I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 31

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Episode 31

Badniker’s home, the fourth day of the exchange meeting.

No matter how enjoyable a festival is, if it continues for four days, the excitement will wane.

The exchange meeting was no exception, and many of the crowds that had once filled the hall had disappeared.

In fact, it is natural.

This is because participating in an exchange meeting is not an easy task.

For the sake of dignity, you should not wear overlapping clothes even for a single day, and your clothing should not be out of place.

You never know how a word you say without thinking might spread, so you have to be careful about your words and actions even when making small talk, and this is not an easy task.

I heard that there are many ladies who feel sick after the first day and are bedridden.

However, Lucia, who was weak, surprisingly succeeded in maintaining perfect attendance until the fourth day.

There was a sad reason for this,

In any case, I didn’t have a lot of clothes or jewelry to worry about dressing up, and I didn’t have a long conversation with anyone during the exchange meeting.

To be honest, I have never talked to anyone for more than a minute.

“… Phew.”

Lucia went outside to the garden and let out a long sigh.

Although I was quite busy for four days, I did not achieve any results.

First of all, the great ambassador, who was the biggest target of the exchange meeting, did not attend much.

Luan’s favorite swordsman wasn’t even visible, and instead, the law teacher and art teacher showed up.

Neither of them pretended to know Lucia when they saw her.

In particular, the law teacher looked at Lucia and looked like he didn’t want to talk to her, so I felt a deep sense of humiliation.

As I sat idly and blew my breath, I heard a heavy voice from my right.

“It’s cold. “Please leave now.”

“… … .”

White hair, a mustache, wrinkles symbolizing the twilight of life, and a sturdy physique that contrasted with that.

When Keian stood next to her, Lucia felt as if she was being escorted by a retired old knight.

“Sir, did I say thank you?”

“How many times did you do it?”

“But I’ll say it again. thank you.”

Then Keian bowed slightly with an ambiguous expression.

Lucia looked at that scene again and closed her mouth.

Sangvis Collector Kayan

no. Is he a former collector now, anyway?

It was truly amazing to receive help from this man.

To put it mildly, on the first day of the exchange meeting, this was the only topic that came up at every table, and at first Lucia thought that Keian had made a mistake.

That’s not true.

When I asked the reason, what I got back was… … .

It’s just flattery to impress Luan.

It was a remark that made Lucia’s heart sink.

Could it be that something happened while he left the mansion?

For example, if the family’s elder council did not see any vision from Ruan and ordered a levy… … .

Then, Luan, who is currently in the mansion…

“Your wife has nothing to worry about.”

Keian flatly dismissed Lucia’s delusion.

He didn’t tell me anything more, but instead told me another fact.

– Luan is heading towards her home now.

To receive the second protection ceremony, by order of the Iron Blood Duke!

It was news that Lucia could not help but rejoice.

‘Could it be that the head of the family has withdrawn his thoughts on that child?’

I don’t know until that point.

Lucia considers herself to have an excellent eye for people, but she still doesn’t know much about Iron Blood Ball.

This is true even though he also gave birth to his children.

However, I know one thing for sure.

The head of the Badniker – Sanghyeolgong is completely indifferent to anyone he is not interested in.

If it’s to the extent of directly ordering Luan and ordering a second protection ceremony… … .

First of all, it means that you felt at least some interest in that child, and with that fact alone, the worst has already been avoided.

Lucia felt good at the thought of seeing her son for the first time in a long time, especially at his home.

Although the exchange meeting did not even achieve its intended goal, it does not matter much.

Because it is much more important to be recognized by just one Sanghyeolgong than to be noticed by other people.

I said so.

“… … .”

One day passes, two days pass.

Lucia sighed and asked Keian, who was by her side even though she was no longer attending the exchange meeting.

“How long does it usually take from the mountains to this Badniker’s home?”

“About a week.”

“… 1 week.”

Lucia muttered.

“You said it’s already been fifteen days since the Fang Knights left their home.”

“That’s right.”



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If so, it is a few days behind schedule.

Keian looked at Lucia’s worried face and said.

“Don’t worry too much. “The Gem Mountains are forbidden by the empire, so we have no choice but to be careful where we move.”

“… … .”

“Fortunately, the drivers who accompanied us were experts. Even if you take a short walk around, you will have chosen a safer route.”

I understand what Kayan is saying.

However, I still feel uneasy somehow.

The second blessing ceremony is actually held on December 31 – that is, the last day of the year.

Taking the preparation into consideration, you will need to arrive at your home at least a day in advance, or at least two days in advance.

If you fail to do so, not only will your golden opportunity be lost, but you may also be criticized by your family.

Any situation will be an excuse.

‘Today is December 26th.’

If Luan cannot come within the next four days, the qualifications for participating in the Gaho ceremony will be passed in a different order.


Actually, I don’t care about things like Gahosik.

My son may not understand, but there is no problem in a person’s life even if he or she does not receive divine protection.

‘Luan, are you okay?’

Lucia just hoped that her only son would be safe.

* * *

Badniker’s home.

Among the many rooms, this room is particularly dark.

Even though it was broad daylight, the curtains were drawn, but for some reason, it was a gloomy room.

“You will participate in this protection ceremony.”

Garcia family.

One of Badniker’s branch houses.

Reagan, the head of the family, said.

“Maybe through this opportunity, you too will receive the name Badniker.”

It was extremely rare for a branch family to regain the name of the main family, but Badnicker is an exception.

This family is strictly meritocratic.

As long as you prove your skills, anything that would normally be impossible is allowed.

However, while listening to his father’s words, Harba Garcia could not help but ask.

“Isn’t the last seat in this blessing ceremony going to Luan Badniker?”

Although it has not been made public in earnest, it is already a public fact within the mansion.

“This is the place that was yours from the beginning.”

Reagan said in a calm voice.

This is also not wrong.

Originally, it was scheduled to be Hariba, the eldest son of the Garcia family, who was the last person to participate in this protection ceremony.

That decision was quickly overturned.

A person who can do that – a word from Iron Blood Ball.

In Badniker, the only one who stands above the family law is Sanghyeolgong.

Nevertheless, this order created negative rumors about the family for the first time in a long time… … .

In the end, Sanghyeolgong’s obsession with blood ties manifested itself in a bad way.

First of all, what kind of guy is Luan Badniker?

An incompetent person who has not received a single blessing,

The main culprit of all kinds of incidents that make me shiver just hearing about it.

In the end, I will become a crazy person who even sold the family’s treasured sword.

Are you giving that idiot another chance?

No one openly expressed dissatisfaction, but no one understood the judgment.

“And Luan Badniker won’t be able to get home until the day of his death.”

Reagan continued, smoothing his mustache.

“Have you arranged something?”

“Not really. There is no way in this family to fool the eyes of the Iron Blood Lord… … . “I just heard a tip about the plan.”

Hariba was silent.

Reagan is an opportunist.

And the characteristic of an opportunist is that no matter how strong it is, it cannot be reassured by a single rope.

Moreover, if there is a reason to do so, one can be as cruel as he wants, and to a certain extent.

Hariba knows Reagan’s characteristics.

Where can I find out?

“I think it’s not enough.”

Hariba has a much crueler disposition than his father.


“It simply means that you cannot return to your home by the due date, and that level of guarantee is not enough.”

“Then what should we do?”

“I have to be sure. “It creates a situation where Luan cannot participate even if she is alive or arrives at her home in time.”

Reagan quietly looked into his son’s eyes and said.


“Isn’t Luan Badniker’s biological mother at home now?”


“Let’s kill him.”


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