I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 196

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#196. Final Battle (1)


Cool war clouds hovered along the East Sea and coastline.

“… … “What on earth is going on?”

“I know. “What kind of situation is this before I am discharged from the military because of some strange guy?”

“Fuck you… !”

Hunters were grumbling harshly in a corner of an empty, off-limits beach.

“Whoa, hey, do you guys believe that crazy guy?”

“well… . But everyone saw it. Even though all the ranked players who are said to be the best in our country attacked him, they couldn’t even touch him… .”

“That’s right, Iris guild leader and Sangun guild leader. “You treat those scary people like children?”

“Well, what about that giant Pegasus? “He’s definitely an unusual guy.”

“Ac! Still, it makes sense that Ji would start a war among the gods… !”

“He said he was a god.”

One hunter, who was smoking a cigarette in silence while looking at the sea, said that.

“Ji has the power to start a war.”

Everyone fell silent at those words.

Yu Dam-deok.

An unprecedented crazy person who suddenly appeared in the sky above Seoul.

He was definitely human, but at the same time he couldn’t be called human.

“From now on, the entire world will have to operate under my control.”


It was a one-sided notification.

“I want to tell you in advance, this is not a recommendation. If you don’t follow, everyone will die. From now on, just do as I tell you.”

It was a very natural declaration of war against the entire world.

Of course, there was no one who would follow such a coercive order.

“Um, that crazy guy… ! “Take it out now!!”

“If you disobey orders, we will fire immediately!!”

The faces of the high-ranking nobles, who had seemed cheerful at first, quickly turned pale as Cheongunak, the leader of Iris, and Namgung Doeok, leader of the Sangun, collapsed with a single finger.

「Huh! That monster… ! “Move out all troops immediately!”

“I’m telling you to bring everything, whether it’s tanks or fighter planes!!”

The Republic of Korea did its best, but in the end it was a meaningless resistance.

Each of the terrorists riding on the giant white fox possessed enormous power. Every time a bright light flashed or a weapon cut through the air, people fell like leaves in a cold wind, and by the time they realized that suppressing them by force was no longer useful, a third of the entire force was incapable of fighting.

“What a monster… . “What’s even more creepy is that they all just fainted without any injuries.”

“therefore… . “There are people like that.”

Korea lost its will to fight.

Monster-like people who easily subdue troops without even killing them.

The allies quickly heard the news and arrived in Korea one after another.

But the result… .

“… … You all saw it too. All the monstrous world rankers, including world number one Leo Lux, are instantly defeated… .”

It wasn’t days or hours, it was just a few minutes.

They were beings that couldn’t even be guessed by the common sense of ordinary people.

“… … “It’s even scarier that people who could destroy a small country if they wanted to were knocked unconscious without even a scratch.”

“… … Ugh, that’s right. Fuck, I don’t know.”

“… … As I was talking, Mr. Hyeonta came. “How strong do you have to be to be able to do that?”

Only then did the hunters realize that these complaints were useless and threw away the cigarettes they were smoking one by one.

“What can I do about this? “Let’s just mind our own business.”

“Okay, okay, show up at the Pacific Gate or something. okay.”

“Fuck you. “There’s no way something like that could really happen.”

“Why not? Were you scared? Are you afraid that a real war of gods will break out? haha.”

“This bastard… !”

“Hey, stop. however… . “If those American bastards are really going to start a war of gods, are they up in the sky right now?”

The hunters’ eyes turned to the sky.

It was a clear blue sky without a single cloud.

“Damn~ Does that make sense? They’re probably just psychopaths trying to take over the world. Why are there so many scary villains in history books? “Someone had a good talent and ended up falling into the abyss of evil.”

“is it… .”

“Ah, I’m jealous of everything~. “Because they have the talent to go out like that.”

“Haam~ Let’s go now. “It’s almost dinner time.”

“That bastard always asks for food whenever we talk about something important!”

“Hey, it’s okay, let’s go.”

The hunters each stubbed out their cigarettes and headed towards the beach post.

Hunter, who was staring at the sky alone, hurriedly chased after him.

“Hey, are you going to go out on your own? “Let’s go together!!”

* * *

Ttukkang ttukkang-.

A place where the sounds of construction echo loudly. A young lesser god who was busy moving his hands inside the huge labyrinth suddenly stopped.

“… … .”

A face that looks somewhat depressed.

A middle-aged lower-ranking official who was painting the exterior walls asked.



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“Why are you so sad?”

“… … Nope. nothing.”

“It’s bland.”


The lower-ranking official who was carrying the cart wiped his sweat and sighed.

“Tsk! The ingredients have arrived. Hmm~. It seems like you’re doing a lot of dungeon grinding these days. “My physical strength is not what it used to be.”

In response to those words, the lower-class god who was setting up the dungeon booby trap in the corner added a word.

“What is it! “We make a lot of money and it’s good.”

The lesser gods who were creating monsters also added their words.

“yes. “It is the destiny of us lower-class gods to live up to our name.”

“Besides, isn’t the famous Thor the employer here? “Even if you work the same hours, the value of the name is incomparable.”

At their words, the young lesser god’s expression darkened even more.

“The value of the name… . It’s worth the name… .”

The young low-ranking god who was mumbling soon cautiously began speaking.

“… … “What do I do to earn my name like that?”

The other gods burst into laughter as if they were dumbfounded by the sudden words.

“What are you doing? “Are you asking because you really don’t know?”

“If you work hard and build up your divine power, you will one day become the highest god.”

“Okay then. In addition, if you save up a lot of name value, you can buy the powers and weapons of famous gods at the store. I don’t know when I’ll be able to acquire my own powers… .”

“But on the day when I can equip one of the powers of the highest gods… . “Kkekeke, this kind of hard work, part-time job, is over!”


With a powerful hammer blow, the booby trap was completed, and light bounced in all directions.

Each of the lesser gods was smiling happily as they imagined their future selves.

However, the young lower-class godman who brought up this topic still looked like he did not understand.

“So who decided that?”

There was silence in the labyrinth for a moment.

“Who decided it?”

“The goal is for the gods to become the highest gods by accumulating the value of their name.”

“That’s what Mother Gaia said… .”

“Oh, that’s right. “It was decided by our mother Gaia.”

“Doesn’t the system always tell you everything?”

“No, but you don’t even know that. Are you really a god?”

Suspicious eyes fell on the young lower class person who asked questions one by one.

“… … Don’t you think it’s strange that all gods have to walk the same path from the beginning? “It’s really our role to exist only to become the highest god!”

“Why is that?”

“What’s strange?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

The young lower-class god made a sad expression at the other gods’ calm reactions.

“I am… . “I don’t think so.”

“So what do you think?”

“I am… . There is something I want to do. Don’t work until you die to save up your name and buy yourself a power, or something like that. What I really want to do… . “I mean.”

The young lower class said this and gently spread his hands.


A small light appears and an empty bottle is held in my hand.

The other gods were looking at this with disapproval.

“This is my initial power, albeit a humble one. It’s the ability to create small bottles. I want to use this ability to give humans the things they need. “I’ll just put it in a bottle and put it in a bottle.”

One of the gods who was standing sullenly lit up.

“Oh oh. surely! If you do that, you might become famous as the God of Miracles! “I’ll soon live up to my name!”

Then, one by one, the expressions of the other gods brightened.

“is it! “This guy said something, and he was giving a lecture on how to quickly gain the respect of humans!”

“Hahaha! “I knew you were talking about something old-fashioned again!”

The atmosphere became friendly again.

The young lower class urgently waved his hand.

“No, I don’t want to make a name for myself. I am… . “I just want to help humans.”

In an instant, the laughter stopped.

“… … “Without anything in return?”

“… … “Do you think God provides help to humans without anything in return?”

“… … why?”

Incomprehensible eyes were focused on the young lower class god.


And then wahaha! And laughter burst out.

“This is such a weird friend. wait for a sec! “What kind of god did you say you were?”

The intermediate god who approached with a sneer glanced down.

In the hand of the young servant, there was a small bottle.

“Ah, did you say he is a god who creates bottles to hold things?”


As soon as I nodded, snickers erupted from all over again.

“Kkeukkeuk, look, do you know that? “This is what the human world says about gods like you.”

The intermediate god leaned in close to his face and exaggerated the shape of his mouth as he spoke.


The other gods laugh heartily at that sight.


“That’s right! “Sick!”

The mid-level god, flattered by the other gods’ reactions, tapped the young lower-level god on the shoulder.

“No matter what anyone says, you are an asshole, so continue to live with pride!”

The sound of laughter amplifies and spreads further.

The young lower class bit his lip and destroyed the small bottle he had created.

It was as if I had come out for no reason and ended up being embarrassed.

‘I just didn’t want to keep doing this… !’

A few days ago, weren’t many people injured and dying in the dungeon he created?

It was painful.

He even hated what he was doing.

The reason why emotional words flowed freely was because of that feeling of guilt.

But as expected, other gods do not understand.

Are all gods just greedy, crazy people who only want attention?

That was when the young lower class gritted his teeth and turned around.

A low, loud voice echoed throughout the labyrinth.



With a sound, a large man appeared.


“What has happened so far… !”

“Well, we never fooled around!”

The gods who had been laughing and chattering moved their feet and said that.

Thor narrowed his eyes and looked around.

[You’re not doing what you’re told to do, and you’re doing the same things.]

“Well, what is that… .”

Thor’s expression hardened.

[Don’t you know what I’m talking about?]

Everyone flinches and lowers their heads at Thor’s momentum.

Thor gave the gods a look and then walked away.

[here! Booby traps don’t work! If you don’t make it right, your hourly wage will be reduced?]

“Yes yes! sorry!”

[This place is also sloppy! If you make it like this, it will shatter with one hit of an axe! Add more ingredients!]


[The monsters should be as similar as possible to the ones at the gate! Isn’t that how humans will survive?]


[Make it all over again!!]

The gods were troubled by Thor’s angry command and began to concentrate on their work.

Just as the young lesser god was about to return to his seat, Thor spoke.

[Hey, you.]

“… yes?”

[You probably heard the story about the Gate of the Forgotten Gods, right?]

The young lower class nodded silently.

[They are the ones who will lead this world to destruction. These are the seeds of evil that must be eradicated.]

[We gods will do our best to fight them. But if war breaks out, what do you think will happen to the human world?]

The young underclassman rolled his eyes.

I didn’t know why Thor suddenly said something like that.

[What you are doing is not bothering anyone.]

“ah… .”

[This dungeon was created to protect someone. You are the creator who creates it. So, don’t feel such trivial guilt. Do your best to make it happen. If you really care for humans… .]

Thor glared at the other gods fiercely.

[Instead of thinking about doing something else while working like those guys over there, think about how to train humans efficiently and create the best dungeon!]

The young lesser god’s mouth opened slightly as he heard Thor’s booming voice.

Thor, who was looking at him solemnly, soon relaxed his expression and approached.

[But I don’t hate that guy. Don’t change your mind in the future.]

Thor tapped the young lesser god on the shoulder with his large hand.

The darkness began to fade from the face of the young lesser god.

Thor, god of thunder.

To put it bluntly, there was a sparkling light behind that large body.

It was then.

A dark shadow slowly fell over the young lower-class god’s emotional face.

The same was true for the heads of other gods who were busy with their work.

Everyone’s eyes slowly turned upward.


Huge white wings were fluttering in the sky.

[hmm? What is that?]

As soon as Thor raised his head, something suddenly attacked his body.




With a huge roar, the labyrinth and monsters that were created with great effort are instantly crushed.

Debris flew in all directions and thick smoke billowed out.

The gods who managed to evacuate could not believe the situation before their eyes.

“T-Thor… .”

“Thor… .”

The gods’ complexions had suddenly turned pale.

The location of Thor, the god of thunder.

There was a man there.

As he quickly wiped his mouth, his eyes were shining brightly like those of a predator.


[Use the talent of complete body and predation!]


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