I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 172

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#172. Treasure of Huagua Mountain

“… … here?”

“yes. Sign there and underneath it… .”

Seeing Damdeok and Son Goku signing a contract to become priests, the party members each nodded.

“It’s finally over. Ugh.”

“… No. “It’s not over until it’s over.”

“Alui. “Can you please stop talking nonsense?”

“… … “I was just telling the truth.”

“Ugh. “Yes, you must be young.”

Jusoyul came and stood next to Adele Sharon, who was sighing.

“It’s over now.”

“Okay, Soyul, please explain for me. “Oh my gosh, my stomach is sore I’m going to die.”

Adele Sharon sat down softly, patting her back.

Since she was standing on the head of the giant Cerberus, as soon as she sat down, the soft feel of the fur gently wrapped around her body.

“Ah, it looks just like a carpet.”

Leaving behind Adele, who was rolling around and enjoying her rest, Alui asked with a slightly incomprehensible expression.

“How can you be sure the fight is over? It’s a very common tactic to pretend to cooperate like that and then get stabbed… … .”

Of course, in the demon world.

Jooyul laughed slightly.

“Son Goku is not so shallow that he goes back on what he said.”

“I’m not sure what that means.”

“You said from the beginning that you wouldn’t be a teammate if you were weaker than yourself.”

“Why is that?”

“On the contrary, it means that you will think about it if it is stronger than you, right?”

“… … I mean, I’m going to think about it. You didn’t say you wanted to become a priest. “That guy is too fierce to be a priest.”

When Alui described Son Goku as fierce, Jooyul laughed.

“okay. Fierce. But on the other hand, that guy is very simple. You two talked for a while. About the war of the gods and the role of priests. “It was probably enough to pique interest.”

Originally, Son Goku wasn’t the type of person that was difficult to persuade.

The problem was fighting him and subduing him every time. He was such a simple guy that there wasn’t much of a problem after that.

However, it seems that the meticulous Alui did not understand that point well.

“… … So he’s just saying he’ll become a priest because Master won?”

Aren’t you stupid? An expression like this crossed Alui’s face, but Sooyul only shrugged his shoulders.

“okay. Even if you won, you won very clearly.”

The moment Hercules’ club hit the top of Son Goku’s head, he immediately fainted.

It was a battle where I didn’t even need to memorize the spells of that I worked so hard to fill.

“But even so, the time I fainted was very short. “It was almost five seconds.”

“Still, fainting means fainting. “It’s a complete defeat for him.”

“… … .”

Alui was silent for a moment.

‘If it were a demon world, it would have been said that one or two limbs would have to be cut off to become a priest… .’

Like that, Alui was lost in bloody thoughts, and the white cloud that was riding on top of Cerberus’ head poured out another complaint to Jusoyul.

“… … So I guess I have to get off now? Ah, I really haven’t even started yet… ! I tried to fight a little harder now, but… !”

Baekgureum looked around at his shiny Achilles armor set and quickly made a tearful expression.

Some of the ice dwarves giggle as they look at the white clouds.

It was almost a mocking voice.

“Won’t you guys be quiet?!”

As soon as the white clouds rolled their eyes, the ice dwarves started hopping and taunting even more.

Jooyul gave attention to Baekgureum, who was in tears.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m on the same team as those.”

In the end, Baekgureum huffed and turned around.

At that reaction, the ice dwarves became even more excited and began to giggle, but in contrast, the ice giants and ice elves all just watched the situation with stern expressions.

“Well, anyway, it’s good that the battle ends without major bloodshed. It would have gone differently in the demon world. Anyway, that’s it… … .”

After thinking, Alui looked at the ice giants, ice elves, and dwarves one by one with a slightly interested expression and continued speaking.

“I saw you last time in the demon world, but… … . It’s amazing. Even compared to the demons, they don’t seem to be inferior in combat power at all. As expected, there are many such great warriors in other dimensions. How on earth did Master acquire such an army? .”

Jusoyul responded to Alui’s muttering.

“How did you get it? You’re watching it now. Look, it’s a completely new army.”

At Ju Soo-yul’s words, not only Alui but everyone else’s eyes turned to Damdeok.

“okay! That’s it! That’s it! “I like you because you’re hot!”

Damdeok’s face was noticeably brighter as Son Goku finally completed the priest’s formalities.

And accordingly, an intense light was emanating from Son Goku’s body… … .


Alui’s eyes lit up when he saw that.


This is because, behind Son Goku, who was emitting light, hundreds of thousands of Hwagwa Mountain monkeys could be seen lined up in an orderly manner.

“… … also. “Master is amazing.”

Alui repeatedly nodded with an expression of understanding.

Not only was it not enough to defeat a fearsome enemy in one fell swoop, but all the enemies that were difficult to deal with were instantly included as allies.

In Alui’s opinion, Damdeok’s leadership ability was almost like that of a demon king.



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“Heng, are you really surprised by something like this? Listen up man. As for what my brother has done so far… … !”

Baekgureum glanced at Alui’s expression, then shrugged his shoulders and started telling the story of his adventures up to this point.

Alui frowned, saying he had already heard the story, but the others who had been listening in silence also joined in to help.

“that’s right. That guy has always done ridiculous things. Together with Vermouth, the god of great wizards, we defeated the evil god Karos… I also learned magic in an instant. And even the black flame of Karos… … .”

As soon as Adele muttered that with a wistful expression,

“That’s right! Didn’t you even destroy the pyramid before? “I was really surprised at that time!”

“right! “Jim also thinks that he is not a normal crazy person.”

Hearing Poppy’s words, Pao also nods, crossing his small arms.

“I agree. “I have also never seen anyone learn martial arts so quickly.”


“It’s different.”

“You almost fought this battle alone. “We’re almost spoon-fed.”

“cancer. “Of course.”

“It’s a monster. monster.”

The companions each gave a word of praise and looked at Damdeok once again.

Damdeok, feeling his gaze, smiles and waves his hand.

“Wow, good job everyone! You guys are the best. Awesome!”

Seeing Damdeok, who had suddenly returned to being a bright young man in his 20s, the group members only smiled faintly.

* * *

“good. “It’s very good.”

Damdeok looked around with a happy face.

Cheon Tae-rang and Ju Soo-yul, who felt an overwhelming sense of intimidation just by their presence, were standing on his left and right, respectively.

“Are you not letting these guys brush their teeth? It smells… .”

“Why are you telling Cerberus to brush your teeth?”

“noisy. “Don’t talk loudly in front of me!”

White clouds sitting on Cerberus’ head, Adele Sharon, Pao.

Poppy was crouching behind Pao, and Alui was quietly flapping his wings in the air.

And behind them are countless spiritual wolves, mummy troops, ice giants, ice elves, and ice dwarves… … . And even Son Goku’s Hwagwa Mountain monkeys.

“You’re crazy.”

Damdeok was feeling a strange shiver.

Of course, it was exciting to know that his power had already surpassed that of most of the highest gods, but what was even more exciting was that his army was becoming more powerful day by day.

‘If I’m going to have a final battle with Chaos, I need to be at this level.’

Son Goku, who was looking at Damdeok, who was soaked in appreciation, opened his mouth.

“Hey brother.”

Damdeok turned to him at the friendly name.

‘Whenever you kill, when you save… .’

After becoming a priest, Son Goku immediately began calling himself ‘brother’.

‘Anyway, I have a good personality.’

Of course, Son Goku had a tendency to be a bit self-indulgent and maverick, but he wasn’t a very bad guy.

The only thing that worries me a little is his overly hedonistic way of thinking.

‘Accidents here and being trapped under Mt. Marble are all things that happen while playing for fun.’

It was worth the Jade Emperor’s headache.

His spontaneous actions are probably unrivaled in all dimensions.

‘In the first place, the reason why the guy who was growling just a moment ago suddenly woke up from a faint and said he would become my priest was because he thought that the war of gods and the role of the priest in it would be very interesting.’

Is it simple or stupid… .

One thing that was certain was that thanks to this, there was one more powerful priest.

“So we just have to destroy them all?”

Goku asked again, his eyes shining.

Those bastards referred to various mutated monsters resulting from the war between the gods.

These are the guys that the Jade Emperor is currently having trouble with.

It was also another key part of my job as a guardian of the Marble Mountains.

“okay. I have to go quickly and sort it out. Otherwise, the world view here will be ruined by those guys.”

Son Goku’s expression frowned at Damdeok’s words.

“Tsk, that old man will tell me if something like that happens. Why bother bringing in foreigners… … .”

Son Goku muttered with a face that said he didn’t like it at all. Damdeok stared at him.

“… … ?”

“They said they were brothers… … . Are you coming from a foreign country again?”

When Damdeok looks sad, Son Goku’s face turns red and he begins to panic.

“Ah, no, that’s not what I meant… !”

“it’s okay. Let’s go first. “Like you said, I’m just a hired foreigner, so I have to work hard at what I’m told.”

“No, brother. That’s not really what I meant… … .”

“Let’s go and sweep away the Marble Mountains, kids. “That is the job of a foreigner.”

“Brother. Hey, my words… … .”

“I said it was done. “Take care of your guinea stick.”

As Son Goku followed Damdeok in a panic, the monkeys at Hwagwasan Mountain just looked at him with dumbfounded expressions.

* * *


Kwazizig! Quang!

With a huge roar, the entire Marble Mountain shook.


Damdeok swings the female baton in the same pose as Son Goku! He turned around and relaxed his attack stance.

All the monsters hiding in Marble Mountain were lying down on their stomachs.

“… … “Are you saying this is a waste of power?”

“It seems so.”

“If this is going to happen, why did we follow you?”

The companions each said something and quenched their appetite.

As expected, the situation was over as soon as Damdeok and Son Goku swung the Yeouibong a few times.

The numerous armies following behind did not even have a chance to take action.

“Hmm. “It’s boring.”

“I know.”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders and scanned the entire Marble Mountain.

[I activate the authority !]

It was very convenient that I could now do anything with my newly acquired powers.

After completing the scan in an instant, Damdeok put down his baton.


“Is it really all sorted out? “There isn’t a single rat on Marble Mountain.”

“of course. sibling. Then let’s go to the next course. There is more than just the Five Elements Mountain in this world. “There are probably a lot of them hiding somewhere else.”


Damdeok and Son Goku moved to their places in an instant.

All of the party members were also summoned by God’s calling power.

But that’s it.


Kwazijic! Quang!

As soon as we arrived, the situation ended again due to Damdeok and Son Goku’s collaboration attack.

In just 13 seconds, all enemies within a 1 kilometer radius were annihilated.

The companions’ mouths could not help but gape.

“… … “Why did we come?”

“… … “Are you asking me to be a bridesmaid?”

“… … “Are you deliberately punishing this evil business owner?”

Damdeok’s face hardened as he left the group behind and scanned the surrounding area again.

And soon his mouth opened heavily.

“… … Everyone, prepare for battle.”


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