I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 181

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#181. Report of Olympus (2)


Intense light emanated from Damdeok’s body.

The moment Ares’s eyes widened as he chuckled,


The golden hemisphere surrounding Damdeok’s body swallowed Ares in front of him at once.

… … !!!!

It was a situation where everyone was shocked.

Not only the gods who were watching, but also several of Damdeok’s companions who had not yet seen the talent of predation were surprised.

“W-what is that?”

“The talent for predation is something like that… .”

“It seems like he’s becoming more and more of a monster… ?”

Leaving behind the chatter of his companions, Damdeok was concentrating on the messages that appeared in front of him.

[Absorb the power of Ares, the god of war!]

[The power has been acquired!]

[The authority has been acquired!]

[The power … … .]

“Hmm… .”

Damdeok felt the strength building up and began to relax.

A powerful flow of power that we have now become so familiar with.

Power spreading throughout the body as if swallowing a fireball. Damdeok was feeling more energetic and vibrant than ever.

‘You’re struggling.’

I can feel Ares getting angry inside me.

But it won’t be long before things calm down.

Just like Odin and the Horde did before.

“As expected, he is very powerful as a god of war. Still, it still seems a little lacking compared to when I first saw it… … .”

Damdeok was recalling old memories.

To be exact, it was an old experience from the future.

‘We trained together ahead of the sparring match with Hades.’

Hell training with Athena, Hercules, and Ares.

A bitter smile appeared on Damdeok’s lips again.

“Looking at me like this, I look like a villain. Don’t feel too bad though. Because your existence itself will not disappear… … .”

Damdeok muttered something that Ares couldn’t hear.

I thought it would be a little comforting to do this.

was a power that did not kill the opponent, but literally swallowed them whole and absorbed their abilities.

After killing Chaos and all is said and done, he will spit out Ares.

Then, of course, he will be free and regain his full strength.

‘Of course, that’s if everything ends with a happy ending.’

If Chaos cannot be stopped, Ares will never wake up.

‘Because everyone will die in the destruction of the dimension… … .’

One way or another, there is no other way.

Damdeok put on a bright expression and held his sword.

“I will make sure to kill that guy on behalf of everyone… . “Just wait and see.”

The gods who were watching gradually distorted their faces at the sight of Damdeok.

It was natural.

From their perspective, Damdeok was already a terrible villain.

[now… . What did we see? Hermes! Temeter! Hephaestus! Please say something! yes?!]

Eros stamped his feet and shouted.

This situation must have been so frustrating that tears welled up in my eyes.

Eros, still in his youthful form, was the son of Aphrodite and Ares.

Coincidentally, Aphrodite, whom Damdeok trapped in the Cube of Horus, and Ares, whom he swallowed a little while ago.

Their son is now glaring at Damdeok with tears in his eyes.

‘What a feeling… .’

Damdeok let out a small sigh without realizing it.

Eros glared at Damdeok with bloodshot eyes, but did not rush to attack him.

Cupid, god of love.

He was a pure god who knew nothing about battle.

Among the gods who were standing dumbfounded, Hephaestus was the first to come to his senses.

[Yes, this guy!! Do you know what the hell you did now!!]

As Hephaestus’ booming voice rang out, Hermes and Demeter also began to come to their senses.

[This is ridiculous. How could this happen… . Devouring Ares… … .]

[Nonsense. It’s really ridiculous… … .]

The two still seemed dumbfounded, but Hephaestus was different.

[You dare come to the space of the gods and commit atrocities… … !!]

Brilliant armor began to be added to Hephaestus’ body.

Clap la la rock!

His intention was to fight Damdeok wearing the armor he had made himself.

“Don’t do that, Hephaestus. “I don’t want to fight with you.”



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[Shut up!!]

At the same time as Hephaestus shouted, Demeter stumbled.

She stumbled, holding her head, probably in quite a shock.

[iced coffee… . How could this happen… … .]

[Demeter, calm down.]

Hermes supported her.

Even Hermes, who was pure, had murderous eyes in his eyes.

[They stole my shoes too. A weak thief came into hiding… .]

Damdeok’s eyes wavered for a moment at Hermes’ sharp remark.

The winged shoes of Hermes that he is wearing.

‘This… .’

These were shoes I received legitimately for working part-time.

Hermes, I wanted to scream right away, asking if you smiled and gave it to me, but Damdeok struggled to swallow those words.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Sometimes, someone has to pretend to be the villain.

‘Let’s not worry about it. This is common. It’s been like that this whole time. It’s not the first time, so… .’

Damdeok tried to console himself.

Now that all the memories of over a thousand lives have returned, unfortunately, there have been many similar situations.

‘In the end, I had to eat the gods with my predation talent and go to meet Chaos… .’

Only then would I be equal to him.

Only then could I fight him.

Only then… .

‘I can end all of this.’

A firm determination appeared in Damdeok’s eyes.

I was devastated that this terrible act had been repeated over a thousand times, but that didn’t mean I could just sit there and sit there.

“… … “This time, I will definitely finish it.”

[joy! good night!! I too will make a life-or-death decision here with you!!]

Hephaestus, who misunderstood Damdeok’s words, was fully armed.

Clap la la rock!

Teuong! Empty! Empty!

His fingers, toes, and even a single strand of hair are covered in dazzling weapons, and a hammer with a huge ax blade clings to it! Summoned with a sound.

“are you okay?”

Ju Soo-yul approached Damdeok, who was looking at him blankly, and asked.

“uh? uh. then.”

Damdeok grinned, but Jooyul looked at him in silence for a moment.

[I will not regard you as humans! They are probably mutants from the Forgotten Gods! So don’t ask for mercy from me!]

Hephaestus shouted and rushed forward.

“Don’t think about anything, just push forward with what you think.”

Ju Soo-yul took a step forward and whispered to Damdeok.

“From what I’ve seen… … .”


Juryul’s dagger gently wrapped around Hephaestus’ huge hammer.


The handle of the huge hammer was cut off, and a heavy kick entered the back of the embarrassed Hephaestus’ neck.


Hephaestus slowly fell down, and Jooyul made eye contact with Damdeok.

“… … You were always right. All over a thousand lives. So don’t think about anything now and just push forward with what you think.”

Damdeok’s face visibly softened at Ju Soo-yul’s words.

On the contrary, Hermes and Demeter just stepped back with hostile expressions.

[no! No way!!]

[Eros! Come on… !]

Damdeok let out a long sigh.


And after lightly slapping both cheeks, he raised his head.

“So what next? “Is this a hostage negotiation?”

Damdeok slowly shook his head in response to Jusoyul’s question.

“no. yet.”

It was not Hephaestus who wanted to negotiate hostages from the beginning.

“Demeter. “Can you hurry up a little bit?”

Demeter, who was doing something with the system, is startled by Damdeok’s words.

“I know you’re secretly sending a rescue signal to other gods.”

Hermes swooped. He stepped forward and took a protective stance towards Demeter.

However, Damdeok did not move from his spot and just continued talking.

“… … Please hurry up a little more. If Hephaestus wakes up like this, we have to subdue him again.”

[…] … What does that mean?]

Hermes asked, but Damdeok gave no answer.

[I don’t know what trick you’re trying to do, but it won’t work out the way you want!!]

Hermes rushed forward fiercely.

[Forgotten God, who sent you here!! Who on earth are you to pull off tricks like this? … !!]

Hermes’ attack, whose specialty is not combat. Damdeok swung his sword with a bitter expression.

“It’s not a trick.”



Hermes just flew helplessly and fell.

“You can’t escape… … “It’s a mission.”

It was then.


Along with a heavy sound, light appeared behind Damdeok and his group.

[Hey… … . This is a completely messed up situation, isn’t it?]

Apollo, god of the sun.

[This is so annoying. Today was the day of the wave competition.]

Poseidon, god of the sea.

[Please stop playing like that and take care of the livelihood of the fishermen there. How people talk about death… … .]

Athena, goddess of wisdom.

[In this situation, does it make sense to not come quickly to play with a human girl?! You should have come first in the first place!]

Hera, goddess of the home.

[Hera, I wasn’t there. How many times do I have to tell you for you to believe me… … .]

And even Zeus, the king of the gods.

A situation where those who can be called the main of the 12 gods of Olympus have gathered in one place.

Damdeok’s companions, feeling so intimidated just by their presence, unknowingly opened a path on both sides.

[That’s right. These are people with some manners.]

[Demeter, why are you so pale?]

[Hephaestus is also down… … . Hermes, are you out of your mind? You tell me something. What kind of situation is this?]

Each of the gods said a word and tried to take a step forward, but there were those in front of them who had not yet opened the path.

Son Goku and Cheon Tae-rang.

“Are they gods again?”

“… … “No one can block the path ahead of me.”

The gods of Olympus looked at the two who blocked their path.

Zeus grins and gestures for me to get out of the way.

[Are they forgotten gods? You will be punished severely later, so just stay out of the way for now. I have something to check~]

But Son Goku and Cheon Tae-rang did not budge.

“Does this kid seem a little strong?”

“… … Right. “It is definitely superior to Asura.”

Rather, it only strengthens your fighting stance.

While Zeus and the other gods were laughing at their absurdity, Damdeok behind them began to move slowly.


Zeus’ face, which had been smiling mischievously, suddenly hardened.

[you… … .]

A low voice.

The atmosphere calmed down in an instant.

Damdeok passed between Son Goku and Cheon Taerang and stopped right in front of Zeus.


[…] … .]

Zeus’ face became more serious than ever.

[Ares… What did you do?]

The power of Ares felt within Damdeok.

Zeus did not immediately understand what kind of situation this was.

Damdeok opened his mouth first.

“I’ll leave Ares in charge for a while.”

[what… ?]

[What now… ?]

[Live, live, star… .]

The gods begin to murmur.

Zeus stared at Damdeok without changing his expression.

[Zeus’s power, , is activated!]

[The power is detected!]

[The skill is detected!]

[Detecting talent… … !]

Zeus’s expression had suddenly turned scary.

[you… … You’re not a forgotten god, are you?]

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

“also. “It seems impossible to fool even the king of the gods.”

Before Zeus knew it, he was holding the weapon in his hand, Astrape.

Should I kill him?

Should I not?

Should I kill him?

Should I not?

Damdeok stopped Zeus’ rapidly rotating switch for an instant.

“Don’t think about unnecessary things. If you want to see Aphrodite and Ares again.”

Damdeok frowned as he spoke.

‘The ambassador is a complete third-rate villain.’

But is there anything we can do?

Now all that remains is a decisive battle with Chaos.

As much as we were lucky enough to succeed in returning to the past, we also had to take this seriously and risk our lives.

“Pay attention for a moment.”

Damdeok took out the Cube of Horus from his pocket and shook it for a moment before quickly throwing the cube to Son Goku behind him.

“Go away with that.”

“uh? okay!”

Son Goku quickly disappears on a cloud of light.

Zeus’ eyebrows twitched.

[How dare you… … .]

“yes. How dare you threaten me. Let me tell you, didn’t I have the same level of determination to do something like this? So keep that in mind. This isn’t just a threat… … .”

Damdeok took a step further and made eye contact with Zeus.

“… … “If things go wrong, something really tragic will happen.”

Zeus gritted his teeth.

Although he ruled for a long time, such crazy people were rare.

at the same time… … .

‘Where on earth did a god with such great power suddenly come from? … ?’

Damdeok’s power as seen through was not ordinary.

No, honestly, it was clear that if I and those behind the scenes joined forces and started a war, Olympus would fall into great chaos like during the Second Titan War.

‘This guy is definitely not bluffing… .’

The other side is probably prepared to suffer a significant loss of power.

After a long silence, Zeus opened his mouth to Damdeok.

[…] … What do you want?]

It was the answer Damdeok had hoped for.

Normally, I would have smiled and made a sly suggestion, but for some reason, I couldn’t smile this time.

Damdeok just silently said what he wanted.

“… … Report from Olympus. “I need the key to that place.”


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