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#191. Perfect, 12 Guardians (4)

[Hehe… !]

Fenrir lies down happily, waving his huge tail.

“No, that’s ridiculous. Does that make sense? Does that make sense… .”

Loki continued to stutter with a shocked expression on his face.

The companions just looked at Damdeok and the giant Fenrir in turn with shocked expressions.

“no… .”

“If you’re going to do that, you’ll be in trouble a long time ago.”

“That’s right. “You’re slower to act than I thought.”

“I’m so excited for no reason! Sheesh!”

“no. He said he did that on purpose. Doesn’t everyone know? “Damdeok, what an incredible fandom he is.”

“Oh bro, really… .”

“Hmm, Master always seems to pursue that method. But I… . Do you like it.”

“I don’t like it.”

All kinds of conversations come and go.

Damdeok smiled and turned around.

“I even revealed the Olympus report and armed you, so why are you so scared? “Maybe even if I hadn’t come forward and fought with the real Fenrir, we would have definitely won, right?”

At those words, only Son Goku, Cheon Tae-rang, and Ju Ju-yul showed positive expressions.

The three say they are confident.

But what about the rest?

He still had a shocked expression.

“It is true that we have become stronger, but… .”

“But that guy’s momentum just now was really cool. “Even thinking about it again gives me goosebumps.”

“… … “It was a thrill that cannot be easily felt even in the demon world.”

It had not been long since the gods’ armor had been obtained.

It was impossible not to be nervous in front of such a monster.

Son Goku, Cheon Tae-rang, and Ju Soo-yul are out of the question.

“But Master, is this guy really okay? It seems more dangerous than the demon lords of other layers of the demon world… .”

Allui looked at Fenrir, who was lying next to Damdeok, with wary eyes.

It was a very cute dog, panting and gently wagging its tail, but its size was enormous.

“… … “I think it’s more like Cerberus.”

“of course. Even though Cerberus has three heads, he’s still cute sometimes. But he… .”

Fenrir’s eyes were shining white.

White light full of life.

What happens if you wag your tail?

The terrifying energy emanating from its gigantic size simply made those who saw it tingle.

“Alui. White clouds. “You guys are all good, but sometimes the problem is that you are timid when it comes to crucial times.”

Damdeok grinned and tapped both of them on the shoulder.

“what. “I’m not timid?!”

Baekgureum immediately got angry, but Damdeok quickly moved on, saying, “Okay.”


“Oh, I’m surprised.”

White Cloud, who was about to retort further, steps back due to Fenrir’s intimidation.

Fenrir had already arrived and was about to ask for the key to the dungeon he was guarding and bring it to Damdeok.


Damdeok took the key and looked at Loki, who was still frozen.

“Hey, that crazy guy… . You are really crazy… ? uh?”

Loki was already half out of his mind.

“Wow, I get emotional when you say that. “Aren’t you the crazy one in this area?”

“Nonsense! “But I only have accidents that I can handle!”

“Oh yeah? That’s strange. “From what I’ve seen, there are always close calls.”

Damdeok giggled and easily climbed up in front of the iron cage where the fairy king was imprisoned.

Unlike before, when Leaf was relatively calm, he was looking at Damdeok with noticeably round eyes.

“You… .”

“Ah, that’s right. Am I the hero that appears in that fairy tale? Warrior? “It’s something similar, right~.”

Damdeok smiled mischievously and turned the key.


With a pleasant clicking sound, the iron door squeaks open.

The Fairy King walked out slowly.

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders and said.

“I’m sorry to suddenly say this in such an emotional atmosphere, but… . Can I tell you what I will repay you?”

“sure. Anything. “You saved our kingdom, so of course I should repay you.”

“Kuk, that makes sense. But have I already saved the kingdom?”

“I’ve been feeling it since a while ago. “Not only did you and your comrades take out all the dark soldiers outside, but you also took down the main culprits of evil, Loki and the White Wolf.”

“Hey!! “Someone said I was subdued!!”

Loki shouted from the corner, but the Fairy King didn’t care at all.

“So tell me everything. “As the Fairy King, I will do my best to listen.”

“In that case, without any reservations. Become my priest straight away… .”



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It was then.


I thought there was a small roar coming from above,


With a loud thunderclap, a large hole opened in the ceiling of the dungeon.

Let’s go!

Sparks spread in all directions, and a particularly large man appeared in front of me.

[Loki. Did you have an accident again?]

A voice that seems to be suppressing anger spreads calmly everywhere.

Loki trembled, but then his face widened as if he remembered something.

“Brother, are you here!”

[older brother?]

Thor twitched his eyebrows.

The thing about my brother that I never said before… .

But Loki didn’t care at all and ran straight to Thor.

Thor frowned at Loki, who was suddenly clinging to him like a child.

[Loki. What kind of trick is this again? Get away. Before cutting off an arm.]

Loki took a step back at Thor’s harsh threat.

“Whoa, calm down.”

[Talk away. Are you doing this to blow me away like you did then?]

“Hey, when was that story? Talk about it now…” . No, that’s not important. Now, rare villains have appeared against us!”

[Villains? The word is childish.]

“Being childish isn’t the problem. Look over there. Can you see it? At first glance, the tops of criminals are unusual. Those guys shamelessly stole Fenrir? Moreover, it is unclear whether they are gods or humans.”

At Loki’s words, Thor’s eyes were directly focused on Damdeok and his companions.

[…] … Your behavior is truly… .]

Hearing Thor’s words, Loki quickly crossed his arms and joined in.

“right? Are you cocky? “They must have stolen the gods’ armor from Olympus.”

Thor frowned.

[no. That is impossible.]

“Why is it impossible? They also stole Fenrir right before my eyes. It’s impossible without the armor of the gods. Thor, you see it too. Look, look at what that stupid wolf is saying to those villains.”

Fenrir was happily wagging his tail when he saw Thor.

However, the fact that he was sitting tightly next to Damdeok still remained the same.

[Fenrir so calmly… . Hmm… .]

Thor looked at Damdeok with suspicious eyes, pushed away Loki’s face as he tried to speak again, and began to stride forward.


[Hey, kid. This is my first time seeing you… . What?]

A simple and clear question.

Damdeok was quite happy to see Thor after a long time, but of course, Thor didn’t remember Damdeok at all.

[What? Look at this guy. I guess he also had the power to hide his power. I almost mistook it for a human. Still, you can’t fool Thor’s insight. so… . Where are you from? Why aren’t you answering?]

Thor’s eyebrows twitched and became increasingly threatening.

Given his surprisingly simple personality, it seems he has already defined Damdeok and his companions as enemies.

But Thor couldn’t do anything about the voice he heard after that.

[Heavenly Sword Fighting God… .]

Damdeok quietly recited that.

It was not a normal voice, but the voice of a god that only the highest god could make.

Thor stopped moving.

The same was true for Loki, who was evil over there.

… … .

Damdeok was the first to break the momentary silence in the room.

“how is it? The word ‘Heavenly Sword Fighting God’. “You’ve probably heard of it, right?”

It was just a game.

Since the time here was in the past, there was a high probability that the Heavenly Sword Fighting God would not be known.

However, as Damdeok had intended, Thor was deep in thought with a calm expression.

‘Heavenly Sword Fighting God (天劍鬪神)? I’ve never heard of it… .’

But isn’t this a world where so many gods exist?

While he was concentrating on creating the dungeon, a new Supreme God might have been born somewhere.

‘Still, if he had this much divine power, there would be no way we wouldn’t have known about it, even through rumors… .’

The more Thor faced Damdeok, the more he felt like he was falling into a deep swamp.

‘I can’t predict the end of my power… . ‘He’s more dangerous than I thought.’

Not all supreme gods were the same supreme gods.

Just as the difference in divine power between Zeus and Aphrodite was as different as heaven and earth, even among the highest gods, the difference in power was clear among the highest gods.

‘Of course. That guy maybe… . He might become a giant that surpasses Zeus. No, maybe those Olympus weapons weren’t stolen… .’

Many thoughts were swirling in Thor’s head.

He instinctively felt a sense of discomfort from the unfamiliar Supreme God before him.

[okay. what… . I think I’ve heard it somewhere before.]

These were the words Thor blurted out after a long silence.

Loki shouted as if he was taken aback by Thor’s lie.

“lie! “I’ve never heard of a god called the Heavenly Sword Fighting God!”

But Thor simply ignored Loki’s words.

All he has to do is follow Odin’s orders, fix the accident caused by Loki, and take him away. I had no intention of engaging in battle with this dangerous foreign god.

[But even so, it is difficult to have Fenrir with you.]

Thor said that in a truly troubled tone.

Fenrir was a monster who brought disaster to the world.

If there were Titans in Greek mythology, there were many monsters that matched them in Norse mythology.

Among them, Fenrir was a huge figure, and such a dangerous being could not be left in the hands of a foreigner whom he had never seen before.

[I don’t know what happened, but I apologize on Loki’s behalf for the disrespect he did to you. Will you return Fenrir instead? This is a favor. I respectfully request this.]

Loki could only gape in bewilderment at Thor’s sudden low posture.

Why does a simple, power-loving fool suddenly become so polite?

I had hoped to crush Damdeok and his companions with overwhelming force, but for Loki, the situation was truly daunting.

“Well, if you say so… .”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

And then he nodded at Fenrir.


With an ear-piercing sound, Fenrir raises his huge body and approaches Thor.

From Damdeok’s perspective, there was still nothing to lose.

‘Anyway, if you summon me with the opening decree, you can call me at any time.’

He didn’t necessarily want to cause friction with Thor right now.

“okay. “Remain calm~.”

“Heh heh!”

“No, no. “Don’t come. Go quickly.”

As soon as Damdeok waved him off, Fenrir tried to come back, but Damdeok shook his head and motioned for him to leave quickly.

Immediately, he turns around sullenly and sits down next to Thor.

Thor was quite shocked as he watched the series of situations.

‘Do you really think that foreign god even tamed Fenrir? How can you do something that even Odin couldn’t do? ?’

Although he had so many questions, Thor kept his mouth shut.

Since they had obediently handed over Fenrir, it was now his turn to step down.

[Thank you. Once again, I apologize for Loki’s rudeness.]

Thor bowed his head politely.

Damdeok smiled and responded.

“What happened? That guy hasn’t done anything to us, and he probably can’t do anything to us. Rather… . “It looks like the Fairy Kingdom has suffered a lot.”

Thor also nodded at Damdeok’s words.

[I was already aware of that and came down.]

Thor’s gaze turned to the fairy king, Leaf.

[Are you the king here? I promise. Recovery work will proceed as quickly as possible.]

Fairy King Leaf even felt a deep sense of skepticism that a situation that he could not prevent no matter how hard he tried was ended so quickly with the appearance of Damdeok.

[Everyone come out.]

As Thor said that, dwarves began to come down ropes from the hole in the ceiling.

“now! “Repair work begins!”

“Ugh! you can do it!”

“Cheer up!”

“To location!”

Ttukkang ttukkang-.

Dwarves move in unison and quickly repair the broken dungeons.

As soon as Damdeok saw the dwarves, he smiled with joy.

Thor tilted his head as he looked at Damdeok, but decided to leave here for today.

[Loki. This troublemaker. Follow me.]

“Nonsense. Why only me… !! Those guys also stole Fenrir, so why am I the only one who gets punished!!”

Loki’s desperate cry disappeared in an instant along with the sound of thunder.

“Nothing has changed, those two. then… .”

Damdeok turned around and smiled.

“Shall we finish talking about what we were talking about?”

Soon, a message appeared before the eyes of the Fairy King Leaf, and although she looked surprised for a moment, she began to accept Damdeok’s request relatively calmly.



[Fairy King Leaf has been registered as a priest!]

With the familiar message, all eyes of colleagues focused on Damdeok.

“… … huh? Why does everyone look at me like that?”

“Even the Fairy King was subjugated.”


“So how many of the 12 guardians are left now?”

“that’s right. Last time, I said that you and Soyul were also included in the 12 guardians. “You’ve almost got everything now, right?”

Damdeok grinned at Adele’s words and began folding his fingers.

“The first White Cloud, the second Adele Sharon, the third Etin, the fourth Pao, the fifth Alui, the sixth Fairy King Leaf, the seventh Heavenly Demon Cheon Taerang, the eighth Dragon Clan Syaorang, the ninth Goku, and the tenth eleventh. As for address rate and country… .”

The companions’ mouths slowly opened.


“There’s only one left.”

“Is there still one person left?”

“But I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. Who is it?”

“Where is the last guardian?”

“who is this? “What abilities do you have?”

It was at that time that everyone’s attention was focused on Damdeok’s next words.


Baek Seol stuck his head out.

And Damdeok grinned and spoke the following words.

“The last guardian, Moonlight Fox Snow White.”


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