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#180. Report of Olympus (1)

[…] … Thank you for coming.]

Ares’ eyebrows twitched even more fiercely at Hephaestus’ weak words.

[Thank you? What are you grateful for in this situation?]

Ares approached Hephaestus with great strides and put his face in front of Hephaestus.

[Say it again. Who kidnapped Aphrodite?]

[He is human.]

[…] … under!]

Ares brushed his red hair and burst into laughter.

Then he glared harshly at Hephaestus again.

[Hey, Hephaestus. Do you think that makes sense now? Actually, no, everyone, if you have a mouth, please speak up.]

Ares urged the other gods gathered together, but Hermes, Demeter, and Eros said nothing.

I just watch the situation with a confused expression.

Hephaestus spoke again.

[It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. I checked it clearly with the mirror of Olympus… … .]

Ares came closer and spoke with suppressed anger.

[Hey, leave it at that. I have endured this much. know?]

Hephaestus reacted to Ares’ sudden hostile attitude. He sighed.

[Ares. I don’t understand why you’re doing this, but she’s my wife. The one I’m more worried about than anyone else is me… … .]


The flag of the emblem crumbled with a sound.

Ares was fuming, unable to contain his anger.

[Who doesn’t know that!! So, in the first place, Aphrodite… … !]

Ares didn’t want to speak after that, but forced his mouth shut.

He may have been barely able to control his anger, but none of the gods could tell what his next words were about.

The relationship between Ares, the god of war, and Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty.

For a long time, the two had been secretly having fun together, even though her husband, Hephaestus, was alive and well.

And that was a rumor that was widely spread not only in Greek mythology but also in Norse mythology.

Hephaestus’ face suddenly hardened.

[…] … When this little guy heard it, he decided to listen.]

Ares, who was huffing, turned and looked at Hephaestus.

[what? What did you say just now?]

A faint breath of life emanated from Hephaestus’ large body.

[…] … Be discreet about what you say. bantling. I still feel like I want to crush everything.]

In the past, Ares would have taken a step back, but now it was different.

It had been a long time since he had been laughed at by the gods for his inappropriate relationship with Aphrodite.

Why isn’t there a saying like that?

Anything is difficult the first time, but the second time… … .

[under! Are you just calling me a brat? Are you the kind of person who always hammers and beats things in the warehouse? So Aphrodite says she doesn’t want to go into the house.]

It was a relationship with Aphrodite that was now publicly acknowledged.

Ares, who was already hot-tempered, had no reason to be servile in the current situation, but Hephaestus was not in a position to please him either.

[If you don’t know any shame and cheat on your brother’s woman, what are you if you’re not a brat? What is the difference between you and a scoundrel who commits dishonest acts?]

Ares’ face turned bright red at Hephaestus’ shout.

[you… . You bastard… .]

[I don’t know why you showed up here with that attitude. Go back. Because I don’t need your help.]

It was a sudden moment.

Demeter tried to lighten the mood by asking why, but the situation had already worsened to the point where it could not be reversed.

[under! okay. That was your true intention, right? Are you itching to fight me? Are you confident? huh?]

Ares straightened up and held his sword in a threatening manner.

However, before he knew it, Hephaestus was also tightly holding the hammer in his hand.

There was a lot of tension between the two.

[…] … My true intention was to boil you in a boiling furnace and turn you into the weapons of other gods. It’s not like a fight.]

[Wow, how did you hold back from wanting to say this for so long?]

[It would be embarrassing for a god to be ahead of emotions like you, so I just controlled it.]

[This guy is really… !]

As Ares’ sword rose, Hephaestus’ hammer also rose, and Hermes and Eros, who were watching, were horrified and stopped them.

[Oh my, why are you doing this!]

[Now is not the time, we have to go quickly and save our mother!]

[Let go! Don’t you get out of the way?! Move! Get out of the way!!]

[joy! Do you think your father will just tolerate your atrocities?! That’s why I’m always treated like a troublemaker!]

[shut up! How much recognition do you get… … !!]

[Oh, really, please calm down!!]

A situation where everyone is stuck together.

It was a time when Demeter was sending messengers here and there to stop the fight, unable to do anything.

“Oh, everyone gathered together?”

A bright and cheerful voice was heard.

The gods’ gaze naturally turned to the voice of the voice.

Ares’ thick eyebrows twitched.



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[…] … What is that again?]

A human man who hit a short two-block is standing with a grin on his face.

On either side of him stood a human in uniform and a boy with a monkey tail who could not be distinguished as male or female, and behind them was a woman with a strange energy, a demon with black wings, a human boy with white hair, And a blonde human woman. There’s even a strange little boy wearing bandages and a large lower-class god who appears to be a babysitter.

[…] … Who are they?]

[Are they the nymphs summoned by Demeter?]

[no. Is that possible? . I think they are definitely humans, right? How can humans… .]

[Besides, aren’t there demons and lesser gods?]

[What kind of combination is that… ?]

The gods were stopped in their thoughts for a moment by the strange combination that suddenly appeared.

However, Hephaestus, who recognized Damdeok’s face through the mirror of Olympus, was the only exception.

[you… . You are Innoom… !!!]

Hephaestus quickly struck down Ares’ sword and rushed straight towards Damdeok.

[How dare you… … !!!]


Let’s go!

Hephaestus’ heavy hammer hit Son Goku’s sword and erupted into flames.

“Wow, bro. Are you saying these are the famous Greek gods? As expected, since it is the most famous, its power is different.”

Son Goku leisurely applied strength to the Yeouibong and blocked Hephaestus’ attack.

[Ugh… ! how… !]

Hephaestus couldn’t believe it.

The power of this boy with a monkey tail could not possibly be said to belong to a human.

[You guys are not human… … !]

Hephaestus suddenly distorted his face.

Son Goku’s power was so strong that he could not let down his guard.

Damdeok felt a little bitter seeing Hephaestus struggling.

“Hephaestus. It seems like he doesn’t remember me. but… … . Since we hadn’t even met yet, it couldn’t be helped. However, I will not show my personal feelings. “All of this is done for the benefit of the entire dimension.”

Hephaestus screamed at Damdeok’s unknown words.

[What kind of nonsense are you talking about? If your intention is to engage in psychological warfare, stop using such foolish tactics! I’ve never seen you before, and I don’t want to see that shameless face in the future… … !]



Hephaestus’ hammer became huge and attempted to blow Son Wukong away with his baton.

But Son Goku was not an easy person.

“Oh my. Being big like that is something I specialize in. Get bigger. Yeouibong!”


Yeouibong, which was much larger than the hammer of Hephaestus, easily pushed him away.


Hephaestus was pushed out and pinned to the marble floor.

He groaned and could not get up easily.

[Those guys… .]

[how… .]

Everything happened in an instant.

The other gods could not even intervene and just watched with dumbfounded expressions.

Son Goku twirled his bong bong and lightly landed next to Damdeok.

“Hwiyu, brother. “There’s nothing special about that goddess or the Greek gods?”

At those words, Ares’s eyes lost their senses this time.

[these guys! Was it you!!!]

Hermes and Demeter shouted at Ares, who ran out swinging a huge sword.

[Now, wait a minute! Hephaestus was attacked, so I watched him a little longer… !]

[that’s right! I have summoned more gods! Let’s wait together… !]

[Do not be ridiculous!! I absolutely can’t wait until then!! You were the leader here!!]


Ares’ blade was pointed straight at Damdeok.



With a sound, Ares’ blade flew out helplessly.

[…] … These bastards don’t take the lead, but the small children next to them keep stepping up, right?]

“I am not a small child.”

Cheontaerang straightened up his flying uniform with one hand and stood upright.

[If it’s not a small piece, what is it?! Don’t talk nonsense and get out of my way!!]

Ares came swinging his greatsword at random with his eyes wide open.

However, Cheon Tae-rang’s martial arts skills were already on a level higher than that.

“You are far below Asura.”


With a heavy sound, Cheon Taerang’s palm struck Ares’ solar plexus.

[Whoops… !]

For a moment, Ares’ eyes turned gray with a pain that took his breath away.

And soon,


Ares’ sword fell to the marble floor and a violent cough broke out.

[Wow! Breathing… ! Cluck cluck! Ugh… !]

Just one room.

The faces of the other gods who watched the incapacitated Hephaestus and Ares had already turned pale.

“This is it, there’s no time for us to step out.”

Baekgureum, who was behind him, shrugged his shoulders and put his sword back.

“… … If we go out, they will only urge people to do so. “We are not yet at the level of Jecheon Daeseong and Cheonma.”

Alui quietly faced reality.

“okay. Let’s be grateful that they are our colleagues.”

Adele Sharon also shrugged her shoulders and nodded.

Jecheondaeseong Fortress and Cheontaerang.

The two people standing on either side of Damdeok looked back at the same time.

“Shall we deal with the others too, brother?”

“Do we need more power?”

Damdeok looked at the two and smiled.

“Well, the power of these two is greater than I thought, but that’s it for today. “I’ll do the next one.”

Damdeok slowly walked forward.

And then Baekseol came out of Damdeok’s arms and climbed onto his shoulders.

Hephaestus’ eyes widened for an instant as he stood up with the support of Demeter and Eros.

[Uh, how could you control the moonlight fox… ?]

Damdeok, who had a bitter expression on his face again, silently transformed Baekseol into Excalibur.


“Hephaestus. “You may not understand everything now, but I believe you will understand it later.”

With only those words left, Damdeok aimed Excalibur at Ares.

[Coughing… ! What are you all doing? Stop this bastard… !]

“I hope you understand. “Negotiations must be conducted from an absolute advantage.”

A flash of light from Damdeok’s body! Light came out.

[The talent of satiety is activated!]


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