climbed up onto the stage.

Because it was a memorable first sequence, all the eyes of the guys in the waiting room were focused on it.

Randolph walked up to the stage with crooked steps.

“This is Randolph of Tryon.”

After bowing my head with a brief self-introduction, there was a brief round of applause.

Randolph took a deep breath and glared at the mirror above the podium.

It is [Baal’s Mirror].

72 gods supported by the empire.

Since it is a mirror named after the leader, it is naturally not an ordinary mirror.

“… … .”

Randolph stood in front of the mirror and took a step towards it.

At that moment, ripples spread across the mirror like a lake, and naturally accepted Randolph’s body.

“ah… … .”



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A nobleman, probably seeing this scene for the first time, let out an exclamation.

The mirror of Baal is a divine device.

Depending on how you use it, it can help you borrow the power of God or communicate face-to-face.

Depending on how you use it, you may be temporarily connected to the gods.

‘Although there is a restriction that you must come from a [great family].’

Where is Randolph walking now, and what kind of god has he met?

I do not know.

Like Randolph, I entered the mirror, but I did not see the shadow, let alone God.

I continued walking in a dark space and then went outside.

From what I’ve heard, the scenery that people encounter varies greatly.


Right after Randolph disappeared into the mirror… … .

A ray of light flowed from around the mirror and formed a shape above it.


You all know what that number means.

The number of blessings granted.

By then Randolph had come out of the mirror.


Randolph scratched the back of his head as if embarrassed, and then checked the numbers written on the mirror.

And he made a slightly subtle expression, and it seemed like he had a lot of regret.

Of course, it is unfortunate that there is only one divine protection, but you never know depending on the type of divine protection.

It’s not like there aren’t heroes who gained fame with just one divine protection.

First of all, the people watching seemed to be applauding and congratulating him.

‘But progress is fast.’

Is it natural that if we proceed slowly, the sun will rise?

When I took a quick look around, it seemed like there were 50 people attending today’s protection ceremony.





Anyway, the numbers on the mirror mostly went back and forth between 1 and 2.

If you see 1, dry applause,

When 2 was seen, there was somewhat enthusiastic applause.

When you see 3, admiration comes from all around.

“Seren of Goodspring Street, to the podium.”

By then my ex-fiancé’s name was called.

Seren stood up with a noble attitude. And while he was heading up the podium, I don’t know why, but he caught a glimpse of me.

‘Is this this guy’s first protection ceremony?’

Probably so.

I didn’t see you at the protection ceremony held earlier this year.

As Seren climbed onto the podium, small whispers spread like ripples in the seats.

It is natural since he is the only Goodspring bloodline that participated in this protection ceremony.

Seren arrogantly stood in front of the mirror, ignoring their gazes, and after completing a brief self-introduction, she immediately disappeared into the mirror.

And almost immediately after, a beam of light emitted from the mirror.

Those watching were amazed.

This is because the number, force, and brightness of the light bursting from the mirror were unusual.



“and… … !”

Someone let out an exclamation.

Even the nobles who pretended to be polite could not hide their uproar this time.

It’s worth it.

The most I’ve ever received from this guy was four blessings.


Seren put her hand on her waist with a haughty attitude, but her facial expression was awkward, perhaps because she was still a child.

He couldn’t completely hide his pride.

After a while, Seren returned to the backstage and smiled at me.

“Do your best. “You may not be able to beat my record.”

He said he was being cheesy.

Aside from me, Seren monopolized all the attention of those around her, and those eyes included not only Hector but also the prince.

This is Hector’s second protection ceremony.

And if I remember, the number of blessings he received during the first blessing ceremony was 5.

‘I lost.’

As I thought about that and chuckled to myself, I made eye contact with Hector.

The moment a cold line was drawn at the corner of Hector’s mouth, the knight spoke.

“Master Hector, you can go up.”

Hector took his eyes off me and went up.

I watched it from backstage.

Generally, the number of blessings received in the second blessing ceremony is less than that of the first.

Hector will probably receive one or two more blessings.

Hector stood on the podium with a relaxed smile. It feels completely different from the smile you just gave me.

Surely he must have lived in vain for a few more years, but he seemed better at hiding his true feelings than Seren.

‘no way?’

I was momentarily suspicious of Hector, but he is a guy who almost fanatically worships Sangvis-Blooded Ball.

That’s unlikely.

It’s low, but not non-existent.

Clap clap clap-.

By then, the sound of applause reached my ears.

While I was lost in thought, Hector’s protection ceremony seemed to have ended.

This guy received a total of three blessings.

Considering that it is the second protection ceremony, this is a good score.

“Luan of Badnicker Street, to the podium.”

I saw an article calling my name.

It must be a knight of Badnicker, but that person is Master Hector, and that person is Luan of the Badnicker family.

Moreover, since I am right after Hector, there is no particular order of family ties, but for some reason, I feel a sense of malice.

I smiled and got up from my seat.



Several eyes were focused on me as I headed toward the podium.

Curiosity, ridicule, contempt, disgust, a little pity?

At least there was some self-restraint in the leaders’ gazes, but when they went up to the stage, the blatant ridicule became much worse.

‘Hector is also Hector… … .’

If there is a real mastermind, isn’t he probably hiding among those nobles?

“… … .”

As I stood in front of the mirror, it began to reflect a completely different scene than me.

It seems as if darkness is swirling around.

There is something constantly swirling around, but there is no clear shape.

Anyway, I put my hand into the mirror without hesitation. For some reason, I felt a refreshing sensation from the part where we touched… … .


The next moment, I stepped completely inside the mirror.


It is an extremely dark place.

It was a place without a single light, but for some reason, I could see myself clearly.

It’s not darkness, but rather the feeling of being surrounded by black walls?

‘It’s similar to last time?’

So will my blessings be zero this time too?

I continued walking with doubts.

And something I soon realized.

‘It’s definitely longer than last time.’

Even after walking for several minutes, the darkness did not end.

I heard that the flow of time is different from outside… It was a moment when I wondered how long I would have to stay like this.

[72nd place is looking at you.]


Is this it?

The ‘Voice of God’ that can be heard in the mirror.

I feel dazed.

This is because I never heard this inorganic voice in my previous life.

[Most committee members are interested.]

[I hope that the majority will bestow their blessings on you.]

Plus, the situation was going in a direction I didn’t expect.

The 72nd place are the gods that the empire upholds.

It is also an entity that bestows collective protection on the descendants of a [great family].

[#1 Baal is interested in you.]


Baal, the leader of the 72 gods, is interested in me?

It was then.

[The guardian seat appears.]

What is a guardianship seat?

[Baek No-gwang, the best in the world, looks at Baal, the number one.]


[You are a dog who is doing it, but I ask my disciple if it is a rice cake.]

[Baal explodes in anger.]

Even in the midst of confusion, I realized one thing.

I must not make Master angry.

[Baek No-gwang radiates his vitality.]

[I recommend plucking out the eyes and lowering them before decorating the mouth.]

[…] … .]

[…] … .]

[Baal closes his eyes.]

oh my god.


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