I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 199

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#199. Final Battle (4)

“That’s crazy… .”

The first to swear was Son Goku.

Darkness swirling before my eyes.

And Damdeok disappeared without a trace.

It was felt by the group members whose spirits had already reached their maximum.

The strong energy of Damdeok disappeared in an instant.

And what that means.


“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

None of the group members opened their mouths hastily.

I just stopped and observed the situation.

Eventually, the gaze of Ju Ju-yul, who was fighting in the distance, landed on this place.

For a while.

After standing there for a while, her body slowly collapsed.

“no… . This can’t be… . This can’t be… . This life is so vain… .”

Ju Soo-yul’s muttering sound was very quiet. However, none of her companions knew what she was talking about.

White Cloud muttered an insult and glared at Chaos.

“Mr. Lee… .”

It was the same for the other party members.

Everyone was glaring at Chaos with murderous eyes.

A huge darkness swirling before my eyes.

It was a terrifying creature that seemed as if it could eat the entire world, but it had not taken any action immediately after swallowing Damdeok.

“Hey, this dog!”

White Cloud was the first to run to Chaos.

He was holding the sword of Ares in his hand.

However, he is soon thrown out by Son Goku’s restraint.

“Whoa, calm down bro. Didn’t you just see it? “It’s dangerous to approach that guy carelessly.”

“Then you’re telling me to just stay like this?! “What are we going to do!”

Baekgureum’s face turned red as if it were going to burst out in laughter.

There was also a subtle change in the expressions of the companions.

From embarrassment to anger to despair and sighing.

“… … no way… . “Did we lose?”

“Don’t be so foolish, Alui!”

Baekgureum gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Oh no, wait a minute! How is this going now? !”

Adele Sharon also added her words.

Baekgureum bit his lip at her anxious expression.

“I didn’t lose. I haven’t lost yet… .”

“no. Whatever… . “It is clear that the situation is very bad.”

“Xiaorang, stop talking nonsense!”

“… … .”

Baekgureum seemed to have lost his mind.

Cheon Tae-rang, who could not see his fussing, came out.

“Hey, kid. Don’t act like a child. This situation is dangerous no matter who sees it. First of all, since he’s too close, I’ll back off a bit and reorganize my battle line… .”

“Nothing yet! No! Damdeok isn’t even dead!”

White Cloud suddenly screamed.

For a moment, the surroundings became quiet.

It was something no one wanted to say.

Cheon Taerang stretched out his hand to Baek Gureum and slowly lowered his hand.

Son Goku glanced back at the white clouds and suddenly began to relax.

“That’s true.”

White Cloud looked at the back of Son Goku, who was warming up with reddened eyes.

“Nothing has changed yet. “Well, there’s no way he could have died this easily, right?”

A firm tone.

But for some reason, I felt uneasy.

It was a time when everyone was speechless.

“no. “It’s better to quit.”

A distinctive sonorous voice came from behind.

The gaze of the companions returned.


She approached quietly, her silver hair flying.

“My part-time job has been released. The relationship between employer and part-time worker has been dissolved. So now that guy… .”

“shut up!!”

White Cloud shouted.

Elia looked coldly at the white clouds.



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“Do you think it’s me who wants to say this? but… .”

Elia bit her lip for a moment and continued speaking.

“But if it’s him… . Do you really want to see you die like this without any solution?”

The look on Elia’s face when she said that… .

It’s not a grumpy or mocking face, but a somewhat bitter expression.

Elia’s gaze naturally met the swaying darkness, Chaos.

The two exchanged glances without saying anything.

Adele, who was watching this, strode forward in a slightly excited tone.

“What are you? Why are you suddenly pretending to be for us? This Sadal was born because of that man you call father. uh?”

“okay. Now that I think about it, it’s strange. “You two never pretended to know each other before, right?”

“Weren’t we on the same side? “Why aren’t you surprised that we’re with you?”

“Or maybe it was planned from the beginning… .”

The suspicious eyes of the companions turned alternately toward Chaos and Elia.

“Hmph, we’re all going to die anyway, so what’s so suspicious…” .”

At Elia’s muttering, a white cloud jumped out and grabbed her by the collar.

“shut up! Shut up! “Because none of us will die!”

“okay. Like that. Would you like to talk about this? White haired kid?”

“Who called someone a kid? It’s better. “I still didn’t like you being on my team.”

“Oh yeah?”

“okay. As expected, getting rid of you here… .”

It was a time when a fierce death lingered in the eyes of the white clouds.

[…] … That’s foolish.]

The voice of Chaos echoes across the heavens and earth. The blade of the white cloud that was drawing a parabola stopped in midair.

A terrible pressure was pressing down on his entire body, making it impossible for him to move.

Baekgureum’s trembling hands struggled to shake off the force.

“profit… !!”

Immediately, Taerang Cheon and Alui grabbed Baekgureum’s arms and stepped back.

“I told you not to approach me.”

“okay. Same goes for that silver hair. “Because they are the same.”

Elia just snorted at the sight.

[…] … Are you just teaming up with these guys? Elia.]

Elia’s sharp eyes flashed at the sound of Chaos’ voice.

“Who said they were on the same team? “We all know that there are unavoidable circumstances.”

Damdeok threatened himself with a part-time job.

Relationship between employer and part-time worker.

It was a contract that could not be refused in the world of gods.

[Kkeuk, it’s soft. Are you planning to deceive me? You have the power to repay Albanara’s contract long ago… .]

The companions’ eyes widened at those words.

Elia closed her mouth and quietly looked away.

“… … is it so? “I didn’t know I had that kind of power.”

[Did you want to pretend not to know?]

“… … I really didn’t know. And even if I was like that, if I knew I was caught by this guy, I could have sent someone, right? Then it would have been solved easily… . Why didn’t the Eye of the Abyss come to save me?”

The darkness of Chaos stirred slightly at Elia’s blunt tone.

[You’re bold… . The eyes of the abyss… . The guy couldn’t go. It has already become a part of me.]

Elia’s mouth opened slightly.

“Some… . I can’t believe it happened… . What is that… ?”

[Why are you so surprised? He just went back to where he was supposed to be.]

“… … The eyes of the abyss… . “No, Tartarus, it ate itself?”

There was a small tremor at the end of Elia’s words.

I’ve never done that before, why?

Or rather, is that even possible in the first place?

The eyes of the abyss are Tartarus itself.

It is possible to eat him who exists as a concept of space… ?

[Nothing is impossible for me. Elia.]

Elia’s eyebrows furrowed.

Chaos giggled mischievously and glanced at the people fighting on the far side.

“no… . Damdeok Yu… . If it ends here… . The next life is the 1870th… .”

Ju Ju-yul’s trauma, which had been repeated thousands of times, seemed greater than expected.

She was already half out of her mind.

“Soyul! Come to your senses… !”

“Ugh… ! Bring that guy to his senses quickly! “Their numbers are increasing!”

Leaf and Ettin were struggling of their own, but Jusoul’s absence was having a serious impact on the battle.

[Kkeuk, let’s take a look. I wonder if this is the day when my long-cherished wish will be fulfilled.]

As Chaos spoke those words, a deep sense of anxiety overtook the group.

As if trying to shake off all of his anxiety, Son Goku began to swing the baton, which he held unusually tightly.

“Whose will it be? hey! Everyone, come to your senses! “How long are you going to keep coming back to life like a zombie?”

Suddenly, the members of Huagua Mountain came to mind.

The guys who were always by my side every time I went through eons without memory. The Jade Emperor is an obnoxious and nagging young man. Even the numerous Taoist gods who were harshly punished for criticizing themselves.

“Even if I die, that’s enough. It’s okay if you don’t die. “No matter what happens, I’m going to see those guys again.”

Goku grinned and his eyes lit up.

Hwaan Geumjeong.

Even the Geunduun flying from afar begins to emit a brilliant brilliance under the golden light.

“This time, let’s put an end to this damn game of reincarnation! uh?! Just give him a surprise when he comes back! “Everyone, wake up!”

The group’s heads slowly nodded at Son Goku’s shout.

They were also looking back on their past lives in their own way.

Atlaum’s life as an actor and magic school were in conflict.

The title of Oriental swordsman genius and a high school in Korea.

The boring daily life in the demon world and the scary father, Lucifer.

A panoramic view of Egypt during their rule and the days of eating mountain and sea delicacies every day.

A young daughter who didn’t feel any pain even when she was in the eyes of numerous martial people.

The peaceful days of dragons and the joy of cooking a variety of dishes.

One by one, everyone’s expressions begin to become lively.

Each individual’s memories were gradually pushing away the widespread anxiety.


“Even if you can’t eat life, you still get it.”

“If we can’t stop it anyway, the world will end.”

“Ugh, do you want me to do this again while losing my memory?”

“Absolutely not. cancer.”

“This time, let’s go back to our respective worlds with all our memories…” !”

Seeing everyone holding their weapons with such vigor, Elia shook her head.

“Anyway, if only this guy or that idiot got together… .”

However, Elia’s voice saying that was completely drowned out by the voices of the companions shouting afterwards.

“let’s go!!”

The slogan that Damdeok always uttered.

The group ran forward all at once.

And the darkness of Chaos roared once again.

* * *


It feels like being surrounded by a cozy blanket.

‘what. ‘What am I doing?’

It’s dark everywhere.

But I didn’t feel afraid.

Positive emotions for no apparent reason.

They were taking over my entire body.

‘I’m tired… .’

When my mind is at ease, my body becomes drowsy.

My eyelids slowly closed.


Were my eyes originally open?


I’ve been reeling from it ever since I came here.

‘I don’t know… . ‘I’m too lazy to open my eyes.’

Under. Under.

My body gradually sinks.

Damdeok thought it would be nice if time stopped like this.

That’s how peaceful and incredibly good this moment was.

How far did it go?

Just when I thought I had gone down quite deep,

Something clicked. and touched his shoulder.

‘I don’t want to open my eyes.’

Damdeok didn’t care.

I just left it alone.

Down more comfortably.

I wanted my body to sink even lower.

‘Then it will be more comfortable.’

But as soon as I could think about that, something hit me even harder this time.


Damdeok frowned slightly.

The tranquility is broken.

I was starting to get on my nerves.

‘Ac, who… .’

I slowly opened my eyes.

My eyelids were so heavy that I had a hard time opening them.

What I saw as soon as I opened my eyes was… .


‘uh? ‘Snow White?’

Damdeok looked at him with wide eyes for a moment.

Didn’t it become really huge originally?

Why did it get smaller again?

Baekseol shouts something at Damdeok, who is rolling his eyes.

Of course, the word you hear is will! That was all it said.

‘what do you mean. I don’t understand what you’re saying in the first place… .’

Damdeok watched Baek Seol with concern.

It’s dark everywhere.

A place where you can’t tell whether you’re floating in the air or standing on the ground.

‘Where am I…’ ? How did you get in? Or rather, Baek Seol, why did your body become smaller… . What on earth are you talking about…? .’

That moment,

A memory flashed through Damdeok’s mind.

Gaia’s mother’s request, the Albanara of the gods, the 12 guardians, the last expressions of the gods who were eaten by her… .

‘… … for a moment!!’

Damdeok struggled.

In the darkness, I saw a huge eye flashing below.

‘What is it, eyes of the abyss…? ?’

Its shape was so huge.

I didn’t know how Chaos swallowed something so large.

for a moment,

Devoured it?

Chaos… ?

Damdeok’s whole body went numb at the words he spoke unconsciously.

‘That’s right, this bastard is me…’ !’

Damdeok takes a breath! I took a breath and strengthened my arms and legs.

‘I have to escape from here…’ !’

He held Baekseol with one hand and tried to climb up.

But the more I tried, the more my body sank.

‘damn… !’

Before I knew it, the eyes of the abyss below were amazing! My mouth was wide open.

It felt instinctive.

If I get sucked in there, my consciousness will stay like this forever… .

‘I knew how to leave it like that… !’

The Eye of the Abyss is Tartarus itself, but it is said that Chaos swallowed it… .

‘Are you saying that the current chaos is Tartarus itself?’

Damdeok gritted his teeth and waved his arms and legs.

Then, light emanates from Baek Seol’s shrunk body.


‘Gaia… ?’

Damdeok muttered.

Gaia was seen inside Snow White’s body emitting light.

Her image grew bigger and bigger, and eventually Snow White disappeared and only light remained.


[congratulations! The Earth Goddess blesses you!]

[The Earth Goddess blesses you!]

[The Earth Goddess calls you… !]


An increasingly stronger light began to dispel the surrounding darkness.

And then the panoramic view before your eyes.

A journey where Damdeok and his companions eat gods.

And at the same time, the process of Chaos eating Tartarus little by little underground.

‘… … !’

Only then did Damdeok realize.

Chaos had planned to do this from the beginning.

So, even when he forced Elia to work as a part-time worker, he took no action, and even when he increased his power by eating all the gods, the gates were strangely quiet.

All of these… .


Damdeok clenched his fists.

Chaos was something we knew from the beginning.

‘I knew we were back in time…’ .’

‘How did you know… ?

No, how much did you know? ?’

It was confusing.

And one question comes to mind at the same time.


Why did you stay quiet when you knew all that?

At that moment, the window Gaia was showing stopped.

I had a strange feeling of déjà vu.

This is a situation that I cannot understand.

If Chaos knew all about our actions, shouldn’t it have stopped it much earlier?

Why did you leave it until we got stronger?


For what?

Wait, now that I think about it… .

Damdeok’s gaze was again directed straight at the window floating in front of him.

Clap la la rock!

Windows that frantically show everything that Chaos has done up to this point, as if to release resentment.

As I was slowly looking at it, I suddenly got goosebumps from my toes.

The window freezes again.

Damdeok slowly opened his mouth.

‘you… . what?’

The speed of the rising window gradually decreased.

It was strange.

No, that couldn’t have been possible.

Isn’t Chaos the exact opposite of Gaia?

There is no way Gaia’s power could work so well in such chaos… .

As soon as Damdeok thought that, the window that had been slowing down suddenly stopped.

And soon a voice is heard.

[It’s the 99th child… . What do you suspect?]

It was Gaia’s voice.

Damdeok was even more horrified.

Something felt wrong about this.

And soon,

[Why should you suspect anything?]

[Raise your sword at that time!!]

[And kill this guy!!]

[Kill this guy!!]

[Kill this guy!!]

[Kill this guy!!!]

A voice echoing like crazy.

Damdeok took a step back without realizing it.

I felt like I couldn’t remember something important.

‘Why me… . In the cycle of reincarnation, I constantly wrote a diary… ?’

A diary written repeatedly dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times.


For what?

What are you trying to remember?

Just to keep important records of this life?

or not… .




The floating windows begin to move forward like crazy.

‘Huh… !’



[Kill this guy immediately!!!]

It was when Damdeok’s body lost its balance at the sight of the windows approaching fearfully forward.

‘Krrrrr…’ !’

At that moment, something huge broke in.


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