I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 179

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#179. Unlicensed Hunter, Yu Damdeok (5)

-This morning, an unlicensed hunter went on a rampage at a gate near Seoul… … .

-The authorities have issued an open search for Mr. Yoo Dam-deok, who was found to be an unlicensed hunter… … .

A semi-basement monthly rent house in Damdeok.

Everyone’s expressions hardened as they heard the news reporter’s words playing on the small TV.

The companions’ heads slowly turned.

In a corner of the room, I see Damdeok playing with Son Goku, who is standing there shrugging his shoulders, and Baekseol, who is growling.

“… … You’re so relaxed, you evil business owner. I became a criminal in an instant. What do you think? No, in the past, he did everything he could to clear the name of being a monster hunter, but now he’s being so blatant… … .”

Even before Adele Sharon had finished speaking, eyewitness testimony continued on the news.

-My, it was a mummy! They weren’t ordinary mummies, but mummies that were very good at fighting… … . So, like special forces! okay! Mummy unit!

-Ah, that’s not all. A large group of wolves appeared… … ! Oh my god, why are there mummies climbing on top of it? … !

-Woman, wouldn’t he be a monster hunter after all? Who would commit such a terrible act in the middle of the city… … .

-I saw a goddess! A goddess so stunningly beautiful! Oh, but that evil monster hunter kidnapped the goddess?!

Citizens’ testimonies continued endlessly.

Baekgureum, who was watching TV, nodded with a proud face.

“Wow, my brother is a popular star wherever he goes.”

“older brother. It seems that people associate the Cube of Horus with a pyramid. “The Internet was very upset.”

Pao, who was eating snacks next to Poppy, also nodded.

“It’s a good thing. The greatness of the pyramids should be widely known! cancer!”

Adele Sharon, who was looking at them, quietly shook her head.

“I wonder if that evil business owner is not a fanatic… … .”

Cheon Taerang, who was standing with his arms crossed, spoke vaguely.

“so? Are you ready now?”

“what. Roughly?”

Damdeok put Baekseol, who had been playing with her for the first time in a while, back into Hercules’ armor and slowly stood up.

Soo-yul, who was quietly watching the TV interview, turned his head and looked at Damdeok.

“Your plan to lock Elia up and leave was a very good choice. But you didn’t tell us about trapping Aphrodite. Why did they have to imprison the goddess? … ?”

Baek Gu-reum’s eyes widened as he watched the interview, giggling at Ju So-yul’s question.

“ok? Aphrodite?! Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty?! What is it, what is it, bro! “Have you seen the real goddess?”

“You saw it, then.”

“With the naked eye?”



“… … “It’s like that.”

“But why did you lock me up!!”

“… … .”

Everyone shakes their heads at White Cloud’s sudden excitement.

Alui, who was standing quietly, also let out a small sigh as if he felt sorry for such a white cloud and immediately approached Damdeok.

“Then Master’s goal from the beginning wasn’t to just imprison Elia?”

Damdeok, facing Alui’s red eyes, smiled.

“The first goal was to lock him up. The second goal is to obtain these. Is it like a double hit? haha.”

Damdeok said so, holding and in both hands and waving them in front of Alui.

“oh… … .”

Alui looked at them curiously.

“The energy is definitely different from the items from the Demon World. “I feel good will.”

“Look! me too! “I want to see it too!”

Baekgureum and Alui rush to look at the items.

Ju Soo-yul muttered quietly behind him.

“… … “While catching Elia, I also grabbed God’s item.”

Damdeok’s actions, having regained all his memories from his previous life, were now far beyond his expectations.

‘Aphrodite’s hand mirror has the ability to reflect anywhere you want.’

Also, what about Aphrodite’s belt? It wouldn’t work on most gods, but it was an item with binding abilities.

‘You probably thought of the next move in advance.’

What is it? What does that guy think of next?

Ju Soo-yul looked at Damdeok with strange eyes.

Damdeok was explaining Aphrodite’s items to Baekgureum and Alui.

“A hand mirror that Aphrodite hid in a tuft of fur to watch over the giant rabbit Sherry. “This small hand mirror is linked to the large mirror in the Olympus Palace.”

At Damdeok’s words, the eyes of Baekgureum, Alui, and Adele Sharon, who were a little behind, gradually widen.


“wait for a sec… .”

“Now that means… ?”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, it’s some kind of CCTV. Elia probably also used this hand mirror to monitor Tartarus invaders more closely.”

Adele Sharon waved her hand and walked forward.

“no no. That’s not important, but if the CCTV is connected to the Olympus Palace and that hand mirror, doesn’t that mean they’re watching us from there too?!”

Baekgureum and Alui, who had been thinking about it for a moment, froze.

“uh? Is that so? Then, it’s all about my brother locking up Aphrodite… … .”

“Aphrodite is probably the main goddess on the Greek side, and she won’t sit still there. Master. What on earth were you thinking… … .”



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Before Damdeok could react to the worried reactions of his companions, Cheontaerang quietly opened his mouth.

“… … “It doesn’t matter what.”

At that moment, the heads of the group turned towards Cheon Taerang.

And then he returns to Damdeok, who is just smiling in silence.

The faces of the companions, who were looking at the two in turn, gradually became filled with astonishment.

“you you… … . You, the evil business owner… … .”

At the same time that Adele Sharon opened her mouth in protest, Damdeok took out the where Aphrodite and Elia were trapped.

“Why are you doing this again? “We have nowhere to retreat now, right?”

Lightly throw the into the air and hit! Damdeok grabbed hold of him and continued.

“From now on, we are going to Olympus. of course! The purpose is to negotiate hostages.”

There was silence for a moment.


“yes! sibling! “I like you because you’re hot!”

“It’s like that, after all. It’s a bold operation. “I agree.”

Unlike Son Goku and Cheon Tae-rang’s favorable reactions, the rest of the party could only stare blankly at Damdeok.

Ju Soo-yul’s face, which stood with a surprised expression for a moment, slowly relaxed.

‘okay. ‘This is how you should be.’

“Good. Then shall we go right away? Since it’s a hassle to write down the name, I found a suitable part-time job… … .”

Adele Sharon and Baek Gureum rush to Damdeok, who immediately opens the system window, asking if that makes sense now. Ju Soo-yul could only smile quietly as he watched them fighting noisily in the semi-basement, where only a single ray of light could enter.

* * *

[what? Does that make sense?]

A palace decorated with red curtains and swords.

Ares wiggled his eyebrows and approached the messenger.

[Say it again. What now?]

The messenger, who was kneeling in Han Chinese, continued speaking while breaking into a cold sweat.

“Well, that…” . Aphrodite went down to the human world and disappeared… … .”


Passsss… … !

Ares, unable to control his anger, kicks, and the statue turns into powder and scatters.

The messenger’s face was pale and pale.

“Hey, Hephaestus has gathered everyone now! Ares, please be sure to attend… !”

Ares grabbed the messenger by the collar.

“Hehe… ! Why, why are you like this… … !”

[Of course I have to attend. Hephaestus. I will be watching carefully to see what excuses that idiot makes.]

“Yes, yes, I understand!”

[I will clearly show you this time that a man who cannot protect even his own woman does not deserve to be a god.]

The messenger swallowed hard.

The main gods of Olympus are usually eccentric, but when something like this happens, it is even more severe.

‘You’re not going to throw me out just because you’re going to get mad at me, right? Ugh, I really can’t even do this.’

As a member of the nymph family, all he could do was tremble and hope that Ares would quietly let him go.


Fortunately, Ares handed down the message very gently, unlike when he roughly grabbed me by the collar.

[The authority of the gods has fallen to the ground these days. Because all of this is about whether humans come or not… … !]

Ares, wearing a large sword and helmet hanging on one side of his room, twitched his lips and shouted to the messenger.

[Guide me! To the place where that stupid meeting is being held!]

* * *

[Is this all that came together…? … .]

Hephaestus looked around at the curtain with a sad face.

It was an unprecedented situation in the history of Olympus where a god-level god disappeared, but the gods were probably busy with their own work, so they rarely gathered together.

[Hermes, Demeter, and Eros… … . Thank you for coming.]

Hermes said, shrugging his shoulders.

[you’re welcome. So what happened? Aphrodite has disappeared. How can that be?]

Demeter also touched her chin with a worried face.

[Iknow, right. Could this also be one of the strange phenomena that occur due to the gate?]

[Ugh! I have to go find the gate or something! Now is not the time for everyone to be like this!]

Eros shouted in a childish voice.

Hephaestus closed his eyes for a moment and fell asleep.

[What on earth happened?]

Hermes urged again.

Demeter also looked at Hephaestus curiously.

[That is… … .]

Hephaestus hesitated with a sad expression.

No words came out willingly.

This is because when he first received the report from the nymph, he ran out and stood in front of the Olympus mirror, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

[What is it?]

[That makes me even more anxious. Come on, tell me.]

[Hephaestus! what are you doing! I have to go rescue him right now!]

Hephaestus finally spoke heavily amidst the cries of the gods.

[…] … I think it was kidnapped by a human.]

A heavy silence fell on the curtain.

Hermes, Demeter, and Eros, who had always been expressing his frustration that they had to go rescue him immediately, were also at a loss for words.

[now… … . what… . Did you do it?]

Hermes, who barely came to his senses, asked back.

[…] … Humans are kidnapping? Aphrodite, one of the 12 goddesses… … . Are you saying that humans kidnapped him?]

At Hermes’ question, Demeter and Eros looked at Hephaestus with shocked eyes.

But Hephaestus could only tremble with his clenched fists.

[It’s definitely true. I… . This me… … . I saw it myself.]

[That can’t be possible… … .]

Demeter covered her mouth and took a couple of steps back.

Humans kidnapping God?

Although the opposite often happens, this was the first time in my life that this had happened.

Something we can’t even imagine.

Eros, who was denying reality, screamed.

[Nonsense! You must have seen it wrong! Otherwise, how could… … !!]

Hephaestus also glared at Eros with reddened eyes.

[no! I saw it myself! I’m sure I’ve seen someone locked in a box in the human world!]

[Nonsense… … ! That would never… … !]

Eros shook his head with a tearful face.

It was then.


Along with the sound, the sound of teeth grinding was heard.

[Say again what you just said.]

Ares’ red eyebrows were raised more fiercely than ever.

[Who kidnapped Aphrodite? … ?]


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