I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 20

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Episode 20

Dan looked at me for a moment and spoke again.

“I asked first. Answer me. “Are you the son of Delak?”

“… … .”

As the tone changed, the atmosphere also changed.

Somehow, unlike the previous questions, I had a feeling that I would have to answer this question sincerely.

“you’re right. Luan Badnicker is my name.”

“Luan? Luan Badnicker… … . “I’ve never heard of it.”

Dan muttered as if he was talking to himself.

‘This is unexpected.’

I can’t believe you’ve never heard my name.

I’m not saying this to show off, but at this time, I was becoming infamous both within and outside of my family.

He was a crazy person who sold his family’s treasured sword.


If this man named Dan has been in the Gem Mountains for more than a few years, it’s no wonder he doesn’t know me.

“I revealed my identity. “Now you have to tell me who it is.”

“hmm… … .”

Dan thought for a moment and said.

“I guess so. first of all… Dan is not my real name. “It’s a pseudonym.”


I obediently agreed, and Dan said with a puzzled look on his face.

“what. “Why aren’t you surprised?”

“Well, just looking at it, it was a pseudonym.”


Dan sighed with a shocked look on his face and immediately shook his head.

“What do you think?” “My real name is Calzac.”

“Calzac… … !”

Arjan, who was next to me, shouted in a low voice and spoke without hiding his surprised face.

“Are you by any chance a major criminal of your original family?”

Then Calzac nodded.

“I am the sword teacher.”

* * *

Badniker’s influence is national.

It is not simply because of the physical power of the family.

One of the great families.

A fertile territory ruled in the name of the family.

Heroes active in various places.

The symbolism of the name Iron Blood Ball.

And the home of Badniker, where only selected people can enter.

Commonly known as Rose Mansion.

I heard that the library of the Rose Mansion is overflowing with secret books collected from all over the empire, the armory is filled with all kinds of weapons and accessories made by masters, and the warehouse is stocked with more elixirs and elixirs than the stars in the sky.

These abundant resources are available only to Badniker members.

Therefore, there are always a lot of people trying to come under the shadow of Badniker.

It doesn’t have to be blood related.

Even knights, guards, servants, and even gardeners can enjoy at least some of these resources as long as they fall within the boundaries of Badniker.

Because of this, those who work at Badniker have to pass a strict selection process, and even just employees feel proud of contributing to the family.

And what is a great criminal?

You will become a fundamentally different being from those people.

Unlike ordinary people, those who did not knock on Badniker’s door on their own.

For the education and training of his children, the strong men were invited by the Iron Blood Lord himself to wander the empire.

‘Sword teacher.’

Even I, who was kicked out of my home family, am well aware of his prestige.

Among the ten great criminals, he is the strongest with a sword.

Because of that, he was the most popular among his brothers.

This is because the martial art that received the most attention in Badniker was swordsmanship.

To be honest.

When I was at home, I also dreamed of becoming a sword teacher’s student.

We never spoke directly, but all we did was attend a few common classes in which all children could participate.

In the first place, I heard that Dogeomseonseong’s personality was one of openness, so he had no disciples.

There was about a few years ago… … .

‘He went missing.’

I narrowed my eyes.

perhaps… … .

Before returning, Calzac thought that he might not have been able to defeat the Jewel Beast in the end.

This terrible game continued until the point where I lost my life.

Or maybe he was killed by that snake jeweler.

Whatever the outcome, persistence is amazing.

This man had been fighting alone for several years in a game that would have made anyone with an ordinary mental ability a long time ago.



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“It looks like there’s something I want to ask.”

Calzac looked at me and said.

“There are two things.”


“You said that your arm was broken by a bailiff. Is that true?”

Then Calzac looked at me with a more intense gaze.

“What is the intention of the question?”

“The church may have intervened… … .”

I tried to speak in a roundabout way, but I didn’t think he was someone who was particularly concerned about politeness, so I spoke honestly.

“I don’t think that the sword teacher’s strength is less than that of the jeweler.”


Calzac suddenly burst into laughter.

“To sum it up, it seems unbelievable that a guy called the Great Criminal was harmed by nothing more than a monster.”

Are you listening too carefully?

There was no particular intention to be sarcastic.

Fortunately, Calzac continued his explanation without showing any signs of anger.

“It was a fight that was unfavorable to me in many ways. “The battlefield was a swamp, he had mobilized his men, and I had lost my sword.”


Calzak, who saw my reaction, laughed and said.

“Is it pitiful that a man who is a major criminal loses and makes excuses?”

“That can’t be right.”

I added because I felt like the misunderstanding would deepen if I left it like this.

“If you were faced with such adverse conditions, it is amazing that you survived. furthermore… … .”


“Isn’t the game still in progress?”

Then, Calzac, who had asked the question, looked at me with a subtle expression.

And then he scratches his head in a somewhat embarrassed manner and looks at me again and says.

“I had two questions, right? “What is the other one?”

I looked nervous.

In fact, this question is more important.

“Why Dan?”


“Your real name is Calzac, why did you say Dan at first? No matter how you shorten it, Calzac can’t become Dan.”

“… That’s exactly why.”

Calzak grinned.

“If I say Dan, won’t you associate it with that pseudonym when guessing my real name? Think of it as an abbreviation. “Actually, there is no relationship at all.”

“… … .”

“It makes me feel good to see people trying in vain like that.”

As expected, he was the owner of a judgment as twisted as it appeared.

Separately, my mood plummeted into the abyss, because I had been fooled by Calzac’s shallow plan.

If the fourth brother saw this, he would probably say with his characteristic cold face, ‘Youngest. You must have said, ‘You fooled me again.’

“But what brought you to the mountains? “I’m sure you didn’t come here to imitate a young family head.”

“different. “It’s not unrelated to the head of the family.”

“What does that mean?”

I briefly explained how I came to this cave.

Calzak, who heard the whole story, burst into laughter.

“Badniker and Assassin? “And the venomous worshipers came crawling in?”

“I know it’s hard for you to believe. But everything I just said is true.”

“her… … . It’s hard to say that Badknicker went away while he was away for a while. “Does the head of the household know this fact?”

“well. “I have to go and ask.”

“Right. good.”

He then rummaged through his arms and lightly threw something he took out at us.

After receiving it, I saw that it was a strange-looking fruit.

“What is it?”

“Crush it and sprinkle it on your head.”

Calzac tapped his nose.

“Now you have probably been exposed to the sectarians’ tracking scent.”


“It’s a scent that’s basically embedded in the memorization they deal with. Basically, it is a scent that cannot be smelled. “It is said that there is another scent that matches the tracking scent, and that you can only feel the subtle scent when you smell it.”


The traces weren’t the problem.

I clicked my tongue and immediately did as Calzac instructed.



When I crushed the walnut-like fruit, a foul smell filled my nose.

I looked at Calzac with a bewildered expression.

“… “Is this the only way?”


It certainly seems like a great way to bury the smell.

I sighed and sprinkled the berries on my head.

Surprisingly, Arjan looked calm, but when I looked closely, I saw that his face was extremely stiff.

Meanwhile, Calzac looked at us with a subtle expression and opened his mouth.

“I sprayed that, so the assassins will soon withdraw.”

“I don’t think Haden-Eihar’s assassins will give up that easily.”

“Generally speaking, that would be the case. Strangely enough, they avoid staying in this cave for too long. “It’s probably because of the jewels.”

Although I thought it might be an interpretation too favorable to this side, it also felt like it made sense.

Because there were no troops stationed on this side of the map.

“And they probably won’t all withdraw. “A few of them will stay and continue scouting, but I can handle that.”

“Have you often dealt with the church’s troops in that way?”

“I did that whenever I had time. Assassins are good sparring partners. “Because it maintains tension.”

Should I say that too?

The identity of the saboteur that the church was wary of was Calzak.

Certainly, with a person of this level of skill, it would not be difficult to not only deal with an assassin but not leave a single trace in the process.


An unexpected ally joined us.

If we join forces with this man, it will be possible to break through the siege of the cult bastards.

I finally had an hour to rest.


Calzac grinned and said something unexpected.

“Then you help me get revenge.”


“Jewel. Let’s catch it together. “Hurry up and let me return to Badknicker.”

What does this mean again?

* * *

Arjan asked with a puzzled face.

“What do you mean?”

“Is it as you said? “Let’s catch the jeweler together.”

“… “I don’t know why the story is like that.”

“Because this is the only way. And it won’t be a bad thing for you either.”

I intervened at this point.

“Are you saying that members of the religious order are more dangerous than prisoners on bail?”

“that’s right. “Because there is a religious priest here.”

“… … !”

Arjan was surprised.

Although my reaction was less than that, I was also quite surprised.

If you are a priest of a dark church, you are a so-called executive.

Those who have the right to communicate directly with the devil.

Excluding the mysterious cult leader and his closest associates, he is actually the strongest and most dangerous entity among the cults.

“… Are you that strong?”

“Honestly, I didn’t have a good grasp of my strength either. I didn’t realize what happened until my arm was taken away. “I gave them a shot, but when I hit the bill, it’s clearly my loss.”

I said while looking at Calzac’s empty sleeves.

“You didn’t lose it to the bailiff.”

A moment of doubt arose.

I thought Calzac was staying here to seek revenge because his arm was taken away by the Jewel Prisoner.

However, it is said that the person who cut off the arm was the priest of the religious order.

then… Did Calzac lose something more valuable than one arm to the jeweler?

There were other questions as well.

“There are some parts I don’t understand.”


“According to what you said, it means that the church is stronger than the Jewel Beasts. Then, why aren’t they subduing the Jewel Beasts?”

“I do not know.”

Calzak answered confidently.


“I thought about that too, but I couldn’t find an answer. However, the cult never set foot deep into this cave. “Even when we had to make an inevitable entrance, we moved carefully.”

“… … .”

What other secrets does this cave hold?

A secret that only those in the church know.

Feeling puzzled, I unfolded the map in my arms.

Calzac expressed interest.

“What is that?”

“This is a map taken from a church assassin.”

“He must have been quite the tycoon to have a map. Show it to me too.”

I handed the map to Calzac.

The reason neither I nor Arjan realized it was because I thought Calzak, who had been fighting against the church for a long time, would have noticed.

Calzac’s brows narrowed as he looked at the map for a moment.

“… Right. Was it this?”

“Did you find something?”

“okay. “I understand why those bastards can’t be active in the cave.”

Calzak showed me a map and pointed to a place.


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