I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 195

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#195. Moonlight Fox, Snow White (4)

“good job. boy! “Are you full now?”

Baekseol purred happily at Damdeok’s words.

The energy contained in the World Tree seed was flowing endlessly from its body.

Damdeok looked at the spirits happily, then turned his head and looked at the place where Baekseol came out.

As expected, the World Tree was quiet.

‘The skill did the job properly.’

It only lasted one minute, but the effect was powerful.

‘I unlocked all three abilities that were initially locked in Excalibur.’

Now Baek Seol will use them instead of him.

‘It doesn’t matter. Now I have this great sword of Kronos.’

Damdeok looked at the system window that appeared in front of him with a proud face.

[Moonlight Fox has reached Lv.100!]

[Obtain the unique power !]

‘The will of the moonlight.’

That ability was literally a very noble ability.

The role of the key that opens Tartarus can be easily fulfilled with that one ability.

Thinking about that, a smile automatically appeared on Damdeok’s lips.

“Baekseol, you are now at max level. “Now no one will be able to ignore you.”

Now, Snow White won’t just curl up in Hercules’ armor and take a nap all day.

In the past, I thought it was a species that sleeps a lot by nature, but now that I have regained my memory, I know for sure.

‘It was because the level was insufficient.’

Spiritual creatures that did not regain their full strength tended to consume a lot of energy.

Baek Seol recovered from it by taking a nap.

But now?


The energy overflowing around Snow White was already more colorful, vivid, and powerful than that of most gods.

“Purring… !”

“Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! good job!”

When Baek-seol asks for a compliment, Damdeok roughly grabs the head and pats it.

The companions who were watching the heartwarming sight of the two nodded absently.

“okay. what… . Anyway, this worked out well, right?”

“This happened so quickly, what on earth is going on?” .”

“Snow White was originally able to transform into Excalibur. “I simply infiltrated the World Tree using the unique ability of that weapon.”

“Have you already thought about it that far?”

“Hiya, as expected, you are amazing.”

“I had completely forgotten about Excalibur because of that awesome Kronos sword hanging on the back of an evil business owner… .”

“How is it that things are progressing so smoothly?”

“Hmm, that went well.”

Even as the group members each said something, Ju Soo-yul just stared at Damdeok and Baekseol.

“Soyul, why are you doing this?”

Adele asked, coming close to Soo-yul.

“… … just. “It’s fascinating.”

“He was amazing for a day or two or something.”

“… … “How on earth can that guy smile like that even after regaining all his memories?”

Everyone was silent for a moment at her words.

The party members had also regained their memories of their past lives through the World Tree ritual.

Although there were some differences for each person, it was the shocking truth that I learned for the first time in my life.

Think about it.

In fact, the world I knew was continuously repeating destruction and rebirth, and I was one of the original 100 people who tried to prevent that destruction… .

It was an unbelievable, unbelievable and confusing situation.

It’s just that the situation was moving so quickly that I wasn’t able to show it properly… .

So Soo-yul’s remarks were enough to honestly bring out the emotions of everyone who was pretending that nothing had happened.

“… … right?”

“… … “I’m not the only one who was confused, right?”

“I never thought the guy I called brother was really my brother… .”

“If you think about it, I’m not even the youngest. “You’re all old, old!”

“Are you saying that even after living so many lives, I have repeated such mistakes…?” .”

One by one, heartfelt words began to pour out.

“Then I was originally a human and not a demon…? ? Or are you saying that originally devils and humans are one? I’m not sure what the hell is… .”

“… … From the beginning until now, he has only brought us a reality that is difficult to accept.”

Elia had a complicated expression as she looked at the group.

“This is a situation that was completely unplanned… . Well, I’m not sure if everything will go according to plan… .”

What on earth is that sly guy with the eyes of the abyss doing, and why does Yu Dam-deok go on such a rampage that he never visits?

Elia, who did not realize that Damdeok had the ability to hide his power among the powers he acquired with the divine power of the Jade Emperor, was only chewing his lips and looking around.

Now that I couldn’t escape on my own, the only thing I could hope for was the eyes of the abyss.

‘To gather all the priests and restore their memories before the full-scale war even begins… !’

Even though the situation was bad, this was really bad.



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Ju Soo-yul, who was watching Elia muttering continuously, finally relaxed her dark expression and burst into laughter.

“But seeing Elia so anxious, I guess this is the right path. is not it?”

Jooyul looked back at Adele and said.

Adele nodded without thinking.

And then he spoke with his signature bright smile.

“Okay, don’t worry too much. It is perfectly normal for us to live a life of moderate worry rather than an unscrupulous business owner who is constantly being misled. “My mom said that, but she wasn’t as knowledgeable about everything as a vicious business owner.”

“okay? What?”

The group’s attention turned to Adele.

“… … Um, are you stupid or crazy?”

This time, sly laughter leaked out from everywhere.

It meant that everyone sympathized.

Thanks to this, the heavy atmosphere was relieved in an instant.

Only Elia, who was alone in the corner, was standing there with a shit-chewing expression on his face.

With amazing timing, Damdeok finished petting Baekseol and turned around.

“… Huh, what is it? “Why is everyone looking this way?”

Damdeok asked curiously, but the companions only laughed softly.

What good would there be in being stuck in the past now? Although they didn’t say anything, everyone had decided to focus only on the goal in front of them.

Damdeok looked at the faces of his companions and shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know why you’re so serious all of a sudden… . Anyway, I’ve found the key now. “Now that we’ve gathered the priests, let’s get into the main game, right?”

Son Goku was the first to boldly step forward.

“Good, brother! You probably need my golden Geunduun again, right? “There is no better means of transportation than this haha!”

Son Goku, who quickly regained his vitality, burst into laughter with a confident voice, but Damdeok shook his head.

“what… ? If you don’t ride Geundunun, are you going to use divine power? That’s such a waste… .”

Before Son Goku finished speaking,


White wings stretched out from the back of Baekseol, who had surpassed Lv.100.

Damdeok grinned and jumped on top of it.

“Come on, let’s go!”

* * *

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Cheonjungak suddenly gritted his teeth as people made noise.

“What kind of trick is that untalented bastard going to pull again…?” !”

As soon as he returned from overseas, he cleared a large dungeon near Yeouinaru Station and was conducting an interview in style.

‘The performance of rookie rookie Cheon Jung-ak, who just debuted as a hunter! I was going to explain that in detail… !’

But suddenly all the reporters’ eyes turned to the sky.

‘This is a chance for this body to be in the spotlight in the Korean media, but are you stealing it?!’

Cheon Jung-ak couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he saw that even the cameras that had been focused on him just a moment ago were now pointed towards the sky.


A huge creature was floating gracefully in the sky.

“Grrrrr… !”

The pure white fur and wings were reminiscent of the legendary animal Pegasus, so it was no wonder that all people’s attention was focused on it.

“Wow, crazy… . What is that? Take a picture! Take a picture quickly!”

“Contact the director! “Here’s another scoop!”

The reporters made a fuss and swallowed their saliva.

The bright sunlight was shining down on the giant Pegasus(?), making the appearance even more mysterious.

And on top of that… .

“Wow, Baek Seol’s back has gotten really wide. “It kills the ride quality.”

“But why are they so crowded down there?”

“Hey, brother. Aren’t you going straight to Olympus? “You say they eat gods?”

“Hey, I guess our captain has something in mind.”

“Whatever it is, I hope it progresses quickly. “I was so full of energy because I ate the fortune-telling breakfast the entire time I was flying.”

Unidentified people were riding on top of Pegasus(?).

The eyes of the reporters who saw the faces of those people instantly widened.

“Ha-am~ This place hasn’t changed. “You’re interviewing people who are dying of exhaustion after subjugating them.”

Including Baek Gu-reum, who is called the swordsman genius of the East,

“… … The Sangun guild members are also here. “I guess it was a pretty big subjugation?”

Isn’t it true that the next successor to the Sangun Guild and the great star of the hunter world, Ju Soo-yul, is riding on Pegasus?

The mere presence of those two was enough to make you faint, but the rest of the fellow passengers riding next to you were also shocked.

A foreign woman with blonde hair who gives off a strange aura and a person wearing a fancy military uniform as if filming a historical drama. A woman with transparent fairy wings that looks like something out of a fantasy cartoon, a devil with black wings, and even a child wrapped in bandages.

The scene, like an anime cosplay scene, was worthy of everyone’s attention.

Moreover, the person standing at the center of that unique group of people is… .

“Well, that person… ?”

“ah! A giant rabbit was dragged out of the gate a few days ago… !”

“Kidnapped two women who came down from the sky… ?”

“ah! “That unlicensed hunter?!”

“Oh, that’s right! That unauthorized hunter! But why are Sangun’s Joo-yul and Iris’s Baek Gu-reum together with such a criminal… ?”

“Yeah, but those wings aren’t real… ?”

“It’s not me! Request camera support or more quickly! Whatever it is, it’s a scoop!!”

The reporters, who had become busier than before, were no longer paying the slightest attention to Cheon Jung-ak.

“Those damn bastards… ! What are you all doing?! “This is a civilian controlled area, so why don’t you take that criminal bastard down right away?”

The angry Cheonjungak shouted harshly, but no one thought of approaching the giant Pegasus(?) floating in the sky.

Not only did no one have flying skills, but those who had watched Damdeok and Son Goku run wild before their eyes even had a fear of the unknown.

“What are you doing, you bastards! You won’t listen to the team leader?! Are you disobeying orders?!”

“I… . That’s not it… .”

“That’s not it!”

“I just received a radio call telling me to wait until I receive an order from above… .”

“What the f*ck!!”


Cheonjungak swore and kicked the equipment he had brought as loot.

Iris guild members sort out the equipment pouring out.

While I was unable to do this or that, the number of onlookers continued to increase.

The existence of the huge Pegasus floating in the sky over Seoul has already been widely spread through social media for a long time.

“Hey, control the civilians!! “Don’t let anyone watch that bastard act like a bastard!!”

Every time, Cheon Jung-ak screamed until he was hoarse, but he had no right to stop the people who had gathered outside the control line.

“That f*cking indulgent bastard… ! “Nothing has changed since I was young.”

At the same time as Cheon Jung-ak’s harsh swear words, black limousines that had just passed the control line stopped in a row.



Several car doors opened at the same time, and people in suits got out.


“No, that’s… .”

“Huh, that can’t be possible…” .”

Iris guild leader Cheongunak, Sangun guild leader Namgung Do-eok, and even the current mayor of Seoul and the president of the Hunter Association.

Coincidentally, VIPs who were meeting nearby had just received a report that Pegasus(?) had appeared at Yeouinaru Station and had immediately moved there.

Then Damdeok, who had been quiet the entire time, stood up as if he had been waiting.

“Tsk! It seems like all the key people have gathered… .”


Damdeok slowly took steps and stood in the middle of Baekseol’s head.

Because the sun was shining so strongly behind Damdeok, each person had to cover their hands and barely look up.

“Everyone here needs to listen to me carefully from now on. Oh, and in addition, please do a good job of broadcasting the current situation to the whole country.”

The skill of speaking is not something I have tried once or twice.

What on earth is that person doing?

Damdeok looked down at the dumb-faced VIPs for a moment and slowly opened his mouth.

“From now on, I will start a war.”

The sudden words filled the entire area with silence.



I heard that the international situation is unstable these days because of the Lee Sang-Gate, but it couldn’t be true… ?

Uneasy thoughts passed across people’s faces.

A new reporter with a strong journalistic spirit mustered up his courage and raised his hand.

“Well, if you say war, what kind of war are you talking about?” ?”

At that question, everyone’s eyes were focused on Damdeok.

A place that attracted the attention of Seoul citizens and dozens of cameras.

Damdeok grinned in the close-up screen.

“It will cause a war among the gods.”


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