I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 82

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#82. in their respective positions

“Wow, no matter how much I think about it, I feel refreshed inside.”

Baekgureum smiles brightly and lies down with his clasped hands behind his head.

A spacious garden.

The well-manicured lawn was filled with tables worthy of a buffet.

“Hey, why do you lie down at any time?”

Adele Sharon scolded him by tearing off a piece of meat the size of his face, but Baekgureum didn’t even listen.

“Ah, that’s good. I didn’t know Damdeok was this rich.”

The monster transformation incident was over, and the group had just returned to Damdeok’s newly moved house on the outskirts of Gyeonggi-do.

With an enthusiastic welcome from his mother, and a large-scale party held by hiring top chefs and a company, it was enough for Baek Gu-reum to lie down with a satisfied smile on his face.

“I know. “The house is more worth looking at than I thought.”

Adele Sharon also hummed and admitted.

Although it is not as big as her mansion, it is still a mansion of this size that is worth a lot of money in Korea.

Damdeok nodded in satisfaction as he listened to the compliments.

‘Well, actually, it’s money earned by selling the equipment that the dwarves have kept… .’

There is no need to bring up such a story.

Damdeok tapped the dining table made of solid wood.

“Anyway, everyone worked hard. “Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it~”


With the sound of clinking glasses, the wolves began howling in unison.

– Aww!

– Awww!

In a garden with a land area of ​​over 500 pyeong, there were about 200 wolves eating meat.

These were all wolves that Damdeok had tamed, and they were also the ones who played a big role in the vanguard of this monster transformation incident.

“Wow, I’m going crazy because I’m crying all at once. “Are there any guards here?”

“Korea is a country famous for its safety. What about guards? “It’s fortunate that my brother sent Cerberus back right away.”

“… of course. My mom would faint if she saw it. “It’s not a big deal because it’s all fields around here, but it’s still noisy because everyone is crying together.”

Damdeok slightly gestured towards the wolf pack.

The guys quickly wagged their tails again and concentrated on biting the meat.

White Cloud muttered while lying down in the grass, looking at the large dog-like guys sporting flame manes and ice fur.

“It’s a minister, it’s a minister. Are you sure they won’t be scared? “Those guys are wolves brought from the world of gods.”

“… “The world of the gods?”

Her mother, Jo Yoon-hee, who was putting down new food on the table, looked at Baek Cloud with puzzled eyes.

Damdeok quickly wakes up and scoops up the white clouds that are lying down! She hesitated, pushing with her foot.

“Ah, these are the guys we brought from the gate, and it looks mysteriously like the world of the gods.”

“… okay? “Well, the gate is connected to another dimension like a dungeon, right?”

Mother Jo Yoon-hee reluctantly nodded. Then she looked at Damdeok with concern.

“So, the stigma of being a monster hunter has been completely removed?”

“then. don’t worry.”

Damdeok answered with confidence, but Jo Yoon-hee seemed very uneasy.

It was natural. I heard that there was an uproar just two days ago because of a monster hunter… .

Damdeok opened his mouth in a pretensely cheerful tone.

“Hey, our Mrs. Jo does that again. Didn’t you watch TV earlier? Experts and doctors in related fields have all proven that I am not in the process of becoming a monster. “I heard that the inspection bureau also found out that they made a mistake?”

That wasn’t all. When it was revealed that the Iris guild leader’s abuse of power was a result of his work-related power, there was a strong public outpouring of sympathy for Damdeok, who was a free hunter and had no affiliation.

Even if you become a 7-star hunter, if you are out of the sight of a large guild, you won’t be able to make a difference. Hunters all over the country are raising their voices, saying, “How will the lower-level hunters feel?”

Somehow, the matter has become so scary.

“A national petition has even appeared asking to prevent any disadvantage or pressure from being placed on free hunters.”

Addressul looked at his smartphone indifferently and muttered.

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

“Did you hear, Mom? “You can just watch TV and see everything, so why are you so worried?”

“I couldn’t finish watching the news earlier because my heart was pounding… .”

“Hmm, then I guess I can look at it now.”

Damdeok said that and took out a tablet.

“No, he. “Suddenly you said you were watching some news.”

“It’s because my mom is so worried. Now she can barely even eat food, but she just sits there.”

As soon as I turned on the real-time news on my tablet, a story about a monster transformation incident came out.

– This is my first time seeing such a giant. It was completely covered in ice and was taller than most villas… What’s interesting is that when you look closely at the giants that look like ice statues, they all look a little different.

– There were a lot of giants! It really appeared like a moai statue roaring!

Live interviews with citizen witnesses.

Damdeok, who was quietly listening, chuckled.

‘I was surprised that there were more ice giants than I expected.’

When I summoned Ettin with the power of , I summoned all of his tribes, and guess what? He must have found some of the hidden tribesmen, and their number had increased.

‘Thanks to this, we were able to definitely give a sense of intimidation to the approaching army.’

To be honest, the ice giants probably played a bigger role than the wolves in temporarily stopping the South Korean army’s assault.

‘Of course, when I summoned Cerberus the next time, they all froze as if I had made a promise… .’

The troops, who had been at a standstill thanks to the wolves and ice giants, came to a standstill as soon as Cerberus was summoned to the point of fire.

In the end, it was fortunate that everything came together and was resolved peacefully.

‘There was a lot of talk about whether Cerberus was really the gatekeeper of the underworld… .’



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When people say it’s a rare summoning skill obtained from the gate, everyone says, “Wow!” He looked at me with envious eyes and that was the end.

I thought this monsterization incident, with everything resolved well, would just end like this.

If it weren’t for Executor Na Kyung-soo’s weird interview.

– At this point, we will watch the second part of the X-Files about Hunter Yu Dam-deok.

Along with the host’s comments, an image of Na Kyung-soo being interviewed while leaning on a hospital bed appeared on the tablet screen.

– … It’s real. I saw it clearly with my own eyes! No, everyone here in Unit 13 saw it!

– Hunter Yu Damdeok really knows how to use magic?!

– Summon Cerberus? It’s not a skill! It’s definitely one of those magic tricks!

Ha, I couldn’t help but sigh.

Although he admitted to having an eye for magic, he dismissed all of his skills, including summoning Cerberus, as magic.

“Just do it in moderation.”

I rewatched that interview 13 times today, so I guess other people are also curious about the word magic.

“Why are you just digging into the monster transformation case all day? “Aren’t there any other broadcasts here?”

Damdeok was grumpy for no reason, but looking at the program schedule, it seemed like this channel had me as their special topic today.

“It’s magic… Damdeok uses magic… ?”

Mother Jo Yoon-hee muttered next to her.

Damdeok smeared saliva on his dry lips and trembled jokingly.

“What is magic? Mom, do you believe those kids? “It’s just a skill, a skill~”

There might be a better way to publicize the existence of and increase the value of the name, but honestly, I didn’t really want to use that method.

‘When I was on air due to the monster transformation incident, my strength had already risen to the point where it had risen. ‘Because your spiritual power increases much more when you become famous among the gods than when you become known to people.’

In short, it is not very efficient to indulge people anymore.

If I were to tell them where I got the magic and how to use it, I would have to hold a press conference and answer them all… .

‘Ah, it’s annoying. bothered!’

It’s much better to just hide it comfortably.

Damdeok thought so and was trying to persuade Jo Yoon-hee.

– Now let’s look at today’s highlights.

A handsome man with silver hair appears on screen.

“Leo Lux… ?”

Unlike Na Kyung-soo’s interview, his interview was conducted ‘LIVE’.

‘Is everything better now? You look fine.’

As expected, as he is ranked No. 1 in the world, his resilience seems to be amazing.

He was only wearing a hospital gown and looked very fine on the outside.

‘Sseuup, was my attack too weak?’

Damdeok licked his lips and watched what he would say.

– It’s magic… You might think so. Clearly, he didn’t see any skill effects. The black flames and transparent ice chunks were natural.

“ah… .”

I never thought even that guy would say it was magic. Damdeok was met with Jo Yoon-hee’s ‘What happened?’ look in his eyes, and he hesitated at her words.

“You know mom. “Not everything you see on TV is the truth.”

“You said earlier that you would know everything if you watched TV?”

“Ah, that’s what you’re saying~ And I totally believe what that person says.”

“Isn’t that young man ranked No. 1 in the world?”

“… … .”

There was silence for a moment.

Damdeok waved his hand and smiled awkwardly.

“Oh, what if I’m number 1 in the world~ If I really knew how to use magic, I would have beaten that person too?”

According to information from Joo-yul, the Inspection Bureau is trying to completely hide the fact that he defeated Leo Lux.

Well, they probably thought it would be easy to control since the only witnesses were members of the inspection unit, but honestly, I didn’t want to come forward and brag about it.

‘It actually worked out well.’

What difference will it make if you take first place in the rankings? At best, it comes with a series of troublesome tasks that take money, fame, and social considerations into account.

‘If the war of gods breaks out anyway, the world will be in ruins.’

This is because it is all pointless.

Damdeok smiled kindly and emphasized Jo Yoon-hee once again.

“That’s right, Mom. If you use magic, it’s no problem to climb up the rankings. “Why am I still outside the top 10?”

“… Well, if my son were a real wizard, he would be in the top 3 in the world rankings, right? “Aww, Mom, I don’t like being such a burden.”

It was at that time when Jo Yoon-hee smiled and the atmosphere was about to lighten up.

In a close-up of Leo Lux’s face, his mouth slowly opened.

– I don’t know if he uses magic or not. What is more important than that is the person named Yu Dam-deok… They made me, the number one ranked person in the world, like this.

The faces of Damdeok and Jo Yoonhee, who were smiling harmoniously, suddenly hardened.

* * *

Jongno Sangun Guild main building.

In the first training hall, Damdeok was looking straight ahead with his arms crossed.

“Maybe you don’t notice… Are you pretending it doesn’t exist? .”

In front of me was the silver-haired Leo Lux, wielding a sword.

The elegant movements were as if they were filming an advertisement for a luxury knife.

“… “He’s a really suspicious guy.”

Ju Soo-yul approached Damdeok, who opened his eyes and mumbled.

“What’s so suspicious?”

“That guy. “It’s suspicious that you made such a fuss to the media and then came here right after you were discharged.”

“is it.”

“Is that so?” I heard that it was all just a matter of low-key discussion with the Inspection Bureau? But why are you suddenly revealing to the neighbors that you lost to me? .”

Why did he make such a bombshell statement to the media, even on live broadcast, claiming that there was any benefit to him, and why did he come to see him like this the very next day?

Thanks to this, Damdeok had to turn off his cell phone that was ringing like it was on fire, and wherever he went, he was flooded with interview requests, so he had to cover his face even in broad daylight.

Ju Soo-yul smiled and responded.

“They say they are pricked by their conscience and can’t hide it. “It’s true that I lost to you, so how can I not pretend that I lost?”

“ah… I see. You were a hunter with a very rich conscience… .”

As Damdeok muttered soullessly, Jooyul burst out in laughter.

“What’s funny?”

“just. “It’s nice and peaceful for the first time in a long time.”

“Peace is shit.”

Unlike Damdeok, who did not like him, Jooyul just leisurely watched Leo Lux practice his swordsmanship.

“But seeing as you came all the way here to apologize, I don’t think you’re a bad person.”

“Tch, what about apples…?” .”

When do we treat people like criminals, talking about the risk of becoming a monster or a level 1 alert… .

okay. He certainly apologized for the monsterization incident.

And very politely.

He was so grieving over the loss of his younger sister that he couldn’t confirm the truth in advance or something… But what can I do when Vermouth’s words I heard before continue to linger in my ears and make me uncomfortable?

‘That guy… It clearly seems like they are using the gods’ system, so why are they pretending otherwise?’

No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t come up with an answer, so Damdeok finally decided to tell everything to Ju Soo-yul.

‘I tried to think about it on my own, but I couldn’t come up with an answer.’

“Hey, address rate.”


Ju Soo-yul answered without even looking in this direction. He seemed to be busy watching the sparring between Baek Cloud and Leo Lux, who had already joined him.

Damdeok continued speaking seriously.

“I think so. A guy named Leo Lux… “I think they are the same as us.”

Ju Soo-yul’s head, which was only looking straight ahead, moved slowly.

Her eyes were shaking slightly as she looked at them.


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