I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 83

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#83. Korea’s forgotten god appears!

“… “Are they the same being?”

Damdeok frowned at Jusoyul’s question.

“You know what it means.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“You just shook your eyes. “Don’t act like you don’t know.”

Damdeok urged and asked, but Jusoyul seemed to have already regained his composure.

She looked down at Damdeok sitting on the bench with her characteristic expressionless expression.

“… I know you can be a bit quirky sometimes, but this is still so random… Leo Lux is just like us… “What does that mean?”

Damdeok stood up with a look of frustration on his face and quickly approached Ju Soo-yul.

“Listen carefully. Vermouth, the god of the great wizard, said that there were other gods who visited Atlaum besides me.”

“What do you mean? “Any god who controls the system can go to Atlaum.”

That is correct.

However, in the first place, the tribe of gods was so conservative that they did not deviate from their own worldview, and even if they did, it was only a transition from the Greek mythology worldview to the Norse mythology worldview.

‘Atlaum is a completely different worldview. In our worldview, not only the people but also the gods don’t know much… .’

Who on earth went to a place like that?

Unless you’re a crazy god like Loki, there are only a handful of gods who would do something like that.

Moreover, crucially… .

“They say the god who visited Atlaum came from America?”

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes shook slightly again.

But why?

At that moment, what I felt intuitively was that rather than that Ju Soo-yul was hiding something, it seemed closer to him being embarrassed, saying that couldn’t be possible.

“You’re from America?”


“Are you saying he’s a god from America?”

“Don’t you know what’s really strange? “What kind of god would use the names of human countries when talking about where he came from?”

It was obvious.

Gods I come from Europe. I am from China. Because saying this in itself is an awkward way of speaking.

Rather, it was standard to be called by names such as , , or at least and .

The worlds where the gods live all have different names, so why did they say that the gods came from America?

Ju So-yul seemed to be thinking deeply about something.

Damdeok spoke even more confidently.

“Coincidentally, Leo Lux is an American hunter. In addition, he was freely using attribute mana. “How come you don’t know what I’m talking about?”

“… “Do you really think that God from America is Leo Lux?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Ju Soo-yul closed his mouth for a moment.

Then he stared straight at Damdeok.

“I know what you mean. However, based on that alone, it is difficult to conclude that Leo Lux is like us.”

“why? “You can have doubts.”

Jusoyul let out a small sigh.

Then he slowly looked at Damdeok and said.

“Listen carefully. “As humans, we cannot clearly explain how we deal with the gods’ system, but I can tell you this one thing clearly.”

“What do you mean?”

“The only humans in this world who can handle the gods’ system are you and me. “It’s just the two of us.”

“… “How can you be so sure?”

“Because it is clearly shown in my prophecy.”

Ju Ju-yul’s eyes were full of confidence.

There was no longer any wavering in the eyes.

For some reason, I was speechless.

It’s not that words can’t be communicated, but the sincerity and truth in Ju Soo-yul’s eyes. Because I felt like everything was included… .

“… … .”

My mind became complicated.

Did he have unnecessary doubts? I even had that thought.

Zhou Yul’s prediction has never been wrong. Because she was the one who showed the way to stop the war between the gods in the first place, and she was the one who informed the existence and whereabouts of the 12 Guardians.

‘ha. okay. There’s no reason for this guy to lie.’

Was the real Leo Lux nothing? .

Damdeok looked at Leo Lux, who was swinging his sword with an uneasy look on his face.

Before we knew it, they were sparring with Adele Sharon, and even though they were sparring 2-on-1, Leo Lux was relaxed.

“Cool your head. Still, it was a pretty good guess.”

Ju Soo-yul patted Damdeok on the shoulder and walked towards the training ground.

Damdeok just looked at her back with a sullen expression.

“brother! “Don’t you train?”

“Yes, you are a vicious business owner. Let’s come and do it together.”

White Cloud and Adele Sharon motioned for me to come here.

Leo Lux is standing in the middle and looking at himself.

Damdeok looked at the guy in silence and waved his hand.

“it’s okay. “I have something else to do.”

“to? “Why are you acting so busy all of a sudden?”



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“therefore. Who am I to come here… .”

Baekgureum and Adele Sharon grumbled, but Damdeok didn’t care.

“I’ll do it for him.”

“Oh oh. Soyul noona~”

“As expected, you’re cool, sister. “I’m a hundred to a thousand times better than that evil business owner.”

When Joo-yul came forward, the children’s complaints quickly subsided.

Leo Lux looked at Damdeok with a sad look on his face, but no one noticed.

‘Anyway, I don’t even know about that guy.’

Damdeok grumbled, sat down in the corner, and opened the system window.

Although I was concerned about Leo Lux’s identity, when I thought about it more carefully, I felt like I had overextended myself.

‘It could be assumed that a god who is interested in the human world came from America.’

Besides, there is no reason to lie about the address rate.

If Leo Lux really knows how to use the gods’ system, he would definitely be of help to us, so Joo-yul would have told him about it first.

‘Let’s not make things complicated for no reason.’

For now, it was right to focus on what we could do.

“hmm. “I guess some new part-time jobs have come up.”

Damdeok carefully looked at the list of part-time jobs that appeared before his eyes.

‘Subdue Odin’s Gate… This thing has terrible spiritual power. Demeter’s rice planting farming… This is going to hurt my back. Dionysus’ wine making… What is this? The only reward is a bottle of wine? Are you kidding me… .’

For a while, there were a lot of good Albabies in Greek mythology and Norse mythology, but today it was a total hit.

‘Hades, this guy posted the Cerberus announcement again.’

Whenever he gets angry that Cerberus was taken away from him, isn’t that why he gets angry when he leaves the underworld so often?

‘But these days, I can summon Cerberus at will and there’s no problem… .’

After the last sparring in Olympus, Hades was so quiet, perhaps out of resentment or embarrassment.

I thought he would come visit me once and pose a small threat, but seeing him so quiet made me think that he was a surprisingly cool god.

‘If you say yes, it’ll be easier for me.’

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders and went back to finding a part-time job.

But even though I washed my eyes and searched, I couldn’t find any part-time jobs worth doing.

“Oh, this is difficult. In this case, the goal of creating my own army is… .”

I definitely realized this through this monster transformation incident.

In order to gather the 12 Guardians without being swayed by any external pressure, you need your own army.

‘If it weren’t for the wolves, ice giants, and Cerberus this time, it would have been difficult to overcome the situation so easily.’

No matter how much Jusoyul, Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, and Etin were as priests, the opponent was the Hunter National Army unit, which can be called the national power of a country.

‘It was very difficult to fight against people of the same race.’

If he didn’t have a threatening monster army, the national army would have attacked first.

‘But I also have a strong army, so it was resolved peacefully without any need for fighting.’

So, it was natural to conclude that we should create more of our own army in the future.

“If you want to make an army for free, God’s part-time job is perfect.”

Damdeok nodded happily and muttered that.

Same goes for Cerberus, sun wolves and ice wolves. It was a natural thought since the ice giants and ice dwarves were all troops subjugated from the world of gods.

“Sseu-eup, I think we’ve run out of Western clothes. Would you like to see other continents?”

Damdeok, who had been searching for part-time jobs in the West, came across a list of part-time jobs in the East.

“There are many unfamiliar gods in Asia… .”

To be honest, job postings are not as good as in the West.

“uh? “What, three announcements for Korean gods were posted today?”

It was a big deal.

Even among Asian countries, I rarely see Korean gods… .

Damdeok looked at Albachang with an interesting face.

There were a total of three part-time jobs posted by Korean gods.

[(Contractual) Baby care assistance urgently needed!]

Employer: Samsin Halmi

Power: over 100,000

Experience: Beginner possible (employees in related fields preferred!)

Job Description: When Samsin Halmi is having a baby, assist with records (up to 10 people per day due to low birth rate these days! Can suck honey)

Business hours: Mainly from late at night to early morning

Salary: 10 grandmas for each baby (※Gun by gun)

[Looking for a part-time job working at a citrus farm!]

Employer: Dolhareubang

Spiritual power: 150,000 or more (preference given to those with wind power!)

Job description: Simple labor such as watering and tending tangerine trees, picking tangerines, etc.!

Business hours: All day

Salary: 5 dol hareubang per hour

[Recruiting new assistants for Dangun’s calligraphy class!]

Employer: Grandfather Dangun

Spiritual Power: Over 80,000 (You must know the ideology of Hongik Ingan!)

Experience: Preference given to those of Korean descent!

Job Description: Helping the spirits of the elderly feel the atmosphere of the past

Salary: 3rd tier per hour

“Wow, this is different.”

Unlike the Western world, there seems to be a certain sense of leisure and atmosphere.

In particular, I really wanted to see Halmi Samsin and Grandpa Dangun in person.

“But the compensation is a bit… .”

It was vague, but it would be better than staying still.

‘Should we try the Samsinhalmi direction, which seems like it will end quickly?’

It was the moment when Damdeok’s fingers approached the system window.

– Ah!

Damdeok’s fingers stopped at the sound of the siren echoing throughout the training hall.

– Gate occurs! Gate occurs! Estimated grade S or higher… !

“Ha, look at the timing… .”

Damdeok frowned.

It seems that a large gate burst within the jurisdiction of the Sangun Guild.

I glanced behind me and saw Leo Lux and his companions preparing to leave.

“… Hmm, it looks like the address rate also goes together. Hehehe. “Then maybe I don’t have to go.”

It’s not just the address rate. Unlucky guy over there… No, isn’t there also Leo Lux, who is ranked number one in the world?

‘Time is money. It would be more beneficial for the future of the world if I quickly strengthened my power.’

Even though it is an S-class gate, a forgotten god has never appeared in Korea.

‘It’s not like you’re getting a god level, it’s just about killing monsters. Four of them is enough. cancer.’

Damdeok grinned and slowly fell back.

As I was trying to secretly leave the training ground with my hood over my head, I could clearly hear the conversation between the Sangun Guild raid members.

“Hey, did you hear? “I heard someone walked out from inside the gate this time?”

“what? That sounds kind of creepy… “Are you the one who can enter the gate?”

“Well, I don’t know the details, but the radio said it was a grandmother… .”

“Ugh, what is it? “Is it really scary?”

“Hey, there! come fast! “All other raiding parties have already gathered!”

“Oops, Captain, you’re going to get angry again. Let’s go quickly!”

The members of the attack team gasped and ran past Damdeok.

Damdeok’s steps suddenly stopped.


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