I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 17

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Episode 17

Even after deciding on our course, we clashed with the cultists three times.

Fortunately, like the ones I encountered earlier, they were at a level of nothing special, but I was reluctant to see their numbers gradually increase.

One after another, there were four, five, and finally seven people.

It wasn’t an easy fight.

Regardless of the opponent’s level, the large numbers, dark forest location, and assassin characteristics are certainly difficult.

Moreover, unlike our opponents who were running for their lives, Arjan and I had to preserve our strength.

After running endlessly like that, I was able to reach my first destination just before dawn.

“There you are.”

A place with its mouth wide open like the maw of a monster.

I could see a huge cave that could possibly contain jewel trees.

“It’s so big.”

I expected it to be big when I saw it on the map.

The intimidation of the cave I actually encountered was beyond my imagination.

It is surprising that the mountain did not collapse despite a hole this large.

“I can’t sense any sign of the monster.”

Arjan spoke in a voice that suppressed fatigue.

As this guy said, the area near the entrance seemed safe.

I’ll have to go into it to find out if that’s the case.

Still, looking at the size of the cave, I don’t think it would be impossible to escape if necessary.

Arjan and I entered the cave.

It’s not as cold as the outside, but it’s cool inside too.

There was moss on the rocks, and stalactites could be found on the ceiling of the cave.

Judging from the wet feeling there, it appears to be a limestone cave with underground water flowing somewhere.

I looked around and found a nice place.

It was a bit of a corner, but it was hard to see because it was obscured by rocks, and on the other hand, it was an easy place to check the entrance.

After moving there, he looked at Arjan and said.

“Then, butler, just close your eyes for now.”


“You’re very tired.”


No, that’s bullshit.

His eyes are so bright red that he almost looks like a rabbit.

In fact, it is worth it.

After staying up all night for three days and nights, today we fought from night to dawn.

Even if it looks like that on the outside, it’s probably on the verge of fainting on the inside.

I took the blanket out of my bag and laid it out on the floor myself.

“It’s okay, just sleep. “As it stands now, the butler is nothing more than a burden.”

“… … .”

Arjan hesitated for a long time and then answered in a shaky voice, “I understand.”

Then, I wrapped a blanket around my body, leaned against a suitable wall, and went to sleep.

‘You do all kinds of things.’

Just spread it out, buy it and suffer.

Is there nothing we can do since we learned it that way in the first place? Habits developed throughout life cannot be changed in a short time.

I clicked my tongue, sat down in an appropriate place, and crossed my legs.

It’s not urgent, but I also have work to do.

I could feel the heat coming from the inside of the danjeon. I felt like I had swallowed a fireball.

“hmm… … .”

In fact, I almost died of nerves during the chase just now.

Heat, not warmth.

It’s a subtle difference, but it’s an important issue for me, who is passionate about firearms.

If you feel heat rather than warmth from your inner energy, it means that this inner energy is not entirely yours.

This is evidence that the positive energy injected from Osel’s poison has not yet been completely made into one’s own, and it means that the impurities have not yet been completely vomited out.

This is also the reason why I quickly entered the cloud.

There won’t be any major problems right away.

In fact, I used my inner strength in this state and performed a 100-day eclipse.

But leaving it unattended is dangerous.

This power must be adapted to the body and digested as a complete true energy.

Fortunately, this doesn’t take a long time.

After about 30 minutes, I slowly opened my eyes.

“Whoa… … .”

When I opened my mouth slightly, something like dark smoke came out.

There was a bad smell, but it couldn’t be helped as it was proof that the heat had been completely neutralized.

‘It doesn’t seem like anything special happened… … huh?’

At that time, Arjan caught my eye.

Arjan was shivering, his face pale and sweating.

It’s not that cold inside the cave, but my bloodless lips are trembling.

“I shouldn’t have done that… … .”



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Am I having a nightmare?

However, there is nothing that can be done.

It wasn’t long after I fell asleep that I had to force myself to wake up.

I placed my hand on Arjan’s head and injected some internal warmth into him.

“… … .”

Then, a little of the color returned to his pale complexion, and his breathing became easier.

I had similar thoughts before.

When my frown cleared up, I looked much younger.

Of course, I don’t know Arjan’s age, but that’s how I feel.

She always wears a suit and gloves, and she is tall for a woman, so of course she looks presbyopic.

This guy might have intended it.

“hmm… … .”

It wasn’t polite to stare at the face of a sleeping person, so I took my gaze off Arjan.

And I took a quick look inside the cave.

Of course, I couldn’t move and leave Arjan alone, so all I did was walk around the area for a bit.

There was information to be gained from that alone… It was still ambiguous.

And after about two hours, Arjan woke up.

“… … .”

Arjan, who had just woken up, looked at me with a dazed look on his face.

You know how to make stupid faces like that.

I think it suits me better than I thought.

In any case, the dull expression did not last long.

Arjan suddenly came to his senses, straightened his clothes, and returned to being the perfect butler.

“… “Excuse me, master.”

I opened my mouth, thinking about making fun of him based on what I just saw.

“Can’t I sleep any more?”

“yes. “That’s enough.”

It seemed like he hadn’t completely shaken off the fatigue yet.

In fact, the situation is not generous enough to be more considerate.

I nodded.

“good. “Then let’s go right inside.”

And Arjan and I entered the cave in earnest.

Because the cave was in the form of a straight tunnel, I was able to proceed without taking out a map and keeping an eye on the surroundings.

What was strange was that there were no traces of monsters living inside.

Just in case, we maintained a state of alert.

As the cave got deeper, it gradually became narrower. The naturally formed rock pillars were intertwined, creating a more complex feeling.

Still, it was much larger than most caves, so there was still no need to get lost.

However, it was not without problems.

“Does it seem like it’s getting colder?”


Somehow, I find that fact disturbing.

Even though it is a space without any light, I also like how it is subtly bright.

… Actually, I had something to point out, but I didn’t necessarily say it out loud.

I feel like if I say something for no reason, I’ll get lucky.

Arjan and I walked carefully for about three hours… We reached a place that we thought was the end of the cave.

Perhaps the location of the opposite entrance.

There, Arjan and I witnessed the source of the ominousness.

──Sssssssssssssssss… … .

There was a monster blocking the cave exit with its body.

──Sssssssssssssssss… … .

I am in a state of sleep.

However, the breathing, heaving body was so large that it looked ridiculous compared to any mutants I had ever seen in the mountains.

This gigantic monster had the shape of a snake, and its scales were exquisite and beautiful, as if they were carved out of ice.

Like a jewel shining in the dark.


I can’t help but curse.

This is the worst situation.

That guy is not the type that can be defeated.

* * *

Arjan and I quickly went back the way we came.

There was no conversation or even hand signals, but the same judgment was made as if it had been decided in advance.

And only after reaching a place where I couldn’t feel the cold of the Sapphire Snake did I vomit out what I had been holding back.

“… Are all gemstones like that? “That’s just a dragon without wings.”

“Not really.”

Arjan also seemed surprised, but explained it in his characteristic calm tone.

“In fact, gem trees are too individual to be considered a single category. Not only do they look different, but their characteristics and tendencies are completely different.”

“Then why are they called jewelers?”

“From the eyes, teeth, and claws to the mane, scales, or carapace… This is because of the strange color found in certain areas. “It’s a trait that can only be found in mutants from the Jewel Mountains.”


“Master, please go back.”

Arjan said in a serious tone.

“It would be better to fight the cult.”

“is it? “My father said he subdued three of those things.”

“different. The Jewel Beasts that the head of the family defeated the other day were Emerald Scorpion, Garnet Crocodile, and Topaz Mouse – in fact, they were monsters that belonged to the lower to middle class among the Jewel Beasts. But the one I just saw is different. It’s at least hundreds of years old… “It is clear that it is closer to a spirit creature than a monster.”

Arjan strangely had a keen knowledge of jewels. This guy didn’t even know how to respond to trolls.

Although I was puzzled, it wasn’t an issue to address right now, so I just brushed it off and answered.

“I guess it’s like an S-class monster.”


“If we were to classify it as a mercenary style.”

Although mercenaries are inherently bad at grading, their determination is relatively accurate.

In fact, I know that it is better to fight against the cult than to be bailed.

I know, but… … .

‘Strangely, my passion for winning is boiling over.’

It’s a heart that needs to be abandoned.

If the odds of winning aren’t even 1 penny, it’s not a game, it’s a gamble.

“okay. “Then first think about which side to break through.”

As he spoke, he took out a map and paused.

Arjan was also shocked.

We briefly exchanged glances and then immediately hid behind a nearby rock pillar.

“… … .”

“… … .”

How much time passed without even hearing the sound of breathing?

A black figure appeared at the edge of the cave.

Because there was no sound or presence of movement, at first glance, you could have mistakenly thought you had seen something in vain.

Of course it wasn’t an illusion.

The first one to appear looked around and gestured.

And then, a number of monsters wearing similar clothes appeared from behind.

‘One, two, three… Eight, nine, ten… … .’

I counted to twenty and then gave up.

Just by looking at it with the naked eye, the number is close to thirty.

Moreover, the clothes are also different from the Eojungi Tteojung that we dealt with earlier.

For some reason, the color of the hood covering the body was dark red.

“… … .”

I’ve heard it before.

The Demon King of the Blood Moon.

They worship fresh blood, and they say that the higher the rank, the closer the color is to blood.


The worst situation happened, where I couldn’t take it out or put it away.


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