I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 200

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#200. Final Battle (5)

‘Snow White… ?’

Damdeok’s eyes widened once again.

This time it was really snow white.

Snow White became huge.

‘How did you get here…? .’

I thought they were fighting with Jooyul from outside, but how did they get in?

Without any time to think, Baekseol was looking earnestly between the rising windows and Damdeok.


As his loud voice rang out, his body glowed brightly.


The will of moonlight.

This time it was real.

His good will spreads everywhere.

The spears of Gaia, the darkness of Chaos, and even the eyes of the abyss gaping below. A space of light where everything is covered with bright light and nothing is visible,

In it, Damdeok was facing memories he had never seen before.

“Gaia. The Titans will bring destruction to the world.”


“I’m sorry, but they… .」

The two, who were treading on the primordial sea, mountains, and earth, were having a conversation.



The two were discussing the titan gods.

‘… … Is this the beginning of this whole journey?’

Chaos was arbitrarily capturing the gods and imprisoning them, and he was beginning to fear being forgotten… .

According to the original memory, in this conversation, Gaia was opposed to imprisoning her children.



「… … What a surprise. “I didn’t know it would be so easy to give permission.”

The Gaia in Damdeok’s memory was different.

She had a fresh and bright face.

“How about this, Chaos? How about creating a new world at this point?”

「… … What are you talking about? What are the sins of other lives that have already been created? It was not the intention to destroy the Titans as well. “I will educate you well.”

「… … okay? “You are a merciful father.”

“Aren’t we everyone’s parents?”

Immediately after Chaos said those words, Gaia turned and left, so I couldn’t see her expression.

But there was a clear feeling of hostility behind her.

And the incident occurred not long after.

“Gaia. “What are you doing now?”

Gaia, who was fiddling with the system, smiled brightly.

“Chaos. Do you know what this is? It is a system called Phonos of the Gods (πόνος,ου,ὁ). “I just finished it, would you like to see it?”

「… … Phonos? Greek word meaning labor. But why are they suddenly making something like that?”

“It’s so that the children will always remember us. We will allow you to grow through this system. “We give them appropriate compensation, give them power, and make them thank us for everything.”

“Gaia, stop having false expectations. Life doesn’t live the way we want. “You shouldn’t even wish for that.”

“I’m sorry Chaos. But I just can’t do it like this. I know that? Even if the gods are like that, humans don’t even know us properly anymore. Chaos is simply the god of chaos. Gaia is just an unknown goddess. “Everyone is forgetting that we are creator gods.”

「… … Because it was so long ago when we created it. “We are gods who have existed since the beginning, so in a way, it is natural.”

“It’s natural… ? “Is it natural for the creatures we created to forget us?”

Gaia seemed unable to acknowledge that.

Damdeok was in great shock.

‘Gaia… . Gaia was afraid of being forgotten… ?’

Besides, humans don’t remember themselves.

‘Aren’t the children of the beginning the first humans?’

Damdeok felt sick.

It was confusing.

I had no idea what these memories were showing.

Nevertheless, the screen was constantly showing the truth.

“No, I guess I’ll have to start over, Chaos. “This world is no longer ours.”

Gaia said as she turned off the system as if she had decided on something.

“What are you talking about, Gaia? You want to start over? “Do you know what you’re trying to do now?”

“I know. Chaos. “I know it very well.”

Gaia’s smile was softer than ever, but soon the world was covered in a terrible sea of ​​fire.

Gaia’s planned rebellion.

Chaos has no choice but to stop her.

The fight between the two was leading the world to terrible destruction.

“Please stop. Gaia. “This is just a disaster for everyone.”

“Chaos, I’m sorry. I don’t want to live as a forgotten god. I hope that all the earth becomes abundant and that everyone knows that we are the ones responsible for that. So, I hope that you will do as I wish now. “There’s nothing bad about you, right?”

“You’re crazy… . Gaia. I don’t want that. It’s better to be forgotten in the dark. “If you don’t stop right now, I won’t sit still any longer.”

“Anyway, you’re stubborn. Have you forgotten Chaos? It’s you who gave me strength. “I am stronger than you now.”



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The scene has changed.

Gaia’s madness.

Chaos’s counterattack.

The number of gods who followed Gaia was half, and the number of gods who followed Chaos was half.

A truly tense battle.

Although both sides had similar strengths, Chaos could not callously harm his creatures, no matter how many enemies they were.

In the end, it was inevitable that Chaos would be defeated.

“It’s a shame. I’m so sorry Chaos. Don’t worry though. You will never be lonely. “I will let you spend eternity in Tartarus with all the gods who opposed my will.”

“Gaia… . Why are you like this… .」

「… … Why? I told you. “I just don’t want to be forgotten.”

「… … .」

“Oh, that’s right. I will give you this justification. A god of misfortune who brought about the destruction of the world because he did not want to be forgotten. And the existence of countless forgotten gods who fell after it. how is it?”

Chaos’ head slowly lowered.

It was both an admission of defeat and a precursor to the final, final blow.


The darkness surrounding Chaos’ body shook greatly.


A talent for predation.

The primordial ability of Chaos.

Gaia’s body was instantly engulfed in darkness.

“Gaia. my… . I will embrace you myself. And don’t let anything harm you in the future… . “I will seal it within me forever.”

Chaos lost half of its strength after that day.

Not surprisingly, the Gaia inside never stayed still.

I had to go through a constant war with her,

One day Gaia

One day chaos

The tense battle between the two continued every day.

[I will kill you!!]

[I will kill you… !!]

[I will kill you… !!!]

Gaia’s cry echoes like a scream.

Damdeok opened his eyes in surprise.

“Huh… !”

Snow White is looking at herself with her big eyes narrowed.

And Gaia’s cry is heard from behind.

[Tear that thing down and kill it right now!!”

[Are you planning to leave this mother in a place like this?!”

[I created you even in such a barren place… !!」

“Didn’t I give you all of its unique power, the talent for predation!!”

“Do you think he gave me that great talent for free? Because you have the greatest chance of killing Chaos!”

“Perform your mission! Child of the beginning! “Do not doubt and do your duty!”

[You useless bastard! Stop thinking about useless things and kill it!! Kill me!!”

[After failing thousands of times, are you going to fail again?!”

[I mean, eat the heart like before!!!”


Just little by little.

Damdeok felt his stomach turn.

“The children of the beginning are all… .”

Gaia created herself within this darkness, within Chaos.

“We are not the first humans, but we are the children of the beginning… . That probably meant the original children who will live in the world you destroyed. Gaia. is not it?”

“Stop talking nonsense and kill me!!”

“Kill me!!!”

Damdeok gritted his teeth.

Gaia did not sacrifice herself to create a part-time job.

“Only to train beings who will save us here… .”

okay. Children from the beginning created with great care just for that purpose.

Among them, the first child address rate.

“The reason I only paid attention to Ju Ju-yul in the first place was because I was favoring him because he had the greatest chance of saving you.”

I foolishly thought there must be some special reason.

They say that the goddess Gaia could not have blindly shown favoritism… .

“Damn… .”

Many humans were killed in the war between Gaia and Chaos.

The image of Selene standing on the side of Chaos is visible.

Next to it is the moonlight fox.

“Gaia you… . No way, Selene can do it with your own hands… .”

“I told you to stop talking nonsense and kill me?!!”

“Kill me!!!”

“Kill me!!!”

Gaia had already been consumed by madness and had been repeating the words to kill for a long time.

Damdeok was devastated.

I remembered Ju Ju-yul, who believed in and followed Gaia, calling her mother.

I also remembered the dejected appearance of Elia, who wanted to receive her mother’s love.

The faces of all the children from the beginning came to mind clearly, one by one.

Okay, now that I think about it, it was strange.

As you relive thousands of lives, there are always different times when a part-time job comes to mind.

‘Sometimes 20 years old. Sometimes 31 years old. Sometimes 25 years old. And this life… . 27 years old.’

The existence of part-time jobs that suddenly emerged without any standards.

And confusion in memory of address rate.

The confusion of Elia’s memories.

And everyone’s memories, including his own, are confused… .

“under! That’s it… . “It was a side effect of the tense power struggle you two had.”

Gaia’s empty cry continues to echo.

Damdeok felt his eyes getting hot and slowly raised his greatsword.

“what. This is all… . “It was just a joke.”

Blood spurts all over the body.

I was cold, shaking, and feeling a sense of desperation rather than anger.

[Gaia… . This time you lost.]

Chaos’ voice echoed through the space.

“shut up! shut up!”

[That’s it. Finally, the children’s power has become greater than ours. Finally, after repeating 1869 times… .]

“no! no! You can’t be stronger than us, the creator gods! never! never… !!」

[Gaia… . My old friend… . My one and only alter ego… . It ends like this, but don’t worry.]

“Shut up Chaos!!!”

[Even if everyone forgets us, I will not forget you.]

Moonlight Fox.

Snow White’s body shone brightly.


It is delivered.

What is this guy saying?

A key left by Chaos through Selene.

The only key that can end all of this.

“… … Damn it.”

Damdeok fully received the radiating light.

Kronos’ great sword hums and absorbs the will of the moonlight.


very slowly,

Toward the still frantically rising windows, the bright light of Snow White, and the heart of chaos at the center, the jet-black orb,

Damdeok is towards all those things,


Very slowly, he swung Kronos’ great sword.






The memories that came to mind are scattered,


Gaia’s system windows are scattered and disappearing.

And finally,

When only a particularly black bead existed in this vast space,

“… … I won’t say thank you. Whatever the reason, it was a hellish experience for us.”

[…] … .]

Chaos said nothing.

“You said you would remember Gaia?”

[…] … .]

“Did you promise to remember the woman who did all this?”

[…] … .]

“It just proves that you are no different from her.”

[…] … .]

“It means that the pain we have gone through so far has nothing to do with it. so… .]

[…] … .]

“… … “I will remember you too.”

At the same time as he said those words, the bright light that surrounded Damdeok flashed. I opened my mouth.

A faint voice was heard from within the jet-black orb that was slowly being swallowed.

[…] … That’s it. With that… .]


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