I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 84

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#84. The fear of the underworld grandmother (1)

“Grandma came out from inside the gate… ?”

Damdeok’s gaze slowly turned to the part-time job window that was floating in front of him.

[(Contract worker) Urgent need for baby care assistance!])

“After all, if I came out of the gate, wouldn’t it be Samsinhalmi? No. That’s strange too. “Why is Samsinhalmi suddenly coming out of the gate?”

Something felt off.

Originally, only God could enter the gate.

It was a dimension that ordinary humans could not enter. Of course, the old woman who walked out of the gate could not have been just a human.

“But it feels a bit… .”

Isn’t it strange?

The person who personally posted a part-time job announcement suddenly entered and came out of that gloomy gate?

“Are you going to show it to people too?”

The more I thought about it, the more it made no sense.

Damdeok, who had been thinking deeply for a while, gradually turned pale.

“no way… .”

A sane god would have no reason to do something like this.

But what if it was another god?

I’ve been holding a grudge for a long time… , Those who are no longer revered as gods… .

Damdeok muttered as if possessed.

“Forgotten God… There was a forgotten god in Korea too… .”

* * *

In front of Dongnimmun Station on Line 3.

A thick black fog covered the entire Seodaemun Prison.

“Ugh! “Everyone, run away!”

One of the Sangun Guild’s raiders jumped out of the fog with a pale face.

His face was filled with extreme fear.

“… “What on earth is going on?”

“I don’t know. But I know one thing for sure.”


“Into that black fog. big. yes. friend. “You mean I can’t go in?”

“… “I agree.”

Adele Sharon and White Cloud were muttering with their mouths slightly open.

The fog before my eyes gave me the feeling of encountering an unknown, indescribable creature.

Not only Jusoyul, but even Leo Lux did not approach the black fog. This was because he instinctively sensed danger.


“Don’t go into the fog! Everyone, keep your distance!”

Some of the Sangun guild members who had dispatched in advance had already entered the fog and lost contact. Only after Jusoyul arrived, the leaders of the raiding party were hastily giving orders to get out of the fog.

“… “I guess we’re a little late.”

Leo Lux looked at the scene with a sad face.

To put it bluntly, it had nothing to do with him, but his face was extremely sad.

“Why does this keep happening at the gate…” .”

Recently, the risk of gates has been increasing rapidly.

It was only recently that Gate Wave, which was not originally considered a disaster, began to cause greater damage than Dungeon Break.

“Obviously, no matter how dangerous the gate was not long ago, it was below the dungeon break… .”

In an instant, a reversal occurred where the gate became much more dangerous than the dungeon.

Leo Lux is suffering as if it were his own problem. Ju Soo-yul, who was looking at him, slowly walked away.

“Everyone, stand away from the fog and form a radial (one of the hunter formations).”

The next successor to the Sangun Guild, following her instructions, the members of the Sangun Guild, who had been confused, began to move in order.

“First, let’s drive away that fog.”

Efforts were made to drive away the black fog using large circulators that generate wind and even helicopters, but the fog only remained heavy.

“… I guess it won’t work. “Let me go in and take a look.”

This was what Leo Lux said when he approached Jo Soo-yul.

“Are you trying to find out what’s in there?”

As soon as Joo-yul asked coldly, Baek Gu-reum and Adele Sharon intervened without notice.

“I heard you’re a grandmother?”

“that’s right. “She said her grandmother walked out earlier.”

“But they said it disappeared again in the blink of an eye…” .”

The two fell silent as Ju Ju-yul gave them a stinging look.

Leo Lux, who was watching, spoke in an uncertain voice.

“well… I don’t really know what’s in there. But you speak as if you know everything.”

At those words, Jooyul looked straight into Leo Lux’s eyes.

Leo Lux also faced him without avoiding his gaze.

After a short silence, Jusoyul slowly opened his mouth.

“Don’t do anything useless. “You know you can’t win.”

Addressul said that and turned around.

Leo Lux turned around and said nothing to her.

Actually, he knew it too.

An unknown creature in that black fog.



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‘Incredible pressure… If you encounter one, you will definitely lose… .’

Leo Lux’s anxious eyes looked towards the fog.

‘The world is becoming increasingly dangerous.’

The gate is becoming increasingly dangerous, and the hunters are becoming monsters… .

If it weren’t for those scary things, his younger brother would have been safe too… .

“after. “It would be useless to lament about this now.”

Leo Lux quietly closed his eyes.

And when he opened his eyes again, a familiar figure entered his field of vision.

“uh? That man… .”

A man with a familiar appearance was running toward the fog, holding a pure white sword.


“Well, I… !”

The people around them started to murmur in confusion.

“Stop that bastard!!”

With the sound of someone shouting, the gazes of Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, and Jooyul turned in turn.


“Damdeok hyung… ?”

“what are you doing. If you go in alone… !”

Leo Lux urgently stretched out his arms, but he disappeared into the black fog.

Jooyul’s right arm, which was busy giving instructions, suddenly fell.

“… “Such an idiot.”

* * *

“what. “You can’t see anything.”

Damdeok frowned.

It was dark everywhere.

Scribble. Even though I held out my hand to disperse the fog in front of my eyes, it only lasted for a moment, and soon it would clump up again, blocking my vision, and I was growing irritated.

“Hey~ Soo-yul~ White Clouds~ Adele~”

Even though I call out loud, there is no answer.

No, in the first place, I couldn’t sense any signs of popularity in this fog.

“… Hmm, didn’t you come in first?”

Did I jump in too hastily?

I thought that if he had his usual personality, he would have entered quickly and with a blank expression.

Besides, Baekgooreum and Adele Sharon aren’t the type to back off, so I thought they would naturally follow suit… .

“I guess I guessed wrong.”

There were so many people gathered outside that it was a mistake not to see if my companions were inside.

“ha. Is there really no one there? I was worried so I ran towards you at once… .”

If there really was a forgotten god in Korea as he had guessed, then the odds of winning were ridiculously low with the team’s current skills.

“It was like that with Neptune, and it was like that with Karos. “We were able to deal with both of them because Ju-Jin-level was there to help us.”

If it weren’t for Poseidon and Vermouth, they were enemies that could never be defeated.

‘No matter how much I became a mid-level god, it would be impossible to beat a forgotten god.’

This was the same even if there was an address rate next to it.

“It would be fortunate if a forgotten god did not appear… .”

Damdeok stopped and stared straight ahead.


There was silence everywhere.

The pressure that had been weighing on my body just before jumping into the fog suddenly disappeared.

‘That’s strange. It seemed like there was something terrifying lurking about.’

Is it really true that the gate burst here?

The fog was quiet enough for me to even think like that.

“… “It looks suspicious.”

Even if there are no forgotten gods, if the gate burst, a monster wave occurred. How can it be this quiet?

What about all those monsters?

And there wasn’t a single hunter who entered first?

“It doesn’t make sense. “What is going on?”

Damdeok slowly closed his eyes and concentrated his mind.

[The power ‘Sword and Body Unity’ is unleashed!]

A higher version of Combat Focus.

All my senses began to become sensitive.


From the tip of the head, through the face, to the heart.


From the fingertips, through the arms, to the heart.


From the toes, through the legs, to the heart… .

Thump thump thump.

The sound of my heart grew stronger and spread out in all directions like the sound of drums.

A wave of waves spreading quietly like the ultrasonic waves of a bat.

With his eyes closed, Damdeok was feeling the waves throughout his extremely sensitive body.

And finally,


Something touched the wave of waves.

Damdeok flashes! As soon as I opened my eyes, it was the moment I leaned forward to run towards it.


“… … ?”

A dark shadow fell on Damdeok’s face.

In front of me was an old woman with strange eyes.

[Hello, baby?]


Damdeok was startled and swung his sword.

However, the opponent let go of the attack too easily.

[Cluck, click, this guy has no manners.]

Gray hair and slightly curved back.

Nevertheless, he is two spans taller than Damdeok.

The grandmother’s black eyes rolled around.

Damdeok felt his hair standing on end.

‘what… This old lady… ?’

grandma… ?!

Grandma God!

I’ve been wandering around the world of gods and other dimensions, but isn’t this my first time seeing Grandma God?

In the meantime, one word passes through my mind.

‘Wait a minute, if it’s the grandmother’s god, could it be the three grandmothers… ?’

But soon I had to shake my head vigorously.

There was no way that the Samsin grandmother, who took care of the baby, could have such a malicious energy.

The black old woman before my eyes was exuding the smell of death from head to toe.

[Kkkeul, why are you worrying so much about yourself?]

Black smoke billowed out from the grandmother’s mouth as she opened her mouth.

It stretched out and merged with the surrounding fog.

‘Is that how they made the fog? ! Black fog just by breathing… !’

As soon as Damdeok unconsciously grasped the sword, a cold, gray-skinned hand was placed on his head.


The approaching movement was obviously very slow, but for some reason I couldn’t avoid it.

“Ugh… ! Oh, my body… !”

My body doesn’t move as I want.

Damdeok had no choice but to stare straight ahead while holding his sword.

The old woman’s black eyes slowly approached my nose.

[Cluck, click, good. It’s much fresher than the ones I’ve eaten so far.]

A nostril-piercing stench assaulted my entire body.

Numerous corpses were seen behind the grandmother’s back, then buried in the fog again.

It was only a moment, but it was clearly visible.

A sight where the corpses of humans and monsters are tangled together and rolling around.

‘Damn it, this old lady ate all the people who came into the fog… !’

Whether it’s monsters or hunters, everyone… !

Damdeok’s hands were shaking.

I was out of breath due to the tremendous pressure.

It wasn’t just breathing.

My body was frozen from a while ago and didn’t move.


[I was overcome with serious fear!]

[My nervous system is paralyzed!]

[Agility decreases!]

[Strength decline!]

[Deterioration in cognitive ability!]

… … .

System notification window pops up endlessly.

The grandmother’s black hand slowly ran through Damdeok’s head and headed downward.

‘no! If things continue like this… ‘I’m really dying!’

Damdeok desperately tried to shake off his confusion and brought up a part-time job window in front of him.

The best thing you can do now is to use the gods’ system to escape.

‘please… please… !’

Damdeok’s fingers twitched pitifully.

‘a little bit… little bit more… !’

The black grandmother’s hand slowly came down to Damdeok’s chest.

And soon,


Damdeok came to his senses at the tingling pain that slowly penetrated his skin, and stretched out his finger with all his might.



[Your application has been received!]


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