I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 19

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Episode 19

I don’t know if I’ll say it myself, but my memory isn’t bad.

Rather, it is good.

Once you see something, you don’t forget it, and you can easily accept concepts you don’t understand by reading them over and over again.

If it’s a voice I can’t clearly recall, it means that it’s not someone I have a deep connection with.

The only thing that can be inferred from his voice right now is that he is an adult male… … .

After thinking for a moment, I pulled out the sword from the corpse and walked towards the gap.

Arjan spoke again.

“young master.”

“know. But no matter what, you saved our lives. “The attack just now, if they had the will to do so, they could have killed us.”

“… “Then I will go.”

“Are you serious? Look at this gap. It’s too narrow. “If it were me, I would be able to get out in a hurry if I had to, but as a butler, it will take time.”

Arjan’s height was quite tall for a woman, and although it was hard to tell because of his clothes, he also had a lot of muscle density.

On the other hand, it has been less than a month since I escaped from being a skinny skeleton.

It is obvious who can cross this rift more smoothly.

“Besides, overall, I’m in better condition than the butler.”

“but… … .”

I was waiting to see how Arjan would persuade me, but this guy said something somewhat unexpected.

“… That voice is somehow familiar. “It could be someone I know.”


I said, stroking my chin.

“Then I guess I have to go.”


I ignored the puzzled Arjan and slipped into the gap.

Then, Arjan’s voice came from behind, accompanied by a sigh.

“If you don’t come back within five minutes, I will come after you.”


I continued to think as I waded through the dark place.

Of course, there aren’t many points of contact between me and Arjan.

This is true even though we once lived in the same mansion.

I still don’t even know what Arjan’s favorite food is.

In other words, the people he knows and the people I know are surprisingly limited.

Actually, the answer at this point is simple.

The person beyond this gap is a person related to Badniker.

* * *

After about a minute, I was able to get out of the gap.

Beyond the gap was a fairly large space, and as I looked around, I was quite surprised.

First of all, it was a fairly bright place.

I wondered why that was, but when I looked closely, the wall itself was glowing softly.

Is it a glow-in-the-dark stone?

There was a puddle of water in a corner, and a weak stream of water was flowing through the cracks.

In fact, although these are rare, they are not difficult to find in natural caves.

What really caught my attention was something else.

traces of habitation.

In the space, there was a desk, a chair, and even a bed that were clearly made of rock… … .

“… … .”

A man was sitting on a stone bed, glaring at me.

It was a man with scattered hair and a bushy beard.

She had a scruffy appearance and was wearing clothes that were better than a rag, but one side was missing.

When I looked closely, I saw that the man had no right arm.

What was more impressive than the fact that he had one arm was the look in the man’s eyes.

The eyes peeking through the scattered hair looked no different from those of an animal.

“What is this little kid?”

A faint voice was heard.

Of course, this is probably being said about me.

I could guess how my appearance would look now, so I nodded and agreed.

“Small but strong.”

“What are you doing?”

Anyway, it was hard to guess the man’s age because of his beard.

At first I thought he was an old man, but then I realized that he could be surprisingly young.

The man scratched his hair.

I wish it was dust and not dandruff that flies every time.

First, I handed over the sword I was holding.

“Here you go.”

“Leave it anywhere.”


I placed the missing sword at an angle on a nearby wall.

Even then, the man was just staring at me.



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“… This is it. I wondered what kind of guy was fighting the church in the Gem Mountains. “I never thought he would be such a wet baby.”

“Uh huh. “Thank you for saving my life, but please stop treating me like a kid who doesn’t know anything.”

Even though he looks like this, he is mentally older than 30, so it is unpleasant to be treated like a child.


After saying that, the man tilted his head and suddenly snapped his fingers.


I twisted my head to avoid the flying stone fragments.


I sighed openly.

“There are many other ways to test, but why do monsters like you always use this surprise method-.”


I stopped what I was saying and dodged the flying stone fragments four more times.


Only then did the man’s eyes change a little.

“You’re not a kid at all? but. “He must be a guy who came into the Jewel Mountains, so he must be a cool guy.”

“… … .”

“Kid, what’s your name?”


First of all, the last name was hidden.

This is because the identity of this man is unclear.

There is a high probability that he is related to Badniker, but there is no guarantee that it is a good connection.

In fact, even though I’m looking at it in person, I have no idea who this man is.

I think I’ll feel something if I at least take off that beard.

“What about that one?”

Then the man paused for a moment and spoke.

“… “Call me Dan.”

First of all, looking at his attitude, it’s not his real name.

Is this a pseudonym?

Or maybe it’s an abbreviation.

What is it an abbreviation for?

‘Danny, Daniel, Dinah, Jonathan…’ … .’

Even though I rack my brain, I still can’t come up with a name.

“There was a group outside, so why did you come alone?”

“I thought it might be dangerous if both of you came.”

“I’m not a dangerous person, so go and bring a friend.”

I thought these words were sincere.

There is no evil feeling about this man.

Unlike his somewhat frivolous tone of voice, I felt a certain level of class in his gestures… … .

However, I know how meaningless it is to judge people as good or evil.

There is no guarantee that being a good person will benefit me.

Just because someone is evil doesn’t necessarily mean harm to me.

In order to know for sure whether this unfamiliar person is an enemy or an ally, there is something you need to know more than anything else.

“What are you doing here?”

“… … .”

When looking at people from a utility perspective, there is nothing more certain than purpose.

At my words, Dan blinked his eyes slowly and spoke in a slow tone.

“Well… … . What on earth am I doing here? hmm. “I feel like I’m at a loss for things to say since you asked so directly.”

“… … .”

“Who am I. What are you doing here? What was he doing, and what kind of being will he become in the future? … .”

Dan suddenly fell into deep thought as if he had been asked a question about the truth.

‘Is he crazy?’

I don’t mean this to be disparaging, but he could really be a person whose mind goes back and forth.

If you are a maniac, the goal is to avoid it.

As I slowly took a step back, Dan burst out laughing and said,

“I’m kidding.”

“… … .”

“I’m here dreaming of revenge.”


“okay. “You got it right.”

“To whom?”

“Snake bastard.”

“You mean a jeweler?”

“that’s right.”


Arjan said.

In the Jewel Mountains, jewel trees are said to be an absolute disaster, or no different from death.

From what I saw in person, it wasn’t entirely wrong.

In particular, the Sapphire Snake I saw would have the ability to single-handedly annihilate one or two armies of knights.



What should we call a man who tries to defeat such a jeweled beast alone?

Slowly, even the word ‘Gin’ is becoming insufficient to express Dan’s identity.

I looked around again.

The place hidden in the cave crack could easily be called a residential space.

Another question.

How long did this man stay here?

“How long has it been?”


Dan said, stroking his beard out of habit.

“I’ve been chasing that guy ever since my arm was cut off. I don’t know the route of the mountain range in detail, but I feel like there’s no place I haven’t been to. Do you know? Once you reach the center of the mountain range, you cannot tell whether it is day or night. The bushes are so thick that they block out the entire sky. “Thanks to you, I have no sense of time now.”

He was a man who said he didn’t know for a very long time, but I was caught by something else.

“Chasing me? Isn’t this your base? “It’s also the snake’s nest.”

Then Dan shook his head.

“It’s a temporary home. That monster is a freak. They change their residence frequently. Well, it’s been a while since I stayed here. Anyway, if you miss it once in this vast mountain range, there is no guarantee that you will see it again. That’s probably why I’m stuck with that guy.”

“… … .”

I closed my slightly opened mouth.

Looking at the traces of life in this place, it seemed like Dan had been staying here for quite some time. He’ll be at least a few months.

So how long has this man been chasing Geumsu?

It was then.

There was a shout from behind, and Arjan appeared through the gap.


Has it already been 5 minutes?

I was so focused on the story that I forgot about it for a moment.

But Arjan was staring at Dan instead of me.

“you are… … .”

He looks somewhat skeptical.

“you… ah. “Is that the kid who was caught red-handed back then?”

Unlike him, Dan knew right away who Arjan was.

Immediately after that, his gaze turned towards me.

“Then, child, are you by any chance the son of Delak?”

For a moment, I almost asked, ‘Delac?’

It’s not because it’s a name I don’t know, but because I never imagined it would come out of this man’s mouth at this moment and in this form.

“who are you?”

I now had no choice but to change my tone.

Delac C. Badnicker.

I have no choice in front of the man who calls Iron Blood Ball’s name like a friend.


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