I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 30

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Episode 30

Arjan looked in vain at the collapsed cave. He trudged up to it and tapped the large rock with his hand.

“It’s dangerous, so stay away.”

“Oh, yes.”

You should not go near the site of this collapse that has just occurred.

This is because it would not be surprising if a second or third collapse occurred at any time.

“… “What the hell is this?”

Arjan trailed off.

It seems like they don’t know why the cave suddenly collapsed.

There’s no way I didn’t hear the constant screams from the cave, and it wasn’t long after I came to my senses.

“Nothing to be surprised. The omen of collapse from earlier was… … .”

I stumbled and fell before speaking.

“young master!”

Arjan rushes over.

I tried to just nod my head to mean it was okay, but that wasn’t easy either.

This is what they say about not having the strength to even lift a finger.

I said out of breath.

“Deacon, you have incredible charisma.”


“Bow!… Was it? “I was shaking my head without realizing it.”

“ah. Well, that’s… … .”

Arjan’s face heated up slightly.

“sorry. “I was rude.”

“it’s okay. In such a situation, insisting on using respectful language is even more self-deprecating. Are you feeling better than that?”

“You shouldn’t worry about me, Master.”

“The butler has to be fine to be able to carry me.”

“… ah.”

Arjan nodded.

“I have enough energy to serve you, Master.”

“Then let me ask you a favor. “I’m at my real limit now, so if I collapse now, I think I’ll pass out for a few days, right?”

“Please speak.”

“Go down the mountain range like this and take me back to my hometown. “If you hurry, you’ll get there just in time.”

“… … .”

Arjan closed his mouth.

“Do you care about Calzac?”

“… that.”

“I understand. “It’s the same for me too.”

“… … .”

Arjan looked at me as if searching.

“But we have to go. This is not a humanitarian issue. “I’m not even talking about efficiency.”

I said, recalling Calzac’s last cry.

“It was none other than my senior who wanted that. “In that moment, he grasped the situation in an instant and made the best choice.”

To be honest, I was quite surprised.

Great criminal, sword teacher.

I didn’t think I was underestimating it, but in fact, I may have been implicitly ignoring it.

I unconsciously compared it with the teacher and other executioners I saw in Yeongsan.

It was literally the thoughts of a frog in a well.

Merely physical strength does not mean strength.

The image of Calzac I just saw made me recognize him as a ‘strong person’.

“Waiting here or going back would actually be an insult to your senior. So we have to follow his wishes and go down the mountain range. Do you understand?”

“… All right.”

“okay. then… … .”

So exactly how many days are left?

I spent three days in a cave and a few days wandering in the mountains, right?

‘ah… … .’

It’s a big deal.

Perhaps because I was relaxed, I suddenly became sleepy.

I wanted to take the map out of my pocket, but my vision gradually became blurry and it was difficult to even connect my thoughts.

“In my pocket…” I have a map… … ? What I took from the assassins… Finding a way with that… Oh, and the gold coins… It’s what it was originally, so don’t worry about it… … .”

“young master!”

I couldn’t finish speaking and lost consciousness.


I thought that when I opened my eyes again, I might be back home.

* * *

God bless you.

The largest event in the empire, both in name and reality, in which only the bloodlines of great families can participate.

However, today, the blessing ceremony is not simply a place to receive amazing talents from God.

This important event is always attended by most of the empire’s powerful figures.



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At first, the purpose may have been to see the young blood who will lead the empire in person and to proceed with the event without noise, but… … .

Now, the role of exchange meetings, where powerful nobles can check each other’s positions or promote friendship, has grown equally.

In any case, it is an event where celebrities who support the empire gather in one place, so political movement is inevitable.

There is even a joke that says, ‘If you want to know the exact rank of the imperial nobility, look at the seating arrangement at the Imperial Palace.’

In any case, since it is a protection ceremony steeped in the history and traditions of the empire, the preparation and progress cannot be handled by an ordinary family.

Only three noble families have been granted this honor, including the imperial family.


One of the families that currently holds the most authority in the empire.

This territory, whose name means [earth] in the ancient fairy language, has fertile land and beautiful scenery that can be counted on one hand in the empire.

Every year, many tourists from home and abroad visit.

There is a ban on access, not only to spectators but also to local residents who have lived here their whole lives.

It is a place called [Butterfly Forest].

The home of Badniker, the owner of this land, is built in the deepest part of this forest – a place that can never be reached by normal means.

There are two ways to avoid getting lost in the butterfly forest.

It’s Badknicker’s bloodline.

The qualifications have been recognized by the head of the family.


Luan Badnicker’s mother, Lucia, is one of the latter.

The same is true even if she is one of Sanghyeolgong’s wives.

Because she was the daughter of another noble family to begin with, Badniker’s blood does not flow through her.

Is it because of that?

Lucia has been feeling uncomfortable whenever she was at home.

“Whoa… … .”

I sighed again.

It’s been almost a month since I returned home.

That’s all that’s passed yet.

‘It feels like it’s been a year.’

It was nice to run all the way to the family home for my only son, but life here was not smooth.


Lucia coughed and spit out dust.

The room assigned to her was a shabby space that was almost like a warehouse.

Lucia knows that the servants of the main house also stay in better rooms than this one.

My body was weak to begin with, so lately I’ve been having itchy bronchi and severe headaches.

The small window in the room was too small to fully ventilate the large room.

There was no servant to clean, and the room was too big to do it myself.

Lucia at least cleaned up the bed, but it didn’t have much of an effect.

“It’s childish.”

However, Lucia shook her head in a calm voice.

I know very well the reason for this treatment.

Iron Blood Duke’s wives.

Except for one person, the small children who cannot even be called hostesses are maintaining childish control.

This is a topic that I couldn’t even squeak when there was a Sanghyeolgong in my family.

But childishness aside, Lucia had no choice but to admit that their bullying was persistent and persistent.

It started with small things at first.

“sorry. Because of the upcoming blessing ceremony, there is no room in the room… … .”

Saying something like that when you can clearly see an empty room.

“We ran out of all ingredients today. I have some wheat bread left. Would you like some of this? “It was a bit stiff, though.”

Every time I go to a restaurant, they keep saying things like there’s no food.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. “At present, there are no spare hands, so there is no one to carry out your household chores.”

Not only did I have to clean my room, but I also had to do the laundry myself.

“Your clothes are torn? But this is the only clothes I have left… … .”

The next day, when I told her that my clothes were all torn, she smiled unpleasantly and gave me a maid’s uniform.

It’s trivial.

Lucia thought all this harassment was trivial.

From the beginning, Lucia was not a wealthy noblewoman.

The land of the far north.

[Coland], a territory once called the Ice Kingdom, was her hometown.

Although Corland is part of the empire, it is not strange to see the border territory as a separate country.

This is because the influence of an empire decreases the further away it is from the center.

In fact, it is natural.

The environment is different, the culture is different, and the appearance is different.

They came together under the flag of the Empire because of a huge enemy called the Dark Church, but that was it.

Most of the people of the empire do not consider such people as fellow citizens and discriminate against them.

The situation is better than that of a completely different race, but… … .

So, Colland was closer to a small kingdom than a border territory, and Lucia had a status similar to that of a princess of that small land.

Although there are more than ten brothers.

Anyway, Coland is a land with no special features other than being cold.

The reason Iron Blood Lord was interested in the daughter of such a family was because the Corland family once produced the strongest swordsman in the empire.

It’s an old story from hundreds of years ago.

Lucia laughed.

The royal palace of Colland was smaller than this Badniker mansion.

Sleeping in a warehouse? It’s not bad. What’s warm without having to start a fire?

No food? Even wheat bread can be eaten deliciously. When I got tired of that, I rented a kitchen and made my own food.

I’m so used to cleaning my room and doing laundry that I get tired of it. If I were healthy, I would have made this room shine.

Whether it’s clothes or shoes, if something gets torn, just sew it up.

okay. These insults and humiliations were nothing to Lucia.

It’s not that it wasn’t hard, and it’s not that my pride is intact.

I can endure it all for the sake of my only son, Luan.

This was the reason why Lucia stayed at her home despite all the insults.

‘It would be best if we could have Luan participate in this year’s second protection ceremony… … .’

The protection ceremony is held twice every five years.

Once each in the first and second half of the year.

This is the year that Luan was kicked out of the family without receiving any protection, so realistically, it will be difficult this time.

A maximum of 5 people from each family can participate in the protection ceremony.

And because he was an iron-blooded craftsman with numerous children, the competition for divine protection was fierce in his era.

Depending on your talent, you can receive the blessing up to two times.

We will no longer show mercy to Luan, who did not receive a single blessing despite receiving that precious opportunity.

So Lucia changed her original plan.

A protection ceremony that takes place over a total of two weeks.

By attending the exchange meeting that will take place in the meantime.

‘I’m sure the ambassadors will also attend.’

Ten guests who have a strong influence on Badniker.

The powerful people of the empire, personally invited by the Iron Blood Prince, are scheduled to appear at this exchange meeting.

If you are lucky, you may catch their eye and become their disciple.

In fact, quite a few of those attending this exchange meeting will have such a purpose.

‘The exchange meeting starts today.’

Lucia straightened her clothes in front of the mirror.

‘I’ve never thought of myself as having an ugly appearance, but… … .’

Maybe it’s because the decoration is sloppy, but there’s something ambiguous about it.

For some reason, she exuded poverty, but she did not seem like the wife of a prestigious noble family.

So I straightened my back even more.

Because I know that without confidence, only shabbyness remains.

When Lucia opened the door and came out, she saw servants moving busily in the hallway.

Pass by them and head to the place where the exchange meeting is held – the main hall on the first floor of the mansion.

When we arrived, we saw nobles dressed elegantly.

Tables arranged at regular intervals, fragrant wine scent and soft music.

Even though there were so many people, the atmosphere in the hall was calm.

As if it speaks of the level and sophistication of the people here.

Lucia was a little intimidated, but she corrected her weakness and took a step forward.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

At that time, someone blocked Lucia’s path.

Judging by his attire, he was the butler of the main family.

“Do you have something to say?”

“Identities are checked before entry. “What family do you come from?”

“… … .”

Lucia felt momentarily dazed.

Identity verification?

“me… “You don’t know?”

“I’m sorry, but… ah.”

Only then did the butler look at Lucia’s face and lower his head with an indifferent expression.

“sorry. “It was Lady Lucia.”

At that moment, faint laughter erupted from the hall.

Lucia saw that it was a familiar face.

Iron Blood Duke’s second and third wives.

They were laughing, covering their mouths with fans.

“It was a long-awaited exchange meeting, so I’m glad there was no disruption.”

“Well, that’s why you should have shown your face more often.”

“well. “I think it’s more a question of dignity than that.”

“but. That slanted dress is a bit… … . “I won’t do it even if I ask my maid to wear it.”

It’s too loud to be called gossip.

For some reason, the sound of the playing seemed to have stopped, and Lucia’s face got hot, but she pretended not to hear and stood upright.

It’s all just a once-in-a-lifetime shame.

I can’t back out of here, even for Luan’s sake.

“… “If the confirmation is over, can I just come in?”


But the butler seemed to have no intention of getting out of the way.

“I’m sorry, but did you come alone?”

“What does it mean?”

“More families than expected visited this blessing ceremony. “For that reason, the family elders’ council added a new condition for attending exchange meetings to prevent unnecessary confusion and unexpected situations.”

The butler laughed with an unpleasant expression on his face and said.

“If you do not have an attendant to assist you, you will not be able to attend this exchange meeting.”


“Excuse me, ma’am, please leave for today.”

A sneer was heard once again in Lucia’s dazed ears.


The difference from before is,

This time, the people ridiculing were not just the Iron Blood Lord’s wives.

“Someone said it was him. Why, he’s from Coalland… … .”

“iced coffee. “For some reason, I felt uncomfortable with its appearance.”

“Look at that hair. “It’s creepy.”

“ha. “I’m glad you’re coming back.”

“… … .”

Lucia’s face turned pale.

I had no idea that someone from Badniker would insult me ​​like this, even to my face.

For a moment, my hair turned white, and at that moment, the butler stretched out his hand.

Lucia’s face hardened.

Could it be that you are trying to force yourself out?

‘This… … .’

Anyway, didn’t I go too far?


Someone grabbed the butler’s outstretched hand.

The large hand, surrounded by black gloves, very easily concealed the sturdy man’s hand.

“Ugh… … .”

The butler, who was frowning at the grip he felt in his hand, hardened his expression after a moment.

“Uh, uhh,” he says, trailing off.

“If you are an attendant, I am here.”

A low, strong voice.

“I will take care of Lucia.”

Suddenly, the hall became quiet, as if cold water had been poured on it.

A middle-aged man was standing where everyone’s eyes were focused.

A person that even Lucia did not expect at all and was a baffling figure.

“It’ll be okay, right?”

Iron Blood Collector.

Keian raised the corners of his mouth beneath his mustache.


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