I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 85

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#85. The fear of grandmother in the underworld (2)

[Your application has been received!]

A white glow erupted from the system and engulfed the surroundings.

The black old woman’s hand that was digging into her chest stopped.

Damdeok internally cheered in victory.

Although it wasn’t exactly a victory, it was a success in escaping… anyway.

‘Thanks to Hercules’ lion armor, the penetration speed was slow.’

It stung, but it was not fatal. Wounds like this will heal quickly thanks to the self-healing power.

‘Let’s take cover first and then come up with a strategy together with the kids.’

Because it’s better with others than alone.

“I’m not running away right now, so just wait.”

The moment Damdeok grins and says that,

The old woman’s black eyes were bent like half moons.

[Click, this kid is pulling a cute trick.]


It was an instant.

The black grandmother’s blade-like hand stopped in front of Damdeok’s eyes.

It felt like time had stopped for a moment, and my vision, which had been completely white, suddenly shattered.

“Nonsense… “I never heard anything like this was possible?”

Damdeok looked at the hand that had come right in front of him with trembling eyes.

The black grandmother’s blade-like hand was piercing the gods’ system window.

[Samsinhal… Crackling! Seocheon Flower Field… Crackling! movement… Impossible crackle… !]

“There’s no way it’s possible to break the system… Who the hell are you… .”

At that question, the black grandmother’s eyes became even more disgusting.

[What is my identity? Cluck, cluck, I love the skin of babes like you the most… I. Win. will do. mi.]

The smell of death from the grinning old woman from the underworld is evil! It spurted out.

It was as if black flames were swirling, or rather, an even darker darkness was spreading out in all directions.

I was out of breath again.

Terrible fear.

A feeling of helplessness welled up to my chin.

‘Damn, this feeling… Even then… .’

Unpleasant memories slowly came to mind.

The red demon world beyond the gate… Soo-yul’s embarrassed face… A black figure approaching from afar… .

‘Asmodeus… It’s similar to when I faced that demon… .’

To be exact, Asmodeus of the Demon World was a few numbers higher than him, but still, the level of fear he felt as he faced the forgotten god from this close was no joke.

‘… Whether it’s Asmodeus or the grandmother of the underworld, neither of them are opponents I can do anything about right now… .’

Wasn’t the address rate like that too? He says he can’t fight Asmodeus with his current skills. I have to give up my part-time job in the Demon World. So he obtained Excalibur and immediately left to meet Ettin… .

I never thought that after defeating the devil, a Korean evil spirit would appear right away.

‘Our country’s forgotten god… .’

Damdeok barely raised his head and looked at the grandmother of the underworld in front of him.

The eyes of the grandmother of the underworld, who was looking at herself with a grin, were filled with the black blood of the dead bodies.

[okay. That’s the look. A child’s expression of fear… ! Click, click.]

The dark eyes of the old woman from the underworld who was giggling and laughing blinked! It went back and started showing dozens of faces.

[ruler! Look! These are the final moments of the countless children I killed! A little boy looking for his mom! A soldier clutching his severed leg! A husband looking for a wife! Hunters begging for their lives! Cluck, cluck, all humans make the same facial expressions. On the other hand, what about monsters? How colorful! These faces of distortion, pain, anger, and evil deeds!!]

The underworld grandmother’s eyes bulged as if they were about to explode.

The images of countless corpses before death were magnified and reflected like a magnifying glass.


Damdeok screamed with his eyes tightly closed.

I was so disgusted that I couldn’t watch it any longer.

The grandmother of the underworld’s eyes blinked again and returned to a state of nothingness where nothing was reflected.

Even though she was seeing terrible things in her eyes, the grandmother of the underworld had a calm expression, as if she was not feeling any emotions.

[Hmm, yes, you shouldn’t talk too much at the dinner table. cancer… .]

The grandmother of the underworld slowly approached.

Damdeok raised his trembling hand and swung the sword with all his might.

I struggled with fear and felt helpless, like I was a kindergartener.

“Do not be ridiculous. The grandmother of the afterlife… Such a god… “I’ve never heard of it before!!”



It was a meaningless stabbing.

The grandmother of the underworld did not even think about avoiding Damdeok’s sword.


The sword trembled as it was held in place by bloodless fingers.

‘damn… ! damn… !’

I felt like crying.

The gods’ system is broken, and the difference in power is such that they can’t even dare to rebel… .

I opened my red eyes.

‘If this happens, I won’t die alone… !’

Whether it was an underworld grandmother or something else, if a monster this size came out of the fog, Seoul would be finished that day.



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“Don’t look down on people!!”

[I am casting the skill!]

[I am casting the skill!]

[Cast the skill!]

I poured out my skills at the fastest speed I had ever used.

I literally put my all into it, every single thing! These were deadly attacks.

“Aaaah!! die!! “You monster!!”

After pouring out all his skills, he even took out the club of Hercules from behind his back without any delay.

“Whether it’s the grandmother of the underworld or the Jade Emperor, if you hit the earthen pot with this, it’ll be over in one hit!!”


Hercules’ club flew quickly towards the head of the grandmother of the underworld.

Even in that split second,

‘The facial expression looks relaxed. f*ck… .’

Although he was attacking with all his soul, the old woman from the underworld was so relaxed that she was just grinning as if she was watching a fun party.

In an instant, the heat rose and I gained even more strength.

“f*ck!! “f*ck Jangyuyuseo!!”

The last attack you can make. If this failed, it was truly the end.

‘please! Live!’

He shouted with his eyes closed and hit the club with all his might.

Kwakwakwakkwak!! You should hear a huge roar… For some reason I can’t hear anything.

Moreover, for some reason, my body seems to be floating in the air… ?

“what… ?”

Damdeok slowly opened his eyes and his mouth opened slightly.

[Ugh! Such arrogance… !!]

Right at his feet, the grandmother of the underworld was lying on the ground, bleeding profusely from her head.

“… What happened? Did it work?”

As Damdeok looked around in the air, he felt a warm hand on his back.

[Inum, get out of the way.]

Nice scent.

The scent of all the flower fields in the world seemed to pass by my nose.

The back of an unknown grandmother is immediately visible in front of you. She was an old woman dressed in hemp clothes as warm as the spring sunlight.

“uh… Could it be you… .”

[Tsk tsk. What are you to Grandma? Anyway, young people these days… .]

Grandma’s warm voice sounded like it tickled my ears.

I felt like my whole body was being purified.

I applied for a part-time job, but when I asked why he wasn’t showing up, I heard a series of blunt comments asking me what I was doing here.

‘Did you come to save me? ‘Are you worried about your part-time job?’

I guess Grandma Samsin is a tsundere.

I wanted to say thank you, but my voice didn’t come out properly.

‘I can’t hold on any longer…’ .’

Consciousness becomes increasingly blurred.

Is it because I put all my strength into it?

Or is it because you feel relaxed thanks to strong support?

In any case, after Grandmother Samsin appeared, the fear of death completely disappeared.

‘It’s warm…’ .’

The warm energy surrounding my body made me feel cozy (as if I was in my mother’s tummy).

The grandmother of the underworld stood up, covering her head, and shouted.

[also! also! You damn old woman! Are you here to steal my child?]

[Tsk tsk. What have you taken from me, you psycho old lady? You should be quiet in the underworld, so why crawl out again… .]


For a moment, the sound of the grandmother of Samsin and the grandmother of the underworld fighting fiercely seemed distant, like a celestial harmony.

Even though something breaks right in front of me and a flash of light erupts,

‘Oh I feel good. Just stay like this a little longer… .’

To Damdeok’s ears, all of that sounded like a lullaby.

In this way, Damdeok slowly lost his mind.

* * *

“… “Umm.”

As soon as I opened my eyes, what I saw were familiar faces.

Jusoyul, Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, and… Leo Lux.

“… “Why is that person here?”

“That human being. “Isn’t that a bit harsh?”

“Oh, stop talking in your heart.”

“I’m still saying this… .”

“… … .”

Damdeok frowned and stood up.

The familiar room was his home.

“What happened?”

Addressul asked.


“You were lying alone in the fog.”


“Really? That’s not it, bro! “The black fog suddenly cleared, and you were lying down all alone?”

Baekgureum spoke passionately. Adele Sharon, who was next to him, nodded her head and agreed.

“therefore. Moreover, there were a lot of damaged corpses… You are a vicious business owner… “You didn’t kill both monsters and people because you were confused, right?”

Leo Lux’s thick eyebrows twitched at those words.

His eyes were burning with a sense of justice, as if he had not yet let go of his suspicions about the monster hunter.

“What nonsense… Ugh.”

“… are you okay?”

Damdeok looked down at his throbbing heart in response to Ju Soo-yul’s question.

‘The wound is almost healed.’

The tingling pain continued to radiate, as if it had been imprinted with extreme fear.

Still, I was fortunate that it ended like this thanks to Hercules’ lion armor.

“Grandma from the underworld… Asmodeus… .”

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes wavered at Damdeok’s muttering.

“hell… Grandma… ?”

“Asmo… what?”

White Cloud and Adele Sharon’s eyes became round. They both seemed to have no idea what they were talking about.

Damdeok was speechless.

As I remembered the situation from before, my hands started shaking uncontrollably.

Ju Soo-yul looked down at Damdeok without saying a word.

‘It’s faint, but traces of the curse of fear still remain. I guess I came here after meeting the old woman from the underworld.’

I had a guess from the first time I saw that black fog.

Grandmother of the underworld.

He is a god who was kicked out by the Jade Emperor because he was jealous of Samsin Halma, who was the guardian of the baby. He is a typical evil god who lives by eating the fog of the underworld that is created every time he breathes and all living things that enter it.

‘A forgotten god appears even in our country…’ .’

It was a bad sign.

Not long after the forgotten gods appeared in Korea in all past lives, the War of the Gods broke out.

‘Fortunately, I think Grandma Samsin somehow found out and took care of it… .’

By the time we entered the fog to pull out Damdeok, who had jumped in like a moth to fire, the situation had already been resolved.

When the situation turned unfavorable, Grandmother of the underworld immediately ran into the gate, and Grandma Samsin suddenly disappeared as soon as she saw Juryul.

‘Anyway, I’m glad I came back alive from that vicious old woman… .’

There was something strange about this life as expected.

Not only was it my first time meeting a grandmother from the underworld in this way, but it was also truly unusual for a forgotten god to appear in Korea so quickly.

‘There are a lot of things that are unusually unpredictable… .’

It was uncomfortable, but I couldn’t hesitate here.

“… It looks like we haven’t fully recovered yet, so let’s all go out first. “Get some rest.”

Ju So-yul was planning to think about his future plans.

Baekgureum smiled brightly and suddenly turned his face towards Damdeok.

“Hyung, if you’re not healed yet, how about some sparring with me in the evening? I think I can win now… Ugh! “Why are you hitting me?”

As Ju Ju-yul looked at him coldly, Baek Gu-reum hurriedly turned around and creaked out the door.

“Tsk tsk. I thought it was you. Hey, little prosecutor! “If it’s sparring, how about a match with me?”

Adele Sharon followed suit, and Leo Lux, who was looking at Damdeok with uneasy eyes, also quietly walked out the door.

Finally, as Ju Soo-yul was about to leave, Damdeok muttered quietly.

“Address rate. “Please talk to me for a moment.”


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