I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 32

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Episode 32

Reagan pressed the corners of his eyes.

It was to hide the agitation.

Before I knew it, goosebumps were growing on my forearms.

Although they are blood relatives, there are times when Hariba feels like a monster.

Somehow, I feel like I’m missing several elements that I should have as a human being.

Hariba wasn’t like this from the beginning.

The first time my son showed strange behavior was at the second prince’s birthday banquet two years ago.

After that, he suddenly left for [Ulkua], saying he had something to study.

‘I didn’t mean to send it.’

[Ulkua] is a famous place as a sacred place for alchemy, but it is a city that can never be said to have a good reputation in the world.

It is a place where a large number of alchemists who will use any means necessary for research gather, so it is natural.

Some people went so far as to call Ulqa the “worst city in history.”

Considering the overall atmosphere and security of the city, this is not entirely wrong.

Anyway, after returning from the land of the alchemists, Hariba no longer had to hide his impulses.

I also heard rumors that he hangs out with some dangerous people.

After a moment, Reagan spoke.

“What does killing her have to do with protection? Even if Lucia dies, there is a possibility that she will participate in the protection ceremony. If it’s a funeral, it can be held after the protection ceremony is over.”

“From what I heard, Luan Badniker wasn’t that mentally strong.”

“Even so, it is difficult. Above all, the chance of being discovered is too high. Have you forgotten where this is?”

Even if Sanghyeolgong is absent, the fact that this is Badniker’s home does not change.

The situation is such that not only the family elders and knights, but also the great criminals are waiting.

There are countless ways to assassinate a woman, but I am not confident that my tail will not be stepped on.

Reagan said while looking at his son.



“Restrain yourself.”

“… … .”

This is sincere advice.

Reagan believes that a certain level of brutality is necessary to be the best, but Hariba takes that too far.

Hariba closed his mouth for a moment, was silent, and then lowered his head.


“You don’t have to worry about Luan. “The last information I heard was that it was already like a rat in a poison, and it was only a matter of time before it was killed.”

Reagan stood up and then closed the curtain.


The bright sunlight was shining.

Reagan said with narrowed eyes.

“There is no chance that a brat without any protection will escape the Gem Mountains. So don’t worry.”

“… All right.”

“Go see.”

Hariba bowed his head once again and quietly left the room.

Reagan looked out the window.

A beautifully maintained garden and a lush forest beyond.

Badniker’s home that only the chosen can enter.

Now, thanks to the blessings of protection, I am treated to a room, and it is only a short stay… … .

If Hariba becomes a member of Badniker, this beautiful scenery will also be visible every day.

‘Until the protection ceremony, four more days.’

Reagan relaxed and decided to wait.

* * *

Of course, it is not only Badniker’s bloodline that participates in the protection ceremony.

At this protection ceremony, all the imperial nobles, who even country bumpkins would have heard of, gathered.

Of course, there are few families among them that can compare to Badniker.

… ‘Few.

Good Spring.

The only family in the empire that is on par with Badniker in terms of name alone.

“… “You’re probably going to go back because you’re bored.”

Seren Goodspring, the third daughter of the Goodspring family, did not hide her wrinkled face.

It’s already been two weeks since I came to this shitty mansion.

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t have any expectations about how great the famous Badniker’s hometown is.

I was surprised at first.

The beautiful mansion located deep in the dreamy forest made Seren feel a fairytale-like feeling for the first time in a long time.

I didn’t get tired of the scenery on the second or third day.

The limit came when a week had passed.

As I got used to the beautiful scenery, only the shortcomings of this place became more noticeable.

‘The city is too far away.’

You can’t just go out into the forest, let alone the city.

Seren also knows about [Butterfly Forest]. A place where you can’t find the right path unless you have badknicker blood.

Not only that, I heard that there are many dangerous monsters living deep in the forest.



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By then, Seren had no idea how this place was different from prison.

Besides, he throws so many banquets that now, just hearing the music makes me nauseous.

“… “Why did I come to a place like this?”

How great would it have been if the blessing ceremony was held at Good Spring?

Seren’s family is one of only three families, including the Badniker and the royal family, that can host the protection ceremony.

If she was lucky, Seren could participate in the protection ceremony held in her family.

… Of course, it was Seren’s choice to personally hold the protection ceremony at Badniker at this time.

It’s not just Gahosik.

Seren’s real purpose is to participate in Badniker’s retreat after this.

The infamous Badniker’s retreat called [6 Weeks of Despair].

They say that if you succeed in completing the course through that period, you will be reborn as a talented person who can do his job, even if you are a fairly retarded person… … .

In fact, people around you probably won’t understand that Seren is participating in the retreat.

Because Seren is a good spring.

There are countless heroes at Goodspring who have been given divine protection, and the classes there will not be inferior to those of Badniker.

So why do you want to participate in Badniker’s retreat?

The reason is that-.

‘… hmm.’

Seren glanced around.

The large auditorium is crowded with boys and girls of various ages.

Today is the final inspection day.

So, tomorrow is the final confirmation of the number of people participating in the protection ceremony.

For that purpose, all Gahosik participants gathered from Daetbaram in the morning.

‘Even the pups who were confined to their rooms for two weeks participated.’

In Gahosik, there is always a ‘main character’.

Of course, this protagonist is determined by how many blessings he or she receives… … .

Naturally, the more outstanding talent you have, the higher your chances of receiving a lot of blessings.

And Seren is confident that she will be the main character of this blessing ceremony.

Although I acknowledged that there were a few people I needed to keep an eye on.

‘The eldest son of the Dosreta family, the third son of the Helvin family, and the youngest daughter of the Rubieta family… … .’

In addition, I heard that there is also the only son of Hyde Woodjack, the strongest ranger in the empire.

Anyway, these guys are famous in their own way, but there is something else that is most in check right now.

Seren’s eyes glanced in that direction.

I saw two incredibly handsome men.

Black hair and red hair.

A rare color that is difficult to find even in the Empire.

So, that color also represents their family.

Dull and eerie black hair is [Badknicker].

The brightly burning red light is [Hwangga].


Those two guys will become Badniker’s second sons and the fourth princes of the empire.

‘You bastards like parasitic brothers… … .’

Seren was chewing on the two men in her mind, but she couldn’t deny the fact that most of the eyes from all directions were focused on that side.

It is also natural.

No one would have seen that precious face during the protection ceremony.

Because they were both locked in their room all day.

‘Mysticism, something like that?’

At that time, the black-haired man’s eyes turned in this direction and he laughed unluckily.

“Someone said, ‘Aren’t you the daughter of Goodspring?’”

“… … .”

Seren opened her mouth, suppressing the urge to swear.

“It’s an honor that the famous Master Hector recognizes me.”

“haha. Enough with the hard words, come here. “Did you say hello to Lantus?”

Naturally, the conversational tone of a superior is eye-catching.

To be honest, I didn’t even want to get close, but with the prince involved, there was no good excuse.

No matter how blind you are, calling the prince like a close friend is to show off your influence… … .

At that moment, the prince was also looking this way with a gentle smile.

The moment when Seren was about to respond with a stiff smile.


The auditorium door opened somewhat roughly, revealing a man.

Although he had an ordinary body shape, face, and appearance, the young heroes in the auditorium tensed up.

Meanwhile, the man on the podium spoke in a calm voice.

“hello. It is an honor to meet these young heroes today. “My name is Luke.”

Even the name was ordinary, but the man’s identity was not ordinary at all.

Leader of the [Steel Blood Knights], one of the two knights representing Badniker.

Knight Commander Luke.

By blood, he is also the younger brother of Sanghyeolgong… … .

“Thank you for gathering so early in the morning. All we have on our agenda today is a simple background check, so it shouldn’t take long.”

Anyway, most of them were ordinary men, but their voices had a strong characteristic.

Should I say that I become depressed just listening to it?

Additionally, for some reason, Seren became nervous when she heard that voice.

‘… ‘It’s amazing.’

This is a family that could not even look at Goodspring just a few decades ago.

To be precise, even before Sanghyeolgong became the head of the family, Badniker’s power was not at this level.

It was clear that they were a prestigious family representing the empire, but they were still lacking in many ways compared to Goodspring.

But now?

When you ask a passerby on the street to compare Badknicker and Goodspring, how many people choose the latter?

“The schedule was announced three days in advance, so those who do not attend today are those who do not attend the ceremony.”

Meanwhile, Luke’s emotionless voice continued.

“The process is simple. When I call your name, you can answer. Please note that if you do not respond until your name is called three times, you will be considered absent. Also, honorifics are omitted. We ask for your understanding in advance. So let’s get started right away. Common of Tenfield Street.”


Of course, there would be no idiot who would not attend this event.

What kind of opportunity is Gahosik?

Most problems in the world can be solved with money or power, but there are exceptions.

“Lionis of Tmaronga.”


Ga Ho-sik was like that.

The only people who can participate here are those who inherit the blood of heroes and have the aptitude for anti-demons.

And protection is the only way to completely bloom a hero’s blood.

“Seren of Goodspring Street.”


When I was called, I answered.

Then I felt eyes from all directions.

The children of some families even whispered in an uncultured manner.

‘Is that the third daughter of the Goodspring family?’

From ‘Your hair color is unique’.

‘They say it looks fine on the outside, but the inside tastes bad…’ … Even the words ‘.’

Seren was calm because she was used to this kind of reaction.

My composure was almost broken by the whispers, ‘After the marriage talk with Badniker was broken, my temper got worse.’

‘Marriage talk is bullshit.’

It was a conversation that was forced to begin with, and I didn’t even see the other person’s face.

Actually, I couldn’t even remember the name.

‘Was he a crazy person who sold the family’s treasured sword?’

In fact, marriage talks between prominent families are rarer than you might think.

Even though Badniker and Goodspring are two families representing the empire, their marriage came close to consummating.

In this case, the reason is surprisingly simple: there is something wrong with the people who had the marriage conversation.

It’s a traditional way to solve family problems.

However, in the end, the reason for the marriage discussion was because the notoriety of the Badniker master had reached a serious level.

Anyway, because of the idiot’s stupid actions, Seren barely had time to relax.

The desire to help the family remains the same, but not in this way.

‘But what was his name?’

I heard it, but I don’t really remember it.

Obviously Lu… … .

“Luan of the Badnickers.”

that’s right. Luan Badnicker.


Only then did Seren raise his head.

Did he also participate in this protection ceremony?

I do not know.

This is because a lot has changed since the moment ‘Seren Good Spring’ participated in the protection ceremony.

but… … .

‘From what I heard, he participated in the first protection ceremony held early this year.’

I didn’t receive any blessings there.

It was unprecedented for a member of a great family to not receive even a single blessing.

Of course, Seren knows.

That was the main reason why the marriage talks collapsed.

“Luan of the Badnickers.”

Luke’s dry voice echoed through the auditorium once again.

Come to think of it, did you say that if you don’t answer until your name is called three times, you will be considered absent?

It seems like that coward didn’t attend even though he was selected through his family… … .

‘I guess so.’

One such embarrassment is enough.

As for Seren, she didn’t understand Badniker’s choice to give Luan one more chance.

“Lou of the Badnicker family.”

Jump up!

At that time, the auditorium door burst open.

All eyes in the auditorium, including Seren’s and even Luke’s on the podium, were focused in that direction… … .

Immediately afterward, most frowned.

“… … .”

What a beggar he was.

Even from a distance, the clothes look shabby and the stench makes you stuff your nose.

“What is that… … .”

Seren let out a confused voice.

Although I criticized Badniker for being a country girl, of course I didn’t really mean it that way.

In particular, the land where this main house is built is as safe a place as the royal family.

The knights guarding the entrance spoke.


“This is not a place you can enter without permission.”

Even in this situation, the knights were admirable in maintaining respectful language, but unlike their polite tone, their attitude was threatening.

But what was more surprising was the beggar’s attitude.

“okay? “The butler told me to go here.”

Only then did the knights seem to sense something strange.

“Excuse me, but your identity is…” … .”

Then the scruffy guy looked around and said.

“I’m the youngest in this family.”


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