I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 86

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#86. Samsinhalmi’s flower garden (1)

“… … .”

“… … .”

Damdeok and Ju Soo-yul stared at each other in silence for a few seconds.

It was Damdeok who spoke first.

“A forgotten god called Halmi of the underworld… . It was a lot stronger than I thought. Did you know? “You have precognitive abilities.”

Ju Soo-yul thought about his answer for a moment.

There is no such thing as a weak ‘god’ with the word ‘underworld’ attached to it, but the underworld grandmother’s particularly strong power has been passed down like a legend.

‘According to rumors, they eat not only humans, but even the young gods of the Jade Emperor… .’

The young gods of the Jade Emperor are called immortals in Taoist thought, and if we try to quantify their strength using the gods’ system… .

‘A mid to upper level god.’

So, it means that mid-level gods like Damdeok and himself are nothing more than a meal to the grandmother of the underworld.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? also… . “The god of the underworld grandmother is really strong, right?”

Damdeok asked again.

Jooyul bit his lower lip.

I was reluctant to tell the truth because it seemed like it would break Damdeok’s spirit too much.

Still, what can you do?

Anyway, Damdeok will have to settle the matter with Asmodeus someday.

Asmodeus was a being twice, or even three or four times stronger than the grandmother of the underworld.

Ju Soo-yul took a short breath and then spoke.

“okay. “Although not as strong as Asmodeus, Grandmother of the Underworld is the god with the highest level of power among Korean gods.”

Moreover, judging from the energy I felt at that time, it seemed like the old woman from the underworld had already become strong enough by using the gate.

“Is that really the case… .”

Damdeok muttered as if he was anxious.

Although he didn’t say that in detail, Ju Ju-yul knew very well what Damdeok’s shadowy face meant.

‘okay. It must be a bit daunting right now.’

As Ju Ju-yul, who had faced the grandmother of the underworld several times before, he could understand how Dam-deok was feeling right now.

‘I wouldn’t have been able to move because I was so scared, and even if I could move, there wouldn’t have been anything I could do.’

It is known that a living being who looks into the eyes of a grandmother from the underworld suffocates with extreme fear.

I don’t know, but I must have been quite embarrassed because I felt fear for the first time in my life.

‘But the reality has already hit us hard.’

It was a bit early to fight the grandmother of the underworld, but I couldn’t help it.

‘Since it has appeared, I have no choice but to deal with it.’

Ju Soo-yul looked at Damdeok sitting on the bed with a serious expression.

“No need to worry. Because there is a strategy. The battle with the underworld woman is won or lost depending on how you overcome the fear in front of you. So, there is a simpler solution than you might think… .”

It was at that time that Ju Soo-yul was trying to tell me about his next part-time job.

Completely unexpected words came out of Damdeok’s mouth while he was muttering.

“Asmodeus, that guy is stronger than the grandmother of the underworld who destroys the system… How on earth did the gods come to be? .”

Damdeok’s eyes were downcast.

A look of embarrassment was evident on Ju Soo-yul’s face as he looked at that scene.

“Wait a minute, someone broke something just now…” ?”

Damdeok slowly looked up at Jusoyul.

“… Oh, didn’t I tell you? The grandmother of the underworld broke my part-time job window. “I completely destroyed it with my dry hands.”

Damdeok reenacted the performance, even making vivid hand gestures.

Ju Soo-yul slowly shook his head without realizing it.

“It makes no sense to break the system… That can’t be possible… .”

What kind of system is this?

Isn’t it a system with a very noble and complex mechanism that the Mother of the Beginning created to create a field of communication and harmony for not only gods and humans, but also all living things?

You can break it?

1,869 reincarnations, something that had never been seen or heard of for a whopping 93,450 years, was absolutely ridiculous.

‘It would be more credible to say that the sun rose in the west.’

But compared to her confidence, Damdeok was casually muttering about destroying the system.

“That old lady said she was a Korean god, so I guess she’s from Hwarangdo or something like that. Are you a Taekwondo graduate? Ha, it really didn’t look too fast.”

As Damdeok said that, a part-time job window appeared in front of him.

It was a system that was only visible to the person involved, so it was not visible to the addressee, but looking at the frowning face staring into space, it seemed like there was definitely a problem with the system.

But even so, Ju Ju-yul could not readily believe Damdeok’s words.

“It’s ridiculous to break the system. I’ve never had anything like that before… .”

Damdeok seemed frustrated and shook the whale.

“Of course, you don’t know because you haven’t seen the system broken. What is that way of talking? “You talk as if you’re doing it alone for the second time in your life.”

“… … .”

Jooyul cleared his throat a couple of times to keep his composure.

“good. “You have no reason to lie to me.”

Rather than arguing about something that cannot be immediately confirmed, it was more important to find a way to move forward from here.

‘I don’t even want to reach Asmodeus yet. If you want to overcome even the grandmother of the underworld… .’

Of course I had to go to a part-time job.

God’s part-time job.

“… Oh, the system is broken, how can I get a part-time job?”

Damdeok blinked his eyes at Jusoyul’s question.



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“… “Is that what I wanted to ask?”

Ju Ju-yul shook his head vigorously at Damdeok’s words.

‘Come to your senses!’

When unexpected events occur, the plan begins to go wrong.

‘First, we need to fix the system.’

If Damdeok’s system cannot be fixed, the future work will be in vain.

“repair… If you want to have it repaired… .”

Ju Soo-yul quickly opened his part-time job window.

I don’t know how to fix a broken system, but wouldn’t , the blacksmith god of Olympus, be the best person in this field?

‘Hephaestus will definitely return it to its original state somehow.’

Jooyul nodded and found a part-time job to go to his blacksmith shop.


[(Hephaestus’ Blacksmith) All part-time jobs for making gold ingots are canceled this week! Got caught on an urgent business trip!]

“Urgent business trip? At times like this… .”

It was a disaster.

Hephaestus was the only god with good skills and close relationships… .

Ju Soo-yul looked into space and bit his lip.

Damdeok’s face, looking at that scene, also became anxious.

‘That guy usually doesn’t get embarrassed… .’

Aren’t you a person who maintains chic all the time?

Sometimes humanity radiates at odd points, but that was only occasionally.

‘This is the first time I’ve been flustered like this since I met a guy named Asmodeus in the Demon World… .’

It was definitely from when I said earlier that the system was broken.

From then on, Jo Soo-yul’s mentality was visibly shaken.

‘Of course, I was shocked that Grandmother of the Underworld destroyed the system, but… .’

Still, given that a war between the gods may occur in the future and the human world may be destroyed, is this really this surprising?

‘As if something happened that should never have happened.’

Damdeok looked at Jusoyul quietly.

Her hands were busy moving in the air.

It seemed like they were having a hard time finding a suitable scene.

“Damdeok. Are you okay?”

I heard my mother Jo Yoon-hee’s voice from outside the door.

He probably informed his companions that he had woken up as they left.

“Damdeok, will mom go in?”


As the door slowly opens, Soo-yul’s eyes, who were searching through the part-time job window, sparkle! It shone.



A bright light enveloped the room.

When my mother, Jo Yoon-hee, entered the room holding a tray filled with sliced ​​fruit,


The two people were already gone.

Only the faint light fell on the bed like sunlight.

* * *

Geumbaeksan (金白山).

The base of the sacred ridge where the primordial god resides.

To the north, south, east, and west, Damdeok and his companions were sitting awkwardly in a magnificent pavilion made with giant nutmeg trees as pillars and rafters made of jujube trees.

“… Wow, a visual like something you would see in a history book.”

“It looks a lot like the forest of Atlaum?”

White Cloud and Adele Sharon looked around and said that.

To the east of the open pavilion there was a colorful flower field, to the west was a withering flower field, and to the south and north there was a mixture of fiery flower fields and ice-cold flower fields.

Damdeok looked at the scene and quietly asked Ju Soo-yul, who was sitting next to him.

“Can the Real Samsin Halmi fix the broken system?”

“… I don’t know. “But isn’t there a way, so you personally asked me to come here?”

Jo Soo-yul said that while recalling an incident from a while ago.

[If you help me organize the flower garden, I will at least help you repair the broken narinchang.]

It was a simple message.

Immediately, Samsin Halmi’s customized announcement came to mind, and I had just learned through a word from the owner that Narinchang means a window sent from heaven in pure Korean, that is, the system of the gods.

“How did Grandmother Samsin know that my system was broken? “No one can see this, right?”

Damdeok said, waving his hand in the air.

“… Well, Samsin Halmi is the god who presides over life. In Korea, she is known only as a god who predicts babies, but in fact, broadly speaking, it can be said to be a similar concept to the goddess of the beginning. Since he is the highest god, there must have been some way to know.”

It was when Damdeok was nodding his head at Ju Soo-yul’s words.

[What are you doing? When you arrive, quickly roll up your sleeves and stop helping the workers.]

I don’t know when she appeared, but an old woman with a warm expression was standing in the middle of the pavilion, looking at Damdeok and his group.

“Ugh! It’s a surprise!”

“Wow! “I was really surprised!”

Baekgureum and Adele Sharon were startled and took a step back.

Grandmother Samsin looked at Baek Cloud and Adele Sharon alternately as if she thought they were just cute.

[Hmm, one of them is not the child I pointed out… Still, the three gods of that world have made it quite nasty.]

Grandma Samshin looked at Adele Sharon and smiled happily.

“under… haha… thank you… ?”

Adele Sharon smiled awkwardly and remained alert.

[As the old saying goes, if you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat either. Hey guys, what are you doing without rolling up your sleeves?]

At Grandma Samsin’s gentle shout, Damdeok and his party suddenly stood up and rolled up their sleeves.

“Please follow me.”

Following the guidance of the young child, the group went to the flower field.

“This is the eastern flower field of Grandmother Samsin, the flower field of babies welcoming new lives.”

Everyone’s eyes widened at Dongja Shin’s explanation.

“Wow… There are so many flowers… ?”

“There are so many different colors. “Doesn’t it look like the color of a flask in a magic lab?”

“Brother, look at this! These flowers come in a variety of pastel colors. Sniff! Wow sweet smell! “It smells really good!”

“It looks like sweet paints were released.”

Dongjashin smiled brightly as he watched Damdeok and his party looking around the flower field as if they were seeing it for the first time.

“Your job today is to water this flower garden. “It’s easy, right?”

Damdeok and his companions nodded vigorously.

In fact, Ju Ju-yul and Dam-deok came to fix the system, while Baek Gu-reum and Adele Sharon were just forcefully brought in to finish their part-time jobs quickly.

“But if it’s a healing experience like this, I’d welcome it a hundred times, a thousand times!”

Baekgureum said, clenching his fists, and Adele Sharon also looked quite happy.

“You evil business owner. “For today, I will think of you as a good boss.”

“Keukeu, I didn’t even know this was a thing, but whatever. “It’s okay.”

Damdeok also giggled and looked at the flower garden, and even Jooyul, who kept a straight face the whole time, had a calm smile spread across his lips.

The flower field to the east of Samsin Halmi was a place where you could feel a strange ecstasy just by standing there.

“let’s go!”

“Give me all the water!”

“Go go!”

To the group who were very excited, Dongja Shin grinned and added words.

“You can get water for the flower garden from there.”

Everyone smiled and shifted their gaze, following the finger of the child god.

I had to tilt my head back all the way to see the end of the cliff, and on top of it was a huge willow tree.

“hmm… ?”

“no way… .”

“no way… .”

However, contrary to everyone else’s wishes, the faint sound of waves lapping was coming from the willow tree in the distance.

The expressions of the companions suddenly darkened, and Damdeok muttered quietly.

“… “The guy who just said it was a healing experience, come out.”


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