I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 16

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Episode 16

[…] The body of a jeweler is of enormous value. From a drop of their blood to a single piece of flesh, there is no place that is not used.

The brothers probably know well that in the past, the terrible and disgusting head of the Badnicker family founded the family with the by-products of subjugating three jewel beasts.

If we can secure the body of the jeweler, it will be a great foundation for the revival of the religion.

Of course, the danger of the Jeweled Beasts should not be overlooked, but the reason why no one has succeeded in subjugating them in the 17 years since the Iron Blood Ball was not just because of their strength.

This is because no one has been able to pinpoint the whereabouts of this mysterious creature.

However, our denomination succeeded in finding the habitat of a gem tree thanks to the brilliant performance of our brothers.

This jewel tree has characteristics such as a size reminiscent of a small mountain, bluish scales, and bone-freezing cold.

Considering the appearance and characteristics of the gemstone, the school named it [Sapphire Snake].

We put our original purpose on hold and used the base in the mountain range to gather information about the Sapphire Snake.

Along the way, he discovered a rare elixir called extreme salt herb and began experiments to mass-produce it. Although he achieved significant results, he soon ran into difficulties.

This is because of the appearance of a disruptor that the brothers know well.

We determine the identity of this intruder to be Badniker’s Hound, Goodspring’s White Knight, or one of the Empire’s elite rangers.]

I stopped Arjan talking at this point.



“Can you summarize it in three lines?”

It wasn’t a very big note, but there was a lot of content written there.

Arjan said with an embarrassed face at my request.

“… So, it seems like the Dark Church has been in the Gem Mountains for a very long time. “To subdue the jewel beasts.”


“Why are you doing that?”


I felt uncomfortable for a moment, but for now I nodded.

That’s because it’s not entirely wrong.

Since the Gem Mountains were banned from the beginning, it would be perfect to avoid the eyes of the Empire.

Looking at the circumstances, it appears that experiments using polar salt plants were also conducted at a base built in the mountains… … .

‘wait for a sec. Then maybe there’s a fire?’

Wasn’t the fire demon that went berserk after eating extreme salt herb one of the results of these guys’ human experiments?

I thought that the dark side was a cult, and that sending it out to the world might have been an experiment.

If so, their base somewhere here might be bigger than I thought.

“Then why did they drag me here?”

“It’s a guess, but I think they were probably planning to use it as bait.”


“This note says there is a saboteur. “If he was Bad Knicker, he would have thought he could use bait to lure you out.”

“hmm. Using someone like me as bait… … .”

Even if you think it’s a stupid idea, it doesn’t seem like it’s nonsense at all.

Regardless of how pitiful I was during this period, I cannot deny my identity as a blood relative of Iron Blood Ball.

Of course, the great matriarch didn’t give me the slightest attention until just before my death… … .

This fact is difficult for a third party to confirm.

I looked up from the note and looked at the map.

The map depicting the mountain range had many markings or patterns that I had never seen before, and their appearance was somehow ominous.

“This is it, right?”

“yes. “It is the symbol of the devil.”

A pattern that looks like a bright red moon.

It is a pattern symbolizing Haden Aihar, the Demon Lord of the Blood Moon.

The problem was that there were more patterns than expected… … .

What’s more problematic is the area where the shingles are located.

I stared at the map for a while and then sighed.

“Do you think this is around here?”



A similar conversation took place, but this time silence was added.

A situation surrounded on all sides by the devil’s symbol.

At this point, it’s no different from being thrown into the middle of an enemy army.

‘Ocel, this dog … … .’

Perhaps he was planning to stop by the base or contact his colleagues after dealing with us here.

Plus, another problem.

“There’s a pattern in the direction we passed too.”

It is unlikely that the position of the pattern was accidentally inserted, so naturally there is only one possibility left.

We didn’t notice, but Osel had already communicated with his colleagues in a secret way.

This means that even the escape route is completely blocked.

If that were all, I would be glad.

“Deacon, can you move?”


Arjan still looked exhausted and tired, but I didn’t bother to point out that fact.

Even if this guy is on the verge of falling, we need to move now.

Soon Hadeneihar’s followers around him will feel uncomfortable and start tracking him.



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* * *

I’m glad it’s night now.

Of course, the dark environment is more advantageous to the fugitive than the pursuer.

Even if it moves a little noisily, the curtain of night will sufficiently cover the traces.

In other words, it is also a situation where you need to find a safe place until daybreak.

I opened the map again.

Seeing the symbol of the devil king surrounding me on all sides as if encircling me makes me feel dizzy.

Although I secured my strength through unexpected luck, it is still impossible to deal with this number of church members.

This means that the best thing to do is to avoid battle at all costs and get out of the mountain range… … .


Damn, already?

Arjan and I bowed our heads at the same time.

A cold projectile grazed the top of my head.

Immediately after, three assassins dressed in pitch black appeared from the front.

Due to my position, I think I will have to take charge of both of them.

I kicked off the ground and slammed my fist into the face of a nearby assassin.

“Tsk… … .”

While the assassin hesitates, clutching his face, he prepares to attack again. He grabbed the guy’s head tightly and then kicked him in the knee.

The moment I felt my skull being shattered, the guy behind me threw a dagger again.

Are these bastards’ only means of attack is throwing daggers?

I used the limp assassin as a shield for a moment, then threw it away right after the opponent’s attack was over.

“… … !”

The assassin hurriedly dodged his colleague’s body, and in that gap, I screamed.

Good luck!

The extended fire wheel exploded at the assassin.

Because it is an herbivore that is used quickly, its power is not great. Firepower that is difficult to burn, let alone burn the opponent.

But it was enough to briefly distract the assassin.

I closed the distance while the assassin blew away the fire, then punched him in the stomach.


With the sound of a shell exploding, the assassin’s body flew in a straight line.

I thought it was too loud.

Rather than that, I decided that dealing with the opponent quickly was a more important priority.

“Have we already been discovered?”

Arjan approached us before we knew it and asked with a serious expression.

There was blood on my pure white face, so I tapped my cheek.

Arjan paused, understanding a beat later and wiping his face.

“That’s not it. “I think he’s probably a scout.”

If he was a real pursuer, he would have sent stronger guys.

Because he must have known information that Osel was dead.

“Hurry up, master. “It was not a quiet fight, so more enemies will come soon.”

“… … .”

“young master?”

Arjan suddenly stopped walking and looked at me strangely.

I decided that now was the time to make a decision.

He took the map out of his pocket, unfolded it, and showed it to Arjan.

“There is just one gap.”


“Look Carefully.”

Arjan looked intently at the direction I pointed to, and his complexion brightened slightly.

“Surely, if you choose this career path, you will be able to escape the sect’s siege.”

“okay. “There is one problem though.”

I moved my finger to show what was at the end of this path.

“How does the butler see this pattern?”

“lizard? Or as a snake… ah.”

Arjan’s expression also hardened.

Only then did I realize why the siege was not formed only in this direction.


Sapphire Snake.

In other words, bail number.

“Let’s choose, butler.”

I said looking at Arjan.

“Will I end up with the church, or will I fight the jewels?”

If you take this path, you will collide with the Jewel Tree.

* * *

Is it really the right decision to run into a gem prisoner while trying to avoid the cult?

Wouldn’t it be like fighting a lion while trying to avoid a wolf?

To be honest, I thought the risks were similar in both cases.

In fact, this choice should be decided after careful consideration, but unfortunately we did not have time.

It means you have to decide right now.

It was then that Arjan showed a curious reaction.

“select… … .”

The moment I brought up the word choice, my expression turned pale.

“I made a choice… … .”


“Bailers and denominations… I still don’t know the power of both of them, but what if I could find out a little more information about the church? But time… … .”


“Once again, due to my choice-.”


As I clapped my hands and spoke, the light returned slightly to Arjan’s dilated pupils.

However, the condition still looked bad.

Somehow, I feel like the words I threw without thinking became a catalyst.

“it’s okay. I was just asking the butler for his opinion. “I was going to make the decision anyway.”

I took out a gold coin from my pocket.

It was one of the twelve gold coins taken from Osel.

“… … ?”

When Arjan gave me a puzzled look, I flipped the coin upwards… … .


I covered it with my palm right before it fell.

Arjan asked, looking at the top of my hand.

“What did you do?”

“If it’s a lion, it’s a religious order, if it’s a grandfather, it’s a jewel cult.”

I looked at the picture engraved on the coin.

Actually, I didn’t know which side was front or back, so I had to use the picture engraved on a gold coin as an example.

“Do you really mean to say that such an important choice should be decided with coins?”

“Why do you talk like that? “There is no answer if we just worry about it, so let’s leave it to heaven.”

“It’s the same thing-.”

“Then is there any other sharp move?”

When I asked again, Arjan closed his mouth.

“Anyway, at this point, we don’t know which is more dangerous, the cult or the bailed prisoners. However, it doesn’t suit my temperament to leave it to the flow like this.”

“But this way… … .”

“Deacon, let me teach you something. “It’s not a bad thing to rely on luck sometimes.”

“… … .”

“Okay then. “Confirmation is in progress.”

I ignored Arjan’s gaze and checked the coins on the back of my hand.

I saw the profile of an old man with a handsome beard.


So is it a gemstone?

Although I acted confidently, I didn’t feel comfortable either.

Because I might die with this choice.

When I was thinking that, Arjan said.

“Xinus I.”


“The person engraved on the obverse of the gold coin is not my grandfather, but Xinus I, the founding king.”

“… I see.”

Knowledge has increased.


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