I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 197

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#197. Final Battle (2)

Let’s go!

A huge lightning split the earth.

It was a moment when all objects in all directions crumbled to pieces in an instant.

Damdeok clenched his fists as he watched black smoke rising here and there.

“… … “There are really no side effects.”

I can feel Thor running wild inside me.

But it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to control it like before.

‘It’s as if there are multiple layers of protection inside… . Are you sure. ‘You’ll never get out of this.’

A powerful electric current was constantly flowing through his body, as if his body had become a conductor, but Damdeok could not feel any pain.

“Is this what it means to be complete…? .”

Damdeok, who had been speechless, slowly raised his head.

Before I knew it, Asgardian warriors with swords and spears were surrounding Damdeok.

A large man can be seen in the center.

[Yes, this guy! Can’t you say it right away? Where on earth did they take Thor?! Reveal your identity!]

It was Odin, the white-haired, one-eyed man.

Loki was standing right next to him with a stern expression.

An unusually serious face.

After that, the lower-class gods who were creating the dungeon can be seen shaking with pale faces.

‘Did you just call them…? .’

As soon as Thor was swallowed up, the lesser gods were shocked and ran away.

He probably called Odin and Loki through the system while running away.

I don’t know what they said, but seeing as Odin and Loki’s faces were unusual, they must have reported what they saw.

As proof, isn’t Odin, who always maintains calm, so excited?

[I told you to hurry up and say it!!]


As soon as I finished thinking, Odin’s Gungnir flew in quickly.

Of course, Damdeok easily avoided it.


Gungnir changed its trajectory like a missile and flew towards Damdeok again, but it didn’t take long for Kronos’ great sword to cut it in two.


Odin trembled.

The same thing happened to Loki next to me.

The lower class gods were shaking like aspen trees.

Damdeok looked at them carefully and said.

“If you know, why do you keep asking?”


“No, they probably told you everything. Why can’t I believe it? So why bother bringing people who are so scared here to watch? “He is a bad ruler.”

[…] … Shut up. I only brought them here because they had to take responsibility for what they said.]

“okay. Responsibility is good. I will tell you clearly. I ate Thor. Are you done?”

Odin’s eyebrows twitched.

Loki’s eyes widened as if he couldn’t believe it.

The lesser gods just pulled back their trembling bodies as if they knew this would happen.

Damdeok quietly lifted Kronos’ great sword.

“Anyway, I’m grateful that you came to visit me so quickly. “Because it saved me the trouble of going there.”


Kronos’ great sword swung loudly.

The Asgardian warriors surrounding them had no choice but to be swept away like fallen leaves in a cold wind.

It was a powerful attack, but in reality, it was a good attack that did not kill anyone and only pushed them back far away.


“I can’t get closer!”

Odin gritted his teeth.

[Don’t back down! Warriors of Asgard! Didn’t he disgrace our great warrior! Eating! How dare you say something like that in front of anyone?!]

At that angry cry, the Asgardian warriors’ eyes become animated and they move forward again.

Damdeok’s eyes calmed down.

“Why are they like this? Seriously. “I’ve been showing it to you since a while ago.”



The electric current flowing from Damdeok’s body spread menacingly in all directions.

The warriors who were advancing suddenly stopped.

It was clearly Thor’s lightning.

“Once again, I ate Thor. As you can see, I’ve absorbed all of his abilities. so… .”

[Oh, that’s nonsense… !]

A voice of confusion, unusual for Odin, rang out widely.

[Yes, it looks like you got something quite expensive from the Gods’ Store. But it can’t really be Thor’s… .]

Damdeok quietly raised his right hand toward the sky.

Loki, who is quick-witted, is startled and takes a step back.

The surroundings suddenly become dark.



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Dark clouds were already gathering in the sky.

Rumbling… !

Thor’s power, lightning.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to talk much. “Because there are more than one person who will eat them in the future.”

As soon as we say that, Loki turns and starts running away.

The lesser gods also followed suit and ran away.

The Asgardian warriors watching this were also growing anxious.

Odin glared at Damdeok with his tightly closed mouth.

Let’s go!

Before I knew it, menacing shacks were spreading out in all directions from the thunderclouds that had gathered like ink.

Damdeok slowly lowered his hand that was raised high in the sky.


The moment when the blue light that covered the heavens and earth swallowed up Odin, the warriors, and even the fleeing Loki and the lesser gods.

The huge light that had already reached Odin’s nose was wide open.

* * *

The tallest peak of a huge mountain range.

White buildings built on that sky-high height.

Olympus, the palace of the gods.

In a place that would normally be full of peace and relaxation, a clamor was breaking out.

[Stop it!!]

[These bastards, how dare they know where this place is!]

[Zeus! What are you doing! Blow them away with one blow!]

All 12 gods of Olympus, including Athena, Apollo, and Poseidon, came out and fiercely resisted, each holding their own weapons.

Zeus, who had climbed to the top of the highest peak, swallowed his sleep and tightly held his weapon, Astrapae.

There was already chaos before my eyes.


The mountain ridge became a sea of ​​fire,

Damn it!

A land trampled by ice giants.


The breath of the dragons, led by the dragon Shaoran,


Even the magic of the World Tree performed by Fairy King Leaf.

No matter how high the name value of the gods of Olympus was, the difference in power was already clearly revealed.

[damn! What on earth is going on!]

[Come this way… !]

Artemis and Dionysus.

What we encountered as soon as the two scenes enjoying the banquet came out was,

“Krrrrr… !”

It was an army of dozens of wolves, including Cerberus, the sentinel of Hell.

[Ha, why is Hades’ Cerberus…? ? No, why did you release this guy here!]

[no. It’s not Hades. This… .]

Artemis’ eyes turned to Damdeok, who was in a fierce confrontation with Zeus.

He was not defeated at all even though he was fighting Zeus, who was wielding the best weapon, Astrapae.

Let’s go!


No, rather, the lightning coming from Damdeok felt different and exciting than Zeus’s lightning.

[The alternative author is… .]

[Ugh! Artemis! That’s not important now! Run away first!]

Dionysus must have failed in his attack, so he quickly grabbed Artemis’ hand, covered in wine.

Cerberus and the wolves chased after them.

“Cow! “Kung!”

“Kung! “Kung!”

Hades, who was watching from afar, frowned.

[cheeky… . How dare you become the gatekeeper of the Underworld… !]

However, Hades’ harsh gaze soon turned into embarrassment.

“Uh-huh! “If you keep your eyes peeled, you can use it!”


Son Goku flew in on Geunduun and began to toy with Hades with his flashy batman skills.

“… … Hey monkey. “Couldn’t we attack more seriously?”

“What is the focus of the attack! Hey ho! exciting!”

“Ha, why do I have to be here like this… .”

As Son Goku, Cheonma, and Cheontaerang joined in, Hades became anxious to stop the attack.

It wasn’t just Hades.

30 minutes to conquer the Nordic worldview,

Olympus was already in a state of strong victory for Damdeok and his party.

[this… ! How dare this guy break my waves… !!]

Poseidon, who was fighting on one side with his teeth clenched, shouted like that.

He tried to sweep away his enemies at once by bringing a huge wave to the top of the mountain, but a huge spirit creature that suddenly appeared swallowed up the entire wave.

“Krrrrr… !”

Snow White, who was twice as tall as Cerberus, was even more threatening than the Nordic Fenrir.

Poseidon’s expression was already as hard as Hades’.

[At best, a spirit creature would dare to challenge me, the king of the sea… !]

Poseidon shouted and attacked like crazy, but it was no use.

Snow White’s combat ability, which became Excalibur itself, was already beyond imagination.


In addition to the passive 2x increase in all abilities for 10 minutes,


Predicting Poseidon’s next attack with King Arthur’s composure skill was a bonus.


The protection of the waves obtained from defeating Neptune in the past was also making the battle with Poseidon easier.


“It’s nothing special.”

When Alui, wearing an invisible helmet and casually swinging the Wave Spear, joined in, a look of fear appeared on Poseidon’s face for a moment.

[Ugh… ! damn!]

An overwhelming power difference.

In the end, Poseidon lost his balance and fell from the peak.

What he saw through his falling vision was the panoramic view of Olympus, which had become a complete chaos.

Has Olympus ever been devastated this much since the war with the Titans?

A scene where the gods of Olympus, known as the gods of gods, are helplessly trampled by strange men who suddenly appear.

Poseidon closed his eyes sadly.

That was the moment when Alui’s spear pierced his trident.

“Krrrrr… ! Boo!”

Snow White roared lowly.

A sound that heralds victory.

Son Goku and Cheon Tae-rang, who had just dealt with Hades, heard the sound and turned around.

The situation in Olympus was already becoming dramatic.

“Khaha! Did you see it? Did you see it? “This Baekgureum’s swordsmanship skills!!”

[Ugh! Little one… !]

White Cloud, armed with Ares’ armor set, was not defeated at all in the famous battle with Hercules.

“joy! “I heard you’re the god of the sun, so it’s nothing special, right?”

[Shut up! How dare you shoot my arrow… !]

Adele Sharon’s fire magic was melting all of Apollo’s arrows,

“It’s better not to resist. Because I’m not the type of person who enjoys fighting. “It will be good for both of us.”

Jujuryul had long since subdued non-combat gods such as Hestia and Demeter.

The situation was going smoothly like that.

And Elia shakes her head as she looks at the scene from afar.

“… … “Sheesh, I’m so upset.”

How is it that there isn’t a single god who can stop the antics of these evil bastards?

Zeus believed it, but looking at the noise he was making, it seemed like he couldn’t stop Damdeok, who had devoured Thor, Odin, Loki, and many other miscellaneous gods.

In other words, it was only a matter of time before Olympus collapsed.

“It’s useless… .”

After saying that, Elia was silent for a moment.

The words “useless” were also directed at myself.

It was when Elia was lost in thought for a moment.

“Protect the gods!”

“Let’s protect Olympus!”


Battle nymphs from Olympus came rushing in from below.

“You don’t give me time to think.”

Elia sighed and summoned skeleton soldiers one after another.

“There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Since I’ve been contracted to this damn part-time job, I have no choice but to focus on the battle in front of me right now.

“okay. “This is something that can’t be helped.”

Elia, who mumbled like that and jumped into battle along with Damdeok and his companions, looked a little relaxed for some reason.

Soon, dozens of lights flashed across Olympus.

And then, as if it had never happened before, silence fell again.

* * *

[Oh my, Goyan… . So, since you will condemn Chaos or something on behalf of all the gods, please cooperate with me. Is that what you meant?]

The white-haired grandmother glared at Damdeok with scary eyes.

[That cooperation means eating this old man?!]


In his hand was a watering can of life.

While the field work was in full swing, Damdeok and his men attacked.

The children’s gods became restless and blocked the group.

“W-Stay back! “There are a lot of babies to keep today!”

“is it so! “Why are you doing this!”

“This is a forbidden area! It’s a peace zone! “No fighting!”

As the children’s bright voices rang out, the group looked at Damdeok with confusion.

“Do I really have to feast on even the Samsin Halmae…?” ?”

“Yes, brother. This may not seem like the case… .”

“You evil business owner, use your heart kindly. If you use it wisely, you can rule the world… .”

“I would not do something like this to a weak person.”

But Damdeok raised one hand and dismissed all those opinions.

“Don’t be stupid. This isn’t about killing anything. If you go in, you’ll be alive and well, so there’s no need to worry. And to find Tartarus, you have to eat all the main gods. “It’s something that can’t be helped.”

I found the key called ‘Moonlight Fox’, but if I couldn’t find the door called ‘Tartaros’, I was out of luck.

When Damdeok spoke so firmly, the companions fell silent.

“I’m sorry, Grandma. Still, there’s nothing you can do about it. “It’s something I’ve waited thousands of years for, and now it has to end.”

[The young guy is speaking informally… ! Oh, it’s not just bullshit, it’s something I can’t quite extinguish… !]


Before Samsinhalmae had even finished speaking, light emanated from Damdeok’s body.


With a sound, the watering can that Grandma Samsin was holding fell to the floor.

“ah… !”

“iced coffee… .”

Leaving behind the astonished faces of his fellow students, Damdeok hopped on Baekseol’s back.

“let’s go.”

After that, it was all smooth sailing.

[Hey, you guy! How did you know about the existence of the 444th floor?]

[Whoa! I don’t know what’s going on, but that bastard top is very unlucky! kill!]

[Calm down. Mr. Set. Isn’t Horus speaking?]



They eat the gods of Egyptian mythology,

[Alui. Where did it suddenly appear? Who are these people?]

“Lucifer, please step aside. “It feels strange.”



Demon Lord Lucifer.

[you… . What on earth is he doing to get to that level with a sword? Okay, let’s compete with me… !]

Asmodeus of the Demon World, of course,

[huh? What are you guys? no! no! What! The gate isn’t ready yet… !!]

Following Karos of Atlaum,

[hmm? You are definitely a kid from Atlaum… . Huh, how did you become an archmage so quickly… !]

Even Atlaum’s vermouth.

“Adele, why are you looking so sad? “Vermouth will be clearing the air with Carlos, so don’t worry too much.”

“Tsk! “If you can’t even talk!”

Even after that, Damdeok’s hunting down the main level of each level was unstoppable.

“Whew. “There were many powerful people in Japanese and Chinese mythology.”

Damdeok sat down on the steep cliff and sighed for a moment.

The companions were waiting for Damdeok in silence.

The feeling of being full and bulging.

I felt a little dizzy.

‘Even if the talent for predation is perfect, is it a bit too much to have so many gods?’

Damdeok gently closed his eyes.

There was silence for a moment.

“are you okay?”

Address quietly asked.

Damdeok slowly opened his closed eyes.

His eyes, covered with the divine power of all kinds of gods, were suddenly emitting a pure white brilliance.



Damdeok felt it.

A place you instinctively long for.

A place pointed to by the unconsciousness of countless gods that it has swallowed.

The eternal prison of the gods and the resting place of Chaos.



As soon as Damdeok said that, the world split into two.


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