I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 189

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#189. Perfect, 12 Guardians (2)

“Something is coming…” .”


Xiaorang lowered his body as much as possible.

Her humanized body instantly transformed into a half-human, half-dragon.

And then his eyes flash and he stares intently at one place.


What Xiaorang was looking at, with the hope of seeing through all the laws of the world, was a large tree.

In the middle of a dying zelkova tree. The place seemed to stir for a moment, and then winged fairies poured out.

“It’s a big deal! “Big deal!”

“We got discovered here too!”

“Everyone move quickly!”

The fairies’ bodies were as small as Tinkerbell at first, but as soon as they left the shimmering space, they soon grew to the size of an average person.

Damdeok and his companions just looked at the fairies with wide eyes at the sudden sight.

“Oh my… !”

“There’s an intruder here too…” !”

“Ah, how could this happen…?” .”

The fairies ran out in a hurry and made eye contact with Damdeok and his companions. They all had frightened expressions.

“Why does this make us feel like villains?”

“What a fairy. “It’s really amazing.”

“I guess there was nothing similar in Atlaum?”

“There was something similar where I lived. It was a being called a spirit being… .”

“This guy always says Chinese characters that I can’t understand.”

The companions each said something and paid attention to the fairies.

Damdeok was also watching them closely.

‘Where is the Fairy King Leaf…? ?’

Damdeok’s eyes were busy moving.

The same was true for Jooyul and Adele Sharon, who had met the Fairy King.

The 6th Guardian, Leaf.

The sixth guardian who was originally supposed to have joined as a priest after Alui.

However, he was a guy I had never met before because he was sacrificed at the hands of Elia, who had grown rapidly.

‘You can’t miss it this time.’

Even though Damdeok promised that, he continued to roll his eyes anxiously.

Looking at the situation, it seemed like a powerful enemy had invaded the fairy world, and no matter how strong he and his companions were, there was nothing they could do if Leaf was attacked first before they could take action on this side.

‘no. It must have just been broken in.’

Damdeok quickly shook his head.

The fairies in front of me are ordinary fairies known as ordinary people even in the fairy world.

The fact that ordinary fairies were running away unharmed meant that the intruders had not penetrated that deeply yet.

‘Elia is also being held as a part-time worker, and unlike back then, our strength is overwhelming.’

Let’s think positively.


I don’t know what it is, but it was difficult to put a second on his perfect strategy like this.

Damdeok gritted his teeth and stepped forward.

“Hey, you guys.”

However, contrary to his feelings, Damdeok became impatient and frowned as he spoke.

“Tell me in full what is happening here. “I’m here to help, so don’t think about running away.”

A cold energy suddenly swept over the surroundings.

The fairies were completely stunned by the energy released by Damdeok without realizing it.

“Ugh… .”

“Well, what is that again…” .”

The fairies fell into panic without even daring to think about running away.

In the end, Soo-yul, who was watching, let out a small sigh and stepped forward.

“It’s true that I came to help you. We have the power to defeat the invaders once and for all. To defeat them more easily, we need your king’s close cooperation… . Where is the leaf?”

A much softer tone than Damdeok.

Persuasive tone of voice.

Ju Ju-yul tried to relieve the frightened fairies by using his unique power, .

“what… .”

“This… .”

“It’s probably an ability that only our people can use… .”

“Then you really… .”

It was a time when the hostile atmosphere of the fairies began to gradually ease.

Let’s go!

A sharp sound like tearing metal was heard in the air.

At the same time, unidentifiable black things began to crawl out from inside the barrier where the fairies had come out.







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They were all monsters with bizarre appearances.

Its appearance and exuding momentum were completely different from ordinary monsters.

Soldiers who grew up eating the darkness of Niflheim.

Their presence, heavily armed with powerful dark armor and black weapons, made the viewer feel a dizzying sense of fear.

Thanks to this, the fairies, who were regaining their composure, began to fall into a state of panic again.

“Ouch! “It’s a big deal!”

“shit! “You forgot because of those guys!”

“Oh, quickly run away! hurry!”

The fairies become distraught again and disperse.

“Oh my… .”

Damdeok sighed as he watched the fairies quickly scattering past him.

“Krrrrr… .”

“Karrrrrr… .”

“Ugh… .”

The soldiers of Niflheim suddenly surrounded the entire forest in pitch black.

There were also a few guys that looked like dragons with big wings and a huge body like steel.

The fairies who were running away had already been blocked by their siege and had long since retreated. The fairies just trembled endlessly.

Damdeok only frowned slightly at the sight.

“Are you going to sprinkle ashes on the finished rice?”

The address did a good job of calming the situation down, but didn’t they create an atmosphere of fear again?

“Of course, you must be prepared to do this, right?”

In response to Damdeok’s growling threat, Baekgureum also came up next to him and offered a word of help.

“That’s right, you guys have to be prepared. “Brother, is it our first time in a long time going to massacre?”

Son Goku, who was next to him, was just snoring as if it was a waste to even swing the female baton, and the rest of the group was just fiddling with their weapons without any particular tension.

“How should I cook it for you…” . huh?”

But unlike the mutterings, Damdeok stayed there quietly.

‘Ugh, this is nothing special… .’

I wasn’t talking about the current situation.

Ares, who had been quiet for a while, seemed to have sensed some unpleasant energy from them, and was running wild again.

‘I was determined to upset you very much.’

Ares’ rampage hurt more than I thought.

‘This is all because the talent for predation is not perfect… .’

“That’s why we have to complete it as quickly as possible. Some useless beggars are blocking the way… .”

Damdeok, contorted in pain, muttered softly and unsheathed Kronos’ great sword.

“Oh, you can do it yourself?”

“Hey, the evil business owner does it himself.”

“Everyone, step back!”

The group instinctively took a few steps back from Damdeok.

The same was true for Baekgureum, who excitedly pulled out his sword, and Alui, who was fiddling with the Wave Spear in silence.

Syaoran, who was standing at a distance in front, also slowly cleared the way for Damdeok who was approaching.


Damdeok stood face to face with hundreds of thousands of Niflheim soldiers.




At the moment when Niflheim’s soldiers each raised their weapons and tried to attack Damdeok at once, Damdeok’s eyes lit up! It shone.

[Activate Ares’ unique power, !]


Blade-like flashes erupted in various directions and stabbed sharply into the charging soldiers.




In an instant, the enemies around Damdeok lost their lives and fell limp.

Damdeok did not give himself a chance and swung Kronos’ great sword lightly.


Corpses were scattered in a semicircle in the direction it was swung.

Damdeok swung his greatsword once more in the opposite direction.


Monsters are falling down like fallen leaves.

And while holding his breath for a moment, Damdeok swung his sword with all his might once more.


A strong wind blew and the eyes of everyone watching closed tightly.

The terrifying sound of trees being uprooted and grass and small rocks mixing together continued for a while.

How many tens of seconds have passed?

As the surrounding environment became quiet, the fairies, including the companions, opened their eyes one by one.

“… … and.”

Someone in the group let out an exclamation.

The dense forest had turned into a very clean wasteland.

There were no trees, grass, rocks, or anything left on the ground.

The corpses of many monsters had been neatly cleaned up, as if they had flown off somewhere.

“Soyul… . If it weren’t for your barrier, we too would have disappeared without a trace… .”

Adele Sharon muttered.

Just before Damdeok unleashed the power of Ares, if Joo-yul had not placed a strong barrier on the party and the fairies, everyone might have evaporated just as Adele said.

When the situation reached that point, one of the fairies bowed to Ju Ju-yul.

“Okay, thank you.”

In any case, it was thanks to this strong barrier that they were able to survive the swordstorm that wiped out all the intruders.

The rest of the fairies who were watching also hurriedly expressed their gratitude.

Ju Soo-yul responded to their greetings with an expressionless expression.

“You should thank him, not me.”

The fairies’ eyes naturally turned to Damdeok.

“I kept this from breaking. “I was wondering if there would be more people able to escape.”

The zelkova tree from which the fairies ran out. Damdeok is sitting on that old tree, staring at us.

His mouth opened slowly.

“Now then, shall we talk about the Fairy King?”

* * *


The iron door opened with an eerie sound.

The palace of Fairy King Leaf.

Especially in a very deep dungeon.

“Why did you follow me here and make such a fuss?”

“This is it! If only I had kept my promise in the first place… !”

“Ah, it’s noisy. Heck, I’m playing a really fun game right now, right? “If you ruin the fun, I’ll find the fun in you, so you’d better shut up.”

“but… !”

“But what’s wrong with this? If it doesn’t turn off… !”


“Kkeukkeuk, what a cowardly dwarf~.”

Loki, who was giggling while arguing with a dwarf, suddenly tilted his head and stood up.

“hmm? what… ?”

“Loki! Don’t joke around and answer straight! “If you can’t pay it back by this month, you’ll have to hand over the items you took on credit right away!”

The dwarf who had been teased shouted in anger.

But Loki no longer cared about dwarves.

Loki is just staring into space with a serious look on his face.

“Hmm… . Is it a system error? No, it can’t be like that, right?”

He looked more carefully at the message that appeared before his eyes.


[The 1st Corps has been annihilated!]


[The 2nd Corps has been annihilated!]


[The 3rd Corps… .]

“Ac… . “What on earth does this mean?”

Loki’s eyebrows twitched for a moment.


That can’t be possible.

All fairies were a gentle and weak race.

Maybe it’s the Fairy King Leaf, who is said to be the king of the fairies and the first genius born in tens of thousands of years.

There was no way that ordinary fairies could defeat the heavily armed soldiers of Niflheim.

Loki, who was lost in thought for a moment, pushed the head of the dwarf who was struggling against him and walked away.


Loki grabbed hold of the large iron bars and stuck his face through them.

“Riff. you tell me Is there anyone in the fairy world who has as much power as you? No? is not it?”

There was darkness inside the huge bars.

And there sat the Fairy King Leaf, accustomed to the darkness and quietly closing his eyes.

“… … What nonsense. “You will be punished.”

Loki snorted at Leaf’s curse-laced words.

“It’s heavenly punishment… . I’m sick of hearing that so much. Can’t you just answer my question other than that? “Is there anyone stronger than you?”

But Leaf didn’t respond any further.

“Well, if you tell me, what’s going on? ah! “Are you going to get excited and start talking if I’m punished by heaven?”

It was at that time that Loki whirled around and was about to add another word.



The sound of an iron door opening was faintly heard.

The place where the sound came from was above.

It was the only entrance into this dungeon.

Loki’s face suddenly hardened.


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