I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 198

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#198. Final Battle (3)


Darkness covered the world.

The group just stood there in silence.

“what. I found it… ?”

“So quickly… ?”

“Did Snow White open the door?”

“When did it open? But why can’t I see anything?”

“Hey, isn’t this too dark?!”

The companions fumbled around with their hands and said a word one at a time.

It’s truly darkness where you can’t even see an inch ahead. In this situation, it was difficult to take a single step right away, let alone enter Tartarus.

Moreover, I find it very unpleasant to have such a gloomy vibe.

Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, and Pao, who are particularly timid, begin to clamor for something to be done.

Damdeok quietly opened his mouth.

“Everyone calm down. “I didn’t open any doors.”


“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t this Tartarus?”

Damdeok slowly nodded his head at the words of his companions.

“… … no. “I haven’t done anything yet.”

It is true that he had just detected the location of Tartarus.

A place where the instincts of countless gods lead.

It is also clear that this area is connected to Tartarus.

It was also clear that if Baekseol, who had now reached max level, displayed the will of the moonlight, he would be able to open the tightly closed door of Tartarus in an instant.

but… .

“We haven’t done anything yet…” .”

“Grrr… !”

Damdeok muttered as he felt Baekseol’s breathing right next to him.

Before I could do anything, the world split apart and was covered in darkness.

What is this?

Damdeok knew the answer very well.

“No, then where is this?”

“What on earth is this… .”

And perhaps the party members who have regained all their memories will soon notice.


I can hear the wind.

Silence fell throughout the darkness.

There was something.

as soon as,

On top of everyone.

“… … .”

Damdeok swallowed dry saliva and slowly raised his head.

It’s still dark and you can’t see an inch ahead.

Even though I tried activating all the powers of the gods, it was no use.


[Power cannot be used!]

[Power cannot be used!]

[Power cannot be used!]

[You don’t dare approach!]

[You don’t dare approach!]

[If you dare approach… !]

Messages that keep appearing before my eyes.

Power cannot be used.

And the repetitive message that you are standing still and cannot approach something.

‘This must be… !’

An ominous feeling flashed through Damdeok’s mind.


A cool wind blows again.

Damdeok felt his hair standing on end.

‘This isn’t the sound of the wind…’ .’

It was like that.

That wasn’t the sound of the wind.

It was the sound of something huge breathing.

“Everyone raise your weapons!!”

As Damdeok shouted, the group spread out, each holding their weapons.

Tadat! fault!

Sounds moving in order in the dark.

The party members who have recovered all their memories will also be looking at the system message that appears before their eyes.



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If so, you probably noticed.

Whose embrace are we in now? .

Low, dark voices began to come from all directions.

The voices were overlapping, as if several people were speaking at the same time.

[…] … These guys have lost their fear.]

At that moment, Damdeok could feel it even though he was not looking at it directly.

[I never thought they would invade like this first.]

The facial expressions of the companions distorted by that resounding voice… .

Damdeok tightly held Kronos’ great sword.

“… … Chaos. “You showed up quickly.”

[…] … Wrong. That’s not my name.]

“That’s ridiculous.”

[…] … Wrong. That’s not my name.]

Voices were coming from all directions.

Voices heard loud and clear as if whispering directly into the cochlea.

[…] … Wrong. That’s not my name.]

I got goosebumps all over my body.

Damdeok didn’t respond at all.

I didn’t want to talk to it for a long time.

Isn’t the other person a monster that may have lived for thousands, or even tens of thousands of years, and the culprit of all of this?

In the first place, I didn’t expect it to be the right thing to say.

‘You could say that this entire space is chaos itself.’

I let my guard down.

Just before the last door opens, it jumps out first and devours us… .

“But that doesn’t change anything.”

Anyway, fight.

That was it.

Damdeok slowly raised Kronos’ great sword.

“every… . Let’s each do the best we can.”

Damdeok muttered that and jumped forward in an instant.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t see anything.

Because this is that kind of battle.

Taaat! Get on it!

The sound of busy movement in the darkness grew louder and louder.

The sound of not only Damdeok but the entire group moving.

[…] … Those foolish guys.]

“shut up!! “Because of you, I have lived for thousands of years without being able to die!!”


Damdeok’s great sword powerfully cut through the air.

Power doesn’t work on that.

It is a fight that must be won based solely on pure talent and technique.

Damdeok was confident.

‘How many people have I eaten now… !’

The vivid battle experiences of countless gods were intact within Damdeok.

As soon as Damdeok’s eyes flash, the pitch-black space becomes wide open.


At that moment, Damdeok’s eyes widened.

Through the gaping gap, pitch-black things were visible.

Soldiers of Tartarus.

Forgotten Gods.

The world is becoming a sea of ​​fire.

Damdeok’s face became dumbfounded for a moment.

Before I knew it… ?

It was clearly a normal world just a moment ago… ?

Twenty twenty.

While Damdeok was dazed, the cut darkness healed quickly.


Damdeok gritted his teeth and swung the great sword again, but had to be pushed back by something’s attack.


“Ugh… !”

Damdeok raised his head.

Before you know it, the space has become pitch black again.

A space where nothing can be seen and no powers can be used.

The sounds of the group struggling could be heard, but it ended in screams.

“damn! Where are you, you bastard!!”

“Once this fight is over… !!”

“Ahh! Since I can’t see it, what is this… !!”


Damdeok tried to calm his boiling hearts.

But every time I heard my colleagues’ screams, a thousand dollars arose inside me.



Something flew out and hit Damdeok in the face.


Damdeok picked it up that had fallen at his feet.

“… … .”

Son Goku’s Yeouibong.

The screams coming from the darkness were gradually decreasing.

[Isn’t this a fight that made no sense in the first place?]

That voice rang in my ears again.

[No matter how quickly you eat the gods and find the entrance to Tartarus… .]

[With only a human body, with only a created body, do you think you have the strength to stand against me?]

[Foolish, foolish, human child… .]

Damdeok just listened to the sound in silence.

[What is the reason?]

“What reason?”

[Gaia, that’s why you do what he tells you. What is the reason for faithfully following Gaia’s words while sacrificing all of your time for such a long time?]

Damdeok was dumbfounded.

Are you kidding me?

If we don’t do that, the world will perish. So is there any other way?

“If we don’t do that anyway… .”

[What if?]

The question was asked in a truly curious tone.

Damdeok was angry about that.

“f*ck you. “Why do I have to explain it to you?”

[…] … .]

Damdeok, who had been crouching, slowly got up.

A tingly energy dominated his surroundings, but Damdeok did not take a single step back.


The voices of the companions from earlier were decreasing,

Snow White’s brave growl,

The voices of the gods clamoring with one heart and mind within me,

“Everyone is hoping for just one thing.”

Damdeok is a winner! He bent his neck left and right and raised Kronos’ great sword.

“Getting rid of you. “Then everything has a happy ending.”

[…] … I’m sorry.]


Damdeok just threw himself away.

[No one can beat me in this space.]

“okay? “Then we can get rid of this space first.”

[That’s impossible… .]

For a moment, Chaos’ voice cut off.

Before we knew it, the sphere of light surrounding Damdeok’s body opened its large mouth! It was wide open.

* * *


“I will live now!”

“… … “It’s dazzling.”

The companions each sighed in the brightened world.

“Everyone, come to your senses.”

Jusoyul quietly muttered.

At those words, even the usually playful companions nodded with stern faces.

Their eyes were focused on one place.

A gigantic formless darkness.

It sat like a ghost in the middle of the ground.

“That… .”

“Is it chaos…? ?”

“No eyes, no nose, nothing…” . Ugly.”

“How can you be ugly when you have nothing?” ?”

“quiet. “Don’t play around.”

Due to Ju Soo-yul’s intervention, the party looked into the darkness again.

Damdeok was in the closest confrontation with Chaos.

[That’s fun. It’s a talent for predation… . Surely that would be a different story. You can easily compete with me. But isn’t that also a limit now?]

“shut up. “There are no limits to me.”

[You’re being mischievous. No matter how perfect it may be, there is nothing in the world that has eternal properties. It must have already swallowed up all the gods and is at a saturation point, so the attack just now must have been extremely unreasonable.]

“… … .”

Damdeok did not answer.

I was afraid that if I answered, my current out-of-breath situation would be revealed.

‘Damn, I’m so out of breath… !’

My stomach started to ache.

No, actually, it’s been a long time since I had a problem, but now I really can’t stand it.

As it swallowed up some of the chaos, it became saturated to the point where it was difficult to breathe.

‘I can’t use my predation talent anymore… .’

Now I really have no choice but to cut him down with Kronos’ great sword… .

Damdeok’s harsh eyes turned towards Chaos.

You can see the soldiers of Tartarus constantly marching behind him.

‘We have to stop it…’ !’

Damdeok’s body, which instinctively tried to jump out, stopped.

Chaos had already arrived and was blocking Damdeok’s path, emitting a terrifying force.

[That’s rude. How dare you look somewhere else with me in front of you.]


Damdeok’s spirit became sharper.

The group began to line up behind him.

Among them was Elia, who stood reluctantly.

Chaos’ gaze briefly turned to Elia and then returned.

“From now on, I’ll show you what real rudeness is.”

Light emanated from Damdeok’s body.

At the same time, troops appeared in the rear.

Cerberus, wolves, mummies, skeleton soldiers, dragons, etc.

“Address rate. “You take Leaf and Ettin and block that area.”


“The rest of you are going to make it clear to me and this guy today what rudeness is.”



“Let’s all fight together!”

“Am-am, there is no business in Dagul!”

“It’s childish, but I’ll accept it for now.”

Chaos, who had been silent as he looked at the energetic companions, quietly opened his mouth.

[…] … But do you know that?]

Damdeok chuckled while holding his sword.

“You don’t know? I don’t even want to know. “Just shut up and leave!”


The corners of Chaos’s large mouth were torn wide open at Damdeok, who jumped up first.

[You are not the only one with a talent for predation.]


Damdeok’s body swinging his sword in the air was swallowed up in an instant, and the bodies of the companions who were jumping in after Damdeok stopped for an instant.


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