I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 18

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Episode 18

How on earth did they track it?

Arjan and I moved almost without leaving a trace.

I was sure that even if the sun came up, we wouldn’t be able to track him down anytime soon, so I put Arjan to sleep and entered the inside of the cave.

But they quickly followed us, as if they knew our location.

‘… It’s not a problem to think about now.’

The situation was the worst, but the good news was that the assassins had not yet been able to pinpoint our location.

‘Is holding on for now the answer?’

I was hoping those assassins wouldn’t notice us and just pass by.

Strangely, it doesn’t seem like things will work out that well.

One of the things I have felt in my short life.

Unlucky premonitions are usually correct.

An assassin wandering nearby suddenly turned his head and threw a dagger at me.

It was an unexpected surprise attack, but I didn’t panic and took out my ring sword to respond.


At the same time as the sound of blades clashing, a loud sound also rang out from behind the assassin who attacked me.

Although it wasn’t visible, Arjan’s side also seemed to have entered the battle.

Arjan’s situation is probably worse than mine, but unfortunately, I don’t have time to worry about others.

The moment I was about to attack the assassin in front of me, I felt an eerie feeling from left and right.

I had no choice but to withdraw my half-outstretched hand and step back.


Two assassins appeared with their robes swinging loudly, pulled out strange-looking curved swords, and swung them.

I clicked my tongue.

At my current level, it is inefficient to fight head-on with an opponent holding a sword.

In the end, the only way to respond to the opponent’s attack was to dodge, but the swordsmanship, which was full of life, was not something to look down on.

It looks like they are used to joint attacks.

You can tell this just by looking at Jinyoung.

Only three are attacking me, and the rest are providing long-distance support from a distance.

They know very well that if more than three of them stick together in a place like this, they will only end up being an inconvenience to each other.

Immediately after the conclusion was reached that there would be no good in dragging it out for too long.

I kicked the ground and stepped back.

Because I loaded up my strength, the distance to the enemy instantly widened.

Of course, the three assassins tried to close the distance in an instant, but before they could, I threw my sword and said,

“great job.”

One of the assassins snorted.

It seems like you misunderstood what I said.

I was saying goodbye to a weapon I was quite familiar with.


Belatedly, the blade cracked and exploded.

The shattered blades, filled with flames, rained down on the opponent.

The internal energy that had been injected in advance and the firearm that gradually became hotter eventually broke the blade.

I wasn’t able to completely determine the direction of the attack, which meant that fragments of the blade rained down on me as well.

I unfolded the cape I was wearing to block the debris.

And when I looked at the cape again, there was fire at the tip.

‘Is it worth it?’

I closed the distance between myself and the assassin, unsure.

Instead of struggling in pain, the assassins, who were now covered in blood, swung their swords and counterattacked.

I heard that among the church members, Haden Eihar’s minions are particularly vicious, so that may be true.


I swung my cape as if I had been waiting.

The fire at the end grew stronger and eventually became a fire demon that engulfed the entire area.

Of course, the only thing that is flashy is the appearance, and it is difficult to burn the hem of clothes with a flame of this magnitude.

However, it is enough to block the view of assassins supporting from the rear.

The same goes for melee assassins.

I was distracted for a moment by the flames surrounding me.

In the meantime, I handed out my ticket to the guy standing in the middle.

The assassin, who came to his senses belatedly, momentarily crossed his arms and tried to block the attack.


Il-kwon, who was fired, not only crushed both arms, but also the bridge of his nose.

The hood was lifted and the face revealed had squinted eyes.

‘I made him faint.’

I turned my attention away from the fallen guy and turned my attention to the assassins on either side.

They swung their curved swords at the same time as if they had joined forces again, but their precision was less than that of the first strike, perhaps because they felt pressured by the burning flames.

It is an angle that can be used sufficiently.

I bent my back to avoid the blade, and then kicked the shin of the assassin on my right.

Suddenly, the bone was completely shattered and the leg was bent at an impossible angle.

The assassin knelt down on one knee, and as a result, the twisted blade was pointed at his comrade across from him.

The surprised assassin on the left blocked it with his sword.



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It is a wrong judgment.

It’s like giving up your bones to save your flesh.


He placed his palm on the defenseless assassin’s chest.

The moment doubt appeared on the assassin’s face, flames erupted from my palm.


The assassin soared into the air as if hit by a rock, then fell to the ground. Judging from the way his neck was broken, it looks like he died instantly.

Baekil-sik, Jaycho-sik flower rings can also be used in this way.

That is, if released at very close range.

Grumbling… … .

In the meantime, the deceptive flames were completely extinguished, and the guys who realized the situation sent three assassins again.


Instead of trying to react immediately, I took a quick step back.

Multiple daggers and needles were stabbed where I was.

The assassin’s support began again.

This means that the method of swinging the cape like before can no longer be used… … .

Even in the meantime, the assassins nearby clung to him persistently.

‘… ‘It’s not good.’

Naturally, this fight was the worst from the beginning, but the situation is getting worse as it continues.

Even though I had the talent, my skills are still not abundant.

In the first place, Hundred Ill Sik is a martial art that consumes a lot of internal energy as the power of Cho Sik is so strong.

How much can we fight at the same tempo now?

5 minutes? 10 minutes?

‘We need another way.’

I continued the fight and shook my head furiously.

What tools are available to me in this situation?

What suddenly came to mind was Keian.

The strange steps the old collector showed me, ambo 暗步.

It is a step that can exert tremendous power in a person-to-person match.

It would be extremely effective against people like assassins.

The problem is that I have only used that step once.

‘Plague… … .’

I should have practiced.

But there is no other way.

I dodged the blade that grazed the bridge of my nose and kicked the nearest assassin, taking a stance as soon as I thought I had gained some distance.


Shake your upper body in a strange rhythm.

At first glance, it may seem like an idiotic move, but it’s right to be wary when a guy who fights well suddenly makes strange movements.

These guys are more likely to do that.

This is because discretion is the most important virtue for an assassin.

As expected, they watched the situation for a moment, and in the meantime, I took a step forward.


My steps are light, and somehow it feels good.

I was confident that I had successfully imitated Keian’s movements from memory.

I moved forward one after another.

In an instant, the distance between the assassins narrowed significantly, but these guys probably wouldn’t notice that fact due to their illusion of distance.

Killing those guys is as easy as slitting the throat of a corpse.



I quickly retreated to avoid the dagger.

I couldn’t avoid it all this time. A dagger was stuck in his left shoulder.

Coincidentally, it was near the side where Osel’s dagger was pierced.

Should I have at least given first aid like Arjan said?

Fortunately, there was no difficulty in moving my left arm, but I realized one fatal flaw of ambo.

‘This only works on the opponent in front.’

I don’t know about one-on-one, but it’s one-on-one, and it’s a technique that can’t be used when the opponent is surrounding you on all sides like this.

‘I can’t believe you don’t realize this.’

If you think about it, it’s natural.

I thought it was fine, but I think I may have already gotten sick of it.

Kwasik, I bit my lip hard.

He then swallowed the fishy blood that had seeped out and glared at his opponent.

Ambo’s shortcomings are clearly fatal.

However, Ambo still holds the clue to breaking through the current situation.

Then it’s simple.

‘If there are any shortcomings, they need to be improved upon.’

The fact that it was right now made the level of difficulty jump several times.

Since my life is at stake, I have to criticize him.


I took a step forward once again.

softly? No, roughly.

With a very personal gait.

Of course, this is not the only change.

Good luck!

A fire rose from beneath the soles of my feet.

It was intended to deceive the eye like the cape, but it was not an inefficient method of spreading flames everywhere.

What I’m thinking of right now is the scenery swaying under the hot sun.

In other words, haze.


It runs straight ahead.

My gait mixed with firearms became completely different from the existing ambo.

They trampled the ground as if it were going to be destroyed, leaving footprints made of flames along the way.

Although this step was no longer dark, there were still secret corners left -.

I gave it a new name, Ilyoungbo.

nettle liquid.

The assassins’ projectiles passed by me, but the more precisely the attacks were aimed, the less successful they were.

In the end, it was a minor trick, and some of the attacks scratched the skin, but they were not fatal wounds.

In the meantime, we arrived right in front of the assassins. In turn, I broke his jaw, shattered his ribs, and broke his neck.


Is it supplementary again?

As I clicked my tongue, a somewhat unexpected person appeared.

This is Arjan.


“… … .”

Arjan let out a hot breath.

His face was covered in so much blood that I couldn’t see it clearly, but when I looked closely, it wasn’t the blood that this guy had shed.

‘How many people did you kill?’

At first glance, I thought they had killed a similar number as me or were barely holding on.

Moreover, Arjan’s complexion was somewhat strange right now.

For some reason, his eyes were sparkling like an animal.

“This way.”

Still, a suppressed voice came out, wondering if it was the Arjan I knew.

And without any time to react, he grabbed my wrist and started running away.

The moment the surrounding assassins stopped, Arjan swung his right arm wide.

Pretzel Gwang!

Then, with the sound of something exploding, the group of assassins in front were swept away.

I was left speechless by the incredible power.

It had destructive power, as if some high-ranking wizard had used chanting magic.

‘What is this guy?’

Arjan’s previously thought identity has once again become a mystery.

Of course, it was not the time to ask questions right now, so I followed him in silence.

Anyway, just like that, Arjan left the battlefield at an unbelievable speed.

* * *

It was fortunate that the cave was large.

If it were an ordinary cave, we wouldn’t have been able to defeat the enemy.

As I said, there was only one large straight passage in this cave, but there was a lot of space in between.

Arjan and I chose one of them as a hiding place.

“Whoosh, whoosh…” … .”

“Deacon, are you okay?”

Arjan was panting as if he was about to pass out at any moment.

As if it was difficult to answer, I just nodded my head slightly.

I watched the movements through the gap and waited for Arjan to recover.

“It’s okay now.”

After a while, Arjan, who had recovered some of his stamina, spoke.

I looked at that face for a moment.

I no longer feel the overwhelming inaction and explosive momentum that I just saw.

The eyes are the same as usual.

I was curious about the source of Arjan’s power.

“… … .”

I decided to just keep my mouth shut.

For some reason, I had a feeling that if I asked him, he wouldn’t give me an honest answer.

I was the one who suggested that we cover up for each other in the first place.

“It’s a challenge. “The number of enemies has decreased a bit, but that’s not enough…”

At that moment, I felt eyes on me.

When I suddenly turned around, I saw a black figure standing in the gap.

When did you catch up?

This guy even seemed to realize that he had no chance of winning if he fought alone, so he immediately turned around and tried to run away.

‘Oops… … !’

I’m thinking of calling a colleague.

It would be perfect to have something to throw, but I don’t have anything suitable.

This was the moment when I gritted my teeth and tried to chase after him with my body.


A sword flew out of nowhere and pierced the assassin’s head.

The assassin collapsed in his running posture.

“… … .”

I closed my mouth.

It wasn’t Arjan’s skill. In the first place, this guy was so exhausted that he didn’t even notice the assassin’s presence.

Above all, it was a sword, a long sword, that pierced the assassin’s skull.

Weapons we don’t have.

Plus the attack just now, speed.

‘He’s a huge expert.’

I felt a chill down my spine.

I was much more nervous than when I faced Kayan, let alone Osel or the assassin.


Then suddenly a voice was heard.

“Please pick up the sword.”

I wondered where I heard it, but I was able to find a crack near the cave wall.

A gap narrow enough for one person to barely fit through.

The voice was coming from within.

I asked nervously.

“Who are you?”


The voice beyond the crack burst out in a leaky laugh and said:

“If you’re curious, come in and have a look. “I don’t think you are members of the cult, but I am also somewhat interested in your identity.”

The voice stopped there.

It seemed like he had no intention of engaging in conversation until he came in.

“It’s dangerous, master.”

It was an Arjan-like remark, but I agree with it this time.

If I had a bomb in my hand right now, I would have thrown it over the gap.

Still, the reason I am hesitating is simple.

‘… ‘I’ve heard that voice before.’

Who was it?


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