I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 192

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#192. Moonlight Fox, Snow White (1)


Baekseol comes out of Damdeok’s arms and tilts his head as the atmosphere becomes more serious.

The faces of the companions watching this were becoming tinged with embarrassment.

“No, bro. Are you kidding me? ?”

“What did you say to our cute and cute Baek Seol… .”

“The guardian isn’t being mean, is he?”

“No, but the fact that Snow White is the last guardian is a little… .”

However, despite the reactions of his companions, Damdeok only smiled slightly.

The expressions of the companions became even more strange.

This was especially true for Baek Gureum and Adele Sharon, who had been watching Baek Seol for a long time.

“That little thing was a guardian?”

“Well, since we’ve been fighting together with weapons so far, maybe that’s possible…?” .”

Snow White has always been someone who brings cuteness and laughter to them.

Although he may have played an important role as Damdeok’s main weapon, Baekseol’s presence felt by the other party members was not to that extent.

‘Of course. He served as a weapon to Damdeok. For us… .’

‘That evil business owner’s swordsmanship skills must be so spectacular. During a large-scale battle, Snow White’s presence is extremely minimal… .’

‘Besides, doesn’t that fox named Snow White sleep almost all day?’

‘I think I just wrapped myself up in Hercules’ armor and slept… .’

Of course, Baek White’s minimal presence was limited to ‘during battle’.

Usually, when the group rested or ate food, Baekseol would always come out and lead the atmosphere with her cute appearance and voice.

Even Cheontaerang, who was as cold as ice, would smile and hand over food when Baekseol’s tail touched his arm, so I guess I’ve said everything.

Baekseol was truly an icon of healing.

That Snow White was one of the guardians who would go to the final battle with Chaos?

It was no wonder that the companions had complicated expressions.

“What’s wrong with everyone? That’s good. This is how all 12 Guardians came together. “Have we ever achieved our goal so quickly?”

Damdeok laughed, stroking Baekseol as if the reactions were funny.

“uh… .”

“hmm… .”

“Yes, but… .”

In a situation where no one knew what to say about this situation, Ju Soo-yul opened his mouth.

“The Moonlight Fox is the last guardian… .”

It was a muttering that was almost like talking to himself, but Damdeok nodded and responded as if he knew Jusoyul would react that way.

“Address rate, you may have thought you knew everything and were regressing, but that’s not true. I think you will agree with this to some extent. “I didn’t know Elia existed the first time, and now I don’t know Baek White’s true identity.”

Ju Soo-yul’s face was surprisingly calm.

He had already admitted that Damdeok knew more than him.

“So Chaos erased not only my memories of Elia, but also my memories of Snow White? Because those two things are the most important in my memory and that of my mother?”

“okay. “You’re smart, after all.”

Despite Damdeok’s affirmative answer, Ju Soo-yul made a strange expression.

It was sadness disguised as confusion.

“But I keep all of Baek White’s other memories. No matter how many memories Chaos cut out, the memories I still have… .”

“Is this like a memory from the day you received Snow White from Selene?”

Ju Ju-yul paused for a moment at Damdeok’s words.

That was because old memories came rushing in helplessly.

Ju Soo-yul shook his head slightly and continued speaking with difficulty.

“Selene… . It was a long time ago. “The memories I keep are about the time when Baek White and I fought together.”

At her words, Damdeok slowly nodded and let Baekseol go.

Baekseol jumps up and goes into Jusoyul’s arms.

Damdeok looked at that and said.

“I know. Because originally, Snow White was your weapon.”

Several companions looked surprised at those words.

However, Ju So-yul didn’t care and only caressed Baek-seol.

“No, Snow White is not my weapon in the first place.”

“okay. “To be exact, it is Selene’s weapon.”

Ju Soo-yul’s body stopped again.

“… “Selene, Selene was special even among the Titan gods.”

“It was special. “Because he was a warrior of moonlight who defeated the darkness.”

Selene, goddess of the moon.

She was a god before Artemis reigned as the moon goddess.

Since Gaia was a particularly favored god, Selene and Jooyul, who were also favored, naturally had no choice but to become close.

The two got along very well from the beginning, as if they were family from the start.

His fighting style, his personality, what he wore, what he ate, there was nothing that didn’t fit.

In this way, the two developed a relationship like real sisters.

“However, around that time, the persecution of the Greek gods against the Titan gods would have become increasingly severe. Even though the war was already over, an operation was carried out to find the bloodlines of the Titan gods and lead them to destruction. In the end, Selene would have headed for destruction. Then you… .”

Damdeok tried to continue speaking without hesitation, but stopped.

This was because I noticed that Soo-yul’s eyes were turning red as he listened to the story.

‘It looks like the trauma hasn’t gone away yet.’

Damdeok sighed softly.



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Selene, the goddess of the moon, whom the people trusted and recognized as second only to Gaia, was eventually killed by the Greek gods.

‘No, to be more precise, it would be correct to say that the address was absorbed right before he passed away.’

Gaia, who found the situation very pitiful, sealed the dying Selene inside the Juryul.

Of course, as all of her energy as a goddess had already disappeared and her life was on the verge of ending, the impact on Jujuyul’s combat power was minimal.

The possibility of Selene being revived was extremely small.

Despite this, Gaia sealed Selene inside Juryul’s body.

Addressul also probably didn’t want to let her go at that time.


“okay. “Now there’s only you and me left.”

These were the first words Jooyul spoke after sealing Selene.

‘It’s like losing Selene and taking the Moonlight Fox.’

Thousands of years have passed since then.

A time when Gangsan also changed countless times.

However, Ju Ju-yul still vividly remembered the memories of that day.

Damdeok couldn’t hide his bitterness as he looked at Ju Soo-yul’s eyes, which were still stained red.

‘Living with the weight of all kinds of memories is bound to take a toll… .’

I always thought, but it was really worth holding on until now.

Why did Gaia force Ju Ju-yul to carry such a harsh burden?

Within the title of the original 100 people, it was something that everyone could have taken on together… .

‘He probably wanted to avoid the eyes of Chaos and give the remaining 99 children a chance.’

As long as Jusoul moves as one body with Gaia, he would not have been able to avoid Chaos’ check.

‘Elia is the chess horse of Chaos. Is the address rate an organ of Gaia?’

Damdeok truly felt sorry for them.

But I didn’t want to show it off in front of my colleagues.

So he made an effort to speak calmly.

“Anyway, the important thing is that we have finally gathered all 12 guardians.”

I spoke brightly on purpose to change the mood, but Ju Soo-yul said something different.

“… You told me right after we returned to the past. About your diary that you wrote while in the cycle of reincarnation. “Fragments of memories.”

Damdeok looked at Jusoyul in silence.

Immediately after returning to the past on the Geunduun, he was talking in detail about his memories of his past life.

This was because I could no longer find a reason or need to hide everything.

“In that diary… . Where on earth was it written? How much do you know? I definitely went back with all my memories, but why can’t I remember anything as if there was a hole in the middle? How much of it is a real memory? How much is the truth? In every life, I’ve always had a vague memory of the last Guardian. But how do you… .”

Damdeok tried to comfort Soo-yul, who spoke differently than usual as if he was vomiting anger.

The other party members, Baek Seol, and even Elia must have been unfamiliar with the sight of Ju Soo-yul, so a heavy silence had already fallen around them.

Damdeok looked directly into Jusoyul’s eyes.

“Don’t focus on what you don’t remember. “Focus on the fact that Chaos only took two of your memories.”

“… … .”

Elia, who had been silent the entire time, spoke out sharply.

“Am I one of the two memories you stole? The other one is that pet fox? under! “I only knew those two things, and now you’re sad because you didn’t remember those two things?”

Damdeok looked at Elia’s sudden remark as if asking, “What’s wrong with you?”

But Elia didn’t stop.

“It’s like whining that you didn’t get 100 points. How is this different from the kids who cried because they got two things wrong this time? “You sound like you’re full.”

Ju Soo-yul looked at Elia intently.

“Are you… . “Are you comforting me now?”

“crazy! That’s nonsense… !”

“Whoa, both of you, stop. Anyway, the important thing is that we found all 12 guardians. Hey guys. okay? That’s what’s important. “I don’t need anything else.”

Damdeok quickly started to sort out the situation.

Baekgureum and Adele Sharon quickly joined in and came out.

“Oh, yes! Anyway, that’s enough.”

“Okay, okay, Soyul, don’t be sad and come here. “You are our team’s ace.”

“Then, can I just perfect my predation talent and go eat the gods? “How do you complete that?”

“I heard from Soyul earlier that it would be easy if the Fairy King helps with the ritual?”

“Oh, so are we finally going to destroy chaos?”

“… “It is the moment of decisive battle.”

“Ugh! “Brother, I thought I was going to die because I was so sick!”

Although I was perplexed by Baek Seol’s hidden story, I could finally see the end of the road.

“Will will!”

As Snow White also floated in the air and showed off her cuteness, the group’s expressions gradually became brighter.

“Great! “Let’s keep going like this!”

“Then shall we finally end our wandering life?!”

“I hope Jim can bake cookies at home soon.”

The expressions of Fairy King Leaf and the dwarves who were watching the atmosphere became brighter.

Ttukkang ttukkang-.

The sound of hammering flowed like a melody, and Jooyul approached with Adele Sharon, who was stuck like a chewing gum, hanging on his back.

“Then, first of all, we must perform a ritual to perfect the talent of predation, right?”

Damdeok looked at Jusoyul blankly.

Still, compared to the early days when I seemed lonely, I felt much better because I had many colleagues around me.

Adele was clinging to her back and complaining of hunger.

Damdeok said with a chuckle.

“Well, that’s nice, but there’s something I have to do first.”

“What should we do first?”

“What else? What?”

Ju Soo-yul and Adele Sharon’s heads tilted at the same time.

“Baek White in her current state cannot fulfill her role as a guardian.”

“What does that mean?”

“Are you saying that Snow White is leveling up?”

Ju Soo-yul’s expression became strange at Adele Sharon’s words.

“Leveling up. If you were leveling up, you would already be doing it… ?”

It was thanks to the world tree seeds that he had previously fed to Baek White.

Because of this, Baekseol has been able to continue leveling up until now, and Damdeok’s growth rate was so high that his performance may have felt insignificant, but in fact, it was a great help in battle.

But what more can be upgraded here now?

Damdeok spoke as if it was no big deal as Ju Soo-yul continued to look at him with puzzled eyes.

“Have you ever thought that Baek Seol’s body is too small?”

Ju Soo-yul and Adele Sharon’s eyes met.

And slowly went back.

“Will will!”

Snow White was purring in Alui’s arms.

Damdeok muttered quietly.

“That’s not Snow White’s true face.”


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