I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 87

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#87. Samsinhalmi’s flower garden (2)

“Ugh! Shit!”

Damdeok was carefully coming down the cliff, holding a small water jar at his side.

“Ugh! “What kind of guy’s water jar is this heavy?!”

In Damdeok’s mind as he shouted, the words that the young boy Shin had said a moment ago flashed through his mind.

“Contrary to its appearance, Samsinhalmi’s water jar contains a lot of water.”

“If you fill it up, it will be about 1,000 times the size of a normal water bucket.”

It was a moment when that flawless and refreshing voice felt somehow obnoxious.

“Tsk, it’s so easy to talk about it as someone else’s business… !”

The water jar provided was small enough to fit comfortably in one’s arms, but the amount of water that actually went into it was truly beyond imagination.

‘Because it was soaked in water for almost an hour.’

The scene where the water swirled around the mouth of the jar and was sucked in was truly spectacular.

You may not know it, but this small jar probably contains as much water as a village reservoir.

“It’s like climbing a cliff with ten Cerberus on your back… .”

Damdeok muttered that and looked down.


A great height.

Shin, a young boy who looks about the size of a bean, looks at himself and smiles.

Somehow I felt a little better.

“… Smile? Makes me laugh?! “We do this kind of hard work?!”

Hit Damdeok’s forehead! Tendons stood up.

He was determined to go downstairs and feed that little boy’s cute head first with honey chestnuts.

It was then.

A familiar white head passed by Damdeok.

“Hehe, what is it, bro! Why are you so slow after starting first? “I’m going first!!”

The white clouds began to quickly pass by Damdeok and go down, panting.

“nice! “I’m going down before my brother!!”

“What… .”

The guy seemed very excited.

Perhaps they consider carrying work to be a kind of sport.

Anyway, he is a very optimistic guy.

“Rock climbing is a true man’s sport! “Watch carefully and learn!”

However, the momentum was short-lived, and Baekgureum’s limbs, which were trying to force his way down, soon began to tremble.

“Heoheok heoheok.”

The guy frowning and breathing heavily,

It looks like he’s moving diligently, but when you look at it from behind, I don’t know… .

Damdeok looked down at the white clouds with sad eyes.

The gap was about 1 meter wide.

In fact, it was a distance where no gap was felt.

“Trying hard, man.”

“Noisy! “Don’t talk to me because I’m concentrating!”

Baekgureum screamed, but his body was still shaking and only went down a few centimeters.

‘Well, I had to climb about 200 meters to get to the spring water under the willow tree, so I guess I lost my strength.’

I mean 200 meters.

Climbing 200 meters up a steep cliff was not an easy task, even for Baekureum, who had undergone rigorous training since childhood.

It was difficult for him to increase his strength by mobilizing his divine power, so it was obvious without even looking at what Baekgureum would be like with his bare body.

“I think I’m going to cause an accident if I do that… .”

just as expected.

Baekgureum, who was rushing down the stairs fearing that Damdeok would catch up with him, lost his footing and immediately,


Water poured into the basin.


Streams of water pouring down helplessly along with the screams of white clouds.

“iced coffee… no… .”

The guy who was looking down with devastated eyes couldn’t bear to look directly inside the jar and looked up at Damdeok with pitiful eyes.

“brother… It hasn’t poured much now, right? “Please tell me it hasn’t poured much.”

“ha. So it goes down slowly. “Why are you overdoing it?”

Damdeok lightly came next to Baekgureum and patted the devastated guy on the shoulder.

Baekgureum’s face was in tears.

“If I spill this, I will definitely have to go back… .”

“Because it’s more efficient than going down and going up again.”

Before starting the work, the young boy Shin said that if Damdeok and his companions, a total of four people, had to fill a bucket with water and pour it in ten times, they could sufficiently water the eastern flower garden.

‘It was based on the premise that not a single drop would be spilled.’

So, if you pour it out in the middle like this, it would be best in terms of efficiency to go back and fill it up again and come back down.

“… … .”

Looking at the guy’s face hardening like a stone, I felt a little pity for him, but I had absolutely no intention of helping him.


Damdeok looked intently at the notification window that appeared in front of him.



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There were some errors here and there, but they weren’t unrecognizable.

[The patience of the 1st and 100th is weak but increases!]

[Priest & Priest Baekgu$’s physical strength is slightly weak but increases!]

[Priest & Priest Baek $reum’s strength□ is weak# but increases!]

‘The abilities have been increasing since a while ago.’

Actually, rock climbing is an exercise that involves carrying a huge weight of water on your back.

It was strange if my abilities didn’t improve even though I was doing such grueling exercise.

I was doing this to fix the system, but it was also unintentionally helping me with my physical training.

‘It’s like killing two birds with one stone.’

So, I wanted to support Baek Gureum, but I will never step forward and help him.

If you train to the limit and raise your abilities, you will be able to guarantee safety on your future journey.

“Then, cheer up!”

This was when Damdeok patted Baekgureum’s shoulder a couple more times with a satisfied expression.

A bloody voice came from above.

“… Wicked business owner. I’ll kill you… .”

“Ahh! It’s a surprise!”

As soon as I looked up, I almost missed the water pot.

Adele Sharon, with her blonde hair down, was looking down at Damdeok like a ghost.

“Hey! Get some face! “Why are your eyes open like that again?!”

Adele Sharon raised her eyes fiercely as if she were a ghost of a wronged virgin. The sight of her looking up from below was truly terrifying.

“… Last time, I worked as a kitchen assistant… Now, are they making me carry a bucket of water to water the flower garden? I shouldn’t have been a priest in the first place… No wages… No work… The evil business owner should go away… .”

Damdeok just looked at Adele Sharon with a bewildered look on her face as she mumbled and slithered down the cliff like a ghost.

“Adele seems really strange sometimes… .”



Why am I suddenly hearing voices here and there?

When Damdeok raised his head again, he saw Juso-yul calmly coming down the cliff.

“Adele doesn’t get weird sometimes. “It was strange from the beginning.”

She speaks firmly and passes by Damdeok.

Damdeok looked at Ju Soo-yul and muttered blankly.

“The strangest thing I see right now is you… .”

In front of Damdeok’s eyes as he muttered like that, there was Jooyul walking perpendicular to the cliff.

Step by step, as if walking on flat ground.

He didn’t whine while holding the water jar at his side like the others, but simply placed it on his head peacefully, as if he was carrying a shrine.

“What kind of skill can you use to do something like that?” “It doesn’t even spill water.”

Even though he is the same intermediate god, Jooyul seems to possess many truly amazing skills.

“okay. “You should consider yourself lucky that that guy is on the same side as you.”

Damdeok also diligently moved his arms and legs following Jusoyul’s instructions.

[Priest Adele Shah’s patience is weak and increases!]

[Priest Adele Shah’s physical strength is weak and increases!]

[My @priest Adele Shah$’s strength□ is weak# but increases!]

In the meantime, notification windows keep popping up.

Thanks to these messages, Damdeok was already feeling that this hellish training was worthwhile.

‘This part-time job is a system repair and self-training camp.’

As the priests become stronger, won’t they also become stronger?

I judged wrong earlier. This wasn’t killing two birds with one stone, it was killing three birds with one stone!

Of course, after that, the roar of the white cloud that accidentally spilled water rang out again, and Adele Sharon, who could no longer bear it, spewed fire and had a seizure… Still, the smile did not disappear from Damdeok’s face.

* * *

“Hehehehehe! end!!”


Baekgureum gritted his teeth and dumped the bucket of water into the flower garden.

After thirteen round trips, I was able to complete the assigned quota.

‘If I hadn’t spilled water three times in a row, it would have been over in ten… !’

It seems like he was the only one who made mistakes and worked twice as hard as his companions.

My physical condition was unusual, with my arms and legs shaking.

Over there, Damdeok, Jooyul, and Adele Sharon were sitting in a flower garden, each giving their last bucket of water.

It was a group of people who matched the tempo and finished the work at the same time, cheering them on as they had to climb the cliff a few more times.

‘Thank you, but… ‘No thank you.’

Baekgureum chewed his lower lip and made a crooked expression.

I was grateful that they went up and down with me, but no one carried the water jar for me during that time!

‘The hardest thing was this damn water jar!’

Swing the water bucket as if you were disgusted! The young boy Shin approached the white cloud that was being thrown away with a big smile.

“Thank you for your hard work! “You were a lot slower than the original water fetchers, but I was impressed by your tenacity and not giving up!”

White Cloud’s eyebrows twitched.

The guy who just smiled and watched from below the whole time we were moving the water bucket.

The hardships and sadness of the past exploded all at once into a white cloud.

“Are you kidding me right now?!”

Baek Gu-reum, a 17-year-old boy, attacked Shin, a boy who looked about 10 years old.

The difference in physique between high school students and elementary school students.

At first glance, the white cloud looked much more threatening, but Dongja Shin easily avoided his collar grab.


That was when the white cloud, which had lost its balance and fluttered on the floor, stood up with a fuss.

[Inum! How dare you attack the flower gardener!]

Baekgureum’s eyes flashed with the screams of Grandmother Samshin.


Samsinhalmi’s honey chestnuts hit the back of the head.

Baekgureum just flailed around in pain as if his eyeballs were going to pop out.

[You damn bastard! The flower gardener is like a king here. Why not be polite!]

Meanwhile, Samsin Halmi’s eyes were scanning the moist, water-soaked flower garden.

As the eastern flower fields were soaking up the good water and showing off their brilliant colors, Grandma Samsin, with her benevolent smile on her face, turned around again, as if she had never done so before.

[Holhol, but it was amazingly amazing. Then you can go now. Follow me.]

Damdeok, who was watching, asked on behalf of Baekgureum, who was still unable to recover from the shock of the honey chestnut.

“Where are you going?”

[Where? Shouldn’t we fix Nenum Narinchang?]

At those words, Damdeok and his group’s faces lit up.

Damdeok and Jooyul are confident that they can fix the system, while Baekgureum and Adele Sharon are relieved that this tiresome labor is over… .

However, as they walked along with Grandma Samsin, the faces of the group members could not help but gradually harden.

“Why are you here again…” .”

“Maybe you’re in the wrong place… ?”

“The place where we go to fix the system… .”

Damdeok swallowed his saliva and raised his head.

A cliff of great height.

They had arrived back in this hellish place.

“My limbs are still shaking… also… ?”

As Damdeok muttered, the faces of Baekgureum and Adele Sharon behind him began to turn pale.

Grandmother Samsin slowly looked back.

[What did you catch? Come on up.]

Among the frozen companions, the roar of white clouds is loud! It rang out.

“Aaaah!! It’s a dream!! “This is a dream!!”


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