I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 174

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#174. Same but different starting line


A strange feeling of floating enveloped the group.

Before I knew it, Geun Du-un was passing through a passage of brilliant light.

At a very, very fast pace.




“Hey, why is this happening?! “Isn’t it broken?!”

Adele Sharon was the first to scream, gritting her teeth.

“Slow down!”

“How could something like that happen?!”

“Hey Mr… !”

Adele Sharon cast wind magic to try to slow down.

But she is only well-versed in fire magic… … .

“Aaaah! No, that doesn’t work! too fast!!”

“brother! Please do something! “Are you okay?”

“older brother! “It’s scary!”

“hey!! “Can’t you hear us? Answer us!!”

Everyone looked at Damdeok anxiously, almost bowing down to Geunduun.

Even Ju So-yul and Cheon Tae-rang, who had been calm throughout, looked like they were gritting their teeth slightly.

But Damdeok kept smiling as he wondered what was so exciting.

“good. It feels very good. “I don’t think you will fail, kids.”

“Such a @#$%… ! This vicious business owner just says what he wants to say@#$… !! “Stop it!!!”

At the same time as Adele Sharon’s harsh swear words, Geun Du-un ran towards the end of the tunnel at an even faster speed.

* * *



With a heavy sound, everyone grabs their limbs, frowns, and looks around.

It was an unfamiliar place.

“This place… ?”

“… … “Why is it so narrow?”

“… … “It’s humid.”

“Is it the underworld?”

“No, it might be extraterrestrial.”

“No matter what, it’s too narrow. I can’t move very well. Hey Alu, get away from me.”

“That’s what you’re sticking with, idiot.”

Everyone frowns as if they are displeased.

A dark basement where you can’t tell the time.

Humid like a cave.

Unidentified miscellaneous items scattered here and there

Above all, the space was very narrow.

A space of about 10 pyeong or so.

Damdeok, Joo Ju-yul, Baek Gu-reum, Adele Sharon, Pao, Papi, Alui, Cheon Tae-rang, and even Son Goku.

It was not enough space for 9 grown adults to gather together.

It’s almost like each person is standing on 1 pyeong.

A strange current flowed.

Son Goku was the first to stand up, clutching the female baton with an anxious expression.

“… … Brother, where on earth is this place so narrow? , no! No! Where are the others before that? “What about my family and the kids from Huagu Mountain?”

It wasn’t just the Huagu Mountain monkeys.

Ice giants, elves, dwarves, wolves, and even the mummy unit, all who had boarded the Geunduun had all disappeared.

A cold aura hovered over Son Goku’s face for a moment, but Damdeok responded calmly.

“Ah, don’t worry about that. “Because it’s well inside there.”

Damdeok’s finger pointed to the ceiling.

Before I knew it, Geunduun had shrunk to the size of a footrest and was floating, emitting a soft golden light.


Only then did Son Goku’s face relax a little.

An expression that says he remembered something he had forgotten.

“Ah, yes, it had that function too.”

There was another world inside Geundun.

To be precise, the space inside Geundun was an endlessly expanding field of clouds.

If anything, the number one place to hide in case of an accident would not have been Hwagwasan Mountain, but Geundunan.

Of course, that was all a thing of the past.

When the Jade Emperor wanted to catch a monkey that had an accident, the first place he searched for was Geundun-an, and it had already been hundreds of years since he stopped hiding there.

“I completely forgot. It’s nice and fluffy, hey.”

Son Goku said this with a brighter face after learning that the Hwagwasan family was safe.

“But brother, it’s still a big deal. It looks like we crash-landed in a strange place. This is… . Hmm, it looks like the stomach of a huge monster or the dungeon of the Demon King… .”

Damdeok chuckled and said as Son Goku muttered seriously.



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“What is the stomach of a monster? “This is our house.”


Goku’s eyes widened.

But Damdeok was casually looking around his old house.

Cup ramen piled up in layers.

A damp mop with a musty smell.

A mess of tangled wires.

Miscellaneous things scattered here and there.

It was a truly depressing sight, but seeing it for the first time in a while made me feel moved.

“But it truly transcended time and space.”

The primordial power possessed by Geunduun.

A whirlwind of space and time.

It is said that Geunduun was originally created by the Supreme God, who created the Taoist worldview, to ride when he created heaven and earth, and it probably came to possess this special power during the process.

“But you came at the right time, right?”

Of course, no matter how primordial the power was, its accuracy varied greatly depending on the caster’s capabilities.

‘I can count on three fingers the number of times I have used this power in my 1869 previous lives.’

I can’t quite remember how to write it.

Also, the power to manipulate space and time was not a concept that could be mastered well even if you used it a lot.

“really… . Are you really… .”

Ju Soo-yul, who was standing next to him, was looking at Damdeok with an expression of disbelief.

The only person who understands the current situation.

Damdeok just shrugged his shoulders.

At the reaction of those two, the faces of the other party members became even darker.

“No, how on earth does it work?” .”

“What? Then this is really the house of an evil business owner… ?”

“why? My brother’s house was a very large mansion… ?”

“No, rather than asking that question, shouldn’t we ask why you came here first?”

Baek Gureum, Adele Sharon, Poppy and Pao, who had been living in Damdeok’s magnificent mansion, seemed even more shocked.

“No, it felt small there too, but what is this place? “I’ve never lived in a place smaller than a pyramid!”

“Hey, come here.”

Poppy soothes Pao’s confusion.

Cheon Tae-rang, who had been standing still in the corner from earlier, could only click his tongue, saying that it is against the law to judge people based on the size of their house. Alui, a demon, also seemed to not mind, saying that such a gloomy place was a beautiful place in the demon world.

A question is asked as to whether Baekgureum has quickly adapted to the situation.

“good. okay. Let’s say this gloomy and scary place is your brother’s house. Let’s say so. however? So why did you suddenly come to my brother’s house? ?”

The answer was given by Adele Sharon instead of Damdeok.

“I told you this when we first left. Hold on tight because it will transcend time and space. No, but… . Seriously, is that possible? Space-time magic is magic that is considered impossible even in Atla… … .”

Even with Adele Sharon’s serious muttering, Baekgureum looked like he couldn’t understand it at all.

“So, it transcends time and space… . “What does that mean?”

“No, you idiot! “It transcended time and space!”

“… … ??”

White Cloud and Alui tilt their heads at the same time.

“I have heard this before. The warrior who has reached the state of escape transcends time and space… … .”

“iced coffee! Wait a minute! sibling! I’ve never heard of Geunduun having such an ability? “This is the first time you’ve seen something like this?”

In response to the barrage of questions, Damdeok decided to summarize the current situation very briefly and concisely.

“So, to explain it in the easiest way to understand… … . “We have come to the past.”

The expressions of the companions became dumbfounded.

“Well, I’m not sure yet… . Anyway, the whirlwind of time is a one-way power that only sends you to the past.”

“how… How can you be sure? “Maybe I just came from another dimension.”

Damdeok laughed a little at Adele Sharon’s sharp question.

“No way. This is the house I used to live in. He also lived very poor life with no talent… … .”

Damdeok opened the cupboard filled with only ramen boxes and instant food and spat out dust.

Everything was the same.

Based on your living situation, I guess… . Before I quit my part-time job at a convenience store?

A grin escapes.

“Another thing that makes me certain that I came from the past is that this power was originally one of two things. “Either everyone on the Geunduun will disappear, or it will transcend time and space.”

“That means… … ?”

“Kuk, we’re all alive and well. So, it is true that we have returned to the past.”

“This is crazy… . “You helpless bastard!!”

“Hey, if you were there anyway, you would have been killed by Elia, right? “He said she had already surpassed all powers.”

There was a moment of silence at Damdeok’s sly answer.

Certainly, when the fog of death was covering the whole world, there was nothing they could do.

“… … So what are your plans for the future?”

At Adele’s words, Damdeok looked at the familiar bars of the semi-basement.

Dawn was breaking in the distance.

Accordingly, the faces of the people in the house began to become clearer little by little.

“What kind of plan is there? We gain a new life like this, and the abilities we leveled up remain the same… … .”

Damdeok slowly looked around at his companions.

A single room in the basement with faint sunlight.

Colleagues looking at themselves with serious expressions while basking in the sunlight.

Damdeok said with a chuckle.

“I have to go deal with the final boss. The shortest course. “I have all the special moves.”

“The shortest course?”

“Special move?”

“Brother, what you’re saying is that you’re going to catch Chaos… ?”

“This committee is in favor. In any battle, it is true that the leader’s head is cut first. “I was starting to get frustrated.”

“But how…” ? They say that guy is deep in Tartarus. I also need a key. “He still doesn’t have enough power.”

“What power?”

“I heard that Chaos failed more than a thousand times even if he gathered all twelve priests? But we haven’t even been able to gather all the twelve priests yet. Even the sixth priest died at the hands of Elias… … . ah?”

Adele Sharon was about to express her confusion, but then let out an exclamation as if she realized something.

“… … So at this point, before the sixth priest dies?”

Everyone’s faces turned bright red at those words.

“That’s right!”

“Since we’re back in the past, we just have to deal with it before something happens!”

“Then, has the Demon World returned to the way it was before the war…? ?”

“My daughter is also… … .”

Damdeok calmed down the increasingly excited atmosphere.

“I understand how everyone feels, but let’s take care of priorities first. Honestly, I don’t have much to worry about now. Because we have been through it all and we know how to get through it. From the moment I recalled all the memories of my past life, there were only two things missing. Time and power. But what about now?”

Damdeok glanced at the system that came to mind.

The inventory was filled with all kinds of powers, talents, and luxurious items of the gods.

“It’s enough now.”

Son Goku stuck out his tongue at Damdeok’s confident words.

“… … “How much did that old man give you?”

Although he was tickling, he didn’t look as upset as he did at first.

“that’s right. really. “I was curious about that too.”

“How much value did you receive for your name, so you can use that power and skill…?” .”

The other party members also expressed their curiosity about Son Goku’s question, but Damdeok dismissed it with one word.

“I’ll tell you about that later, let’s get moving. When time is on our side.”

Address rate also helped.

“That is correct. “If we miss the opportunity now, we will have to go through our past lives again.”

Everyone nods.

“okay. let’s go.”

“Okay, bro.”

“Whatever it takes, let’s try it!”

“That’s right!”

“This committee has always agreed.”

“also! “I like it because it’s hot!”

Finally, Son Goku responded by wrapping the female baton around his shoulder.


The house was so small that the clock on the wall was smashed by a stick, but no one cared.

Instead, everyone just grabbed their weapons.

Damdeok grinned and grabbed the handle of the rusty iron door.

The door of a single room in the basement that had been opened and closed countless times. Countless memories pass by quickly.


The door slowly opens and bright light pours in.

Damdeok felt a strange shiver and took a powerful step forward.


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