I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 190

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#190. Perfect, 12 Guardians (3)


The iron door opened with a powerful sound.

Loki glared at the intruder who dared come here with a frown on his face.

“under! Isn’t it just one person? One, two, three… . Seriously, how many people are there? “What the hell are you guys?”

Loki asked as if he was dumbfounded, but Damdeok, who was standing in front, tilted his head to look at Loki.

“Why are you here?”

Loki’s forehead suddenly stood up.

“dare… . it’s you… ? “How dare a human being look at this body and say it’s you?!!”

“Ah, I’m tired of those lines now, so that’s it.”

Damdeok made a slight gesture with an expression on his face that seemed like he was going to die.


Son Goku, who was swinging his baton next to him, rushed towards Loki as if he had been waiting.


The dwarf next to Loki hurriedly stepped back with a pale face.

“Yay! After all, there are a lot more exciting things in the outer dimension than Mount Huaguo.”

“W-what is this guy!”


Colorful magic was activated from both Loki’s hands, but Son Goku applied it half a beat more.

Loki’s head had to fall to the floor at high speed.


“Ugh… .”

Loki couldn’t understand how things were going.

“What the hell are you guys… .”

At first, I thought they were humans because I could only feel a faint energy, but when I looked closer, I saw that each one was emitting a lot of energy that could not have been human.

Moreover, the items they were wearing all over their bodies were definitely the weapons of the Olympus gods.

‘What exactly are these guys? !’

How did I know this place?

Were the fairies calling?

Or Thor?

Are you planning on making up something like this and giggling behind my back?

Whatever it was, Loki was simultaneously humiliated and angry about the current situation.


He constantly tried to stand up, but Son Goku’s female baton was pressing heavily on the back of his head.

“The gods are certainly diverse and interesting, but… . After all, there are only weak people here, too.”

Son Goku looked very disappointed that it ended so poorly.

Son Goku clicked his tongue a few times and looked back at Damdeok.

Damdeok was looking through the huge bars.

“Are you Leaf, the Fairy King?”

The eyes of Leaf and Damdeok, who were sitting quietly in the dark, met.

Leaf, who was silent for a while, slowly got up and came closer to the bars.

“You… .”

“Oh wait a minute.”

After exchanging glances with Elia a few times, Damdeok nodded and came forward.

“okay. what. From what I heard, that guy trespassed here without permission, right?”

Damdeok asked, pointing to Loki, who was still on the ground.

Leaf nodded quietly.

What kind of person is Loki?

Although it is said that he led the soldiers of darkness into the attack, he was the one who single-handedly led them and drove the fairy world into catastrophe.

But he’s skilled enough to overpower Loki like that in one fell swoop.

“You… .”

But before she could say anything, Damdeok spoke first.

“Even if you don’t say it, I kind of know. Because Loki had a reputation in the Nordic world for being an idiot. He’s eagerly aiming to take Odin’s place, but his image is nothing compared to Thor. So, a powerful blow would have been needed to achieve some kind of groundbreaking image transformation. Yggdrasil, the foundation of the world, was withering away due to forgotten gods and things called gates. so… . Uh, what next?”

Damdeok, who was continuing well, glanced back at Elia.

Elia sighed and continued speaking.

“Using the fairies’ mana will help enrich Yggdrasil. “Loki came to take advantage of that.”

“Oh yeah. The mana of fairies. Enrich Yggdrasil. Well, anyway, they suddenly invaded like this for a reason that didn’t work out.”

“It happened often. It wasn’t common, but… .”

Elia snorted at Soo-yul’s words.

“It’s not uncommon for that guy, Loki, to do something like this every day. “It’s a good plan, but if you look inside, it’s just shallow and obvious tricks.”

“Ah, I admit that. haha.”

As Damdeok giggled, Loki’s face turned red.

He swears that today is his first time seeing Damdeok and his companions, but aren’t they talking as if they know them all?

Normally, he would have felt a deep sense of discomfort, but right now, Loki was in a state of humiliation and anger that made it impossible for him to think normally.

“What are you guys talking about? I don’t know where I picked it up, but my plan is much grander than that… !!”

Loki shook himself.

Damdeok, who was giggling, waved his hand again with an annoyed look on his face.

“Ah, yes, yes. I’m not interested in your grand plans. What I want to know is… .”



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Damdeok’s gaze turned to Leaf.

‘It’s not a fairy, it’s definitely…’ .’

They were like angels who had invaded the demon world.

With pure white skin.

It has particularly large wings.

Moreover, unlike the other fairies, Leaf was wearing layers of silk as soft as lotus petals, and according to Jooyul, that was the Fairy King’s main weapon.

“uh? “It looks a little different from when I saw it back then, doesn’t it?”

Adele Sharon, who was looking at Leaf from behind Damdeok, tilted her head.

“The Fairy King originally changes his appearance depending on the season.”

When Soo-yul calmly says this, only then does Adele nod.

Damdeok and his companions were all focused on the Fairy King Leaf.

Loki saw that and raised the corners of his mouth in a mean manner.

“aha. You said so. Was your goal to be the Fairy King? But what about this? The Fairy King wouldn’t be able to get out of there. Only I know where the keys are. If you want to find it nicely, you should solve this first and act politely, right?”

Loki fiercely tore the corners of his eyes and glared at Yeo Eui-bong, who was pressing the back of his head.

But Damdeok didn’t even look at Loki.


I just close my eyes and quietly touch the bars where Leaf is trapped.

[Open your mind’s eye!]


Numerous energies were swirling around inside and outside the bars like a whirlwind.

The inside of the dungeon was already filled with tremendous negative energy and unidentifiable musical instruments.

‘It doesn’t make sense that this level of energy is floating around just because of the presence of Loki and Leaf… .’

Damdeok Loki, who stood quietly with his eyes closed and ignored everything he said, was very unpleasant.

“hey. If you really want to take out the Fairy King, you can’t treat me like this… .”

Loki, who continued speaking through gritted teeth, gradually became blurred.

Damdeok’s eyes, which had been quietly closed, were suddenly shining brilliantly.

His bluish eyes were looking down into the dungeon.

Loki’s complexion turned pale.

“Oh, no!!”

But Damdeok’s hands were faster than his shouts.


Kronos’ great sword broke through the solid ground of the dungeon like a cookie with a single blow.


Cloudy dust blowing thickly.

Adele used water magic to quickly settle the dust.

“Wow, you’re destroying the ground now… .”

“Will he just destroy the ground? I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned the whole world upside down.”

“But the whole area has collapsed like this, and the ground around the prison where the Fairy King is imprisoned hasn’t cracked at all. “It must have been made really sturdy.”

“It wasn’t made strong; it was probably a barrier created by previous fairies. Even the Fairy King can’t do anything… . Wait, but why is it so dark in here?”

The group members who were exchanging their opinions then looked around.

In the distance, you can see a key shining in the dark.

“As expected, your intuition is amazing.”

Cheon Taerang praised Damdeok with a calm smile.

Loki, who had fallen along with everyone else and picked up a lot of dust, spat and raised his head.

“These crazy people… ! Find out what’s down here and break the ground… !!”

“There is something.”

Damdeok slowly raised Kronos’ great sword.


Damdeok, with a sword on his shoulder, smiled.

“The key and the gatekeeper who guards it?”

Loki’s face distorted.

“you… . Even though I know everything, I do it with my bare body without fear… . Let go of this! “The country will rise too!”

Loki used all his strength to shake off Son Goku’s sword and stood up.

But soon both arms are tightly grabbed by Goku’s clones.

“Aaaah! Let go of this! You crazy people! “I can’t handle that guy, so I’m keeping him here for a while!”

The group’s eyes slowly turned to Loki’s struggles.

“That guy?”

“Can’t you handle it?”

“What do you mean?”

A key that glows in the dark.

Does that mean that’s not all?

It was a time when everyone’s expressions turned anxious.

The darkness itself began to move.



“hmm… ?”

“Is it an optical illusion…? .”

The eyes of the companions opened one by one.

Ju Soo-yul, Cheon Tae-rang, and Son Goku, who had already noticed something strange earlier, stared into the darkness with serious faces.

“Krrrrrrr… !”

A threatening sound is heard.

A heavy sound that feels like the darkness itself is roaring.

Baekgureum, who normally would have thrown out a joking curse, this time just kept his mouth shut and held his sword tightly.

“… … Loki, you crazy bastard. No matter how much I covet the fairies’ mana. “What if we bring ‘that’ here?”

Joo Joo-yul, who figured out what was in the dark, let out a small curse.

Loki, who was trying to shake off Son Goku’s clones, spat out sarcastically.

“I was just brought here as a hidden card. You really didn’t plan on releasing it?! But then what do you do? “Now that crazy guy ruined everything!”

Loki, who was shouting loudly, soon muttered as if he had given up on everything.

“It’s ruined. damn… I don’t know, I don’t know anymore. No matter what Thor says or Odin says, I’ll just pretend that you all ruined it with your rampage… .”

“joy. What a scum. I wonder how they brought it here when it was so scary. “Just watch from behind.”

Cheontaerang snorted and gently put the Titan’s stone gloves on his hands.

“So, that’s right. “This guy and that guy are all made up of weak people.”

Son Goku also swung his moderately large fan and walked forward.

Damdeok wiped his nose and walked away.

A huge darkness getting closer and closer.

A growling sound echoes through the entire body of the group.


“Krrrrr… !”

It slowly appeared in front of Damdeok and his group.

Loki saw that and shouted urgently.

“Thor!!! Where are you doing? Come down here right now! “That Fenrir guy is going to go crazy soon!!!”


A giant wolf from Norse mythology.

Unlike Cerberus, who was subordinate to Hades, it was a fearsome creature that would eat even the gods that opposed it.

“Krrrrrrr… !”

Fenrir leans his huge, vicious body forward and glares at Damdeok and the others.

The pure white fur revealed in the darkness somehow made this situation even more creepy.

Those who knew Fenrir’s name and those who did not, all had their faces hardened by the man’s tremendous force.

“… … “This is my first time seeing something like that.”

Even Cheon Tae-rang, who rarely evaluates his enemies, held out his tongue.

When Ragnarok, the war of the gods, came, Fenrir was the first to destroy the human world.

Those who stood in front of him were all feeling fear and fear similar to when a world was destroyed.

Wearing the armor of the gods all over their bodies, most of them would have fainted if they had not already leveled up tremendously.


Fenrir took a step forward.

Everyone’s bodies are pushed backwards by the aftermath.

[The price for waking me up from my sweet sleep is… . You will have to pay wisely… !]

The , which is said to be spoken only by the highest gods, echoed throughout the dungeon.

“Um, is that thing talking?”

“Either you speak or you don’t! “Attack all at once!”

It was at that time that the party rushed at Fenrir in unison according to the instructions of Jusoyul, and Loki shouted, asking if they were all really trying to kill him.


Damdeok hit the ground first and jumped lightly into the air.

“It feels like it’s been a long time since I wrote this.”

Damdeok’s hand, grinning, was now lightly resting on Fenrir’s head.

[Activate the trait !]


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