I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 173

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#173. Treasures of Huagua Mountain (2)


“Why again?”

“Aren’t you doing that on purpose?”

At Damdeok’s serious expression, puzzlement appeared on the faces of his companions.

The same was true for Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang, who maintained their composure throughout.

“what’s the matter?”

“What’s going on?”

No one knew.

Why on earth did Damdeok, who was excitedly leading the battle just a moment ago, become stiff?

But the party’s puzzlement did not last long.


“What is that?”


“Is there a fire?”

“Isn’t it a cloud?”

White smoke was creeping up from beyond the horizon.

Even Son Goku, who had lived in this land for a long time, was tilting his head, so it was natural that Damdeok’s companions could not understand the situation.

“Everyone step back. “You never know what might come out, so be sure to prepare for battle.”

Damdeok warned again.

I’m not sure what it was, but it didn’t feel very good.

Only then did the group, who felt that something was unusual, take their stances one by one.

Not only the wolves of the opening spirit and Pao’s mummy unit, but even Son Goku’s stone monkeys swallowed their dry saliva.

A quiet tension lingers,

Eventually, as huge smoke began to invade the final peak of Marble Mountain, everyone’s tension reached its peak.

It was then.

A flash in Damdeok’s mind! Something passed.

“Wait a minute, this… … .”

At that moment, Damdeok’s eyes shook violently.

His anxious gaze turned to Ju Soo-yul, who was next to him.

It was the same with her.

As the two’s anxious gazes slowly met, a small curse flowed from Damdeok’s mouth.

“Mr. Lee.”

At the same time, Ju Juyul turned around and shouted.

“You have to get out of here right now!”

Damdeok also grabbed Son Goku roughly and shouted.

“Geun-dun! Where is Geundun?”

Son Goku was quite taken aback by Damdeok’s sudden question.

“Hey brother. Geunduun (筋斗雲) is the treasure of Huagua Mountain. Even if you are a brother, if you call me like that, it will be a bit difficult… ?”

However, despite Son Goku’s displeased expression, Damdeok just gritted his teeth and urged him to quickly summon Geundun.

“Huh, really… . Doing this to brothers who just fought together… … .”

“It’s because I don’t have enough time to explain. “I’ll explain it in detail later, so please call Geundun first.”

Damdeok’s actions became noticeably more urgent, and Son Goku finally relented and opened the system.


But despite his cries, nothing appeared in the sky.

Damdeok’s expression gradually darkened.

The expressions on the faces of others watching him were the same.

“Well, what is it?”


“Why are you doing that!”

“It’s scary. What on earth is going on? !”

Not only Damdeok’s companions, but also the monkeys behind him seemed overcome with anxiety.

Son Goku, who had been repeatedly calling out to Geunduun, also asked again in a slightly anxious voice.

“Brother, what on earth is that? Whatever it is, the Five Elements Mountain is completely covered with the barrier of Yeongmantaeng, so you have to find the weakest place and break it to get out. So, what I’m saying is, like my brother said, it’s impossible to leave right now even if you call Geunduun… … .”

But Damdeok was adamant.

“Just give it a try. “Without Geundun, everyone here will die.”

Goku’s eyes narrowed.

“… … Everyone dies? “What on earth is that?”

Damdeok did not answer.

Because it was obvious that even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand.

Instead, he looked at Son Goku in silence.

It was a look of trust that was stronger than ever.

Son Goku looked at Damdeok for a moment and said, Che! I opened the system again without leaving a single word.

Looking at Son Goku who was absorbed in singing Geunduun, Damdeok quickly turned his head.

‘If Son Goku can’t summon Geunduun, is there another way to get out of here?’

No matter how many times I ran the simulation, I couldn’t easily come up with an answer.

‘Damn, I didn’t know it would go this fast… !’

Damdeok gritted his teeth and looked up at the sky.



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Pure white clouds slowly encroaching from the far end of Marble Mountain.

Damdeok knew very well what it was.

Power, primordial fog.

A terrible power that can engulf all of space and time and eventually suffocate all living things.

‘… … Elia.’

Damdeok’s expression crumpled without me realizing it.

It wasn’t unexpected.

When Elia stopped the space and time of the gods’ battlefield and disappeared, and when he escaped from there.

Wouldn’t it be strange if you didn’t care about what Elia was planning at that point?

But work always has priorities.

‘The only way to turn this whole situation to my advantage was for me to quickly become stronger.’

It was like that.

No matter what he does,

No matter what you do,

It was a game you lost the moment you chased after it to stop it.

‘Anyway, it would have been burdensome for him to kill the next priest, Syaoran, with the dragons swarming in a completely neutral world, and it would have been even more difficult for him to kill the next priest, Son Goku… .’

Then there is only one answer.

‘Of the two of us, the one who becomes stronger first wins the game.’

It was an easy answer to understand once you understand Elia’s true intention in stopping the battlefield of the gods.

‘I, who acquired the power of predation, must have been more threatening than anyone else.’

So, Elia completely stopped the space and time of the battlefield.

If he had left it that way, he would have eaten all the Supreme Gods and grown explosively, becoming a great threat not only to Elia but also to Chaos, who is sleeping in Tartarus.

‘okay. Good job on her head. Elia.’

He may not have expected that he would then use the part-time job window to escape.

So it was like a speed game.

It’s about who will become stronger first, dominate the battlefield of the gods, and go on to conquer the whole world… … .

Damdeok’s eyes turned to the sky again.


Gradually, the primordial fog covers the entire Marble Mountains.

‘I don’t have much time.’

The fog of the beginning will cover not only this place but the entire time and space.

No one knows where the caster, Elia, is.

However, one thing is certain: eventually, life forms in all dimensions will suffocate to death without knowing why.

‘The fact that he activated that level of power means that Elia has the upper hand in this speed game.’

The fog covering the sky was telling the result.

Elia’s power has already grown beyond imagination.

but… … .

Damdeok’s face, which had been serious the whole time, gradually softened.

A smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“… … I was taken aback because it unfolded so much faster than I expected. Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Damdeok holstered Excalibur and held the Yeouibong tightly.

Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang were having a serious conversation and giving instructions to the group about their strategy, while Son Goku, standing next to him, was still trying to summon Geun Du-un.

Damdeok looked back and forth between them and the fog covering the sky.

And then I took a couple of deep breaths.

“I was hoping to use this in a different way, but… . “If it comes out like this, there’s nothing we can do.”

Damdeok hurriedly approached Son Goku.

“… … ha. Brother. The weather doesn’t come. I feel like I’m trapped in another dimension. “I don’t feel any energy.”

Son Goku muttered in a depressed voice.

It was natural.

Elia would have completely eliminated any room for us to escape from here.

‘doesn’t care. ‘You can use the station.’

Damdeok placed his hand on Son Goku’s shoulder.

“Brother, from now on, listen carefully to what I say. “Geun Duun is the greatest treasure of Huagu Mountain, right?”

“… … yes.”

“It’s a treasure that can’t be compared to Yeouibong, right?”

“Arm, Yeouibong continues to produce it and sell it to stores according to the way damned Hephaestus makes it, but Geunduun is a primordial item that was born when this world was created, so the texture is different. “It’s impossible to replicate.”

“Then, brother, only you have the ownership?”

Son Goku looked at Damdeok with an expression of wonder.

“… … okay. of course.”

“But I can’t see where Geun Du-un has gone now?”

“… … .”

Son Goku looked at Damdeok with increasingly anxious eyes.

What on earth are you trying to say?

Damdeok slowly comforted Son Goku and smiled.

“Sell me Geunduun.”

Goku’s face turned pale.

“What kind of nonsense@#$% is that… !”

Before Son Goku could swear harshly in excitement, Damdeok calmed him down quietly.

“Shh, calm down. calm down. I’m definitely not asking you to just hand it over. Wait a minute, I’m asking you to hand it over temporarily. I’ll give it back to you right away. I swear. “I can swear by the system.”

Son Goku’s eyes wavered for a moment when he heard the words swearing to the system.

Damdeok continued speaking immediately.

“If we can’t summon Geundun, we’ll all die here. Choking in that damn fog. “You have to think carefully, brother.”

Son Goku’s eyes wavered at Damdeok’s firm words.

His eyes were on the hundreds of thousands of monkeys behind him.

Damdeok drove in the wedge.

“Think about it, brother, when something is traded in the Gods’ Store, the item appears in front of the buyer. “It’s just once, but wouldn’t that be enough?”

Son Goku’s mouth opened at Damdeok’s words.

His fur trembled, and then he opened his mouth in a determined voice.

“Okay, brother. Instead, make sure to swear in the system that you will return it later.”

“of course.”

Damdeok immediately recited his oath to the system.

Gaia’s seal was engraved on Damdeok’s heart, and a bright light flashed out.

[I purchased Jecheon Daeseong’s weapon, Geunduun (筋斗雲)!]


With Damdeok’s shout, a fluffy golden cloud was summoned before my eyes.


“what… !”

“You really… … .”

Ju Soo-yul’s amazed eyes and the group’s relief that they were alive were instantly focused on Damdeok.

“That’s enough. Everyone get on board. “I’m going to get out of here.”

At Damdeok’s words, everyone rushed to get on Geundun.

[Would you like to burn an external life form in Geunduun?]

[Would you like to burn an external life form in Geunduun?]

[Would you like to burn an external life form in Geunduun?]

Security is as tight as a private spaceship.

Damdeok helped the group board by constantly giving orders that everything was permitted.

Geunduun’s state-of-the-art security was also secure, but what was even more amazing was that the more people climbed on it, the more the area of ​​Geunduun expanded endlessly.

When most people got on board, it was almost like an island.

“What are you doing? Now all you have to do is ride it. “Get on quickly.”

Damdeok extended his hand to Son Oh-gong, who was quietly looking at Geun Du-un.

“… … okay. “Brother.”

Son Goku got on Geundun with a somewhat bitter expression.

“Are we alive now?”

“Shouldn’t we break through the barrier?”

“What happens now?”

Everyone looked at Damdeok at the same time.

Jooyul opened his mouth with a heavy face.

“It was a good job to summon Geundun, but we don’t have much time now. In less than ten minutes, the whole place will be covered. It’s an absurdly short amount of time to find the weakened barrier… . “Is there any other trick?”

Cheon Taerang folded his arms and said at Ju Soo-yul’s words.

“Don’t worry. “Once you get close to the barrier, I will destroy the whole place.”

Jo Soo-yul expressed disapproval and shook his head.

“If we destroy them all at once, the other kids will suffocate even faster.”

“… … “Then what?”

Damdeok was listening to their conversation and quietly raised the corner of his mouth.

“don’t worry. “From the moment we boarded the Geunduun, we had hope.”

“… … why?”

Damdeok tinkered with the system in silence as Ju Soo-yul looked at him with a puzzled look.

“I’m going to change my plan.”

“Change your plan?”

“okay. The original plan was to quickly subjugate all the priests and go to Chaos to find the key to Pandora… … .”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

It was an action with many implications.

If Elia goes to such extremes, she has no choice but to do the same… … .

Damdeok quickly began manipulating the system window while looking at the primordial fog that had already covered half of Marble Mountain.

Cracking. Crack. Cracking.


After finishing the manipulation, Damdeok sighed and looked at everyone.

“You’ll have to hold on tight. “It’s my first time transcending time and space.”

Everyone’s faces turned pale at the sudden, unknown words.

“What on earth are you talking about… .”

“Evil business owner, please explain… .”

“You can’t believe it… ?”

Leaving Joo-yul’s wide eyes behind, Damdeok grinned and touched the system window.

“From now on, the game will really be in our favor.”

[The primordial power of the dark cloud, the whirlwind of time and space, is activated!]


[Space-time is warped!]


[Beware of extinction!]


[Beware of extinction!]


[Beware of extinction… … .]

The huge Geunduun that Damdeok and his party rode on. It was instantly swallowed up in a whirlwind of space and time.


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